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Zu An felt that Chu Zhongtian was wise to turn down Ji Dengtu, or else there was a good chance that he might have been cuckolded.

But again, given how Ji Dengtu was so desperate enough to resort to stealing womens dudou, he was probably a typical shut-in who was all bark and no bite.

Anyway, since Zu An was fine, there was no reason for Chu Zhongtian and Qin Wanru to stop him from going to the academy anymore.

That said, they still arranged for a couple of bodyguards to protect him.

Needless to say, Zu An wasnt be like those nitwits in the movies, who desperately tried to escape from their bodyguards, only to fall into danger.

Right now, he only wished that the Chu clan could assign even more guards to him.

There was no saying that Snow or Mei Chaofeng might just pop out from a random alley and try to take his life.

Different from the wary Zu An, Chu Huanzhao seemed to be in a cheerful mood.

She was a happy-go-lucky person who rarely allowed anything to bother her for too long.

“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law! Hurry up and tell me how you managed to earn so much money from the Silverhook Casino the other day! I was dragged away by my mother before you were able to tell me anything!” Chu Huanzhaos eyes were gleaming with curiosity.

“Doesnt the Chu clan strictly forbid gambling Arent you afraid of your mother punishing you for asking about such stuff” asked Zu An.

“Im just asking about it.

Its not like Im going to gamble.

Besides, my mother doesnt care that much about me anyway!” Chu Huanzhao grabbed Zu Ans arm and began shaking it.

“Brother-in-law, just tell me, alright Please~”

Feeling the soft sensation on his arm, Zu Ans heart jolted.

Why does this lass have no concept of distance between opposite genders This wont do.

I really need to educate her properly so that she doesnt get taken advantage of by some stinky brat in the future!

To be frank, he was quite proud of what he had achieved in the casino last night, and it would be a waste to keep such a great story to himself.

So, he heaved a helpless sigh, as if he was giving in to Chu Huanzhaos pleas, before finally recounting the exciting chain of events that had him crowned as the God of Gambling.

Based on Ji Dengtus reaction to the booklet he had prepared, he figured that even though the people of this world were strong, they had very little entertainment content here.

It wasnt like his previous life, where dramas and movies were readily available for consumption.

Zu Ans riveting story gripped Chu Huanzhaos attention tightly from the start to the end.

Even the guards of the Chu clan couldnt help but turn their gazes over, impressed with his storytelling ability.

Even if he does get evicted from the Chu clan in the future, hell still be able to make a living for himself by telling stories on the bridge.

At the end of the exciting story, Chu Huanzhao exhaled deeply before remarking regretfully, “Its such a pity that I wasnt able to see it with my own eyes.

Brother-in-law, if such exciting things happen again in the future, you must make sure to bring me with you, alright”

Zu An nodded in agreement.

“Alright, alright~”

Even though Chu Huanzhao was rather fierce to him at the start, she did treat him quite well afterward.

“Lets hook pinkies to seal the promise then!” Still worried that Zu An would leave her behind, she stretched her finger forth.

Her graceful fingers affirmed Zu Ans belief that she was truly a beauty in the making.

It was just a pity that she harbored the soul of a man.

What a waste of a good face and body.

“Alright.” Left with no choice, Zu An stretched his hand forth and hooked pinkies with her.

“This seal of promise will last for a hundred years.” Delighted, Chu Huanzhaos eyes curled into beautiful crescents.

The guards of the Chu clan were astonished.

Just what charm does this useless drafted son-in-law has Not only did Chu First Miss choose him as her husband, but even the Chu Second Miss seems to be on close terms with him too!

Should I find an opportunity to consult him on this While its impossible for us to aim for the young misses, there are still many beautiful maids in the estate.

Only Cheng Shouping was standing limpidly behind.

Snow, my beautiful Snow.

Why must you be a spy My sorrow is like the raging tides of the river.

I fear that Ill spend a life devoid of love.

It was then that a commotion sounded by the side.

“Step aside, step aside! The horse is running wild!”

The crowd turned around, only to see a carriage barging its way through the streets forcefully.

The coach was trying his best to stop the horse, but the horse had already run amok and couldnt be controlled.

“Young master, be careful!”

The guards of the Chu clan quickly stepped forward to protect Zu An and Chu Huanzhao in their middle.

Cheng Shouping also quickly rushed over to hide behind the two of them.

Just as the carriage was just about to collide with them, a guard suddenly flitted forth and grabbed the harness of the horse by the side.

Then, the muscles on his arm began bulging as he forcefully pulled the two alarmed horses to a halt.

Applause sounded from the surrounding crowd, who were impressed by the guards valiance.


All of a sudden, a feminine cry sounded as a person tumbled out from the carriage.

The abrupt halt of the carriage had caused the person sitting inside to lurch outward from inertia.

Everything happened so fast that before the guards of the Chu clan could react, the person had already rammed right into Zu An.

In a moment of daze, Zu An subconsciously reached out to catch the person.

The sheer impact made him stagger a few steps backward.

It was fortunate that Chu Huanzhao had reached out to support him then, thus sparing him from a fall to the ground.

“Y-young master, thank you for your help.” A slightly frightened voice sounded from his arms.

The voice had a beautiful quality that was both crisp and gentle, almost like the melodious clink of pearls.

Zu An lowered his head and saw a beautiful woman in his embrace.

There was a tinge of redness on her fair cheeks, and her eyes were gleaming brightly.

Her dress was embroidered with flowing water and fleeting clouds, and every thread used in her clothes were made out of top-quality material.

