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Chapter 846: Great Beginning

On the other island, Zu An jumped in fright.

“What the heck is wrong with him”

Bi Linglong was also baffled.

“I don’t know.”

Zu An said, “Then whatever, just ignore him.

Let’s continue.”

“Okay.” Bi Linglong thought for a bit before saying, “Don’t push so hard next time; I really can’t handle it.”

She had just digested the medicine Zu An gave her.

Now that she had eaten the spiritual root, she was full of medicinal power.

If the ki transmitted by the hand on her back was too strong, she really wouldn’t be able to take it.

Zu An nodded and replied, “Okay.”

The two of them quickly continued the treatment.

But they had no idea what these words sounded like to those on the other island.

He Li was already so terrified he didn’t dare to look at Zhao Ruizhi.

He only quietly widened the distance between them, cursing Zu An and Bi Linglong to death inwardly. Can’t you guys go play quietly in the corner or something Why do you have to do all of that… The worst part was that the emperor couldn't head over to get revenge right now.

People like him on the same side were instead the ones in danger.

Zhao Ruizhi charged forward angrily, but unfortunately, he was sent right back after being struck miserably by the berserk lightning.

Perhaps because he had challenged the world again and again, the world seemed to have become enraged.

All manner of lightning struck down toward the island he was on.

At the same time, the world above their heads began to break apart as well, and several flaming chunks of rock descended.

Perhaps Zhao Ruizhi’s island had been causing too much of a commotion, so many of the flaming meteors fell that way.

His expression turned grim.

If this island were destroyed by these ‘meteors’, they would be done for.

As such, he quickly moved to block them.

Unfortunately, there were just too many of them.

Even with his powerful cultivation, he couldn't stop all of them.

Some smaller ones fell through the gap.

He Li and the other deathsworn soldiers quickly stopped the smaller meteors.

They were all incredibly depressed. What the hell is this Zu An is enjoying himself on the other side, yet we have to deal with all of this

On the other hand, Zu An didn’t have the leisure to keep ‘enjoying himself’.

Most of those meteors had fallen toward Zhao Ruizhi’s island, but there were still some that came after them.

He had no choice but to get up and deal with them.

He had been a bit upset that the island he had chosen ended up being so small, but he changed his mind now.

It was because the island was small that he didn’t have so much to worry about, allowing him to protect it.

Those present thought that the ‘meteors’ were just temporary.

However, even after it continued for a while, the meteor shower showed no sign of ending at all, and it continued for three days.

Zu An and Zhao Ruizhi, as well as King Qi Manor’s people, all fought against the meteor shower.

Fortunately, cultivators weren’t like ordinary people; they could go half a month without eating or sleeping.

But there was still a limit to that.

Many deathsworn soldiers perished from exhaustion or from being crushed by the meteors.

The others didn’t have it easy either.

Only Zhao Ruizhi alone seemed to be fine.

His hair, which had been scorched by the lightning earlier, had already been fixed again.

Even though Zu An was dealing with the situation alone, the amount of land he had to protect was smaller, so he had a comparatively easier time.

But he was still fighting alone.

Even though Bi Linglong’s condition was improving and she could help, at her cultivation level, she could only take care of some small meteors.

Zu An was starting to feel drained after the meteor shower continued for three days.

What left him feeling even more powerless was that he had no idea how much longer it would continue for.

He asked Mi Li for advice.

Mi Li replied, “The world above us is currently breaking down.

It’s such a massive world, so I don’t think this will end for some time.” Zu An felt even more despair when he heard her reply.

Two more days passed.

Forget about Zu An, the other group was struggling to hold on too.

Zhao Ruizhi was still standing upright, but many people from King Qi Manor couldn't take it.

They were powerless to continue protecting themselves.

Glaring holes were forming in their defenses.

Suddenly, a roar emerged from the forest behind them as a python flew out to help them block an incoming meteor.

This python was several dozen zhang in length, its aura not inferior to that Jade Moon Serpent Zu An’s group had fought previously at all.

Several other powerful beasts came out to protect the island as well.

When beasts reached a higher level, they would develop sentience.

They knew that if the island was destroyed, they would all be done for as well.

They hadn’t dared to show themselves earlier out of fear toward Zhao Ruizhi’s aura.

