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Chapter 817: Death

Bi Linglong realized what had just happened as well.

The beautiful sword skill that filled the sky with snowflakes was Chu First Miss’ extreme art, the Snowflake Sword.

If Chu Chuyan had even taught him her clan guarding skill, then it was obvious that their relationship was not just one of nominal husband and wife as everyone had thought.

For some reason, she just didn’t feel great when she saw Zu An use another woman’s skill.

But that feeling was soon replaced with shock, because she saw that Shi Tong’s ultimate skill was completely frozen.

Then, a sad and beautiful slash flickered out, and Shi Tong’s head tumbled away.

At that moment, her thoughts were the same as Shi Tong’s.

How could Chu Chuyan’s Snowflake Sword be this powerful Even though she had never faced Chu Chuyan before, she had seen her before.

She had also heard some things about the other woman’s cultivation.

Even though the Snowflake Sword was miraculous, it shouldn’t be this powerful, right

Only Zu An knew that he wasn’t only using the Snowflake Sword, but also his Snow Phoenix.

The two skills complemented each other, and that was why the power they displayed was far greater than what Chu Chuyan could normally use.

However, Bi Linglong quickly became vigilant.

She wanted to dodge sideways, but her entire body went limp.

The major acupoint on her back was sealed.

“It’s you two!” When she saw the Gu clan brothers she had grown up with, Bi Linglong had never felt such loathing and revulsion in her life.

The Gu clan brothers couldn't be bothered to reply to her and instead stared at the distant Zu An in alarm.

Their voices were even shaking a bit as they exclaimed “Zu bastard, freeze!”

They had already been frightened when they saw Shi Tong and Zu An fighting on equal footing, so they planned to seize Bi Linglong and use her as a hostage.

They hadn’t expected Shi Tong to lose so quickly, and were actually proud of their preparations.

Because of Bi Linglong’s excessive shock, she couldn’t guard against their approach.

By the time they rushed over, it was already too late.

Zu An turned around and saw that Bi Linglong had been captured by the pair.

He couldn't help but frown.

“The two of you really perfectly define what it means to be shameless and contemptible.”

“I don’t want to hear any nonsense!” Gu Heng felt a bit ashamed.

“If you don’t want anything to happen to her, then cut off your right arm!”

Zu An harrumphed.

“The two of you still have the nerve to say you love her Look at you now, using her safety to threaten someone else.

What kind of love is that”

Gu Xing harrumphed and said, “Stop trying to lecture us.

When you can’t win against someone, you obviously need to do anything you can to outwit them.

Otherwise, you’ll be nothing more than a useless brute.”

“Contemptible scum shouldn’t try to make themselves sound honorable,” Bi Linglong said coldly.

“Shut up!” Gu Heng’s face was entirely red.

The blade in his hand pressed tighter against her neck.

“Bastard, stop saying useless things! If you don’t cut off your right hand, I’m going to kill her.”

“Don’t worry about me, just kill these two disgusting filth!” Bi Linglong quickly explained.

Zu An gave the two of them a look.

“You two won’t be able to live even if you kill her.”

Gu Xing laughed.

“How can we worry about that much at this point Furthermore, having Linglong accompany us to the grave is something we can already be satisfied with.”

“Shameless!” Bi Linglong was so angry her entire body was shaking.

Gu Heng looked at Zu An.

“Bastard Zu, there is a limit to our patience.

You can either cut off your own right arm, or you can watch as we brothers end our lives with Linglong.

If you choose the latter, living this life of ours would still be worth it.”

He knew fully well that it was extremely easy for Zu An to end them even if he did cut off one of his arms.

However, asking him to cut off both of his arms wasn’t too realistic.

That is why they had to go through this roundabout method to slowly drag him down bit by bit.

If he chopped off one of his arms, they would then immediately demand for him to chop off his other arm.

If he had already paid a huge price, the chances of him agreeing would increase.

Once he really cut off both of his arms, the two brothers would either fight or run.

They would be the ones who had the advantage then.

Zu An shrugged.

“She’s not even my wife; aren’t you threatening the wrong person with her I’m just a part-timer here to earn a bit of money.

Why would I go so far as to throw away my life and prospects for her sake”

Gu Heng sneered.

“Do you think his majesty would let you go once you left this dungeon if something happened to her”

“I have no idea if he’ll let me go, but he definitely won’t let your Gu clan go.” Zu An looked completely unconcerned.

Gu Heng’s expression sank.

He had originally thought that after this dungeon, he would rise up to become a dragon among men.

