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Zu An was speechless. Big sis, you can be a bit more playful too; Ill like it just as much. Unfortunately, he didnt dare to say such things to her, or else there might really be danger to his life.

When he snapped out of his daze and looked at Bi Linglong again, he had an amused expression on his face.

This woman was becoming more interesting.

“Why are you looking at me like that Is there something on my face” Bi Linglong subconsciously touched her face when she felt his gaze.

Zu An said with a chuckle, “Of course; you have flowers on your face, and theyre more beautiful than all of the peach blossoms in the sky.”

Bi Linglong had never expected him to praise her so aggressively.

She was rattled and confused for a moment.

“You really are too much.

I already told you before that you cant have any improper thoughts about me just because that thing happened between us…”

But she felt she was being a bit too stiff by saying such a thing.

The other party had too much value right now and was worth her investment, so she quickly explained, “The main problem is that if other people hear what you just said, it wont just be you, even Ill be in huge trouble! Thats why you cant blame me for getting angry.”

Zu An smiled ambiguously.

“Youve misunderstood; I was only sincerely praising your beauty.

I didnt have any other thoughts.” This woman really was a tsundere. You sounded angry on the surface, but I didnt receive a single Rage point from you.

Bi Linglongs cheeks blushed.

“Thats good, then.” But even as the two of them both grew quiet, her heart just wouldnt stop pounding.

Why had this guy stopped calling her the crown princess and started just referring to her asyou Should I be the one who should calm down a bit, or should I be widening the distance between us

But after what she had seen in the academys rear mountain, she knew that he was an extraordinary talent.

If she couldn\'t rope him in while he was at the bottom right now, then she might not have another chance in the future.

I cant just seduce him, right Bi Linglong had never felt so conflicted before.

She actually had natural talent in politics.

Even though she was young, she had done extremely well at roping in various powers.

However, even with her ability, she just felt a bit awkward when using such methods on Zu An.

It was all because of that incident! That was why she couldn\'t face him normally.

The two walked along the small path side by side, their shoulders seemingly even touching a few times.

The scene of the two embracing each other naked couldn\'t help but appear in Bi Linglongs mind.

A flush of pink began to cover her entire face.

“Crown princess!” The maid Rong Mo called out from nearby.

Bi Linglong finally sighed in relief.

At the same time, the bashfulness on her face disappeared, and she instead returned to her usual dignified appearance.

“Huh Sir Zu” Rong Mo was completely shocked when she saw Zu An.

Bi Linglong said, “I just happened to run into Sir Zu in the rear mountain, so were going to return together.”

Rong Mo no longer asked anything further and said, “Understood.” She raised the carriage curtains for Bi Linglong.

Bi Linglong leaned over and walked into the carriage.

She was about to invite Zu An inside as well, but she quickly realized that it would easily cause rumors.

She changed her plans and said, “Sir Zu is injured, so have him sit in front of the carriage.

He can also help drive the carriage.”

The surrounding guards and eunuchs exchanged looks.

All of them shot Zu An envious looks.

Zu An was instead in a difficult spot.

Those of high status usually used the method of having their subordinates drive the carriage, or guard the restroom entrance, as a sign of getting closer to them.

However, in his opinion, he was just being forced to be a freaking driver.

It really was hard for him to feel gratitude.

Of course, he understood Bi Linglongs good intentions, so he wouldnt go so low as to think that she was trying to humiliate him.

If he had to drive the carriage, then he\'d drive the freaking carriage.

At least it was better than walking. Hmph, one day, Im going to proudly sit in the same carriage as her.

He leapt up to the front of the carriage and grabbed the horsewhip.

With apa! noise, he struck the horses bottoms.

The horses all charged forward after feeling the pain.

The other guards and eunuchs chased after them in panic, crying, “Sir Zu, slow down, slow down!”

Bi Linglong staggered around inside.

The carriage was always extremely steady; when had she ever ridden such a wild carriage

Rong Mo grabbed the window frame tightly while grumbling, “Crown princess, this guy is too much! Who drives a carriage like this”

Bi Linglongs hand brushed through her messy hair, but there was a faint smile at the corner of her lips.

