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Wei Suo was taken aback.

How am I supposed to carry on the conversation like this So, he could only direct the conversation to another topic he was interested in.

“Speaking of which, what color is Principal Jiangs stocking today”

Zu An thought about Jiang Luofus long and shapely legs, and he subconsciously answered, “Skin color~”

Wei Suo gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

“As expected of my goddess.

Ahh, Im so jealous of you.

You were able to meet her twice despite having just arrived a few days ago.

I havent even gotten a chance to meet her once thus far!”

Zu An burst into laughter.

“Youre so obsessed with her even though you have never met her before”

“You dont understand.

Distance makes the heart grows fonder.

From the moment I caught a glimpse of her on the street, I was already captured by the charms.

My heart and body belong to her,” said the lovestruck Wei Suo.

Zu An shook his head in disdain.

Heart and body, my ass.

Like she would be interested in your body.

“Speaking of which, who is this teacher who keeps putting on airs” Zu An took this opportunity to scout intelligence.

As expected of a true gossip master, Wei Suo was able to immediately provide Zu An with an answer, “His name is Yang Wei, Brightmoon Citys Civil Affairs Administrator.

Hes in charge of collecting agricultural taxes in the city.

At the same time, hes also our arithmetic teacher too.”

“Ohhh, arithmetic teacher,” murmured Zu An contemplatively.

“Zu An, get up and stand at the back of the classroom!” Yang Wei suddenly bellowed from the podium all of a sudden.

His voice was like a sudden thunderous rumble, jolting awake many students who had just barely fallen asleep once more.

They nearly peed their pants from the scare.

What the hell are you up to Cant a student get proper sleep now

Everyone turned to look at Zu An, curious to know just what kind of tyrannical deed had he done to make the teacher so angry.

By this point, there were actually a few people who were already quite impressed with him.

Ever since this fellow enrolled in the academy a few days ago, he had been barging into trouble after trouble.

It had only been several minutes since the class started, but the teacher had already shouted at him twice.

Zu An frowned.

He knew that Yang Wei was hostile toward him, but he didnt expect the latter to act up so quickly.

“Are you deaf Didnt you hear me telling you to stand at the back of the classroom” Yang Wei walked down from the podium to glare at Zu An with a darkened face.

Zu An sneered coldly.

You arent even offering me any Rage points at all; its obvious that your anger is feigned.

So, he replied leisurely, “If I may ask, why are you punishing me”

“Instead of paying attention in class, you start chatting with your neighboring classmate instead.

Tell me, should I not punish you for that” Yang Wei spoke with an air of haughtiness.

This was the privilege of being of higher standing.

If a teacher was determined to punish a student, he could easily find an excuse to do it, and no one could fault him on it.

Besides, Zu An hadnt been listening to the lesson, which spared Yang Wei the trouble of having to think of an excuse to deal with him.

Zu Ans eyebrows shot up.

One must know that the Yellow class was filled with the worst students in the academy.

There was hardly anyone paying attention to class.

Based on what he saw earlier, a third of them were sleeping and a third of them were chatting.

There were even a couple of them secretly playing cards at the back of the classroom.

Instead of dealing with those, he chooses to come after me instead…

Zu An didnt even turn to look at Wei Suo earlier so as to avoid giving Yang Wei a reason to flare up, but as it turned out, it didnt make a difference at all.

Since the latter was determined to deal with him, he shouldnt blame him for retaliating accordingly then.

“Teacher, Im afraid that I dont understand what youre saying.

Ive been listening intently all this while, and I havent talked to anyone.

Do you have any evidence to prove that I havent been paying attention” asked Zu An.

Yang Wei fell speechless at the rebuttal.

He thought that it would be easy for him to deal with a mere student—he just had to find a reason to punish him before blowing up the matter to have him expelled from school.

As long as he lost the protection of the academy, those lords would be able to deal with him much easier.

Yet, who could have thought that Zu An would actually talk back to him

Due to the significance of the academies in this world, there was a great focus on respecting the teachers.

It was completely unprecedented in the history of the academy for a student to talk back to a teacher.

However, this turn of affairs might be to his advantage instead.

He was still struggling to find a legitimate excuse to have Zu An expelled.

After all, he was just an ordinary teacher.

It was still possible for him to dish out punishments to students, but having them expelled went beyond the scope of his authority.

However, if Zu An were to disregard etiquette and openly challenge him, he could make use of this to drive him out of the academy.

“I saw you chatting away with the person seated next to you.

Are you telling me that my eyes are playing tricks on me” Yang Wei harrumphed.

In response, Zu An pointed out sharply, “If you saw the two of us chatting with one another, shouldnt you call out the two of us together Why did you only point me out then It cant be that a respected teacher is picking on one of his students, can it”

“I dont know what that students name is, thats why I only called you out,” Yang Wei hurriedly explained.

Zu An burst out laughing.

“Oh That sure is weird.

I dont recall introducing myself when I walked in earlier.

Ive only enrolled in this academy a few days ago, and this is my first lesson with you.

Yet, you actually knew who I am… I cant help but think that youre intentionally picking on me right now.”

The other students in the eyes also began narrowing their eyes.

None of them were fools.

There was indeed something weird going on here.

While none of them was fond of Zu An, their feeling of detest toward the teachers was far greater.

This was especially so for scrawny middle-aged men who combed their hair into an awful center parting like Yang Wei.

If teachers were really intentionally picking on students, wouldnt that mean that they could possibly be next

With all eyes suddenly centered on him, Yang Wei found himself feeling rather uncomfortable.

He quickly clarified, “Who in Brightmoon City hasnt heard of you, Zu An You got into a conflict with a fifth rank senior, and you gambled in the Silverhook Casino and won 7,500,000 silver taels.

