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“It is a bit strange…” Zu An took out a new set of clothes and changed into them.

He looked at Daji.

He really found it hard to associate this stunning beauty with historys greatest enchantress.

“If we say that she has a will, then her normal expression is too blank, and she cant even speak.

If we say that she doesnt have one, then why doesnt she let me even touch her”

Mi Li sneered.

“Youre just a pervert after all.

You want to do some weird things just because shes pretty.”

“Then why dont you give it a try” Zu An quickly retorted.

Mi Li rolled her eyes.

She didnt feel like paying him any more attention.

“Since youre now the owner of one of the nine cauldrons, do you know what functions it has”

Zu An wiped away the blood on his body.

Even though his injuries looked frightening, his body was at a level where it didn\'t really matter.

“I didnt have time to check before.

Let me see…” He closed his eyes.

He linked his mind with that ancient and profound will.

A while later, he opened his eyes again with a strange expression.

“So” Mi Li asked curiously.

“The cauldron isnt complete, so it can only use a small portion of its power.

It can be used for pill refinement, and you know the characteristics of its pill refinement as well,” Zu An replied.

“I do” Mi Li was baffled.

She had never seen the nine cauldrons herself back then, so how could she know

“You should have already found out back then when we were with Shen Xuzi.

The characteristics of this cauldron are a mix of the Kindhearted, Devils, Frugal, Extravagant, and all sorts of other furnaces.”

Mi Li was shocked and surprised.

“Then doesnt that mean it combines all of their benefits”

“Yup.” Zu An also had a big smile on his face.

He had already been itching every time Shen Xuzi introduced another furnace.

However, they all had their own egos and couldn\'t be used together.

Yet now, one of the nine cauldrons did precisely that! It let him have everything he wanted.

He couldn\'t help but say, “I wonder if this cauldron has some kind of copying ability and secretly copied the other furnaces additional effects.”

However, Mi Li shook her head.

“I feel as if its the opposite, that those pill furnaces were around this cauldron for a long time and ended up being affected.

After all, they werent ordinary furnaces themselves, so they were able to produce a portion of this cauldrons traits.

Of course, no matter how special they are, theyre still too far from the nine cauldrons.

Thats why they could only inherit a small part of its abilities, and still had all sorts of restrictions.”

“So that was it.” Zu An felt her analysis made more sense.

He quickly brought out the ingredients he had prepared ahead of time.

The imperial hospital had given him a good amount of Sky Crane Root and Red Star Jade, but he only had two stalks of Purple Firmament Flower.

It was the two stalks he had gotten from that red dragons nest outside Brightmoon City.

Hed had a few more stalks before, but unfortunately, they had been wasted in the ordinary medicine furnace.

“I hope that I can succeed this time.” Zu An placed the medicines into the cauldron according to the Ki Condensation Pill formula, and then had Daji start the fire.

Dajis eyes widened, but that might have just been Zu Ans misperception.

There seemed to be a bit of unwillingness in her eyes, but she didnt refuse.

She reached out with her slender hand and surrounded the pill furnace with her foxfire.

The two were practically in sync right now.

He was able to perfectly control the strength of her flame.

Zu An was quite curious about that.

Since they were connected like this, then why couldn\'t he sense what she was thinking

However, he quickly calmed himself down and began to focus on pill refinement.

The cauldron began to sparkle as the foxfire surrounded it, and one could see the ingredients inside being transformed.

Mi Li couldn\'t help but sigh.

“This cauldron is top-notch for refining pills after all.

The reason why the success rate of pill refinement is so low is mostly because the process requires tremendous detail.

If the amount of ingredients used is even a bit too high or too low, or if the heat is improperly controlled, it can easily result in failure.

Only a master alchemist can properly control all of these variables, but you can see the changes to the ingredients inside, so you can adjust things properly.

This can save you decades of experience compared to others!”

Zu Ans expression didnt ease up in the slightest.

He said with a grave voice, “This isnt enough.

The flame still isnt enough.”

“Is it because Dajis cultivation is too low” Mi Li asked with a frown.

“No.” Zu An shook his head.

“The feedback Im getting from the nine cauldron is that something is missing.

How do I describe it… It seems to need another type of fire, yet I cant exactly describe it either.”

“Hm” Mi Li could see the situation inside as well.

The ingredients were slowly being cooked, but there was still no change at all.

She thought for a bit, and then she realized something.

“I understand now.

What the nine cauldron needs is probably the combination of yin and yang.

Dajis fox fire is of the yin attribute.

If there is only yin, there cannot be life, if there is only yang, there cannot be growth.

I believe that another type of yang flame needs to be used together with this yin flame in order to properly make use of this cauldron.”

Zu An was stunned.

“But where would I find another flame”

After all, he didnt awaken an element like other cultivators when he reached the sixth rank.

The reason why he was able to use the flame element was completely because he borrowed Dajis fox fire.

How was he supposed to come up with another flame on the spot

If it was any other time, he could take the time to think about it, but he was in the middle of refining a pill right now! He was already committed and couldn\'t stop halfway, or else the precious pill would be completely ruined.

He had no idea when he would be able to gather enough ingredients again.

Mi Li frowned as well, clearly at a loss on this topic.

However, she had a lot of experience and quickly thought of a solution.

“Dont you awaken a weird bird every time you make a breakthrough with your Phoenix Nirvana Sutra And then wont you get a corresponding bizarre ability” Mi Li quickly said.

Zu An nodded.


There was no need to hide that from her with their relationship.

Mi Li said, “The birds you awakened are Grandgale, Hundredwarble, Blue Mallard, Snow Phoenix,  and Blue Luan.

If my suspicions arent wrong, they should be in accordance to the phoenixs nine children.”

“The phoenixs nine children” Zu An was stunned.

Mi Li nodded.


It is rumored that the phoenix had nine divine birds as its descendents, each possessing a unique ability.

The technique you cultivate is the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, and there just happens to be several birds.

It is definitely not a coincidence.”

Zu An had his suspicions as well, but he wasnt as certain as her.

Mi Li continued, “If my suspicions arent wrong, there is one descendant called the Fire Phoenix, which inherited its ancestors flames.

If you can awaken this bird, then you can produce a yang fire.

If we look at the order, then it shouldnt be far off.”

Zu An said with a bitter smile, “Now that you mentioned it, it is strange.

I always got a new bird ability whenever my cultivation went up a rank, but even though I already reached the eighth rank, there was no new weird bird that showed up.”

Mi Li replied, “There is a fundamental difference between cultivators before the eighth rank and after.

I believe that it is because you had just broken through the eighth rank doorstep, and your cultivation hasnt fully reached a point where you can unlock the Fire Phoenixs ability.”

“Then theres nothing we can do about that now.” Zu An felt a headache.

“How could I increase my cultivation in such a short time”

He sucked away Ma Ans cultivation just now.

He was only at the sixth rank however, so the increase wasnt much at all.

Mi Lis expression became a bit strange.

“Did you forget that you have another source of power inside of you”


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