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Yang Wei took great pride in his occupation as a teacher, and he was extremely uncomfortable with this sort of streetlike atmosphere that was suffusing the classroom.

However, thinking that he should prioritize dealing with Zu An here, he decided to bear with it.

“Since thats the case, we shall have the students here bear witness to the process lest someone refuses to acknowledge the bet later on.”

However, Zu An raised his hand and said, “Wait a moment.”

“Why Are you afraid now” Yang Wei asked with a frown.

He was worried that Zu An would back down at this moment.

“Afraid” Zu An burst into laughter.

“Nay, I just want to find a witness for our bet.”

Yang Wei gestured to the students around him and asked, “Are these people not enough for you”

“Of course not!” Zu An replied matter-of-factly.

“If you win, these witnesses would be enough for you.

However, if I win, Im afraid that we wont have enough say to make you fulfill the end of your promise.

After all, were in a weaker position here.”

“Are you saying that Id lose to you” Yang Wei snorted angrily.

He might not have excelled as a cultivator, but he was still proud of his expertise when it came to arithmetic.

He wouldnt allow anyone to question his ability in that field.

“Theres nothing for certain in this world.

If you arent willing to do it, lets just call off the bet.” Zu An shrugged before turning around to leave.

Yang Wei thought that Zu An was really going to back down at the last moment, and he immediately panicked.

It wasnt easy for him to lead his prey up to this point, and he was already on the verge of ensnaring him.

There was no way he could allow Zu An to leave at this juncture.

So, he replied, “Very well then.

Lets get another teacher to bear witness to this.

However, I dont know who would be free at this timing.”

Yang Wei was intending to bring some of the colleagues he was on closer terms with, but at that very moment, a refreshingly gentle voice sounded by the doorway.

“I shall be the witness of this bet.”

The euphonic voice immediately caught the crowds attention, and everyone swiftly turned their heads over to look at the doorway.

In an instant, the previously bustling classroom fell silent.

A woman was leaning lazily by the doorway.

Her skin was fair and her lips were crimson.

Her dress flowed along her body like silk, vaguely shaping out her beautiful profile.

Even though she only revealed a small portion of her fair hands and legs through her dress, her appearance was more than enough to steal the breaths away from the men present.

She had a carefree disposition that added an indescribable grace to her actions.

Even just by casually leaning by the doorway, she still looked as beautiful as a goddess descending from the sky.

Had it not been for the green wine gourd she was carrying on her waist, it was easy to think of her as an ethereal fairy untouched by the mortal world.

“T… Teacher Shang!”

After a brief moment of silence in the classroom, loud cheering broke out all around.

The students all rushed forward to look at the woman with excited looks on their faces.

Even Yang Weis breathing hastened as well.

In truth, he wasnt willing to teach at the academy at the start.

Just his work at the Civil Affairs Department was enough for him to keep his hands busy.

Had it not been for the rules of the royal court dictating him to serve as a teacher, he would have never bothered coming to an academy to teach a bunch of immature brats.

However, the first time he held a lesson at the academy, he caught sight of this womans visage, and all of a sudden, he felt that this work wasnt so tough anymore.

In fact, he would find reasons to stay at the academy, all in hopes that he would be able to catch an additional glimpse of her.

Meanwhile, Zu An was also surprised by this development too.

To his astonishment, he had actually met this woman before.

They spent time playing with a flute in the gazebo back then… Ah pui pui pui, I mean we bonded through music!

He asked the woman for her name afterward, but the latter refused to tell him, saying that they would meet each other again if fate permits.

Back then, he thought that she was just turning him down.

How easy could it be for two strangers to meet one another once more in this massive world However, now that he was looking at it once more, he felt that it was likely that the other party already knew that he was a student from Brightmoon Academy, and that they would surely meet one another again.

It was not as if Zu An was a dense protagonist in a novel.

With everyone around him addressing her asTeacher Shang, as well as those men acting as if they were animals in their mating season, he could figure as much that the woman was likely to be Shang Liuu, rank three on the Sweetheart Ranking.

That would explain why the gorgeous principal had asked him if he was acquainted with Shang Liuyu, saying that the latter had helped him change the records.

