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Zu An was surprised, but he didnt reveal anything on the surface.

“Golden Token Eleven had some conflict with Murong Luo by the Chongwen Gate.

Chu Chuyan was there at the time too, so I learned all of this from her.

Why would the crown princess think such a strange thing”

The crown princess face heated up.

She didnt know why she would suddenly blurt that out either.

She always felt a strange sense of familiarity whenever she met Golden Token Eleven.

Occasionally, she would even think of the time Zu An had hugged her when they met.

She had even vaguely hoped that Zu An, the one shed shared such close physical intimacy with, was the same person as Sir Eleven.

That way, she wouldnt have to worry about too many things.

But she couldnt really sort out those thoughts right now.

She had just suddenly voiced her suspicion impulsively in the moment.

She was incredibly embarrassed. What the heck is going on with me Why would I associate this perverted guy with Sir Eleven Sir Eleven is strong and collected, and hes so dashing, while this fellow is always smiling mischievously all day.

Theyre nothing alike!

She gradually calmed down.

With a light cough, she said, “Its nothing; it was just a casual question.

That Sir Eleven seemed to have suddenly appeared out of thin air, so I was just a bit curious about his identity.”

Zu An replied with anoh, but he was panicking inside. Arent these girls sixth senses a bit too frightening

The crown princess thoughts were a bit all over the place, and she didnt want to look at Zu Ans face.

She quickly summoned some maids.

“Help me summon King Liang, Sir Meng, Sir Bi, General Liu…”

Zu An asked out of curiosity, “What does the crown princess have in mind”

These were all members of the emperors faction and all of them had respected statuses.

If they were all being summoned, the crown princess was definitely planning something huge.

“Thats not something you should be asking about!” The crown princess frowned.

However, when she thought about their special relationship, her tone unconsciously softened.

She explained, “Ou Wu is someone under King Qi, while the Murong clan backing Murong Luo is also under King Qis faction.

What use is there left for me to serve as the crown princess if I cant even shave off some of King Qis influence using such a great opportunity”

Zu An thought to himself that now that Ou Wu had gone missing, the only one left was Murong Luo.

Even though the crown princess hadnt gone into detail, Murong Luo was probably going to be arrested and harshly interrogated.

Even if he really was innocent, they would obtain confessions under torture and strike back against King Qi that way.

Sigh, poor brother Murong… Zu An felt sympathy toward the man, but he couldnt help but grin.

As the crown princess was going to meet with all those big shots, Zu An got up to excuse himself.

The crown princess nodded.

However, as he walked over to the door, she suddenly called out to him.

“Right, I told you to find a chance to get rid of Concubine Bai.

Do you have a plan”

Zu An clicked his tongue inwardly. This woman really is vicious! He could only reply, “Nothing yet.

Her status is special, after all, and she resides in the imperial palace.

Its not easy to take care of her.”

The crown princess knew that he was speaking the truth, but she still said, “Even though the matter isnt too pressing, you cant forget about it.

Make sure to think about it.”

Zu An gave her a few perfunctory replies and left.

He was just about to thank Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun for their warning, when a eunuch came and told him that the emperor was waiting for him in the imperial study.

Those of the Eastern Palace were all full of envy.

“Sir Zu really has received the favor of his majesty! His majesty summons him frequently.”

“Thats not all; even the crown princess cares about him.”

“We should do our best to get along with him as well.”

They quickly rushed over to ask Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun about Zu An, because they knew that their relationship with Zu An was the closest

The two of them looked at the eunuchs with pity.

“The way we got closer… I fear the eunuchs cant imitate it.” Brothers fight together, run together, visit broth… Well, theres nothing for you eunuchs to imitate.

Taking you all to a brothel would just be a waste of money.


Despite the looks of envy, Zu An was instead baffled.

What the hell was up with the emperor He met with Zu An more than he met his wives! He couldnt help but feel a bit guilty, since he had just worked the emperors wife diligently for an entire night.

When he arrived at the imperial study, Eunuch Wens expression was friendly, indicating that the emperors mood was quite good.

Zu An sighed in relief.

“I greet your majesty!” Zu An had always felt a strange sense of fear and worry whenever he entered the imperial study in the past.