It could be discerned from a single glance that she was from a rich family.

Despite so, she didnt feel bourgeois.

She emanated an air of traditional grace that evoked goodwill from others.

By Zu Ans side, Cheng Shouping finally caught a proper look at her appearance, and as if a bolt of lightning had struck him, he shuddered in utter shock.

“This is bad, this is bad.

How could there be such a beautiful woman in the world I cant hold on anymore.

I think Im already in love with her!”

“Zheng Dan, what the hell are you up to” Chu Huanzhao harrumphed.

Zheng Dan

The name was familiar to Zu An.

Back then, when Wei Suo spoke about the Sweetheart Ranking of Brightmoon City to him, Zheng Dan was ranked in eighth place.

Given that they attended the same academy, it was no wonder that Chu Huanzhao recognized her.

To be honest, Zheng Dan was gorgeous.

Looking at her from close-up, Zu An could see her fluttering eyebrows, enchanting eyes, and inviting red lips.

Zu An couldnt help but wonder who was the man behind the Sweetheart Ranking.

So far, every single one of the women he had seen on the Sweetheart Ranking were indeed ravishing beauties, worthy of their fame.

“Hey, how long more are you going to continue holding onto her” Seeing how the two of them were still staring at one another lovingly, Chu Huanzhao immediately lost her patience.

At her remark, Zu An finally snapped out of his daze and put the woman down.

“Young miss, are you fine”

She really has a soft body.

Its almost as if she has no bones at all.

“T-thanks for saving me.” The woman quickly tidied up her slightly messy hair before responding to Zu An with a smile.

Cheng Shouping suddenly felt incredibly regretful.

He should have rushed forward earlier.

Not only would he be able to express his loyalty toward the young master and Chu Second Miss, but at the same time, he would also get a babe in his embrace too.

“You would have fallen to the ground if not for me supporting the two of you.

Why arent you thanking me” Chu Huanzhao harrumphed snappishly.

Zheng Dan bowed slightly to Chu Huanzhao and remarked with a smile, “My gratitude to Chu Second Miss too.”

“I dont hear any sincerity in your voice at all.” Chu Huanzhao crossed her arms before turning her face sideward, not acknowledging Zheng Dan at all.

Zheng Dan didnt lose her temper despite Chu Huanzhaos rudeness.

Instead, she turned back to Zu An and said, “Our horses got a scare earlier.

It was fortunate that you caught onto me, or else the consequences would have been dire if I had fallen on the ground.”

“Any man in my place would have surely offered his help.

It would be a loss to all men in the world if such a beautiful face were to be scarred,” replied Zu An with a smile.

Zheng Dan chuckled softly to his compliment.

“Young master, youre flattering me.”

Chu Huanzhao couldnt stand watching this farce anymore.

“Hey hey hey! Why are the two of you flirting right before me Dont you think that this is too much”

Zheng Dan turned her head over to Chu Huanzhao in surprise as she asked, “Chu Second Miss, is he your lover My apologies.”

Chu Huanzhaos face immediately reddened.

“Pui! Hes my brother-in-law.

Stop feigning ignorance! I dont believe that you dont know who he is!”

Zheng Dan widened her eyes in astonishment and remarked, “Ah! So youre the husband chosen by Chu First Miss! Ive heard many things about you, and its a pleasure to meet you.”

“Rumors cant hold a candle to the person in flesh, right” Zu An couldnt resist asking.

Zheng Dan shook her head and smiled softly.

“Young master, you have a heroic heart.

Indeed, the rumors dont do you justice.”

Zu Ans heart bloomed in happiness.

He was aware that Zheng Dan was just being polite, but that didnt dampen the joy from being praised by such a beautiful woman.

Ever since he arrived in this world, all he had been hearing waswastrel andtrash.

It was rare that someone had such a high opinion of him, and it was even rarer than the person was such a great beauty.

It looks like I have pretty good luck with women after all.

“I still have some matters to attend to, so I wont disturb you anymore.” Zheng Dan bowed slightly with a smile before taking her leave, leaving behind a faint fragrance in her wake.

Chu Huanzhao noticed that Zu An and Cheng Shouping were still staring dazedly at Zheng Dans departing figure, and she suddenly felt incredibly angry.

“What are you staring at Shes already gone!”

You have successfully trolled Chu Huanzhao for 100 Rage!


Zu An couldnt resist remarking, “Sister-in-law, its not that I want to nag at you, but you should learn a thing or two from her.

Every gesture of hers exudes gentleness and femininity, leaving a lingering impression in the hearts of others.”

Cheng Shouping also nodded vehemently in agreement.

Chu Huanzhao nearly exploded on the spot.

“What did you just say You want me to learn that disgusting tender act she puts on Its already nauseating enough for me just to see it!”

You have successfully trolled Chu Huanzhao for 348 Rage!

Zu An frowned.

“You shouldnt insult her just because she has good looks and acts in a demure manner.”

“Only licentious men like you will be fooled by her appearance.

Do you know that shes already engaged Despite having a fiancé, she still got all touchy with you in public instead of trying to keep her distance.

That should be more than enough to show what kind of person she is!” Chu Huanzhao harrumphed.

“Shes engaged”

Zu An suddenly felt a sense of loss inside.

This was simply how men were like.

Even though he harbored no feelings for Zheng Dan, he still hoped for all beauties in the world to revolve around him.

Cheng Shouping was also horrified.

My budding love… Is it going to come to an end once more just like that


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