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Sensing his intense changes in emotions, Mi Li said, “Theres no need for you to be too worried.

There werent any suspicious individuals around when you were with Yun Jianyue and when you played around with the empress.”

Zu An finally released a sigh of relief when he heard what she had said.

Even though he had also been using the jade badge to examine his surroundings, this was the worlds most mysterious assassin organization, after all.

He really found it hard to believe that the other party didnt have other ways to spy on him.

But now that Mi Li had said that, he sighed in relief.

Mi Lis cultivation was far beyond that of an ordinary person.

No matter how formidable the Shadow Groups master was, he wouldnt have surpassed Mi Li at her peak.

He recalled that for better or for worse, Yun Jianyue was also a grandmaster.

She hadnt noticed anything strange either, so those things they had done probably didnt reach the ears of the Shadow Groups master.

However, he didnt dare to act carelessly.

He had only been a nobody back then, so the Shadow Groups master might not have cared.

However, he had already climbed his way up in that time, already drawing the attention of several large powers, so the Shadow Group was definitely paying attention to him.

He had to be more careful in the future.

Zu An then asked a bit about the Shadow Groups intelligence, but Ma An didnt know too much.

As he had already asked about almost everything he could, he began to wrap things up.

“Does anyone else know about what happened here between us” He had to confirm that, or else if he didnt take care of it, wouldnt everything about him be exposed

Ma An replied listlessly, “I dont have many friends, nor have I trusted anyone.

Furthermore, I only came to confirm my suspicions, so I didnt tell anyone.

However, just in case, I left a note in my notebook that I would pay Zu An a visit today.

If something happens to me, everyone in the palace will know that the one who killed me was Zu An.”

Zu An was speechless. This guy really is extremely treacherous! Thank goodness I asked about this, or else I wouldve been finished! He quickly asked about where the note was, and then finished Ma An off.

Even though Zu An didnt like to kill, he wouldnt show any mercy toward someone who tried to take his life.

Ma An fell limply to the ground.

Two porcelain bottles, one black and one white, rolled out from inside his clothes.

The black bottle had the wordsFrozen Soul inscribed on it, while the white bottle had the wordAntidote.

Zu An picked up the black bottle.

It was extremely cold to the touch.

Mi Li floated over and said, “This is probably the basis for Ma Ans confidence, since he can even poison a master rank cultivator.

It was just that he had no idea that you had just made a breakthrough in the Primordial Origin Sutra, so you were already immune to most poisons.”

Zu An looked at that candle that was still burning.

He thought to himself, This Ma An really is quite unlucky. Mi Li was a spirit-like existence, while he was mysterious.

Otherwise, if the two really had been poisoned, Ma An might have at least had the power to negotiate a bit.

Mi Li stretched out her body, revealing her seductive curves.

She yawned and said, “All of this has made me tired.

Im going to sleep.”

After being around her for so long, Zu An knew that the reason Mi Li needed to sleep so much was partly because she needed to stabilize the Red Tears of Lady Xiang, while the other reason was because she didnt have a body.

Her spiritual state was actually quite taxing with prolonged use, so she needed to sleep to replendish her energy.

Zu An had even bought a bed for her and placed it in the Taie Swords storage.

He didnt know if her spirit body could sleep on a bed or not.

Just as Mi Li was about to leave, she suddenly thought of something and said, “Right, judging from what Ive seen regarding the Phoenix Nirvana Sutras birds, youre mainly using their distinctive traits.”

“Is there something wrong with that” Zu An was confused.

“Not at all; its actually quite a ridiculous asset,” Mi Li said.

She continued in a dignified manner, “Ive been wondering why you couldnt awaken any element despite reaching the sixth rank.

I originally thought that it was because of the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, that you could only awaken one when you reach a higher level.

But youve already reached the ninth rank now, yet you still havent obtained any elemental ability.

Furthermore, theres a strange bird that appears whenever you make a breakthrough.

I finally realized why that was.”

“Why” Zu An quickly asked.

Other cultivators all had different elements to play with; only he alone hadnt awakened any element and had to rely on only his body.

That really was quite embarrassing.

Mi Li sighed.

“Its because youve already awakened elemental abilities; its just that youve never realized it.

