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Chapter 845: Deadly Misunderstanding

Zu An quickly asked Mi Li about what was happening.

Mi Li thought to herself and replied, “There are three possibilities.

The first is that the world is still in chaos, so the laws of the world are still being created.

A lot of the energies that could normally be used cant be used, and that skill of yours has been affected as well.

The second is the power of lightning we just saw.

Lightning is the purest form of the world.

It eliminates all things evil…”

Zu An was annoyed.

“Are you calling my skill evil”

Mi Li laughed.

“That skill of yours is indeed quite sinister.

Its likely a type of curse that affects the soul.

Its not too surprising that the powerful lightning cleansed it away.”

Zu An was speechless.

Mi Li continued, “The third possibility is that the emperor is too powerful; that his soul has already reached an unimaginable level.

Hes able to retain a level of rationality even after being affected by your skill.

After his previous experience, he believes that trying to kill you now would only put himself in danger, so hes decided to kill you after the world has calmed down.”

Zu An sulked and muttered, “Thats the worst possibility.” He had always thought that the Keyboard Systems abilities were of the highest level.

If even these abilities were useless against the emperor, wasnt he practically invincible

Zu An wasnt convinced.

He decided to provoke the other party again.

As such, he raised his voice and shouted, “Hey! Damn fatty!”

Zhao Ruizhi, who was seated underneath a tree in meditation, suddenly raised his head.

He Li couldnt help but look at Zu An as well.

This kid really was vicious! When other people offended the emperor, they would want to be as far away as possible, yet this guy was actually taunting the emperor Was this kid going to do something strange again

Bi Linglong also looked at him in puzzlement.

She didnt understand why he was doing this.

Suddenly, Zu An lowered his head and kissed her red lips in front of everyone.

Her lips were extremely soft and carried a sweet fragrance.

Bi Linglongs head went blank, as if an explosion had gone off.

King Qi Manors deathsworn soldiers and He Li were speechless.

He Li thought, What the hell This kid is going too far! Even I cant take it anymore, let alone the emperor! He quickly turned to look in Zhao Ruizhis reaction.

He saw that the emperors eyes were entirely red, and a terrifying pressure was spreading outward.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Han for 777 777 777…

But what He Li was most surprised about was that the emperor quickly closed his eyes, as if nothing had happened in front of him.

He couldnt help but feel admiration.

This level of self-restraint wasnt something just anyone could have.

Zu An was also surprised.

The emperor could even endure this Still, he had already confirmed something, which was that Fragrant Barf was indeed ineffective.

That was because Rage points earned during Fragrant Barf didnt count.

Seeing that the emperor could still remain calm, he wanted to bring out the lineyour wife is amazing to make him go insane.

But out of respect for Bi Linglong, he discarded that thought.

Bi Linglong finally snapped out of her daze.

She pushed him away in embarrassment, then ran into the trees behind them in alarm.

What she had just done was already challenging her years of education and training on etiquette! So many people were watching too.

How could she stand this

Zu An gave Zhao Ruizhi a look, then quickly chased after Bi Linglong.

He Li and the others were already growing numb.

The two of them were rushing into the trees, one man and one woman, so who knew what would happen! Would his majesty really just watch this happen They saw that Zhao Ruizhi continued to remain quiet, but his face twitched from time to time.

He Li decisively chose not to cause a disaster for no reason.

Zu An caught up to Bi Linglong.

He asked with a gentle voice, “Why are you running”

“Are you really asking me that right now You did… that to me in front of all of those people.” Bi Linglong looked at him, embarrassed.

Zu An looked wronged as he asked, “Werent you the one who kissed me first”

“I did that just to… anger that person.

It wasnt because I really… felt anything for you.

You better not think any weird thoughts.” Bi Linglong sounded flustered.

Then, she strangely added, “Moreover, even if… Even if there is something, dont think Im that kind of easy woman.”

Zu An laughed.

“You dont need to think too much about it either.

I did that just now to anger the emperor too, hoping hed lose his cool and try to get revenge.

That way, I could use the worlds power to defeat him.