All of it was coming together now.

Yang Weis face immediately lit up as he put on what he thought to be his nicest smile as he said, “Teacher Shang, what brought you here today”

Shang Liuyu smiled back and said, “I just happened to be passing by.

I heard some commotion, so I came in to take a look.”

Her smile was so potent that Yang Wei felt as if he could melt in it.

However, when he recalled the situation he was in, his face immediately heated up.

He quickly explained, “Sorry that you have to bump into something like this.

This student simply too obstinate, so Im hoping to teach him how to respect his elders.”

Shang Liuyu shot a glance at Zu An, and her lips inched upward.

“I happened to overhear that the two of you are intending to make a bet against one another.

Why dont I be the witness for your bet”

“Sounds good~”

“Teacher Shang, youre the best~”

“Teacher Shang, youre my idol!”

Loud cheers broke out in the classroom.

From this, it could be seen just how popular Shang Liuyu was.

“This…” Yang Wei was a little hesitant to accept Shang Liuyus offer.

It should have been easy enough for a teacher like him to deal with an unruly student, but if another teacher were to get involved too, there could be unexpected complications.

“Am I unwelcomed here” Shang Liuyu looked at Yang Wei quietly with her beautiful eyes.

This was the first time Yang Wei was interacting with her in such proximity.

Her impeccable face was like a critical strike right into his chest, leaving his breathing hastened.

“T-thats not what I mean! Youre more than welcome here!”

Yang Wei quickly convinced himself that it was no big deal.

I dont have any chance to interact with Shang Liuyu usually, so this is a good chance to display my talent before her.

I might be lacking in terms of cultivation, but theres no one in Brightmoon City who can hold a candle to me when it comes to arithmetic!

There was usually hardly any ability to flaunt his arithmetic skills.

After all, he couldnt possibly just walk up to Shang Liuyu and start reciting all sorts of mathematic equations—she would just think that he was insane! It was unlikely that he would ever get another opportunity to like this flaunt his skills before her.

“Teacher Shang, this way please.” Yang Wei guided her toward the podium fawningly.

Zu An clicked his tongue at his subservience, thinking that he was exemplifying the very definition of simping.

Shang Liuyu casually took a seat before smiling at the students.

“Alright, lets quieten down so as to not interrupt their match.”

Her words seemed to contain some sort of sorcery.

The classroom that had been as noisy as a wet market a moment ago suddenly fell utterly silent.

Zu An couldnt help but be impressed by her impressive charisma.

Yang Wei rolled up his sleeves as he felt motivation pumping through his veins.

He was determined to prove his worth to his goddess.

So, he used the knowledge he had accrued over the past few decades to craft out twenty highly difficult questions.

He was confident that these students wouldnt be able to solve them—even he would stumble on them if he got distracted for a moment!

He could already imagine what was going to happen afterward.

Zu An would nibble on his brush in frustration as he found himself utterly stupefied before the questions.

Afterward, he would shamelessly claim that these questions were unsolvable.

Then, before the respectful eyes of the students, he would slowly decipher every single question and awe everyone present.

Maybe Shang Liuyu will look at me with glittering eyes too.

This might just be the start of my love life!

Just thinking about it was more than enough to make his cheeks quiver from laughter.

No no no, I have to calm down.

A lot of eyes are on me right now.

I need to pay heed to my image!

So, Yang Wei coughed softly before passing the test paper to Zu An.

“It is not too late to back out now.

If you cant even do a single question, youll have to leave the academy.”

He was only saying those words before Shang Liuyu to create the impression that he had no intention of cornering his student; it was his student who insisted on it himself.

Of course, he was only saying those words because he knew that Zu An wouldnt be able to retreat easily even if he wanted to given the current heated atmosphere.

In response, Zu An chuckled softly and said, “Youll be the one leaving the academy if I get everything right.”

Putting aside Yang Wei, even the other students in the classroom felt that Zu An had a screw loose.

Only Shang Liuyu was watching the scene with an enigmatic smile on her lips, as if she knew something that the others didnt.

“Ignorant and arrogant!” Yang Wei flew into a state of wrath.

