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Chapter 838: My Luck Is Just Too Good

Zu An said with a bitter smile, “Crown princess, you’re normally pretty smart.

Why did you only realize this now”

“What’s going on” Bi Linglong was full of shock.

She instinctively backed up away from Zhao Ruizhi, instead feeling safer by Zu An’s side.

Zu An sighed.

“He isn’t the crown prince, but rather his majesty.

Uh… I shouldn’t call him his majesty, because his majesty is also the crown prince.”

Bi Linglong was stupefied.

“What… do you mean”

Zu An stared at Zhao Ruizhi, on guard against a sudden attack, while quickly explaining, “For the sake of pursuing immortality, he used a possession technique on the crown prince when he was little, sending a portion of his own soul into the crown prince’s body to replace his fate soul.

This soul portion usually stays asleep.

The crown prince is stupid because he lacks his fate soul.

However, when needed, the emperor’s fate soul can awaken at any time.”

Zhao Ruizhi’s eyes narrowed.

“You know everything, as expected.

Looks like I can’t keep you alive.”

Zu An chuckled.

“You make it sound like you were planning to spare me in the first place.”

“You’re his majesty” Bi Linglong looked at Zhao Ruizhi in shock.

Her husband had suddenly become her father-in-law, her father-in-law had become her husband… She remained in a daze for a long time.

But she had always been smart.

After putting together all of the things she had heard in the palace for years, she quickly understood the emperor’s plans.

“You whore, your heart already belongs to him.” Zhao Ruizhi watched as the two of them got closer and closer to each other.

“You didn’t come to your husband’s side in a moment of danger, and instead instinctively moved closer to another man.

I’ve given you a chance, but unfortunately, you didn’t cherish it.”

Bi Linglong’s face paled.

The killing intent in the other party’s voice was clear.

Zu An remarked, “Can you please stop flattering yourself You never planned to allow anyone to leave this place alive.”

Zhao Ruizhi harrumphed.

“A slave like you surprisingly understands me well.

You were quite useful at first, but you’re truly brazen, daring to even flirt with this emperor’s woman.

You’re simply courting death.”

Zu An thought inwardly, It’s not just flirting.

Your empress was calling me ‘daddy' all night in bed just the other day. If it had just been the two of them, he wouldn’t mind saying that to anger him further.

He was dead either way, so he might as well let it all out and piss the emperor off more.

But Bi Linglong was next to him right now. Forget it, I won’t be that shameless.

Zhao Ruizhi’s eyes landed on Bi Linglong.

“If you had only treated him as a servant, and remained faithful, then this emperor could have forgiven you.

Unfortunately, your performance just now was just too disappointing.

Besides, with your aged appearance, you’re already no longer suitable to be the crown princess.

You can just remain in this dungeon forever.”

Zu An rolled his eyes. Is there something wrong with these ancient people’s standards of beauty Isn’t it just her hair that’s white What part of her appearance is old

It clearly makes her look even better, like the white-haired bride, or the white haired sister of the sky.

Don’t they look stunning in their own way

Bi Linglong had already calmed down from her initial shock.

“The crown prince can’t get rid of the crown princess without good reason, so are you planning to kill me in this dungeon But if you do that, you’ll lose the support of the Bi clan, and the Bi clan might defect to King Qi.

After all, my older sister is Madam Qi.

Will you be able to bear the consequences”

Zu An felt admiration.

This woman was a politician through and through after all! She understood the benefits and interests of the political field clearly.

“Isn’t it fine as long as no one inside the dungeon finds out” Zhao Ruizhi didn’t seem that concerned.

“The Bi clan will only think that King Qi sent people to kill you; they’ll only be even more united toward this emperor’s mission.

Of course, just in case, I’ll choose another young lady from the Bi clan to bring into the Eastern Palace.”

Bi Linglong was disheartened.

The emperor had already thought things out so clearly.

It seemed he really planned to kill them here.

“Your soul has always been sleeping in the crown prince’s body.

