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Zu An said with a troubled expression, “But Im usually quite busy, so I might not have the time to teach any classes.”

When he had been a math teacher back at Brightmoon Academy, there were many times where he couldnt teach the class.

He couldnt help but feel a bit guilty over that.

Now, he still had his duty in the Eastern Palace, as well as being an Embroidered Envoy.

He was already running around like a dog and he was up to his ears in work.

How could he take on another job like this

The crown princess became worried when she heard Zu Ans response.

This guy was normally pretty quick, so why had he suddenly become so dumb Did he not know how many benefits there were in being an academy teacher, how hard it was to become one Theyre making an exception for you, yet youre still coming up with all types of excuses That youre busy, of all things

Despite the crown princess concerns, Wang Shuyang said, “Its fine; teaching those students at Sir Zus level would just be a waste.

We can just inform the academy and tell them not to assign you any courses to teach.”

Jiang Luofu became a bit hesitant.

“But if he doesnt teach any classes, wouldnt that cause a lot of trouble Therell be all sorts of rumors.”

“Thats not a problem.

Even though Sir Zu wont teach the students, cant we make him our teacher As for the lessons for us, we wont set a time, itll be at Sir Zus convenience.

As for the style of lesson, we can just play a game of go.

This way, its a kind of relaxation, so Sir Zu wont be too tired either,” said Hei Baizi.

In his opinion, having Zu An teach the students was a complete waste.

They should just use the time to play a few more games.

Yin Shi finally recovered from the silencing seal.

He immediately jumped out and shouted, “Youre shameless! How can Sir Zu teach through playing games He should be discussing logic with me in front of the other students! This way, not only would we be able to benefit, even the students would gain insights!”

Wang Shuyang became upset.

“All of you only blabber about trifling nonsense.

Of course Sir Zu should be talking about this hybridized breeding process.

This is a great undertaking that will benefit the lives of millions and millions of people!”

“We cultivators arent trying to become monks, okay Why do we have to care about doing virtuous works.” Hei Baizi harrumphed.

“Furthermore, Sir Zu already gave you a lot of help just now; how can you still be pestering him about the details You still call yourself a farmer Sir Zus wisdom belongs to everyone, not you alone.

Junior sister, what do you think”

“Of course, of course.” Qi Yaoguang nodded.

She changed the topic as soon as Hei Baizi relaxed.

“Sir Zus wisdom belongs to the entire human race, and the future of humanity lies in the cosmos.

Thats why I think he should just observe the stars with me every day and talk about astrology.”

“Damn kid, I pampered you all these years for nothing! Im going to beat the crap out of you, do you believe me” Hei Baizi exclaimed.

“Hmph, come at me then! Do you think Im scared of you You cant even beat me in chess; what makes you think you can beat me in a fight” Qi Yaoguang shot back.

When she saw the disciples arguing, the originally flustered crown princess jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Were these really the so-called aloof and indifferent figures the capitals circles spoke of Those incredibly proud academy teachers

The libationer couldnt continue to watch either.

He coughed and said, “All of you, get out of my sight.

Stop making so much noise and disturbing this old ones rest.”

The disciples didnt dare to continue making a racket when they sensed their teachers anger.

They bowed respectfully toward the wooden house, and then they left with a guilty conscience.

They whispered toward each other along the way.

“Didnt you guys say that teacher never really got angry”

“Why would he even be angry anyway”

Jiang Luofu finally couldnt hold herself back and said, “Hah, all of you kept calling him Sir Zu one after another, and were on the verge of bowing to him as your master instead! How is your real teacher supposed to feel”

“Didnt teacher teach us that within a group of three, one of them could be your master Even if we really did bow down to Sir Zu, what would be wrong with that” Wang Shuyang asked seriously.

“When did your emotional intelligence suddenly drop to the level of junior sister Do you all really believe that in this sort of situation” Jiang Luofu was speechless.

Qi Yaoguang became unhappy.