How could I possibly be oblivious to who you are”

I nearly fell into his trap! Yang Wei had long heard that Zu An had a sharp mouth, but he didnt think that the latter would actually be this formidable.

He reminded himself to keep his guard up so that he wouldnt be done in like Mei Chaofeng.

Zu An nodded lightly as he continued speaking, “Well, even if you do know me, I wasnt talking earlier.

As a teacher, you shouldnt slander your own students.”

“Rubbish! I saw you chatting with your neighboring classmate with my own eyes! Do you think that I, as a teacher, would wrong you” It was just a moment ago that Yang Wei was happy that he didnt have to pin a false accusation on Zu An, but who could have thought that the latter would start lying outright

“Thats hard to say.

As they say, a huge jungle has all kinds of weird birds.” As Yang Wei was already openly hostile to him, Zu An didnt think that there was a need to hold himself back.

“Since you said that I was chatting with my neighboring classmate, why dont you present some evidence then Otherwise, Ill have to sue you for defamation!”

You have successfully trolled Yang Wei for 666 Rage!

Yang Wei nearly fainted from anger.

He had always been the one to point fingers at others and accuse them of false charges.

This was the one time that he caught a person in the midst of wrongdoing, but ironically, he found himself unable to punish him!

How the hell am I supposed to find evidence for this Its not like theres a recorder around!

“You have evidence, right” However, Yang Wei was unwilling to give up just like this.

He turned to Wei Suo and asked sternly, “Speak, did you talk to him earlier”

Wei Suo blinked his eyes innocently.

“Teacher, I didnt.”

Zu An secretly shot Wei Suo a thumbs up.

He was still thinking of reminding the latter not to give him away, but it seemed like he was a person who knew how to read the room.

Young lad, you have potential!

“I…” Yang Wei was so angry that he found himself at a loss of words.

The academys culture is really getting worse.

Each batch of students is worse than the previous!

Fortunately, Yang Wei had come prepared.

He wouldnt trip over something as minor as this.

Hah, all you have is your mouth.

I shall show you the absolute difference between us!

Yang Wei took a deep breath to calm himself down before proceeding on, “You claim that you have been earnestly listening to my lesson earlier.

In other words, you should be familiar with what Ive just taught you, right”

Many students felt that Yang Wei was being unreasonable here.

In the first place, arithmetic was not a simple subject.

Even if a student was earnestly listening to the lesson, it was unlikely that he would fully understand what was being taught right away.

By this point, it was already clear as day that Yang Wei was picking on Zu An.

Some of the students felt spurred to speak up on Zu Ans behalf—they were still in the hot-blooded phase of their life, after all.

However, to their horror, Zu An actually went along Yang Wei without any hesitation, “Indeed.

The content you are going through is too easy for me.

Theres no way I could possibly not know it.”

This world had the additional mystical element of cultivation, but when it came to other fields of study, it was far lacking behind that of the modern world.

Who do you think I am Im a university student who has been through the torture of the National College Entrance Examination! Your arithmetic questions are a childs play to me!

On the other hand, Yang Wei was delighted to hear Zu Ans response.

You could have chosen to back down, but your arrogance got ahead of yourself!

“This is my first time seeing such an arrogant student! Very well, Ill come up with 20 questions.

As long as you can answer any of them correctly… No, I mean three of them correctly, Ill believe that you werent lying.

How does that sound”

He was confident that Zu An wouldnt be able to answer even one of them correctly, but when he thought about the incident at Silverhook Casino, he felt that there was a need for him to be a little more conservative.

Perhaps, Zu An might be able to get one right by some stroke of luck, but there was no way he could answer all three correctly!

Watching as everything unfolded, Wei Suo couldnt help but feel deeply worried.

Yang Weis arithmetic class was known to be hard.

When it came to other subjects, the students could still try to get by through memorization, but the same trick didnt apply to arithmetic.

There was once Yang Wei set the questions a little harder than usual, and everyone ended up flunking the test.

Given that Yang Wei was intentionally picking on Zu An this time around, he was bound to set the hardest questions.

It was unlikely that anyone in the class would be able to answer any of them at all.

Wei Suo was going to warn Zu An about it, but the latter had already accepted the challenge.

“Sure, sound fine to me.

However, what if I manage to answer all of the questions correctly”

“Answer all of the questions correctly” Yang Wei burst into laughter, as if he had heard the most hilarious joke in the world.

“If you can get all of them correctly, Ill resign from the academy and let you take over my position!”

Zu Ans eyes lit up.

“Its a deal then!”

“Deal!” Yang Wei sneered coldly, wondering if Zu An was out of his mind.

Did you think that the questions I set would be easy As a Civil Affairs Administrator handling taxes, I have been dealing with arithmetic for decades now! With my experience, I reckon that there no one in the entire prefecture who can surpass me in this field!

That fool must have only seen the papers I have set in the past.

Let me tell you this… I have actually been dumbing down the questions for the sake of the students! I shall go all out this time around and show you how terrifying arithmetic can be!

“What if you cant answer three questions correctly then” Yang Wei looked at Zu An provocatively.

“Since youre willing to put your career in the academy on the line, its only fair that I do the same too.

If Im unable to answer three questions correctly, Ill leave the academy on my own accord,” replied Zu An.

Yang Wei was overjoyed to hear that.

You sure jumped straight right into my trap! Since thats the case, dont blame me then!

Sensing the tense atmosphere between the two of them, the students of the Yellow class began getting fired up.

Regardless of which world one was in, the crowd always loved commotion.

Besides, there were hardly any students in the Yellow class who were interested in studying in the first place.

To them, gambling was much more fun and productive.

So, they began gathering closer to take a closer look.


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