He had never expected things to fail at the very last step, and they had even ended up dragging down the entire clan.

It was instead Gu Xing who was comparatively calmer.

“Do you really think we don’t know your relationship Linglong trusts you so much, which means you’re definitely not just a normal subordinate.

I really can’t believe that there’s nothing going on between the two of you.”

He looked at Bi Linglong after saying that, continuing, “Linglong, oh Linglong.

You’ve trusted him so much and showed him so much sincerity, but what did you obtain in the end For the sake of saving you, forget about giving up his life, he’s not even willing to give up an arm.”

Gao Ying and Pei You, who were watching this drama play out, looked away as if they hadn’t heard anything.

Bi Linglong sneered.

“Are you taking me for an idiot or do you take him for an idiot Who would agree to such an idiotic condition Mister Zu, if you really agreed, I would’ve really questioned your intelligence.”

Even though she said those words, she still felt sad inwardly.

Rationality was one thing, while her emotions were something else.

She had actually been hoping to see just how far the other party was willing to go for her, to see just how much she meant to him.

However, she quickly realized something.

At the same time, she sneered inwardly.

What kind of situation were they in now Yet she was actually acting like those foolish young women.

When he saw that Zu An still hadn’t replied, Gu Xing became impatient.

“I’ll count to three.

If you still don’t cut off your arm, I’ll cut her face.

If you don’t cut off your arm by the time I reach ten, I’ll kill her.

We’ll all just die here! One…”

Bi Linglong finally began to panic when she heard that he was going to cut her face.

She actually didn’t fear death.

However, which girl didn’t care about their appearance She didn’t want her face to be damaged.

As the numbers counted down, her heart seemed to be shoved up all the way to her throat.

What she wanted to know right now was how Zu An was going to deal with this situation.

Zu An sighed and began, “I have a friend…”

The others were confused. Why the hell are you suddenly talking about your friend

They only heard him continue, “He’s always kept his promises.

As long as he agrees to something, he won’t go back on his word.

That’s why as long as you all let Linglong go, my friend can let bygones be bygones and let you two leave safely.”

Gao Ying and Pei You exchanged a look.

They didn’t understand why Zu An was saying this, and even Linglong was confused.

She thought to herself, If these two believed you after just listening to this, then wouldn’t they be way too stupid

But something completely shocking happened.

After listening to those words, the Gu clan brothers let go of the blade pressed against her neck and began to step backward.

“You said it; we are letting her go right now.”

Gao Ying, Pei You, and Bi Linglong were all speechless.

Zu An rushed over to Bi Linglong’s side and wrapped his arm around her waist, protecting her.

At the same time, he raised his finger.

Two blasts of wind fired out.

How could the Gu clan brothers avoid the attacks of someone at the ninth rank Blood erupted from their chest as they fell to the ground.

They were shocked and furious, saying, “You just promised us that you would let us go!”

You have successfully trolled Gu Heng for 555 555 555…

You have successfully trolled Gu Xing for 555 555 555…

Zu An sighed.

“Not only are you two bad people, you’re also extremely stupid.

All I said was that I had a friend who kept his word and would let you go; when did I ever agree that I would let you two go”

“You’re despicable!” The Gu clan brothers almost fainted on the spot.

Only now did they realize that he seemed to be talking about his friend. Why did we suddenly believe him for some reason

You have successfully trolled the Gu clan brothers for 888 888 888…

Zu An had used the ability ‘I Have a Friend’.

It would make the target subconsciously think that the friend he was talking about was himself.

How could the Gu clan brothers know about that They were easily affected.

“In terms of being despicable, is there anyone worse than the two of you You colluded with outsiders and sold out your master,” Zu An sneered.

“Linglong, I’ll leave the two of them to you to deal with.”

Only now did Bi Linglong realize that she was still in his embrace.

She quickly pushed him away, blushing red. This guy actually dares to call me by my name! There are still people watching…

In order to hide her embarrassment, she picked up her sword and walked over to the Gu clan brothers, saying, “The two of you were so proud of yourselves earlier.

You didn’t expect your fate to change so quickly, right”

When he sensed the killing intent in her eyes, Gu Heng felt as if his soul had left his body.

He laughed and said, “Hahaha, we brothers know that we’re undoubtedly dead, but you all shouldn’t be happy so early.

Do you think you can win We’re only heading into the afterlife ahead of you all.

We’ll meet again soon.”

The two of them slit their own throats as soon as Gu Heng finished speaking.

The reason they were so decisive was because they knew that they would undoubtedly be dead.

As such, rather than being tortured and interrogated, they would rather have an easier death.


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