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Zu Ans eyes widened in shock when he saw the roaring weapons.

He really wanted to ask her if she was freaking Gilgamesh or Shirou Emiya with theirUnlimited Blade Works.

Jia Sili had pulled out all manner of tricks during their battle, and each one was more dazzling than the last.

Zu An was even tempted to change his class to Spirit Master.

It was just like when he had played basketball in school before.

Whether or not the ball went in didnt matter; what mattered was that it looked cool.

Zu An really felt like crying when he thought of Yun Yuqing and Jia Silis dazzling skills.

Jia Sili casually took a sword and fiddled around with it.

Yun Yuqings eyes widened in shock, and she subconsciously glanced at the sword in Zu Ans hand.

In contrast, Zu An wasnt surprised, and instead calmly watched the other party.

Jia Sili chuckled and said, “Judging from our earlier fight, I could tell that your sword isnt bad.

Its probably some divine weapon.

Thats why I decided to make one for myself.

It might not be as good as the original, but its probably seventy to eighty percent as good.

Furthermore, I still have many other divine weapons just like this one.

If I materialize every single powerful weapon Ive seen, I wonder if you would still wish to continue fighting”

Yun Yuqings expression was filled with shock.

Even though she knew that Spirit Masters were mysterious and powerful, she hadnt realized that it was to this ridiculous degree.

Materializing the enemys divine weapons, including their skills… just how oppressive of a skill was that!

Jia Sili was extremely satisfied when she saw Yun Yuqings expression.

This was exactly what she wanted to see.

However, when she looked at Zu An, she saw that he seemed completely unfazed.

“It seems you dont care at all…” she commented, frowning.

Zu An chuckled.

“You might be able to fool others with this skill, but how can you fool me Even though you can copy your opponents weapons and their skills, a fake is still a fake.

It cant compare to the original.

Furthermore, mixing all sorts of weapons together will only make the skill disorderly and messy.

As long as your opponent understands that, defeating your skill isnt hard at all.”

Jia Sili was incredibly shocked.

In truth, she had already vaguely realized the flaws of her skill as well, but she couldnt pinpoint them.

Yet now, this fellow had hit the nail on the head just from a single glance.

Just how frightening was his talent and discernment There was no limit to this kind of persons future! He might even exceed the emperor himself one day.

This was the moment Zu An had been waiting for.

His figure flashed, and then he appeared in front of Jia Sili.

His speed was so fast that not even Shu Shuhao could react in time.

Jia Sili quickly raised theTaie Sword in her hands.

However, how could a mage defeat a warrior in close quarters combat With a brittle sound, herTaie Sword snapped in two.

A line of blood flew across the sky as Jia Silis figure was pushed back several times in succession.

Shu Shuhao quickly rushed in front of Jia Sili to block the attacks with his soul banner.

He saw that her right arm had been cut off, blood gushing out endlessly from the stump.

He turned toward Zu An and shouted, “Damn brat, youre courting death!”

You have successfully trolled Shu Shuhao for 444 444 444…

The soul banner stabbed into the ground.

Two white, specter-like clouds of mist spun around Shu Shuhao as sinister winds howled.

The temperature of the surroundings immediately dropped by several degrees.

Then, a black cloud of mist the size of a person appeared next to him.

It was as if a gate to hell had opened, and a myriad of howls and wails emerged from inside.

Following the appearance of the mist, a corpse covered in black smoke shambled out from inside.

The corpse demons with the two rings, the golden hammer, and the red-tasseled spear all began to tremble.

They could no longer stand still and began crawling on the ground.

This was due to a natural difference in level.

Yun Yuqing and Zu Ans expressions changed, because they could sense that this new corpse demons strength was on an entirely different level.

This was a corpse demon that was already half a step into the master rank!

Shu Shuhao sneered.

“Youve forced me to do this.

In that case, you can both forget about living.”

However, the tinkling of bells resounded from behind him as Jia Sili blocked him with her remaining hand, saying, “Theres no need to go that far.” Then, she reached out her hand.

The right arm that lay on the ground flew toward her.

Yun Yuqing was confused.

She said quietly, “I didnt sense any ki fluctuations.”

Zu An replied, “Its probably something like telekinesis.”

