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“Do you think we can just chat in this kind of situation” Zu An asked with a smile.

Concubine Bai was stunned.

Her eyes shifted to his hand. How am I supposed to just chat when Im so rattled from you touching me everywhere!

Zu An said, “Your Devil Sects people really are liars after all.

You said you could give me everything the crown princess had given me just a moment ago, yet youre already going back on your word.”

Concubine Bais expression grew sullen as she exclaimed, “Dont tell me the crown princess let you touch her all over like this!”

Zu An said, “Thats how it was, at least when we were naked.

Your highness, didnt you see it for yourself”

Concubine Bai finally couldnt take it anymore.

She struggled free from the swing and distanced herself from Zu An, saying, “Fine, Im scared of you.

If my senior sister learns how you treated me, shell definitely smack you straight to death.”

“Senior sister” Zu An asked, a bit confused.

Concubine Bai harrumphed.

“Theres no point in hiding it from you at this point.

The sect master is my senior sister, but I was already sent into the palace at a very young age.”

Zu An was quite surprised.

“Just how did you guys pull the wool over the emperors head He would actually be so careless as to let such a high ranking Devil Sect member remain at his side”

Concubine Bai said proudly, “Senior sister is the world\'s smartest person.

Furthermore, the emperor isnt a deity; how could he possibly know everything”

Zu An nodded in deep sympathy. If that guy were omnipotent, he wouldve already known that the empress has already taken on my shape inside.

He didnt continue arguing and instead asked, “By the way, was that libationer one of your people too Or does he have some kind of a secret relationship with your Devil Sect” That libationer had helped him out before.

That was something he had always been confused about.

He just couldnt stop thinking about it.

“Didnt you say that it was already your last question earlier” Concubine Bai harrumphed.

“Just a man who goes back on his word.”

“I learned it from you.” Zu Ans eyes shifted to her slender waist.

Concubine Bais face turned red.

She knew that he was referring to how she had seduced him, and yet given up halfway.

“Fine, itll be alright even if I tell you.

The libationer has nothing to do with our Holy Sect.

If he were one of us, then he and the sect master together would have already been enough to drag down the emperor.

Why would we have to go through so much trouble”

Zu An was shocked.

“The libationer is that powerful”

Concubine Bai nodded.

“Sir Libationer has always been mysterious, and hes always been known to disregard political affairs.

However, no one can disregard his existence.

The publicly acknowledged top three experts are his majesty, King Qi, and the libationer.

“Everyone in the world believes that King Qi must at most be a bit weaker than his majesty, that hes number two.

However, judging from my observations these past few years, the libationer might be the true number two.

After all, every disciple hes raised ended up reaching the master rank.

There are naturally many more eighth and ninth ranks under him.”

Zu Ans eyes widened.

Even his disciples were masters! Just what kind of concept was that He asked, “How many disciples does he have” 

Concubine Bai gave Zu An a look, clearly shocked that he didnt even know such basic information.

“Every student in the Royal Academy can be considered his disciple, but most people only acknowledge twelve of them as his direct disciples.”

Zu An had a pensive expression. Looks like Ill have to pay that academy a visit to clear this up. Suddenly, he thought of something and asked, “By the way, someone tried to eliminate me when I was in the imperial prison last time.

Was it one of your men”

Concubine Bai was stunned.

“Why would we do such a thing If we really wanted to do that, forget about Honglei, not even the sect master would let me go.”

Zu An smiled.

“Thats good.

I hope we can help each other more in this palace in the future.”

Concubine Bai harrumphed.

“I just hope you wont come to this Hundred Flower Palace as much anymore.” She really wouldnt be able to take it if this kid came to provoke her every time.

Zu An laughed heartily.

“Then I guess Ill make sure to stay by the crown princess side more in the future.”

Concubine Bais expression changed.

After all, even though she looked friendly with the crown princess on the surface, everyone knew that they hated each others guts.

If Zu An really did start leaning toward the crown princess, then she really would get a headache.

After all, judging from their previous interactions, she could tell that this fellows competence and luck were both top-notch.

She asked, “How are you going to face the sect master and Honglei if you keep doing this One of them favors you, and the other has deep affection for you.”

Zu An sighed.

“Its your Devil Sects fault for having so many lying, beautiful women.

Im really wondering if Ive been PUAd by you guys.”[1]

“PUA” Concubine Bai was stunned.