He had always felt that the one on the dragon throne was high and mighty, as if a deity were interrogating him.

But now, even though the emperors aura was just as imposing, Zu An could now clearly see his face.

The wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, as well as his faintly discernible white hair, revealed that even though he was the number one expert in the world, he still couldnt overcome the power of time.

“What are you looking at this emperors head for” The emperor frowned.

He keenly sensed that there was something wrong with Zu Ans gaze.

He subconsciously touched the top of his head, but there was clearly nothing there.

Zu An thought to himself, Im looking at that green hat youre wearing. Of course, he didnt dare to say such words out loud.

He quickly said, “This subject is amazed at your majestys might.

Even in casual clothes, it still feels as if there is an invisible crown resting on your head.”

A faint smile appeared on the emperors face.

Even the most powerful person, as long as they were human, liked to hear their own praises.

“Flattery is useless.

How are you doing in the investigation of the crown princess case Once your time limit is up, if you dont find out the truth, then this emperor definitely wont be lenient.” Even though the emperor was in a good mood, he didnt show it at all.

He harrumphed with a grumpy expression.

Zu An was already used to the way the man did things, so he wasnt as worried as before.

“Replying to your majesty, there have already been some results from the investigation over the past few days…”

Then, he told the emperor about Ou Wu, Murong Luo, and the other things that had occurred, but he didnt bring up Xin Ruis little brother yet.

He wasnt scared of the other Embroidered Envoys secretly telling the emperor anything.

After all, he hadnt obtained anything conclusive on this matter yet, so it was understandable for him to not report things he wasnt sure of.

“Xuanwu Gate, Chongwen Gate…” The emperors eyes narrowed.

He thought to himself, Zhao Jings hands are reaching deeper and deeper. These were all vital positions.

“Youve done well.

You may leave now,” the emperor said.

There was no need to discuss what he was going to do with the information with this brat.

He didnt have the qualifications to know about these things.


When Zu An left the study, he felt as if all of the resentment that had accumulated inside of him had suddenly disappeared.

The emperor is still human, not a god.

He isnt omniscient and omnipotent.

Like hell his divine senses cover the entire imperial palace! I can still remember clearly what I did to the empress last night, yet this emperor knows **-all.

The emperor still treated me like a random servant, but these methods that used to be scary now only seem laughable.

What dog** number one under the sky Youre nothing more than a loser in my eyes.

One day, my cultivation will surpass yours.

“Look at how cocky youre getting.

Who else apart from you would suddenly gain so much confidence after just playing with a woman” Mi Li suddenly appeared out of nowhere, rolling her eyes at him.

Zu Ans expression changed.

“You really can read my thoughts”

Mi Li snorted.

“As if I need to read your thoughts to know what you are thinking.

Even a fool can guess from how high-spirited you look.”

Zu An calmly looked at her, and then he deliberately thought to himself, One day, Im going to strip you completely naked.

Mi Lis brows rose sharply and her palm struck straight at Zu Ans face.

However, this time, he dodged even more quickly and narrowly evaded it.

“Hah, youre actually using the movement technique I taught you to deal with me...” Mi Li ground her teeth.

She was getting angrier and angrier.

You have successfully trolled Mi Li for 233 233 233…

Zu An immediately cried out loudly, “And youre still saying you cant read my thoughts!”

“Theres something wrong with your expression.” Mi Lis expression suddenly changed.

“It looks as though youre thinking nonsense about me after all.” She could no longer hold herself back.

She controlled the Taie Sword and continued to hit his head.

The nearby maids and eunuchs couldnt help but whisper among themselves.

“Is that sir training Why does it look so weird”

“His head really is hard.

Hes not breaking down even after being hit by that sword again and again.”

“Hes probably practicing some sword controlling technique, right”

The Embroidered Envoy found news of Xin Ruis little brother a day later.

 Their people had found her little brother Hua Bao in a Gaoling County casino.

However, the casino had been too chaotic at the time, so he got away.

“What!” Zu An was furious.

These Embroidered Envoys who specialized in such matters had actually let an ordinary gambling addict get away


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