Unfortunately, I didnt expect him to be able to remain so calm.”

“Thats… good.” For some reason, Bi Linglong felt a bit disappointed when she heard Zu Ans response.

She turned around and didnt want to look at him anymore.

When he looked at her snow-white hair, Zu An thought for a bit, then handed her some pills.

“Right, your life force was damaged when you used that secret technique earlier.

Here, I have some pills that can help you recover some ki.

Ill help you absorb the medicine after you take it.”

He had bought quite a few medicines from Ji Dengtu back then.

Furthermore, he had also received a lot of medicine from Chu Youzhao before he came inside, and some among them helped stabilize ones ki.

He took all of them out now.

Bi Linglong felt her heart soften.

He had actually remembered her current condition.

She was a bit embarrassed to receive such help after she had thrown that little tantrum.

However, when she saw her white hair, she still reached out her hand.

“Thank you!” What girl didnt care about their appearance She wouldnt have dared to take any medicine another man offered her, but this time, she didnt hesitate at all.

She ate the pill and sat down to channel the nearly exhausted ki inside her body.

Zu An sat down before Bi Linglong He reached out and placed his hand against her major acupoint, infusing a large amount of ki into her.

He couldnt help but sigh when he did so.

When the main leads of those dramas treated women, they would always remove her clothes.

Compared to them, I really am an innocent and honest man!

Bi Linglong obviously didnt know what he was thinking.

She began to digest the medicinal force inside of her with his help.

A wave of warmth spread through her body and her complexion became rosier.

Even though these medicines were far from enough to compensate for her lost life force, they still nourished her weakened body.

Zu An noticed the effects as well.

After thinking for a while, he took out a large spiritual root, saying, “This thousand year root contains abundant life energy.

If you ingest it, it should be of some help to your body.”

Bi Linglongs eyes widened in shock.

“Wasnt this something I gave you before”

She was a bit flustered.

Back then, she had been a high and mighty crown princess.

She had only given it to him to win him over as a competent subordinate.

How could she have anticipated that so many things would happen between her and that subordinate back then

Zu An was completely unaffected and remarked loftily, “Doesnt this mean that we were brought together by fate Perhaps the will of heaven is working in our midst.”

Bi Linglongs heart pounded when she heard those words.

Could they really be brought together by fate Women would always feel a strange sense of trust in such mysterious things.

Mi Li scoffed as she watched out of boredom.

This kid really was something else.

He was using a gift the girl had given him to chase after her.

The worst part of it all was that it had worked!

Zu An tore off a piece of the root and fed it to Bi Linglong.

“Theres only so much we can do right now, so please eat it.”

Normally speaking, the spiritual root would be better used as an ingredient in preparing pills, but Zu An only had Ki Condensation Pills.

If he tried to refine different pills, he might just end up wasting this precious ingredient if he failed, so he would rather have her just directly ingest it now.

Bi Linglong voiced her agreement and took the spiritual root.

Her red lips opened slightly as she sucked on it.

Meanwhile, on the other island, Zhao Ruizhi was waiting for the world to stabilize so that he could teach Zu An a lesson.

However, the world didnt show any sign of stabilizing even after a long time, leaving him more and more vexed.

He hadnt planned to check on what the two were doing; out of sight, out of mind.

With his understanding of Bi Linglong, he knew she would never really do anything that would shame her identity.

But he was a bit bored and annoyed, so he decided to pay some attention to the other island.

He Li wanted to eavesdrop on them as well.

With his cultivation, a distance of a hundred zhang wasnt difficult at all.

Unfortunately, crazy winds roared around them, and with how chaotic the elements were, he couldnt really hear anything.

But just then, the storms seemed to weaken a bit.

Bi Linglongs soft and weak voice emerged.

“Its too big, I cant take it all…”

He Li was stunned.

What the hell are the two of them doing They actually went that far He gave Zhao Ruizhi a look and saw that the fat on his face was jiggling all over the place.

Zhao Ruizhi roared angrily toward the sky.

“Zu An, I will hack your corpse into a thousand pieces!”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Han for 999 999 999…

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