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“Steam engine Whats that” Shen Xuzi was baffled.

However, when he heard those words, he realized that it seemed to be related to what he was researching, so he wasnt in such a hurry to chase them out anymore and planned to listen first.

Jiang Luofu instead misheard and thought Zu An had said steamed chicken.

She thought to herself, Is this some famous dish from somewhere or something She quickly said, “Ah Zu, my fourth senior isnt someone who chases after good food.

Dont waste time on this anymore.”

Zu An was stunned.

He really couldn\'t figure out why she would say that to him.

However, he wasnt in the mood to ask about it right now and instead focused on replying to Shen Xuzi.

“Its a kind of machine that uses water vapor to power its movement.”

“Nonsense; how much force can steam have Itll only be able to move aside a saucepan lid at most.” Shen Xuzi snorted coldly.

He felt more and more that talking about these things with this fella was a waste of time.

He waved his sleeves and turned his wheelchair to head back inside.

“Please leave, I wont be seeing you out!”

You have successfully trolled Shen Xuzi for 311 311 311…

Zu An sighed.

“I thought that your distinguished self was a famous alchemist in the capital, so I had high expectations.

Who wouldve thought that your reputation was completely undeserved”

Jiang Luofus entire body broke out into sweat. What the hell is wrong with this kid He dares to offend fourth senior

After all, even though her fourth senior was quite the recluse, he was still quite open-minded in general, apart from two things.

The first was the fact that he was born crippled; when someone had mocked him without knowing the situation, that person had immediately had his legs smashed to smithereens by his golem, giving him a taste of what it was like to have broken legs.

The second was questioning his competency in his specialty.

That was even worse than the first.

It was to the extent where a student had questioned a bit of alchemy he taught, and then the kid was refined away by that very same alchemy technique.

That student had even been the son of a duke.

The duke had obviously been unhappy and caused a huge disturbance, yet in the end, the matter was settled without anything happening.

Even the son of a duke had ended up like that after offending him.

Zu Ans current status was too far off!

Jiang Luofu didnt even have time to get angry.

She hurriedly said apologetically to fourth senior, “Fourth senior, please dont mind it too much! My friend only spoke out of rash emotions and didnt mean to offend you.

Ill bring him out of here immediately.”

Her fourth seniors cultivation was actually beneath hers, but she couldn\'t defeat him with all of those golems and alchemical magic weapons.

Furthermore, this was fourth seniors home court.

If they really fought, she didnt have the confidence to come out unscathed, let alone protect Zu An.

But who could have thought that Shen Xuzi wouldnt pay her any attention Instead, he suddenly turned around.

He was clearly seated in a wheelchair, yet he turned even more swiftly than an ordinary person.

He stared straight at Zu An.

“What did you say to me, you little bastard”

You have successfully trolled Shen Xuzi for 999 999 999…

As he spoke, a huge rumbling noise resounded.

The entire place began to tremble, and in moments, a huge golem was already waiting by the entrance.

Its shoulders suddenly opened up, revealing black cannon barrels.

Zu An felt a chill run down his back.

This golem was completely a humanoid weapon! He didnt dare keep the other party in suspense any longer for fear of true friendly fire.

He asked hurriedly, “You said that steam could only barely move a lid, but what if it were forced through a narrow space”

“Huh” Shen Xuzis eyes flickered.

He quickly reached out his hand.

But the golems shoulders turned red, and it was already too late to stop it from firing.

Zu Ans face turned green when he saw the cannons fire. Its all my tongues fault for not being as smooth! He was just about to dodge, but he suddenly realized something and remained in place.

The cannon shells suddenly changed directions midway.

They flew in strange trajectories, and all of them hit a nearby wall.

Zu An had thought that those massive artillery shells would make the entire mountain tremble.

However, golden light flickered across the walls.

Then, the cannons spluttered before releasing black smoke.

It was as if nothing had happened.

“Thats it” Zu An muttered.

He began to look down on the cannons strength. Dont tell me those barrels were only there for intimidation Seems like Shen Xuzis skills arent complete enough.

