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Chapter 841: End of the World

Chapter 841: End of the World

Zu An felt his heart thud when he received the emperor’s Rage points.

He knew that the other party’s tolerance had already reached its limit.

He searched through every skill he had, but no matter what he tried, it would only change whether he died sooner rather than later.

His arm tightened around Bi Linglong’s waist when he realized that, pressing her body tightly against his.

Would this at least make his death seem a bit more honorable

Bi Linglong was stunned, but she was extremely intelligent.

She quickly realized what he was doing and immediately blushed.

Her clothes had been thin to begin with.

With their bodies pressed against each other like this, she could clearly sense the warmth from his skin.

The scene in the Hundred Flower Palace couldn't help but appear in her mind.

The two of them had been together without a single strand of clothing.

She felt her soul tremble, and most of her body grew weak.

She raised her head to look at the distant Zhao Ruizhi.

If this had actually been Zhao Ruizhi himself, she probably wouldn’t have allowed Zu An to hold her intimately like this.

After all, no matter how stupid he was, he was still her real husband.

Her upbringing as the daughter of a distinguished clan prevented her from ever doing something like being this close to another man in front of her husband.

But the current Zhao Ruizhi wasn’t the real Zhao Ruizhi.

To a certain degree, her husband was already dead, and the murderer was the one controlling her husband’s body.

Furthermore, the emperor had already planned to kill her from the very start.

When she thought of how powerful the emperor was, she felt despair.

Forget about getting revenge for her husband, even just surviving would be impossible.

In her despair, most of the reservations and apprehension she had felt disappeared.

Since she was going to die anyway, she might as well piss off this person before she died.

Not only did she not resist Zu An’s actions, she instead nestled her soft body into Zu An’s arms in a lovely and helpless manner.

Zu An was stunned.

He hadn’t expected her to play along like this.

He smiled knowingly, and pulled her a bit closer.

He Li felt his scalp go numb when he saw them.

Even though he had accused the two of them of committing adultery, he had only said that as an accusation to offend them.

The crown princess’ character in previous years was something he understood well.

Who didn’t know that she was proud and dignified in public That was why his thoughts hadn’t gone in such a direction at all.

Yet how could he have known that the two of them really did have an affair The key was that they were even acting like this in front of the emperor! Were these two tired of living He noticed the emperor’s dark expression and quickly stepped backwards.

He didn’t want to get caught up in the flames.

Zhao Ruizhi looked at the two of them with sinister eyes.

“Very good; you two have successfully angered me.” After he spoke, he raised his hand.

A streak of golden light flew between Zu An and Bi Linglong, clearly intending to separate them.

With Bi Linglong’s cultivation, she couldn't resist at all.

She could only watch as the golden light got closer and closer.

Normally, even though his cultivation had increased drastically, Zu An still would have been pressured by the other party’s domain until he couldn't breathe.

He would also have been unable to react.

But now that two dungeons were merging together, the elements of the world had become chaotic.

They had damaged the emperor’s domain, so it couldn't completely imprison Zu An.

Zu An used Grandgale to quickly pull Bi Linglong aside.

However, before he had time to catch his breath, the golden light suddenly changed directions, continuing to fly at them.

He didn’t dare to make a blunder here and quickly used the Sunflower Phantasm to send clones in four different directions.

But sure enough, that golden light didn’t chase after the fake clones and only continued to chase after him.

“A guided missile” Zu An exclaimed, seeing that he couldn't get away no matter how he dodged.

“What guided missile His divine will has already locked onto you, so of course you can’t escape,” Mi Li said in his head.

Bi Linglong also said, “You don’t have to worry about me.

It’ll be faster if you run alone.”

Mi Li was shocked.

“This woman is surprisingly considerate.”

Zu An chuckled.

“How can I abandon you and run on my own We’ll just die together as lovers if we have to.”

Bi Linglong’s mind trembled.

The oaths of undying love other men made didn’t mean much to her normally, as their true hearts could only be seen in moments of life and death like these.

When she saw that he wasn’t willing to abandon her even at such a time, her expression became gentler.

Zhao Ruizhi looked incredibly irritated.

“Die as lovers I’ll chop off all five of your limbs! Let’s see how you die together then!” His hand brushed out, and another streak of golden light flew toward the two of them.

A single streak of golden light had been enough to push Zu An into a desperate situation.

He immediately called out to Mi Li when he saw the second streak.

“Big sis… Master, what do we do now!”

Mi Li harrumphed.

“Weren’t you busy having fun with that crown princess just now You finally remembered me now”

Zu An knew that she was probably upset because he hadn’t replied to her earlier.

