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Chapter 876: Separated in Life and Death

Zu An had never expected this man to arrive at such a bad time.

He also finally understood why the earth and fire rooms’ power had reached this place.

The emperor’s demands immediately placed him in a difficult spot.

He wouldn’t mind giving anything else away if it could be exchanged for Bi Linglong, but the Everlasting Spring Flower was tied to Mi Li’s fate.

They might never find another one if they missed this opportunity.

Mi Li didn’t say anything and instead stared at him with interest, wondering what kind of decision he’d make.

Zu An decided to appease the other party with words first.

“Let her go first; otherwise, what if you go back on your promise Your cultivation is so high that we won’t have any power to fight back.”

Mi Li raised her brows when she heard Zu An’s words.

However, she still didn’t say anything.

“Stop speaking nonsense.

You don’t have a choice right now.

Hand that thing over, or else I’ll kill her immediately,” Zhao Ruizhi said coldly.

With his status and temper, no one had the right to negotiate with him.

He obviously understood the advantages of seizing the initiative.

Bi Linglong screamed, “Ah Zu, don’t worry about me! He won’t let us go even if you give that to him!” After having been in the imperial palace for so long, she already knew what kind of person the emperor was.

If Zu An didn’t hand it over, she might still have a chance of survival, but they would instead be dead for sure if he did.

“Shut up!” Zhao Ruizhi’s palm tightened and Bi Linglong felt extreme pain in her shoulder.

Her entire body was restricted by a mysterious energy, preventing her from speaking again.

Zu An chuckled and said, “Your majesty, could it be that you got something wrong She’s the crown princess, your daughter-in-law.

Wait, scratch that; to a certain degree, she was the wife you chose for yourself.

Why are you using your own woman to threaten me That’s absolutely hilarious!”

Bi Linglong knew that he was saying those things on purpose; but rationality was one thing, her emotions were another.

Her eyes turned red when she heard Zu An’s words, and her expression grew bleak.

He Li cursed inwardly. So now you remember that she’s the emperor’s daughter-in-law Why didn’t you seem to realize this when the two of you were embracing and hugging each other!

Sure enough, fury burned in Zhao Ruizhi’s eyes.

“You adulterous couples did things that have let me down.

You actually have the nerve to say such things now”

“But I didn’t do anything… We’re completely innocent.

She’s still a virgin,” Zu An explained, trying to find a way to save Bi Linglong’s life.

Bi Linglong’s face was entirely red.

Even though she knew what he was trying to do, she was still embarrassed to hear him talk about such a thing in front of everyone.

Zhao Ruizhi sneered.

“Linglong, you’ve now witnessed it for yourself.

He might be a smooth talker, but this is what he really thinks when it’s time for him to make a choice.

You don’t have any place in his heart.

Do you know how foolish you were now”

Bi Linglong said indifferently, “There’s no need for you to try and break us apart.

While we’re on the topic, shouldn’t the two of us be even closer And yet, aren’t you similarly using me to threaten him What right do you have to criticize him

“Either way, with how things are, I don’t want to live any longer.

If you want to kill me, just do it.

Why bother trying to use me to threaten him”

Zhao Ruizhi had already been furious to begin with.

However, his desire for that elixir of immortality made him hold himself back and patiently feign civility.

When he saw Bi Linglong continue to stare apologetically at Zu An the entire time, he erupted into a rage.

“Do you really think I won’t kill you”

His palm slammed toward Bi Linglong’s back as he spoke.

He had already scanned the area earlier.

At such a distance, forcefully seizing that flower of immortality wouldn’t be too difficult, so he quickly calmed down.

This woman had dared to go against him, and she even continued to look flirtatiously at another man in front of his face! It would be better to just get rid of her earlier.

Then, only by pulverizing Zu An to ashes would he be able to vent out all of his resentment.

Meanwhile, Zu An was alarmed, and even Mi Li’s expression changed.

Neither of them had expected the emperor to suddenly deal the fatal blow.

With his terrifying cultivation, and the fact that the two of them were so close, there was practically no way to stop him.

But Zu An wasn’t someone who willingly resigned himself to fate.

He tossed the Everlasting Spring Flower to Mi Li.

Then, with flickers of black and white light.

Bi Linglong suddenly appeared beneath the tree.

Zu An had taken Bi Linglong’s spot!

Bi Linglong felt dizzy.

Before she even realized what had happened, Mi Li’s expression changed greatly.

Even if Zu An’s body had experienced a three-fold tempering, he still wouldn’t be able to withstand an attack from the emperor!

Zhao Ruizhi was also surprised.

There was actually someone who could rescue a person from under his grasp in such a situation Even so, in the end, he was experienced and knowledgeable.

