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Chapter 811: Vanished

“Vanished” Bi Linglong was extremely shocked when she heard that word.

“What do you mean by vanished”

“They just vanished,” Piao Duandiao replied.

“They never came back after a long time, and we can’t contact them.

We didn’t find their corpses either.”

Bi Linglong and Zu An exchanged a look.

They could see the seriousness in each others’ eyes.

The group headed out to investigate, but they didn’t find any useful clues.

Finding the Jade Moon Serpent was the top priority, so they could only set aside the matter for now.

However, there was now a shadow looming over their hearts.

Bi Linglong ordered everyone to move together from that point on to avoid any ambushes.

Even so, scouts  disappeared every day for the next few days.

Sometimes it was two, and sometimes three.

The young masters of the different clans were all alarmed and panicked.

A few days later, they finally couldn't take it any longer and got together to discuss the matter.

“We don’t even know who the enemy is now!” Liu Xian felt as if he were about to go mad.

He had pretty maids serving him every day in the capital, and he even frequently wandered the brothels to enjoy the singing and instruments of the courtesans.

Why the hell had he listened to his clan’s elders and come to this damn place for some bet or whatever

This was a bet He even had to call his cousin over when he needed to use the restroom! After all, between that Bi Chang who had been killed first and the other scouts who had disappeared, many of those people had cultivation ranks higher than his! That was why he was always extremely tense.

He couldn't help but feel that he was next on the chopping board.

“Is it possible that it’s a vicious beast” Gao Ying mused as he analyzed the situation.

“What happened recently is different from what happened to Bi Chang.

Could it be that those scouts that went missing have been captured by a lurking vicious beast, and then eaten as food Maybe that’s why we can’t find them”

Liu Xian became more frightened when he heard Gao Ying’s speculation.

“I shiver all over whenever I think that those scouts were eaten by beasts and turned to **.”

The remaining scouts nearby all glared at him.

Those scouts were their comrades, yet this person had actually described them like this.

Gao Ying was also speechless.

His cousin really had crossed the line.

He was a complete idiot, yet he loved to talk and shoot off that damn mouth of his.

But because of his status, a relative of the Liu clan like him couldn't really say anything.

“There’s no chance of it being a beast.” Gu Heng voiced his analysis.

“If it were a beast, then there should be traces of blood left behind, or the bones left behind after being devoured.

There’s no way there wouldn’t be a single thing left behind.”

Pei You said coldly, “That’s why the attacker is definitely human, and furthermore definitely among us! We’re the only ones who entered this dungeon, so it’s an obvious conclusion.

Even though no one is saying it, I’m sure all of you already have similar thoughts.

We were worried about harming morale before, but there’s no choice now.”

Bi Linglong’s eyes narrowed as she replied, “Then does young master Pei have any ideas regarding who the perpetrator is”

“It’s actually quite simple to find out who the murderer is.” Pei You paused deliberately.

His eyes scanned over those present.

The others listened carefully when they heard Pei You speak, waiting for his next words.

Zhao Xi said impatiently, “Hurry up and speak if you have something to say! Why are you suddenly stopping in the middle of your ** halfway like Meng Pan”

Meng Pan roared furiously, “What the hell are you trying to say!”

Zhao Xi harrumphed.

He turned around and ignored him.

Pei You also felt grossed out, and only after a while did he recover his composure.

He gave Zhao Xi a look and said, “It’s simple enough.

After something happened to Bi Chang, the crown princess asked all of us to move together.

The crown princess’ intention was for all of us to watch out for each other, but that ended up producing another result, which was that none of us could secretly leave and kill on our own.

“Meanwhile, the only one who can move independently apart from the crown prince and princess is Sir Zu.”

He didn’t continue speaking afterward.

All those present knew what he was implying.

There was no way the crown prince and princess were the murderers, which meant that Zu An was the only one left.

Zu An chuckled when he saw the others look at him.

“You’re suspecting me”

Pei You said indifferently, “I merely made a rational statement.”

Bi Linglong’s expression changed several times.

As she looked at Zu An, her eyes were full of worry, hesitation, fear, and all sorts of other emotions.

The others surreptitiously kept some distance between Zu An and themselves.

Only Piao Duandiao, Jiao Sigun, and a few others continued to stand by his side.

Zu An shrugged.

“There has to be a motive behind every action.

As the crown prince’s chamberlain, I’m the embodiment of the crown princess’ trust.

Why would I do something like this”

Meng Pan chuckled and said, “That’s easy enough.

You’re from the Chu clan, and everyone knows that the Chu clan is close to the Qin clan.

The Chu clan’s heir even gifted you so many things before you entered, and the Murong clan’s young miss even gave you a storage pouch.