But now that the situation was looking dire, they couldn't be bothered to worry about him anymore.

They were even stronger than the deathsworn soldiers.

Zhao Ruizhi immediately felt the pressure lessen.

He couldn't help but give the other island a look, smirking when he saw how much Zu An was struggling.

Zhao Ruizhi couldn't cross over, but even so, the brat appeared to already be on the verge of collapse.

If Zu An died under the power of the world, that could serve to vent his resentment.

It was just a pity that he couldn't seize the kid himself and skin him alive.

On the other hand, Zu An’s situation really wasn’t great.

The island he was on was quite small, so he could see everything on it from where he was standing.

There weren’t any powerful beasts there to help him.

Bi Linglong had lost too much of her life force earlier, and had only recovered a little bit, so she couldn't help him much.

He hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep, struggling against the meteors from morning to evening.

He really was starting to break down after fighting for so long.

Looking at the seemingless boundless landmass above them, he had no idea how many months and years it would continue to crumble.

He told Mi Li with a bitter smile, “Master empress, I’m about to kick the bucket.

I’m sorry that you have to die with me.”

They wouldn’t be able to last until the meteors disappeared even if Mi Li helped.

After all, the continent above them was just too large.

Mi Li said, “I’ve been observing the situation this entire time, but the elements of this world show no signs of stabilizing.

However, I’ve noticed something interesting, which is that because the laws of the world are chaotic, the primordial ki here is abundant.”

Zu An hadn’t had the leisure of noticing such things at all.

What he usually focused on was the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, because normally, primordial ki was just too rare and precious.

He quickly sensed his surroundings when he heard those words, however.

He was shocked to discover that there was primordial ki everywhere! Every cell in his body seemed to be cheering with joy.

“In the very beginning, the world wasn’t distinctly separated into heaven and earth, but rather took the form of primal chaos.” Mi Li looked at the changing world around her.

“This current situation shares some similarities to the beginning of the world, which is why there’s so much of this rare primordial ki.

You should use this chance to operate the Primordial Origin Sutra and temper your body.

If you do that, it should help you survive this trial.”

Zu An had already realized that before Mi Li said anything.

He used the Primordial Origin Sutra to the fullest extent.

The primordial ki around him rushed toward his body crazily, entering him and continuously tempering his body.

Zu An felt all of his fatigue vanish in an instant.

Instead, he felt as if he were in the best condition of his life.

He roared out excitedly and smashed the descending meteors one after another with his fists, using them to compliment the Primordial Origin Sutra’s body tempering.

When Zhao Ruizhi on the other side saw Zu An’s actions, he couldn't help but sneer.

“Nothing more than a final mad struggle.” With his sight, he had already deduced that with Zu An’s cultivation, wantonly wasting strength would only speed up his death.

He Li saw Bi Linglong look at Zu An with eyes full of admiration.

He sighed and remarked, “Is this youth They don’t know how to pace themselves and only know how to blindly throw their lives away.

He’s in his current situation all because of a woman.

Nevertheless, the crown princess is so beautiful, so dying with a beauty like that by his side isn’t too bad of an ending.”

But what surprised both him and the emperor was that not only did Zu An not collapse after continuing for an entire day, he instead seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

His fists smashed the descending meteors with no sign of stopping.

Zhao Ruizhi frowned.

However, he figured that it was probably because of some forbidden technique and didn’t worry too much.

But after another three days, Zu An’s valiant figure was still fighting, finally making him worry.

“What kind of monstrous stamina does that brat have” Zhao Ruizhi was incredibly shocked.

He was even starting to admire the kid. If not because he dared to even defile Linglong… But he quickly threw that thought away.

This brat was definitely not the type who would ever yield.

As an emperor, he couldn't tolerate the existence of such a person.

On the other hand, at first, Bi Linglong felt admiration toward Zu An’s bravery, but she gradually began to feel worry that he might not be able to hold on for much longer.

“Ah Zu, you won’t be able to last like this.

How about you rest and let me take your place for a bit” She would be happy if she could buy him even a few seconds of reprieve.

Zu An smacked his own chest and exclaimed with a laugh, “Don’t worry, I’m feeling great! Right now, my body is even harder than these meteors!”

Bi Linglong’s face turned red.

She harrumphed. This fellow really is a pervert.


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