“Big brothers judgment is excellent as expected,” Jia Sili said with a smile.

Then, she reconnected her arm to her shoulder.

Light flickered around the wound, and by the time its glow faded, her arm had actually returned to normal!

But that made sense as well.

If she could even summon the divine weapons of others through her Fantasy Materialize ability, then it shouldnt be too difficult for her to reconnect a broken limb.

Zu An was really halfway between laughter and tears now.

If this woman had been brought to his past world to reconnect limbs through surgery, she might have just become the worlds most famous doctor.

Jia Sili said with a smile, “I know you might feel some resentment.

They hit you with a siege crossbow, but now youve cut off my arm.

Were even now, right”

Zu An was speechless.

It really was hard to hit a friendly person.

Since this woman had such a good attitude, he couldnt really continue to act fiercely either.

Jia Sili continued, “Im being sincere.

Im going to offer you another invitation for an alliance.”

Zu An replied seriously, “I managed to severely injure you multiple times over.

I believe you dont have much mental strength left.”

“I will admit to that.” Jia Sili nodded.

“However, with my skills, itll also be hard for you to take me down, let alone the fact that I still have big brother Shu over here.

We cant say that we can definitely win, but we can last until the City Defense Army arrives.”

Zu An voiced his curiosity.

“Thats interesting.

Arent we the court officials Once the City Defense Army arrives, wouldnt you two be the ones who have to flee Why does it instead seem as if youre looking forward to their arrival”

Jia Sili smiled and looked toward Yun Yuqing.

“I believe that out of everyone here, youre the one who wouldnt wish to be captured by the court the most, right Oh, right.

Should I call you Madam Wu”

Yun Yuqings expression changed.

Her killing intent surged the moment her identity was exposed.

She couldnt let them leave alive, or else things would really become troublesome.

Jia Sili continued with a charming voice, “Madam Wu must be confused about how I know your identity, but thats obviously because I saw you in big brother Zus illusion earlier.

The intelligence stated that big brother Zu was a perverted man, so I never expected him to be someone so loyal.

He actually didnt hesitate to betray the entire world for you and fight against Zhuxie Chixin.

In the end, he even faced the emperor… Sigh, if there were a man willing to treat me like this, then even death would be worth it.”

Yun Yuqing was moved when she heard those words, and subconsciously glanced toward Zu An.

The killing intent in her eyes disappeared, and was instead replaced with a complicated array of emotions all at once—shock, happiness, gentleness, and a feeling of being touched.

“Ah Zu!” Yun Yuqing exclaimed.

Even though Jia Sili had only said a few things, she could already guess what had really happened in that world of illusion.

Jia Sili suddenly closed her eyes as if she sensed something.

A while later, she said, “Theres a city defense troop hurrying this way, and theyll arrive in less than half a stick of incenses time.

You two need to make your decision.”

Zu An was still a bit hesitant, but Yun Yuqing quickly replied, “Alright, we agree.” Zu An was surprised, but he didnt say anything.

“A wise choice.” Jia Sili patted Shu Shuhao and said, “Just give them the antidote.”

Shu Shuhao harrumphed.

He tossed over a bottle of medicine.

“Shes been hit with my corpse poison.

Once you take this medicine and soak in hot water, the poison will be neutralized.”

“You were poisoned” Zu An asked as he quickly looked at Yun Yuqing.

Yun Yuqing was stunned, suddenly feeling a bit light-headed.

Her body swayed back and forth.

Fortunately, Zu An reached out his hand in time, preventing her from falling.

Shu Shuhao looked at Jia Sili.

He asked quietly, “I dont know why youre willing to make peace with them.

They would have been dead for certain if we really did fight.”

Jia Sili smiled and said, “Having another friend is always better than having another enemy.” Then, she tossed over a dark token.

Zu An caught it and examined it.

He saw that the tile depicted vipers, scorpions, centipedes, and all sorts of other poisonous creatures.

Jia Sili gestured toward Zu An with her finger.

“Cute big brother, come visit us sometime in the southern border with that Five Poison Token.

Youll be treated as our most distinguished guest.” Then, she turned around to leave with light steps.

Zu An quickly called out, “Wait, since were now allies, then tell me one thing.

Who is your master Who was it that sent you all to kill me”


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