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Eunuch Lu was stunned.

He didnt know why the empress would suddenly change their plans.

However, her entirely taut body and her expression didnt escape his detection.

As a man… or at least a former man, he knew that at that moment, the arrogant and stubborn empress had already been completely subdued.

When he thought of that, he was distressed and jealous, and yet he also felt an unclear emotion.

His expression changed several times.

He wanted to barge in and kill that hateful fellow several times, yet he was scared of offending the empress.

In the end, he released a decrepit sigh, deciding to respect the empress decision.

After a long time had passed, the empress entire body was left limp as she curled up in Zu Ans embrace like a kitten.

She looked at him with an extremely complicated expression.

“Why are you looking at me like that” Zu An felt a headache.

Only now, after he had calmed down a bit, did he realize that he had been way too rash this time.

If the emperor knew that he had molded the empress into his own shape, he would immediately be blasted to ashes.

At that point, no matter where he tried to run, the emperor would vow to end his life.

But he had to admit that the empress really was quite… wet.

The emperor had actually left such a rare beauty neglected for all those years What meaning was left in being unrivaled in the world

The empress opened her mouth slightly as if she wanted to say something, but she then hesitated.

In the end, she couldnt hold back and softly said, “I finally understand why Chu First Miss would become so devoted to a rascal like you.”

“Rascal” Zu An wasnt happy to hear that description, and he gave her a pinch.

“Ah…!” the empress cried out in alarm.

“I was praising you, okay”

Zu An smiled.

He had to admit that praise from a woman this gorgeous, who had such status, made him extremely happy.

The empress chest rose and fell.

She was still lingering in the afterglow of what had just happened.

She stroked the scars on his shoulders and asked, “Does it hurt”

Zu An said in annoyance, “Your fingernails are so sharp, and you scratched me really hard earlier.

What do you think”

The empress giggled.

“Its your fault for being so rough.

Thats why I couldnt control myself…” She suddenly paused.

She looked at him gently with her misty eyes, and then said with a sigh, “Everyone says that his majesty is unmatched in this world.

However, only I know that in this aspect, youre actually even greater.”

These words were like the sounding of war drums.

How could Zu An hold himself back He flipped her over and immersed himself in the battlefield again.

When the sky brightened, Eunuch Lu finally walked into the empress chambers.

It hadnt been long since Zu An left.

His eyes drifted over to the fair body resting on a seat that was now covered in a layer of pink.

His breathing sped up.

The empress pulled the comforters up around herself and harrumphed in ridicule.

“What are you staring for Its not as if you can do it.”

Eunuch Lus expression warped when he heard those words.

He was overwhelmed with pain and regret.

In the end, he could only sigh.

“Ninger, I know that you still blame me for not having the ability to protect you back then.”

The empress became worked up as she said, “Theres nothing strange about not being able to beat Zhao Han.

He is the emperor, after all.

Who could stop him from obtaining the women he wants Ive never blamed you for that!

“The only thing I hate you for is that you… You were actually willing to join the palace and become a eunuch!”

Eunuch Lus expression was full of pain.

“I was in endless pain back then.

I didnt know what I had to do to protect you.

This was the only way I could think of! Only then could I continue to accompany you, continue to stay by your side.”

“How useless,” the empress sneered.

“Even more worthless than Zu An accompanying me today.”

“Im going to kill him!” Eunuch Lus eyes were entirely red.

No man could endure this type of humiliation, even if he was no longer a man.

You have successfully trolled Lu Qi for 1024 1024 1024…

On the other hand, Zu An jumped in fright from the sudden surge of Rage points.

How had he ended up provoking Eunuch Lu

The empress sneered.

“Kill, kill, kill! If you have the ability, go and kill Zhao Han then!”

Lu Qi instantly withered when he heard the emperors name.

“Its all my fault for being useless.”

The empress waved her hands and said somewhat wearily, “What are we talking about these old things for I already put all that behind me a long time ago.

Im tired, so you can leave.”

Eunuch Lu seemed to suddenly snap out of his daze.

“Right, why didnt we kill him the way we agreed, and instead let him go What if this matter is exposed Your highness will be executed!”

The empress rested her chin on her hand, her eyes half closed.

“Dont worry, hes more scared than we are.

Why would he reveal something like this”

Eunuch Lu frowned and said, “The dead still keep secrets better.” Then, he looked at her enviously and asked, “Your highness, dont tell me you actually like that brat” He was filled with tremendous jealousy as he recalled the expression he had seen earlier.

“That kid is indeed pretty good in that aspect.” The empress sighed.

“But do you really think this empress is someone so easily subdued by a man” She opened her eyes.

The charming expression shed had when she was with Zu An was completely gone, now replaced with a chilling, awe-inspiring look.

Eunuch Lu sighed.

This was the Liu Ning he was familiar with, as expected.

However, he was still full of complaints. At the very least, in that instant, you were subdued by that man. Of course, he wouldnt be so stupid as to say that.

Instead, he asked, “Then why did you stop me from doing anything Was there some mistake in the plan”

The empress charm gradually faded, replaced with her usual arrogant and dignified self.

“I learned from Chu Chuyan that even though all of her meridians had been destroyed in the secret dungeon, by the time she came out, she was completely healed.

Furthermore, her cultivation even increased.

“Chu Chuyan and Zu An both said it was because of the Evanescent Lotus, but both of us know that the Evanescent Lotus can only increase your cultivation.

How could it repair badly destroyed meridians

“Out of curiosity, I asked Chu Chuyan some more questions.

Judging from her hesitation and embarrassment, it was probably in that secret dungeon that the two of them truly became husband and wife.”

“From the intelligence we found, the two should have been married in name only.

However, after that event, the two of them became incredibly close and Chu Chuyan also completely accepted him.

I refused to believe that an outstanding girl like Chu Chuyan would be subdued just because she entered a relationship with a man.

There had to be another reason.

“After associating that with the implausible complete recovery of her destroyed vessels, I speculated that this most likely had something to do with the consummation of their relationship.

You know that Ive been losing hope in my recovery these past few years.

Even a slight possibility would be worth trying.

“Even if I guessed wrong, it wouldnt be a big deal.

Ive already been left alone for so many years, so Id have just treated it as a bit of fun for once.

But after that matter, I realized my suspicions were correct.

This fellows blood essence can indeed nourish and repair meridians.”

The empress was thinking out loud.

It sounded as if she were explaining, but also as if she were sorting out her own thoughts.

At the same time, she seemed to be venting out her frustrations toward Zhao Han.

Eunuch Lu also became excited.

“Since we were already successful, then why didnt we kill him the way we planned I can still make it in time if I go now.”

The empress shook her head.

Her expression was a bit strange.

“Things are a bit different from what we thought.

This type of method isnt completed through a single experience, but rather requires prolonged treatment.

The meridians that were damaged earlier on have already received nourishment.

There are signs of recovery, but one time is far from enough.

No wonder Chu Chuyan and Zu An were glued together afterward.

She was an innocent girl, and yet she was tossed and turned around day after day.

It would be more strange if she didnt end up liking that kid.”

Eunuch Lus expression filled with both pain and excitement when he heard thatextended treatment was required.

He couldnt help but ask, “Then what about your highness Will you end up gradually liking him too”

The empress said indifferently, “Do you think Im some naive little girl You know what Im like, and you know what I need.

Not even the worlds number one Zhao Han could subdue me, so whats a trifling Zu An Hes nothing more than a useful elixir.”

If Zu An were here, he would see an entirely different side of that woman who had accompanied him gently like a kitten earlier.

As expected, the prettier the woman, the better they were at lying.


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