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“Peach blossoms What does that mean” Jiang Luofu frowned.

Qi Yaoguang shook her head.

“I have no idea.

The only thing I can see is pink everywhere.”

Zu An was also confused. Does this little girl really have divination skills, or is she just a little scammer

“You cant even tell” Jiang Luofu found it a bit inconceivable.

Qi Yaoguang shook her head.

Then, she adjusted her somewhat tilted hat.

“Its really strange.

I can at least see something in other people, but I actually cant see a single thing from him!”

Jiang Luofus expression suddenly changed.

“Don\'t the peach blossoms everywhere mean something Does that mean this fella is going to mess with all sorts of girls his entire life That he has luck with the ladies”

The crown princess felt her teeth starting to itch when she heard those words. No wonder that kind of thing happened with him, and even my clothes were gone! This idiot must be the reincarnation of the deity of lust or something.

Qi Yaoguang shook her head.

“There are many ways to interpret peach blossoms.

It might be a peach blossom tragedy, but it might be something else.

However, these have nothing to do with his destiny.

What describes ones fate is something else… What the heck is going on” She walked around Zu An while speaking.

Her originally drowsy eyes were now full of curiosity.

“Senior sister, Im becoming more and more interested in your friend.”

Zu An was now also completely stunned.

He couldnt help but feel like these two were going a bit too far.

“Im a married man, okay Miss, please conduct yourself with dignity.”

“Youre married” Qi Yaoguang tapped at her star diagram, adjusting it by pinching here and there.

“Thats weird, it says here that youre not married.

Wait, you are married, but you arent… What the heck is this My head is about to explode!”

Jiang Luofu quickly said, “His situation is a bit complicated.

He was married to Chu First Miss, but then for various reasons, they divorced on the surface; still, their affection for each other remains unchanged.

Theres no difference from how they treat each other normally either.”

Zu Ans guard rose.

The gorgeous principal wasnt spying on him in private, was she

Qi Yaoguang now understood.

“So that was it, so that was it.”

The crown princess frowned. His relationship with Chu First Miss is still that great What in the world is the Chu clan thinking For better or for worse, theyre a powerful clan.

Why would they let their daughter follow someone like Zu An

Qi Yaoguang suddenly stared at Zu An and blinked.

“Youre not even married anymore, but youre still living with her just like before.

Arent you just scum then”

Zu An was speechless.

Being called scum by such a sweet looking little girl really was a whole different type of pain.

The crown princess secretly gave her a big thumbs up.

She suddenly liked this little junior sister much more.

Qi Yaoguangs words really did resonate with her soul!

Jiang Luofu gave Zu An an ambiguous smile. Its about time for this kid to suffer for once.

Chu First Miss is such a wonderful lady, yet she keeps hanging around this fella.

Theres quite a bit of gossip going around the capital already.

Of course, that wasnt her objective today.

While her junior sister was currently examining Zu An, she took a step forward and waved toward the wooden house.

“Teacher, your disciple brought Zu An here and wishes to meet you.” Even though she already believed what her junior sister had said, she still had to give it one last try.

A long and drawn-out voice came from the wooden house.

“When it is time, we will naturally meet again.” His words implied that now wasnt the time.

Jiang Luofu bit her lip and quickly said, “This disciple wishes to obtain a teaching identity for Zu An.

I hope that teacher can give your approval.”

The crown princess was shocked.

This woman had nothing to do with Zu An.

Why was she helping him like this

She obviously understood how useful the identity of an academy teacher would be.

There were many people who tried all sorts of methods to try and become an academy teacher.

However, the requirements were strict, and only very few succeeded.

This woman had actually come to ask the libationer about this for Zu Ans sake Just what kind of relationship did they have

The crown princess became unhappy again.

It wasnt necessarily because she had ended up liking Zu An, but rather that she thought of Zu An as someone from the Eastern Palace, one of her people.

Now, it was as if one of her toys had been stolen by another woman, and that woman was even her past love rival!

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 368 368 368…

Zu An was stupefied. How the hell did I offend her now However, now wasnt the time to think about such things either.