He quickly realized what had happened, his eyes narrowing as he exclaimed, “The libationer’s Sacrificial Piece”

With his status, he obviously hadn’t regarded He Baizi and the other disciples with any importance.

Such a skill was something he believed had definitely been passed down from the libationer to his disciple.

Bi Linglong snapped out of her daze.

As the crown princess and someone who was on good terms with the academy, she would often visit the academy.

She obviously knew that Hei Baizi possessed a great treasure called the Sacrificial Piece.

It could turn someone else into the sacrifice so that they would take the damage one would have taken instead.

But no one had ever used themselves as the Sacrificial Piece before!

She had known that Zu An’s decision not to exchange the Everlasting Spring Flower was the most rational decision, but she still couldn't help but feel disappointment.

She had even begun to wonder what she even meant to this man.

But when she saw him use his life to protect hers, tears immediately trickled out of her eyes.

“Ah Zu!”

Zhao Ruizhi’s cultivation made him unstoppable.

His palm pressed against Zu An’s back, but he didn’t immediately use all of his strength.

He said with a sneer, “I didn’t expect you to actually be willing to save her by sacrificing your own life.

You really do invest everything into your girls! In that case, I’ll help you accomplish your goal!”

He felt endless hatred for Zu An.

This time, he didn’t show any mercy and smashed his palm against Zu An’s back.

“Pfft!” Blood gushed out crazily from Zu An’s mouth.

His entire body went limp, and he collapsed.

He even stopped breathing.

He Li sighed in amazement. How is even the prettiest woman as important as your own life Young people really are too reckless…

“No!” In that instant, Mi Li had already begun moving.

However, she was still too late.

With the emperor’s cultivation, even if they were at the same cultivation rank, everything within three feet would be his absolute domain.

That was before accounting for the fact that he was already pressing down an inch away from Zu An’s vital areas.

When she saw Zu An fall to the ground, Mi Li’s expression became completely cold.

Her long black hair flew chaotically behind her.


A streak of red light flashed past Zhao Ruizhi, and his eyes immediately narrowed.

He quickly raised his hand to defend himself.


Zhao Ruizhi’s body flew backward through the air.

When he finally managed to steady himself again, he felt a movement in his throat.

A streak of blood trickled out from the corner of his lips.

This woman had actually injured him!

He knew that he had suffered serious injuries from his battle against the two mysterious generals.

He was only half as strong as he would be at his peak.

But even so, he had been certain that this entire situation was within his control.

And yet, he had ended up being injured by this dainty and weak looking woman!

Mi Li’s soul body also staggered, visibly growing a bit fainter.

Fighting in a frontal clash against the emperor in such a state had really cost her a lot.

She couldn't be bothered to chase after the emperor and instead rushed over to pick Zu An up.

“Ah Zu, talk to me!”

Bi Linglong was also sobbing as she ran over.

“Ah Zu, why did you have to throw away your life for me I didn’t have much time left to live anyway; sacrificing yourself for me wasn’t worth it at all…” She had already used a forbidden technique previously, causing her to lose a huge amount of life essence.

In theory, she really couldn't live for many more years.

Zu An’s complexion was as pale as white paper.

Bloodstains were all over his mouth.

He smiled when he heard those words and replied, “How could I just watch you get hurt without doing anything I acted before I could think.

Can you give me a kiss before I die”

Bi Linglong felt her heart crumble.

She felt so much grief that no sound came out even as she sobbed.

She didn’t feel a shred of hesitation and jumped down to kiss him passionately.

Unfortunately, for her, the kiss wasn’t one that filled her with happiness, but rather with heart-wrenching pain.

He Li and the others sighed.

Even though that kid was annoying, he was still an affectionate person to the end.

As he watched his wife kiss another man, Zhao Ruizhi felt anger boil inside of him.

However, he felt reservation toward Mi Li’s strength, so he didn’t immediately rush over.

Mi Li couldn't help but curse, “Damn brat, when will you get rid of that skirt-chasing habit of yours I’m going to be killed because of this one day!”

Even though Bi Linglong was usually a little scared of Mi Li, that went straight out the window at that moment.

She glared at her and screamed, “Ah Zu is already dying; how can you scold him right now”

“Like hell he’ll die.

This brat is even more persistent than a ghost.

How could he die that easily” Mi Li could tell from the very first glance that even though Zu An’s injuries weren’t light, they weren’t fatal.

Even though she didn’t understand how he had done it, she knew he wouldn’t die so easily here.

Zu An took out a broken scale from his inner pocket.

He said with an embarrassed smile, “I guess I can’t get anything past you after all.”


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