When she saw how Zu Ans expression wasnt quite right, Jiang Luofu quickly said, “You shouldnt look down on them.

Fourth seniors cannons are extremely powerful.

When he was carrying out experiments, even the entire rear mountains would tremble.

Forget about the students, even we, the other disciples, couldn\'t take it anymore.

However, his golems were too hard to deal with, and we had to ask him for pill medicines too, so all of us just endured it.”

“But one day, fourth seniors cannons were too loud and disturbed teachers afternoon nap, so he was given a vicious beating.

Only then did fourth senior show some restraint.”

Zu An was shocked and said, “Sir Libationer is actually quite… petty.”

Jiang Luofu quickly explained, “Even though teacher gave him a vicious beating, he empathized with his desire to experiment.

As such, he had great senior design this wall.

That wall is covered in rune formations and can neutralize the cannons great impact.

Thats why you thought those cannons werent that strong.”

“So that was what was going on.” Zu An thought to himself, This great senior is pretty formidable! Even a random formation he made could stop the full powered bombardment of Shen Xuzis cannons.

Shen Xuzi suddenly asked urgently, “What exactly is going on with that steam engine you talked about”

Zu An didnt keep him in suspense this time.

“The power of steam has been overlooked by everyone, but if it were sealed in a tight space, and steam were continuously poured in, what do you think would happen”

“Either no more could go in, or that narrow space would explode” Shen Xuzi was a famous alchemist after all.

He realized the answer after thinking about it for a bit.

Zu An then asked, “Then what if there were a movable valve in that space”

“Then of course that valve could be turned…” Shen Xuzis eyes suddenly lit up as he spoke.

“If there were gears on the other side of the valve, then it would be more than enough to make a machine move… No, wait, the expansion of steam can only push once, so theres no practical use…”

Zu An added with a smile, “Then what if the steam inside cooled off Wouldnt you be able to do it again”

To a certain degree, the advancements of human technology lay in all sorts of methods of boiling water, regardless of whether it was thermal power, hydroelectric power, or nuclear power.

“Wonderful, wonderful!” Shen Xuzi couldn\'t help but clasp his hands in place.

Then, the way he looked at Zu An completely changed.

It was no longer full of contempt like before, but replaced with eagerness.

“Little brother over here, no, wait, sir, where did your steam engine idea come from Even though it was just a few sentences, I can already tell that this is something that can greatly change the world!”

Jiang Luofu was dazed for a long time.

She had been worried about how she was going to protect Zu An from fourth senior a moment ago, and she had even been wondering if she should ask her teacher for help.

But now, fourth senior was actually praising Zu An He had even respectfully called him sir

Fourth senior was definitely not like Hei Baizi and the others.

He was already extremely proud of his skills in his domain.

This machine or whatever had that much power

Zu An replied, “I read it in an ancient book.”

“A book” Shen Xuzi was confused.

“Which book did you read this from Ive never seen it before.”

Jiang Luofu explained in his place, “He previously went inside of a secret dungeon and was able to examine some ancient things there.”

Shen Xuzi suddenly realized something and said, “So that was it.

May I ask what else was written in that book” He looked at Zu An with a hopeful and eager expression after asking.

Zu An coughed and said, “I actually came here today because I needed a pill furnace.

Its already getting late, so I need to head over to the logistics department before they go home for the day.”

“What kind of joke is that Those pill furnaces are all defective things I gave them for free! Whats the point in going there Come, come, come, Ill give you the best one,” Shen Xuzi said while inviting him inside, as if he were scared that Zu An would run away.

Jiang Luofu was completely stunned when she saw that Zu An had been dragged in. This little fella really knows how to bring me surprises! Even though Zu An was younger than her, she didnt think she had met any man who could compare to him.

Pah, Luofu, Luofu, what kind of nonsense are you thinking! Jiang Luofu criticized herself.

Her usually cool and elegant face turned a bit red.

She gently caressed her smooth thighs with her fingers.

A hint of sadness flashed across her face.

She said with a sigh, “Such beautiful legs, yet no one will ever be able to enjoy them.

Its such a pity…”


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