He was more concerned about the libationers reply.

“This is not in accordance with the rules,” the libationer said.

A period of silence followed from the wooden hut.

Then, the libationer spoke again.

“However, if you can receive more than half of the remaining core disciples approval, then an exception can be made.”

The crown princess frowned.

She had heard about the libationers disciples before.

All of them were strange and eccentric.

Many of the capitals bigwigs wanted to approach them and build a relationship, yet the disciples didnt pay them any attention.

Making them agree to this exception was definitely a difficult task.

Even though she wasnt all that happy to see Zu An hang around all these pretty women behind her back, she also knew just how beneficial it would be for her if Zu An could become an academy teacher.

That was why she still hoped that he would succeed.

Unfortunately, the more she cared, the more worried she became.

When she recalled what everyone said about those disciples, she couldnt help but sigh. Looks like theres no hope this time.

Ill see if I can help him think of a way next time.

However, just then, a pleasantly surprised voice said, “Sir Zu, Sir Zu! I finally found you!”

The crown princess saw a short and chubby fellow roll over like a ball of meat.

Who else could it be but the eleventh disciple, Yin Shi With the way he looked, it would be hard even if the crown princess didnt want to recognize him.

Zu An cupped his hands and said, “Brother Yin!”

Yin Shi hurriedly waved his hands.

“I dont dare to receive that title, I dont dare! Your knowledge is already enough for you to serve as my teacher! I already feel rather apologetic for calling you sir; you can just call me Little Yin in the future.”

The crown princess was speechless.

She subconsciously rubbed her eyes.

Had she gotten up on the wrong side of the bed today This was Yin Shi, the one famous for being hard to deal with, yet he treated Zu An with respect He had even called Zu An his teacher If not for the fact that she had met Yin Shi before, she might have suspected that Zu An had arranged a fraud to come here.

The crown princess suddenly noticed a shadow by her side.

When she turned around, she discovered that the libationer was also already at the windowsill, seemingly watching what was going on outside.

She suddenly felt like laughing.

The libationer had probably become nervous when he suddenly saw his disciple calling someone else his teacher.

Yin Shi continued, “Sir Zu, I received tremendous benefit after listening to your quantum theory! Many of my past confusions have been cleared up.

I have a bunch of thoughts I want to discuss with you now…”

Jiang Luofu jumped in fright. Your teacher is right there in that wooden hut; arent you deliberately provoking him right now She quickly cut him off.

“Junior brother, Ah Zu still has some important matters to take care of right now.”

“Is he going to meet teacher No problem, Ill wait right here.” Yin Shi had a respectful expression on his face.

“Only teacher has the qualifications to be on equal footing with Sir Zu.”

Zu An, the crown princess, and Qi Yaoguang were speechless.

Jiang Luofu quickly said, “The teacher isnt willing to see him.”

Yin Shi voiced his surprise.

“Did teacher go senile Sir Zu is a great genius! Perhaps even teacher can gain some enlightenment from talking to him.

Even his cultivation might improve…” Before he could even finish talking, he suddenly screamed in misery.

An invisible force that seemed to have kicked outward, sending his flesh ball of a body tumbling down the mountain.

The crown princess couldnt help but look at the libationer.

He usually seemed aloof and indifferent.

She hadnt expected him to be someone who held grudges!

“Huh Whats wrong with eleven” asked a different voice.

A stern faced old farmer and an elegant scholar arrived together, carrying a ball of meat between them.

Who else could it be but Yin Shi He was about to reply, but he couldnt utter a word no matter how he tried.

That elegant scholar stroked his goatee and said with a smile, “I reckon he was punished by teacher again.”

When the old farmer saw Yin Shis sorry state, his furrowed brows eased up a bit.

“Finally, I dont have to listen to elevens blabbering anymore.”

The crown princess was shocked when she saw the two of them.

These had to be the libationers fifth disciple Hei Baizi and seventh disciple Wang Shuyang.

It was hard to see either one of them normally.

Why had they both gathered here Was there some major event today


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