“And yet, I feel as if the usual carriage ride was a bit boring, and this is more interesting.”

Rong Mos mouth widened.

She stared at her mistress in shock.

For some reason, she felt as if her mistress had changed a lot.

When she sensed that they had lost most of the guards behind them, Bi Linglong opened the carriage curtains, allowing the wind to blow her fine black hair backward.

She said, “Sir Zu, you are still injured, so well bring you back first.”

Rong Mo was shocked.

She quickly advised her, “Crown princess, you should reconsider! When has your respected self ever personally seen a subject home If rumors got out, wouldnt that cause a huge uproar Let alone the fact that you two just…” She didnt dare to continue her sentence, but her intent was clear.

Bi Linglong frowned.

She knew that what Rong Mo was saying was reasonable.

The two of them had just had that scandal between them.

Even though it had already died down, and she could explain her actions with a clear conscience, getting too close might produce the opposite effect.

Just as Bi Linglong was feeling conflicted, Zu An said with a smile, “If the crown princess personally sees me home, thatll be putting me in an awkward spot! I might be killed by some of your jealous fans.

I think I should send the crown princess back first.”

Bi Linglong sighed.

This fellow really was quite considerate.

“Alright, thats fine as well.

We can pay the hospital a visit to get Sir Zu some medicine.”

Zu An wanted to refuse, but he suddenly changed his mind.

He needed some ingredients for his pill concocting anyway, and there were many that werent all that easy to find.

It would be good if he could get some of them from the imperial hospital. 

Their carriage headed straight for the imperial palace as Bi Linglong personally accompanied Zu An to the hospital.

Commissioner Assistant Ma An rushed over when he heard the news, saying, “This humble subject greets the crown princess.”

Bi Linglong nodded slightly in return.

“Sir Ma, at ease.

I came here today to find some treatment medicine.”

“May I ask what kind of medicine the crown princess needs” Ma An asked.

“I need…” Bi Linglong beban, but she then stopped and gave Zu An a questioning look..

Zu An replied, “I need Sky Crane Root, Red Star Jade, and Purple Firmament Flower.

Do you have these things here”

These were all essential ingredients for refining the Ki Condensation pill, and they were quite precious.

Ma An was suspicious.

These werent materials for healing, but more like medicine used for a cultivation breakthrough! Even so, he didnt dare to speak up in front of the crown princess.

“We have Sky Crane Root and Red Star Jade, but we dont have Purple Firmament Flower.”

Bi Linglong replied, “Fine, then prepare some for me.

Im going to take some with me.”

“Understood.” Ma An replied respectfully.

He quickly rushed back to prepare the corresponding medicines, and then politely handed them to her.

“Ive troubled Sir Ma.” Bi Linglong didnt receive them, and instead had Rong Mo take them.

Then, she turned around to leave.

When they left the imperial hospital, Bi Linglong took the Sky Crane Root and Red Star Jade from Rong Mo and gave them to Zu An.

“Sir Zu, please rest well.

You shouldnt run all over the place anymore.”

“Thank you, crown princess.” Zu An felt warm inside.

Even though this woman was a bit stiff sometimes, she still treated him well.

Meanwhile, in the distant imperial hospital, a pair of jealous eyes was hiding behind a pair of curtains. A glorious imperial hospital commissioner assistant like me is actually beneath that young brat

It wasnt that he had any thoughts toward the crown princess, but he felt truly awful seeing how the ingredients he had offered to the crown princess respectfully ended up being taken by the maid, and then they were even handed to that man.

“Looks like the rumors floating around the palace last time really might be true,” Ma An muttered to himself.

“But why was that Zu An found innocent, to the extent where not even the Embroidered Envoy could find anything”

“Wait, if I remember correctly, the crown princess asked for some soul healing medicine for Golden Token Eleven, and then she came to get precious ingredients for Zu An.

These two instances are similar! No wonder the Embroidered Envoy couldn\'t find anything! If Zu An and Golden Token Eleven are one and the same, then everything makes sense!”


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