“You shall pay the price of being so self-assuming!”

You have successfully trolled Yang Wei for 541 Rage!

He didnt take being insulted by his student before his goddess too well.

On the other hand, Zu An shrugged leisurely as he took the test paper over.

“Is that all you got” Zu An burst into laughter.

To be honest, he wasnt certain that he would be able to answer all of the questions.

After all, he wasnt too sure how developed mathematics in this world was.

However, when he saw the questions on the paper, he realized that he had been overestimating Yang Weis ability.

“I advise you to focus your efforts on answering the question instead of running your mouth here.

If you cant finish the paper before class comes to an end… Heh…” Yang Wei didnt finish his sentence, but his implied meaning was clear enough.

Shang Liuyu couldnt help but interject in, “There isnt much time before the class comes to an end.

Isnt this too rushed Why dont we do this instead Since Im taking the next class, Ill allocate half of the lesson to you so that you can take things slowly.”

Yang Wei was taken aback by the proposal.

However, he didnt think that Shang Liuyu was really helping Zu An here.

In the first place, Shang Liuyu wasnt related to Zu An in any way, so there was no reason for her to look out for him.

My goddess is probably just pitying Zu An and want to give him a chance.

She must also be worried that others would accuse me of bullying the juniors, so shes doing this with my reputation in mind.

How touching.

Yang Wei was so moved that tears were about to seep out of his mouth.

He quickly nodded his head and agreed to it, “Yes, what Teacher Shang makes perfect sense.

Zu An, Ill give you another half a class to answer the questions then.”

Arithmetic is a subject where either you get it or you dont.

If you dont understand anything at all, I can give you all the time there is in the world, and its still to no avail.

Meanwhile, Zu An couldnt be bothered to respond to Yang Wei anymore, so he started reading the first question.

‘3 people drink 3 buckets of water in 3 days.

How many buckets of water do 9 people drink in 9 days

Wei Suos eyes lit up right away upon seeing the first question.

“This is such an easy question! Even I can answer that! If 3 people drink 3 buckets of water in 3 days, it should go without saying that 9 people would drink 9 buckets of water in 9 days!”

Those words were met with widespread agreement by the students all around.

Only a small minority felt that there was something wrong with the answer Wei Suo proposed, but they couldnt put their finger on what was wrong.

Hearing that, Yang Wei sneered coldly.

Do you think that I would come up with such an easy question That being said, he didnt bother putting a halt to the discussions all around.

He would love more than anything for these people to mislead Zu An.

Meanwhile, Zu An shook his head in disappointment.

Even elementary schoolers would be able to solve such a question easily.

3 people drink 3 buckets of water in 3 days, which meant that 3 of them drank a bucket of water each day.

Multiplying it proportionately, 9 people should drink 3 buckets of water each day, and 27 buckets of water in 9 days!

When Zu An wrote down the answer, Yang Weis eyes widened in disbelief.

How could this be possible

The first time he saw this question on an ancient record, he ended up falling for its trick and answered it wrongly.

Afterward, he posed this question to many of his colleagues, and most of them would instinctively answernine buckets of water.

How did this fellow solve it so easily

But again, this question wasnt too difficult.

Yang Wei thought that Zu An might have just gotten lucky.

Hmph, this is the easiest question of the lot! The difficulty will only rise with each passing question.

I dont believe that you can remain so lucky!

It was just that given that Zu An had managed to answer a question, it would probably be difficult to chase him out of the academy as he had envisioned anymore.

Eyy, if only I knew that this would happen, I shouldnt have set the bet so low.

You have successfully trolled Yang Wei for 9 9 9…

Seeing the inflow of Rage points, Zu An couldnt help but think that Yang Wei sure reflected his name well.

Even his Rage points dribbled in instead of flowing in a steady stream.

He moved to look at the second question.

‘A farmers wife is washing bowls by the river.

Passers-by ask her why she has so many bowls to wash, and she answered that her house had just hosted a lot of guests.

Every 2 people would share a bowl of rice, every three people would share a bowl of soup, and every four people would share a bowl of side dishes.

All in all, there are 65 dishes.

So, how many guests has she hosted in her house


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