How could something this precious be randomly given out like that The Qin clan and Murong clan’s relationship with King Qi is something I don’t need to talk about, right”

Zu An was stunned.

“You think I’m working for King Qi”

Jiao Sigun shouted angrily, “How is that possible! Everyone knows that Sir Zu and King Qi don’t get along.

He’s made King Qi’s faction suffer severe losses ever since he came to the capital! The Security Officer and Left Guard General, even such important roles were lost because of Sir Zu.

How could he possibly be working for King Qi!”

Gu Xing stepped forward and said, “That’s simple enough.

Isn’t it just injuring yourself to gain the enemy's confidence Otherwise, everyone would suspect him.”

Piao Duandiao harrumphed.

“Even King Qi’s heir’s reputation hit rock bottom because of him.

If that were the case, wouldn’t the losses be a bit too severe”

Gu Xing was left at a loss for words, but Gu Heng stepped forward and said, “If he were trying to fool ordinary people like us, dealing with Murong Tong and Cheng Xiong beforehand would already be enough.

However, if he wanted to deceive such intelligent people as his majesty, the crown prince, and the crown princess, Murong Tong and Cheng Xiong alone would be far from enough.

That’s why they didn’t hesitate to give up King Qi’s heir to make him look better.

“All of you, think about it carefully.

King Qi’s heir has eight ranks of cultivation, while even Han Fengqiu, a ninth rank cultivator, was there to oversee the situation.

How could they possibly lose to Zu An

“That’s why there’s a saying that goes ‘too far is just as bad as not enough’.

It can instead produce a hole in one’s plan.”

The others nodded in agreement, feeling that such an assessment was extremely reasonable.

They had thought that King Qi’s heir might have been defeated because of a mysterious water element expert, but even with their powerful intelligence networks, they hadn’t managed to find out who that mysterious expert was.

But everything made sense if it was just an act King Qi’s heir set up with Zu An.

As such, when they looked at Zu An, their eyes became filled with hostility.

Zu An burst out laughing.

“Why are you all looking at me like that Not even his majesty saw anything; do you think you’re more formidable than the emperor”

Gu Heng’s breathing stopped.

“Of course I can’t compare to his majesty.

Perhaps his majesty has other plans by not exposing you, and deliberately used a long line to catch a bigger fish.

It’s just that no one expected for you to reveal a hole in your behavior ahead of time in this dungeon!”

Zhao Xi’s personality was the most explosive.

“You bastard, you’ve killed so many of our people! It’s time for you to pay with your life!”

The young masters drew their weapons and surrounded Zu An when Zhao Xi finished speaking.

Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun were at their wits’ end as they stood by Zu An’s side.

They both looked towards Bi Linglong to see what she would do.

Zu An also looked toward her, asking, “Crown princess, what do you think”

Bi Linglong sighed and said, “You should just leave.”

“What” Zu An asked, confused.

Bi Linglong said indifferently, “Out of consideration for everything you’ve done, I won’t trouble you.

You can leave on your own.

Your life and death will depend on yourself.”

“Crown princess!” the young masters all cried out.

“How can you let a murderer leave just like that!”

“I’ve already made my decision; this matter is settled.” Bi Linglong stormed off alone, her lonely figure receding into the distance.

“I’ve done so much for you and the crown prince, yet you still chose to trust them and not me” Zu An shouted angrily.

Bi Linglong’s figure paused for a moment, but she still didn’t stop.

Gu Xing jumped in front of him and exclaimed, “You bastard, what are you yelling about Why aren’t you getting lost yet If you continue to provoke the crown princess, you might not be able to leave even if you want to.”

Zu An completely ignored his barking and instead said seriously, “Bi Linglong, you’ll regret your decision soon.

From here on out, all ties between us will be broken!”

“Brazen! You dare call the crown princess by her name!” Gu Xing was incredibly annoyed when he saw Zu An completely ignore him.

He immediately made a big fuss.

You have successfully trolled Gu Xing for 444 Rage points!

The others quickly surrounded Zu An.

The atmosphere quickly became extremely tense.

“I already said to let him leave,” Bi Linglong said in an ice-cold voice.

The others could only open up a path.

Zu An swung his sleeves and left with an ashen expression.

“Big bro Zu!” Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun rushed over.

As they looked at him, their eyes were full of worry.

Zu An shook his head and didn’t say anything to them.

His lonesome figure headed into the forest depths alone.

“Hmph, letting him leave like this really is letting him off too easily,” Meng Pan said through gritted teeth.

Zhao Xi chuckled.

“If you’re that upset, then why don’t you secretly chase after him and kill him We promise we won’t report to the crown princess about this.”

Meng Pan harrumphed.

“Like hell I’ll believe you.” He returned to his tent after speaking.

The other young masters had conflicted expressions.

They all returned to their own tents while deep in thought.


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