Does that mean you know about everything that happened in the Eastern Palace” Zu An asked.

He wanted to stall for a bit of time and see if any opportunities would appear.

“But of course!” Zhao Ruizhi exclaimed proudly.

“Then even though Linglong and I were flirting with each other all the time, why didn’t you ever do anything” Zu An asked with a smile.

Bi Linglong gave him a look. When did I ever flirt with you in the Eastern Palace But there was no point in clearing things up, or else it would seem as if she were begging the emperor for forgiveness.

Zhao Ruizhi’s breathing stopped and he stared hatefully at the two of them.

“If not for the fact that Linglong’s chastity remained, I would’ve already killed the two of you a long time ago!”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Han for 345 345 345…

Zhao Ruizhi suddenly paused in shock.

“Huh With my nature, I should’ve killed you a long time ago.

Why did I tolerate this for so long”

Zu An suddenly realized what had happened.

It was probably because of the Hat of Forgiveness he had made the emperor wear back then, which had increased the other party’s tolerance toward him.

Unfortunately, the Hat of Forgiveness only worked once.

Now, it was probably already useless.

“You two should be thankful that you were able to understand these things before you died.” Zhao Ruizhi’s expression turned cold.

“Now it’s time for you two to die.”

Zu An laughed out loud as he held Bi Linglong’s ice-cold hand.

“Being able to die together with Linglong can be considered passing on happily as lovebirds; the trip across the yellow springs won’t be too lonely.

Meanwhile, it’s someone all alone like you who seems more pathetic.”

“Passing on as lovebirds” Zhao Ruizhi’s face jiggled.

“Do you think I’ll let your ashes remain in the same place I’ll scatter one of you across a snowy peak, and the other into the sea! Neither of you will be able to meet even after you reincarnate! Let’s see what kind of lovers’ death you’ll have then!”

As powerful killing intent surrounded them, Bi Linglong felt as if she were trapped in a frozen cellar.

She began to tremble all over.

But just then, warmth spread from the palm of the man next to her, helping her calm down a bit.

She tightly grabbed his hand.

Zhao Ruizhi’s pupils contracted when he saw their fingers interlock.

How many years had it been since he had been this angered He could remain indifferent in front of others, yet he always felt anger whenever he looked at Zu An.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Han for 444 444 444…

A figure descended from the distance as soon as Zhao Ruizhi finished speaking.

Then, King Qi Manor’s experts surrounded the area one after another.

The one in the lead was the last guardian of King Qi Manor, the peak stage ninth rank He Li!

He was overjoyed when he saw the crown prince and princess.

He thought to himself that even though Lu Xiao and Wei Pingyang’s cultivation had been higher, they weren't as lucky as him! He was going to enjoy all of the contributions.

But he quickly noticed Zu An, making the smile on his face freeze.

“Why are you still alive”

This was Zu An’s chance! He grabbed Linglong, crying, “Run!”

He used Grandgale to instantly rush several hundred zhang away.

With his increased cultivation, skills like Grandgale had also improved greatly.

Zhao Ruizhi hadn’t expected Zu An to be that fast.

Just as he was about to move, He Li and the others moved in front of him.

He Li asked, “Crown prince, where do you think you’re going” However, he felt glad inwardly. Thank goodness that disaster Zu An ran, or else I really wouldn’t have much confidence in taking him down.

I’ll wait until Lu Xiao and Wei Pingyang come back so we can chase him down together.

Zhao Ruizhi barked coldly, “Move!”

“Oh Our stupid fatty is getting all upset!” He Li roared with laughter.

“How does it feel to see your own wife abandon you and run off with another man Wait, no, I remember something.

Didn’t someone say they didn’t mind lending their wife to Zu An not too long ago”

Forget about the deathsworn soldiers, even powerful cultivators like them were on the brink of madness after staying in the dungeon for three years.

All of that was because of the stupid crown prince in front of them.

How could he not use this chance to vent out some of their resentment

Ah, my luck today is just too good!


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