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Chapter 842: World Upside Down

Zu An raised his head toward the sky.

A massive streak of lightning descended and branched off into several streaks.

The once overcast sky immediately became as bright as day.

If Zu An had seen this in his past world, he might have just posted on the forums ‘which dao brother is going through tribulation right now’.

But now that he was in the middle of it himself, he had no such thoughts.

After cultivating beyond the eighth rank, one could borrow the power of the world.

Zu An already possessed such an ability, but compared to the true power of the world, it was still far off.

At that point, the power of the world was chaotic and berserk.

The emperor’s attack had caused the surrounding ki to become disorderly, drawing over the lightning that had originally been aimed elsewhere.

That was why it had just happened to scatter his attack.

Zhao Ruizhi’s gaze conveyed his displeasure as he looked up.

He had clearly realized that as well.

If he continued to attack Zu An, with his cultivation, it would incur the wrath of the world.

But if he deliberately held back, he might not be able to injure Zu An.

He felt annoyed.

Having power in this situation was meaningless, so he had no choice but to let the brat live for a bit longer.

But seeing the two of them in each other’s arms made him feel beyond annoyed.

Zu An was the first person who had been able to act smug in front of him without him being able to do anything about it.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Han for 444 444 444…

Bi Linglong’s eyes had been closed the entire time, as if she were awaiting death.

However, she had never expected Zu An to actually have avoided the emperor’s attacks.

She was shocked and overjoyed.

She couldn't help but look at the man she was hugging.

He had already shocked her enough when she saw him kill Shi Tong, and then he had even killed the Jade Moon Serpent.

She hadn’t thought this man could actually survive two attacks from the emperor! Just how many people in this world were capable of such a thing

At that moment, Zu An was looking at the sky.

That apocalyptic feeling made him feel quite uneasy, as the lightning had really left him quite shaken.

Some arcs of lightning had landed not too far from where he was.

If he hadn’t dodged fast enough, he might already be a charred corpse.

“Big sis em… Master, what the heck is going on” Even though Zu An’s cultivation had grown quickly, he was still quite lacking in the breadth of his knowledge.

Mi Li also sounded quite conflicted.

“I feel something familiar, but it’s a kind of familiar feeling that makes me feel disgusted.”

Zu An was stunned.

He quickly asked her to elaborate, but she didn’t reply no matter how he asked.

Then, he gave the distant Zhao Ruizhi an apprehensive look.

The emperor was also looking into the sky, not intending to attack him again for some time.

Zu An sighed in relief.

Suddenly, several strange developments took place.

Countless birds flew out from the forest in a black expanse, their cries echoing through the jungle.

No one had expected this forest to be the home of so many birds! Of course, more of them were weaker beasts who were lower on the food chain.

Right now, none of them had any intention of fighting.

By chance, they had all agreed to run for their lives.

“Something big is probably about to happen,” Zu An said gravely.

Even Zhao Ruizhi’s expression changed.

It was clear that he had never seen anything like this before.

With a sudden rumble, the massive mountain in the distance began to break apart.

Dust rushed into the sky, then surged like a landslide.

The frantically fleeing beasts were annihilated almost instantly.

The onlookers were horrified by the sight.

However, Zhao Ruizhi was the first to fly into the sky.

Zu An also took Bi Linglong with him into the air.

For some reason, he felt as if he couldn't fly too steadily.

On several occasions, he almost fell down, but he only attributed that to using up too much energy in his fight against the emperor and didn’t pay it too much attention.

The deathsworn soldiers from King Qi Manor all ran for their lives as well.

Zhao Ruizhi harrumphed.

With a brush of his sleeves, a gentle force swept them all toward a large tree nearby.

All of them frantically clutched onto the branches for their lives, their faces deathly pale.

“Thank you, your majesty!” He Li and everyone from King Qi Manor expressed their gratitude, yet Zhao Ruizhi didn’t even give them a look.

He instead looked toward the sky with a pensive expression.

Zu An wanted to use this chance to escape, but he was also scared of alarming the emperor and drawing more attacks toward himself.

He was momentarily stuck in a dilemma.

Mi Li said, “The world is about to change greatly.

Get ready.”

“What do you mean” Zu An was stunned.

Just as he was about to ask more questions, the entire world shook.

Even though he was in the air, he still felt the urge to throw up.

An earthquake! That was Zu An’s first reaction, but he quickly refuted his own guess.

With his current cultivation, and the fact that he was in the air right now, not even the greatest earthquake should have been able to make him feel like this, right

Suddenly, King Qi Manor’s deathsworn soldiers asked with trembling voices, “The sky….

Is the sky cracking apart”

Zu An raised his head and just happened to see a bright arc of lightning flash past.

The red mark that was like a starry stream became much wider than it had been before, and it was still widening at a visible rate.

“The sky is splitting” he exclaimed, stupefied.

This situation was completely beyond anything he knew.

He wanted to ask Mi Li about what was happening, but she never responded.

Zu An felt extremely annoyed.

This woman’s habit of going offline whenever she wanted was really freaking annoying! He had to find a chance to properly teach her a lesson later.

The red crack started widening exponentially faster.

Then a giant, pitch-black crack appeared.

The ground cracked open in several different areas as well.

The originally sturdy ground seemed to have become a stormy sea, rising and falling unpredictably.

All kinds of massive cracks appeared and magma even spurted out from some areas.

Howling winds tore through the skies.

Not even Zu An, with his current cultivation, could hold on, and he was blown from side to side.

Fortunately, he managed to grab onto a large tree and barely held on.

But with the changes happening on the ground, he didn’t know how long the tree could hold on either.

Those present were all battered and exhausted; only Zhao Ruizhi’s figure floated in the sky, unfazed by the crazy wind and rain.

Zu An even felt a bit of admiration. That guy really is strong.

He urgently asked Mi Li, “Master empress, I feel like this dungeon is about to collapse! Why isn’t he using this chance to run and instead insists on staying here If this world really collapses, his life will be over even with his cultivation, right”

“It’s just ‘master’, what the heck is a ‘master empress’!” Mi Li was a bit unsatisfied with Zu An’s form of address.

“The reason he isn’t leaving is because he’s recognized that two dungeons are merging right now.

This represents a tremendous opportunity, so how can he miss out on this chance”

Zu An wanted to ask more, but the world around him suddenly spun and he was instantly flipped upside down.

“What the hell is going on!” he exclaimed, horrified.

He heard the surrounding deathsworn soldiers scream miserably.

Many people fell from the tree they were clinging to because they were caught unprepared.

It really was strange.

Normally speaking, one would fall to the ground if one dropped from a tree, they were falling toward the sky! However, the sky and earth both became distorted.

The sky was now below them, and the ground above.

This sudden change left even the seemingly unperturbed Zhao Ruizhi in a sorry state.

There were several times where he couldn't remain still, and everyone around him saw him that way.

Just as he was about to erupt in anger, his expression changed.

He noticed that he could no longer remain flying, as he began to fall toward the sky beneath his feet.

Those from King Qi Manor were even worse off.

They screamed as they fell toward the sky.

Zu An’s expression changed.

He had one arm around Bi Linglong, his other arm doing everything it could to cling to the tree next to him.

Unfortunately, that tree wasn’t able to last much longer and was uprooted.

The entire tree fell toward the sky together with the dirt attached to it.


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