He quickly said, “I’ll listen to all of your scoldings when we survive this disaster! I really need your help right now!”

He had already done everything he could, and yet that golden light had already cut off several pieces of his clothes.

The most horrifying part was that the golden light was aiming at his little guy down there.

If he didn’t react fast enough, he might become Eunuch Wen’s younger brother! He had been quite proud of that aspect before, but only now did he realize that there were pros and cons to it.

It made dodging a bit harder.

Mi Li sneered when she saw how tough of a spot he was in.

Then she quickly said, “You can’t run after being targeted by his divine will.

Furthermore, this golden light can continue to absorb the surrounding force of the world.

The longer it lasts, the greater its power and speed will become.

That’s why your best plan is to just stop and face it directly.”

“Face it directly” Zu An frowned.

With their difference in cultivation, wasn’t facing it head-on just suicide

But the two golden lights had already cut off all paths of retreat.

He didn’t have any time to think too much about it and drew his sword.

He used the Snow Phoenix, and an ice sword hacked at the two streaks of golden light.

He didn’t hesitate and immediately followed up by using Fire Phoenix, using the Flame Blade.

A scorching hot flame blade attacked at the same time.

Even though the power of the Blue Luan’s sword ki was great, he didn’t have a wood element technique to use with it.

Furthermore, the golden lights were coming too fast, so he didn’t have the time to charge it up at all.

Comparatively speaking, he had high level fighting skills for the ice and fire elements.

He didn’t dare hold back at such a time and used both of his skills.

He Li’s eyes widened when he saw the scene. This brat actually had access to two elements This has completely toppled the common sense of the world of cultivation! No wonder he’s already so ridiculously strong at his age! If he’s allowed to grow up, just how exaggerated will his strength become

Sigh, it’s a pity that he’s facing the emperor.

He’s already dead for sure.

So what if you’re a genius It's still a talent like me who can adapt to circumstances that will come out on top.

Zhao Ruizhi clearly saw the ice sword and flame blade as well.

His brows furrowed slightly. This kid was actually this talented

But there had already been instances of those who had awakened two types of elemental affinities, so he didn’t find it all that surprising.

It only further solidified his resolution to kill Zu An.

“You’re overestimating yourself!” he harrumphed.

Even though the sword and blade were both outstanding, they were still lacking if Zu An wanted to intercept his attack.

Sure enough, the ice sword and flame blade looked larger than the two golden lights, but they instantly scattered upon contact.

Even so, they weren’t completely useless.

The two golden lights had clearly become much dimmer.

Zu An felt despair.

Was the difference between them really just that great

“Take out the Nine Cauldron!” Mi Li exclaimed, seemingly panicking as well.

Zu An didn’t have any time to think about Mi Li’s words.

He instinctively summoned the Nine Cauldron in front of him.

The two golden lights seemed to smash into it the moment it appeared, crashing against the Nine Cauldron.


A heavy, but muffled noise rippled outward.

King Qi Manor’s deathsworn soldiers all clutched their ears, their faces turning pale.

Blood gushed out of the ears and noses of those with lower cultivations.

Zu An, who was closest to the impact, felt awful as his blood and ki stirred within him.

However, those two golden lights had already disappeared.

The green cauldron released a low drone.

There were two faint marks on its surface, and a faint crack could even be seen on it, clearly caused by the two golden lights.

Zu An was extremely brokenhearted to see what had happened.

Mi Li said, “Don’t worry, you can repair it once you learn how to refine artifacts.

Hmph, if not for the fact that the Nine Cauldron is incomplete, not even that guy’s full powered attack would be able to cause any damage to it.”

“Oh” The emperor saw that the small green cauldron had actually been able to block his attack and remain intact.

It was clearly a treasure.

In terms of grade, it had to be at least at the immortal grade.

No, it might be at the legendary deity grade!

With his cultivation and status, the emperor no longer cared too much about immortal grade treasures.

But if it were a legendary deity grade, that was something he absolutely had to obtain.

He reached out, and an invisible hand seized the green cauldron.

Zu An was frightened.

He had already sensed that the Nine Cauldron was about to leave him before that hand even arrived.

Suddenly, a streak of purple light descended from above, perfectly striking the terrifying invisible hand and blasting it apart.

Zhao Ruizhi’s eyes narrowed as he suddenly raised his head.

The sky had already changed colors before anyone noticed.

A red crack cut across the horizon, as if it were a massive eye.

Innumerable blinding streaks of lightning crashed down from the heavens with a horrifying aura.

This scene was like the very end of the world!


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