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Chapter 871: Someone Has Finally Come

Bi Linglong shared his confusion, but she was more curious about how Mi Li had been able to survive until now.

Of course, she wouldnt dare to say such things out loud.

Mi Li explained, “This crystal coffin isolates the interior from the world.

That, combined with this special formation, is why his body was able to last for so long.

But if this coffin is opened even a little, the one inside will instantly turn to ashes.

How can the power of time be that easily defied”

Her voice suddenly became cold.

“Ying Zheng, how dare you… Even beasts look after their young, and yet look at you! Forcing Fu Su to end his own life is one thing, but you even kept him here and set up a Five Elements Formation.

Was it all for the sake of your delusions about eternal life”

Zu An was alarmed.

He had already seen the earth, wood, and fire element rooms.

Now that he thought about it, it was indeed a Five Elements Formation! However, could such a formation grant eternal life

He turned around with a grave expression and quickly asked, “Master, what are you doing”

“Ill find Ying Zhengs tomb and crush his bones to dust.” Mi Lis voice was frighteningly cold.

Her hatred at that moment was clear.

Zu An said with a chuckle, “Just leave that to me.

My phoenix fire specializes in turning bones to ashes.”

Mi Li gave him a surprised look.

“Didnt you learn the Primordial Origin Sutra from him Why are you helping me”

“I almost died several times over last time, and I only got that sutra by relying on my own skills and luck.

He didnt intend to pass it down to me at all.

The one whos been helping me with my cultivation all this time is you.” Zu An had never treated the first emperor as his master.

Mi Lis expression eased slightly.

“Thank you.”

Zu An laughed and said, “The disciple will take care of the masters wishes.

Theres no need for thanks.”

Bi Linglong found that she couldnt really insert herself into the conversation at all.

She thought to herself that this master and disciple pair were a surprisingly good match, as if they were always on the same wavelength and everyone else was an outsider.

At the same time, she was shocked.

What is the Primordial Origin Sutra Why have I never heard of it before How many secrets does this man have

The group continued through the palace.

Even though there were many rooms in the palace and the layout was confusing, they now knew that they were in a Five Elements Formation.

Using that knowledge, Mi Li was able to roughly deduce where they were.

They quickly arrived at another room.

They could feel the sharp aura of metal even from far away.

Even the lowest rank Bi Linglong detected it quickly.

It was most likely the metal element room.

“What kinds of monsters can the metal element usually produce” Zu An asked.

It was always better to be prepared beforehand so that they werent caught off guard again.

They might not be as lucky as before.

Mi Li shook her head.

“The world is full of wonders and mysteries.

Elemental existences can manifest in all kinds of forms.

Even the slightest change in the environment can produce something else, so its hard to predict beforehand.

Well find out once we go inside.”

She was a competent and strong-willed woman.

Together with the rage that filled her at that moment, she didnt hesitate and walked straight in.

Zu An and Bi Linglong followed behind her.

They suddenly saw a trace of golden light out of the corners of their eyes, and a strong gale blew past their ears.

Bi Linglong subconsciously raised her sword, but with a loud, crisp sound, her sword was cut in half!

As a crown princess, her sword was naturally top notch.

Weapons were separated into the mortal, earth, heaven, immortal, and divine grades.

Her sword was heaven grade and only beneath the legendary immortal and divine grades.

There werent many weapons at those two levels in the world.

Even a heaven grade sword had been easily sliced in half! She was completely stunned.

“Be careful!” Fortunately, Zu An reacted quickly and quickly pulled Bi Linglong aside.

Even so, there was still a cut left on her clothes, revealing fair, alluring skin underneath.

A thin, bloody cut was already visible on the surface.

Bi Linglong covered herself up in a panic while thanking Zu An.

“Ah Zu, you saved my life again.” She would already have been chopped in half if not for him.

Zu An patted her head to calm her down.

Then, he stared at the creature ahead of him.

It was a droning, levitating thing with scorching eyes.

The thing was the size of a laundry ball.

It was wider at the center, resembling a disk.

It was like a miniature flying saucer.

A layer of rapidly spinning sawteeth surrounded it, creating waves of golden light that resembled the lights on a UFO.

“What is this thing Why didnt it attack you when you entered” Zu An asked Mi Li while remaining vigilant.

“Maybe it targets those with poor moral character” Mi Li released a rare laugh.

However, she still explained, “This is the legendary Golden Wheel Disk.

Its known for its unstoppable power that can cut through all metals and jade.”

The levitating disk roared as soon as Mi Li finished speaking.

Zu An took out the Taie Sword and hacked outward.

A loud noise erupted! A series of sparks flew out as the Golden Wheel Disk ground against the Taie Sword, before it flew outward.

Zu Ans fingers were sore, but he sighed in relief when he saw that the sword hadnt suffered any damage.

The Taie Sword was extraordinary after all!

The Golden Wheel Disk noticed that Zu An wasnt someone it should mess with either.

It didnt choose to rashly charge again.

Instead, it suddenly shook.

Then, countless smaller disks spread out in all directions, every single one like a miniature version of itself, surrounded by sharp sawteeth.

They screamed as they attacked from several different directions.

Even Zu An was given a hard time by their numbers and tricky angles.

The key was that he had to protect Bi Linglong too, so he soon found himself in a dilemma.

Wounds quickly opened up all over his body.

Even though his powerful regeneration ability made it so that such small wounds didnt matter much, constantly fighting from a passive position didnt feel good at all.

He suddenly thought of something.

He took out a giant U-shaped weapon from his Brilliant Glass Bead and flung it at the small disks.

The sharp disks, that had been flying in bizarre and unpredictable patterns around him, were instantly sucked toward the U-shaped weapon, unable to move at all.

It was the electromagnet he had used in Brightmoon City to defeat the Yuan clan brat during the clan competition.

He just couldnt bring himself to throw it away, so he had kept it together with some lightning element ki stones.

He hadnt expected it to actually come in handy today.

The Golden Wheel Disk was stunned.

It clearly couldnt process what was going on with its simple intelligence.

It became somewhat frustrated and charged at Zu An with a roar, wanting to save itschildren.

Zu An quickly swung the electromagnet over to suck it over too, but its body only trembled a bit.

It wasnt too heavily affected and continued to fly forward.

However, a fair white palm suddenly reached over and gently pressed against its center.

The Golden Wheel Disk trembled.

It frantically tried to break free, but it just couldnt escape from the slender hand no matter how it spun and struggled!

“I dont have time to deal with you.

Just go back to where you came from,” Mi Li said indifferently.

With a snap of her wrist, the Golden Wheel Disk was flung into the distance, inserting itself deeply into the wall.

It understood that it would never win.

It trembled, then broke down into the metal element.

It had decided to temporarily hide in the room and didnt come back out.

Bi Linglongs eyes widened in shock.

Even though shed had her suspicions that Mi Li was powerful, this was the first time she had witnessed the woman in action.

In front of her, that terrifying murder weapon was nothing more than a toy!

Mi Li didnt say anything else and instead walked over to the wall.

There were some murals on it; they depicted a group of people kneeling in front of a gate.

The one in the lead was dressed like a sorcerer.

In the next scene, that sorcerer was conspiring with others in a room, and then the third scene showed him fleeing for his life with many soldiers chasing after him.

The fourth picture showed countless people buried in a deep pit, surrounded by soldiers with cold expressions.

“It was him!” Mi Li suddenly realized who the person was.

A long and drawn-out voice spoke.

“It has already been so many years… Someone has finally come.”

Zu An and Bi Linglong shivered.

The voice had come from inside the coffin!

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