Otherwise, dont you think you cultivated the Snowflake Sword a bit too quickly”

Zu An replied, “Isnt it normal for a talented genius like me to cultivate quickly”

Mi Li was speechless.

She ignored what he said and continued, “The Snowflake Sword is an ice element battle skill.

According to normal reason, you could only get so far without awakening the ice element no matter how great your aptitude.

However, you can still perform the Snowflake Sword pretty well, to the extent where you can even release some of the sword skills innate ice power.”

Zu An also began to think to himself.

“Its probably because I used the Snow Phoenixs power, right…”

Mi Li cut him off.

“Its not the Snow Phoenixs power, but rather the Snow Phoenixs ice attribute that granted you the foundation to use ice element skills.

For example, when you cultivated the Flame Blade, you needed Dajis foxfire.

However, now that you have the Fire Phoenix, I believe you can use it even without Dajis ability.”

Zu An felt an urge to try it out.

He used the Flame Blades skill, but he deliberately chose not to borrow Dajis power.

A flame blade appeared in his palm, and it was a dazzling gold, no different from the color of the Fire Phoenix.

“Do you understand now” Mi Li continued, “Every single bird is of a different attribute.

For example, Grandgale is wind, Hundredwarble is spirit, Blue Mallard is water, Snow Phoenix is ice, Blue Luan is wood, Golden Phoenix is metal, Fire Phoenix is fire…

“This means that it makes sense that you didnt awaken a specific element, because youve awakened every single element.

Its just that youre different from others in the sense that you can use them as soon as you awaken the respective ability, but you still have to practice skills related to the different methods in order to develop them.”

Zu An immediately became overjoyed.

“So that was what happened! Hahaha, what did I say Its way too embarrassing if the protagonist doesnt have all the elements, hahaha!”

“Did you go insane” Mi Li was speechless when she saw how crazily he was laughing.

“I just got a bit excited.” Zu An chuckled.

Mi Li nodded in understanding.

“Cultivators have almost always only had one element, ever since ancient times.

Occasionally, if there were any who were proficient in two elements, that was already considered ridiculous.

Someone like you who can use all the elements is completely unheard of, so its extremely normal for you to be a bit excited.

“But I advise you to keep this a secret, or else youll draw the jealousy of all cultivators.

Those who are nicer might capture you for research; those who are more evil will want to get rid of you as soon as possible and kill you before you can grow stronger.”

Zu An was unhappy.

“But I already found my dao, that a real man should face everything head on and become the strongest!”

Mi Li rolled her eyes.

“Whats wrong with biding your time for now There were countless strong individuals throughout history, but those who only knew how to charge forward all ended up dying miserably.

I dont care if you die, but dont drag me down with you.”

Zu An felt this girl really was a tsundere. She clearly cares about me, yet she just has to make it sound like shes only doing it for herself. He became a bit upset and said, “Then do I have to endure everything, and just swallow the humiliation if someone bullies me”

“Thats different.

If anyone tries to take advantage of you, then just find a way to beat them up.

As long as youve thought about the consequences, of course.

Dont let the entire world find out that youve awakened all of the elements,” Mi Li replied.

Zu An nodded.

“I understand.

I shouldnt show everything, or if I do, then I have to make sure that person doesnt live to see tomorrow.

That way, nothing will be exposed.”

Mi Li was speechless.

She eventually remarked, “You really are an evil little bastard.”

“Big sis empress, who are you learning from You shouldnt say dirty things like that,” Zu An replied.

“From you,” Mi Li retorted.

It was now Zu Ans turn to become speechless.

“Thats why, if you have the chance to cultivate skills of other elements, it will be beneficial to your strength.

Alright, Im not gonna chat with you anymore.

Im going to get dark circles if I dont sleep now…” Mi Li yawned, and then disappeared into the Taie Sword.

Zu An began to think.

He had the Snowflake Sword for the ice element, and he had the Flame Blade for the fire element.

What about the other elements

Ill ask Zheng Dan about the water element, Snow for the wood element, and as for the spirit element… Oh, Yun Yuqing just happens to be the spirit element, haha! Im a genius! A male lion is going to be surrounded by lionesses after all.

But what about wind and metal Do I have any beauties around me who have awakened these two elements Sigh, I was getting all cocky, but it looks like this is going to be quite the struggle.

All of this is for the sake of cultivation! Yup, thats definitely it!


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