She didnt know what that word meant.

“It means that you guys were using some superficial methods to control me, but you also never invested anything from the very start.

Instead, I was completely scammed.” Zu An said darkly, “And youre the worst of them all.”

“But you should at least be able to sense that Hongleis feelings for you are real, right” Concubine Bai clenched her teeth.

This fellow really was hard to deal with.

Zu An replied indifferently, “Who knows After all, she hasnt really been given to me.

Who knows whether your stupid technique even has those rules about virginity or whatever Maybe theyre all in on this together.” He could obviously sense Qiu Hongleis sincere feelings, but he wouldnt be so stupid as to say that to Concubine Bai.

“Of course you cant lose your chastity if you cultivate Heavenly Devil Temptation; even I…” Concubine Bai suddenly stopped midway and harrumphed.

She had almost fallen for this fellows bait.

She quickly changed the topic.

“Whatever, as long as youre not scared of that crown princess being jealous in the future, then you can come here as often as you like.

Well always welcome you here.”

“Thanks a bunch, your highness.

This subject will bid his goodbye for now then.” Zu An had achieved his objective.

Whether he completely leaned toward the Devil Sect or the crown princess side, neither choice was wise.

Only in his current situation would he receive the most benefits.

Concubine Bai clenched her teeth.

She thought to herself, Which subject dares to touch me however they want, like you However, when she saw the maids walk over, she couldnt really say anything.

She scattered the surrounding flower petals and said, “Sir Zu, please leave well; we wont be seeing you out.”

As Zu An left the Hundred Flower Palace, he exited through the gate and returned home.

Either way, the crown princess had given him some time off, and the Embroidered Envoys case had been handed to Zhuxie Chixin.

He was happy to have some free time.

His harvest from the Hundred Flower Palace had been quite great.

Many of the questions hed had were now fully answered.

Furthermore, he had even established a friendly alliance with Concubine Bai.

Concubine Bais body really smells good… He continued to think about various things along the way, and managed to reach his home without realizing it.

Several figures welcomed him when they heard activity by the entrance.

“Ah Zu!”


“Big brother Zu!”

Zu Ans mood brightened. So it was Chu Chuyan, Chu Youzhao, and her stalker Murong Qinghe.

“We just received news that you were attacked! Were you injured at all” Even though they could see Zu An standing there all fine and dandy, Chu Chuyan still continued to examine his body.

“Im fine.

Dont I look perfectly well” Zu An felt warm inside.

As expected, it was still his own wife who doted on him the most.

Those other women were all more fierce than the next.

Murong Qinghe said, “I heard news from the prison that all of the barracks in the outskirts are being examined.

I heard that a siege crossbow was used in the attack, and there were even signs of someone being hit by one…”

“A siege crossbow!” Chu Chuyans face paled.

How could she not know how powerful a siege crossbow was “Where were you injured Hurry and tell me!”

Zu An felt more and more warm when he saw Chu Chuyan on the verge of tears.

He said, “Dont worry, I managed to evade in time, so it only brushed me.

I just had some light injuries.

Its already gotten much better.”

He didnt want to tell them what had happened back then because he didnt want to worry Chuyan.

Furthermore, the Murong clans brat was still here, so if news got out, everyone would know just how quickly he had recovered after being hit by a siege crossbow.

That would draw suspicion, and subsequently, people might rush over to research his body.

Chu Chuyan still wasn\'t convinced.

She quickly took off his clothes and said, “Let me take a look.”

Murong Qinghes face reddened.

She turned away in embarrassment.

Who would have thought that even though Zu An looked pretty skinny from the outside, he was actually so robust!

Chu Youzhao was the opposite; she bashfully stared at Zu Ans body.

Her cheeks blushed, yet she didnt really want to look away.

When she finally confirmed that there werent any serious injuries, Chu Chuyan sighed in relief and said, “Thank goodness…”

Chu Youzhao suddenly asked, “Brother-in-law, why do you smell so good”

Murong Qinghe also sniffed the air.

“It does smell pretty good.

Ive never smelled this type of fragrance before.”

Chu Chuyans gaze became dangerous.

She looked at Zu An with an ambiguous smile.

“If Im not mistaken, this seems to be the smell of another woman…”


PUA is slang forpickup artist even in Chinese.


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