“Eighth sister, you can scold them if you want to, but why are you dragging me into it”

The other disciples looked at each other in dismay.

All of them felt guilty when they realized that they had inadvertently offended their master.

Jiang Luofu used this chance to drag Zu An off to the side.

“I still have some formalities to take care of with him, so we wont be heading off with you guys.” The others were quite worried, so they couldnt find it within themselves to force the two to stay.

Zu An asked out of curiosity, “Where are we going now”

“Didnt you say you wanted to get yourself a pill furnace Ill bring you over to see fourth senior,” Jiang Luofu replied.

Zu An was stunned.

“Didnt you say that you had some more formalities to take care of”

Jiang Luofu rolled her eyes.

“Do you think we wouldve been able to get away from them if I didnt say that”

Zu An smiled.

“I didnt expect big sis to have such a two-faced side.”

Jiang Luofu grinned.

“It cant be helped when you hang around with people like them.

Thats why you better not offend me in the future, or else.

Im quite the petty person, you know”

Zu An asked curiously, “And how is big sis going to be petty”

Jiang Luofu smiled.

“Did you already forget my field of specialty Im a law specialist who knows all thirteen thousand, six hundred and eighty two methods of punishment, from ancient times until now.

If you want, I dont mind putting you through them.”

But Zu An didnt feel the slightest bit of fear.

“Since big sis is a lawyer, of course you wont know the law and break it.

As long as I dont break any laws, I dont think big sis will punish me over such a small thing.”

“Hm” Jiang Luofu was shocked.

“Kid, you really are quite something.

I thought that it was just a coincidence when you subdued the others, but it now seems as if you really do understand all different fields.

Thats strange… There\'s a limit to what a single person can learn.

How do you know so much at such a young age”

Zu An was shaken up inside, but he still sounded relaxed.

“I have no idea either.

Ive always remembered anything I read, and I read all kinds of things.

Thats why I know a bit about everything, but its just that.

Im nothing like all of you, who are specialists.”

Jiang Luofu smiled and said, “At least youre humble.

What, are you scared that well grow jealous of you Though to be honest, your transcendent aptitude really is quite enviable.”

Zu An tested the waters and asked, “Does Sir Libationer know about my aptitude” He was curious if it was because of that fact that the libationer viewed him favorably.

Jiang Luofu shook her head.

“That matter is just too important.

How could I talk about it with someone else without your permission I might end up suddenly endangering your life.”

Zu An felt warm inside.

“Big sis, youre so good to me, but theres nothing I can do for you.

How about I work tirelessly for you like a cow or horse”

Jiang Luofu smiled and replied,  “Im not a farmer, what do I need a cow or horse for”

Zu An sighed in regret. Im willing to work for you like a cow, and all you would have to do is feed me grass, but youre not even willing to do that

Suddenly, he felt something and pushed Jiang Luofu behind him.

“Be careful!” Right as he spoke, a giant figure fell where he had been standing a moment ago.

Dust flew everywhere, and even the ground shook.

Zu An looked at the giant thing in front of him vigilantly.

It was roughly a zhang in height and tan colored.

He had thought that this was some demonic beast at first, but he didnt sense any life from it.

However, it looked quite similar to a human on the outside; it was just many times larger.

“This is… a robot” Zu An was quite shocked.

Jiang Luofu stopped him and said, “You dont need to worry; this is fourth seniors golem.

It probably treated you as an intruder because it doesnt recognize you.” She took out a token and waved it in front of the golem, saying, “Im here to see fourth senior.”

When the golems red eyes passed over her token, its stiff and dry voice intoned, “Identity confirmed.

Please proceed.”

The golem moved aside after speaking and slowly sat down.

The red light in its eyes faded.

Then, it remained still like a statue without any of its previous intimidating presence.

Zu An turned around several times.

He was quite moved. This is a freaking mecha! At that moment, he felt as if he had returned to his old world.


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