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The empress gaze was filled with a feeling of uncertainty.

Zu An was startled and asked, “When your highness talks about doing certain things, are you talking about yourself”

The empress sat down and reclined comfortably.

She rested her chin on her hand and replied, “What do you think”

She had been a mature and curvaceous woman to begin with.

When she lay down like this, her figure was even more seductive and carried a relaxed air.

An invisible sort of seduction was taking place.

“Since your highness doesnt need me for anything else, Ill leave first.” Even though Zu An felt his throat going dry, he didnt lose his head.

He obviously couldnt believe that the empress would have feelings for him for no reason, but he couldnt figure out what she was really thinking, so he decided to just leave first.

“Dont be in such a hurry; who said I dont need you for anything else” The empress grabbed his hand.

“My Great Zhou Dynasty has a national treasure I need your help to evaluate.”

“National treasure” Zu An asked, stunned.

This was a world of cultivation, and he had experienced the power of magical artifacts.

Just how powerful did the item have to be for the Great Zhou Dynasty to treat it as a national treasure He became excited and continued, “May I ask what type of national treasure it is”

The empress gently ran her fingers across Zu Ans body, her bright red lips rising into a lovely arc.

“It might be right before your eyes.”

Zu An was speechless.

Why did he feel like Xuanzang suffering temptation in the country of women[1]

The empress giggled when she saw Zu An standing in a stupor.

“What, is this empress not enough to be a national treasure”

Zu An couldnt help but sigh.

“Your highness is incredibly charming, a woman among women.

Of course youre a national treasure.”

The empress eyes grew a bit moist.

“Is that all for your evaluation Arent you being too half-hearted here”

It was clearly already long past the height of summer, yet Zu An felt the night was extremely hot.

He replied with difficulty, “Then may I ask how your highness wishes for me to evaluate you”

The empress looked at him in a seductive manner.

“You can give me a try yourself.

Only through the most intimate experience can you give the most accurate evaluation.”

Zu An sighed.

“Your highness, are you tempting me right now”

The empress gently bit her fingertip and giggled.

“I heard from Chu First Miss that youve always been a slick-tongued person, that you know how to make a girl happy.

But why do you seem stiff today Its almost as if you dont have an ounce of romance in you.”

Zu An got up and said, “Even though Im a bit of a lustful person, Im not a fool.

Your highness definitely has ulterior motives, but unfortunately, Im too slow-witted and cant read your true objective.”

When he had watched that episode of Journey to the West where Xuanzang remained completely indifferent before the seduction of endless charming beauties, he had felt that was a disgrace for all men.

He hadnt expected to be in the same situation today.

He really was quite a disgrace today too.

“Im not asking for anything else.” The empress sighed.

“My only request is for you to console me tonight.

I already said that Ive been extremely lonely these years, and no one else dares to do anything to me.

Only you alone dared to hit… hit me there.

I cant ask anyone else but you.”

A bit of distress showed on the empress face as she observed Zu Ans silence.

“Im a glorious empress, you know Its already quite embarrassing for me to go this far.

If you still dont respond at all, then Ill really be ashamed.”

Zu An sneered.

This woman was full of schemes and infatuated with authority.

Would she really be discouraged by just that It would be more believable for you to say Piao Duandiao decided to never go to the government brothel again.

He didnt reply, and instead walked out.

He was worried that he might really be unable to control his own instincts if he stayed here.

No matter how two-faced he thought the empress was, he had to admit that she was incredible at seduction.

The underripe methods of young girls couldnt compare.

The empress gave off a powerful feminine charm that could make others unable to help but think of ravaging her in bed.

Furthermore, her identity was special, so the thought of doing so carried a taboo feeling.

It really was something exciting to look forward to.

Zu An only managed to free himself with tremendous willpower.

The only thought in his head right now was to leave this place as quickly as possible.

The empress was ashamed and annoyed when she saw Zu An turning to leave.

She stood up and asked “Mister Zu, are you even a man You were just beaten by his majesty like a dog, yet you dont even feel anything Im giving you a chance to get revenge, but you dont even dare.

Are you really that scared of him”

When he heard this, Zu An, who was already at the doorstep, stopped.

He suddenly turned around to look at the empress, his eyes slightly reddening.

“What did you say” This was precisely what had been gnawing at his mind.

He had held back tremendous rage until just now.

Now that he had been struck in his sore spot, he could no longer hold himself back.

A complacent smile flashed through the depths of the empress eyes when she saw Zu Ans expression.

However, she sneered with arrogant disdain, “What Do I need to repeat that for you His majesty is unrivaled in this world, so its not all that shameful if you cant beat him.

But this empress is giving you a chance to get revenge through his woman, yet you dont even dare to do such a thing Heh, it looks like fear has already been etched into your bones.

Im sure youll be quite the loyal and devoted dog in the future… Ah!”

As soon as the empress finished speaking, Zu Ans figure flashed forward, his hand clamping down on her throat.

“Woman, I know youre deliberately provoking me, but I have to admit its working.”

The empress found it a bit hard to even breathe from the force on her neck.

However, she wasn\'t scared.

Instead, it felt as if electricity were running through her entire body.

“What, dont tell me you actually dare to kill me I dont think you have the guts.”

Zu Ans breathing quickened and the veins on his arms began to pop.

He was currently engaged in a powerful inner conflict.

The empress golden fingernails gently caressed Zu Ans skin, and the sharp, cold feeling made all of his bodys pores contract.

“This empress knows that you dont dare to kill me, and I know that youre angry.

Thats why Im giving you this chance.

You can pour out all of your rage on that persons wife.

Do you dare, or not” Her usually sharp and dignified gaze now carried thirty percent charm, and thirty percent grandeur, and the rest was all provocation.

If I die for this, then so be it! Zu An didnt reply.

There was only one thought in his head right now, which was to completely subdue this arrogant woman and complete the first step of his revenge.

If he didnt even dare to do this, how was he supposed to challenge the emperor in the future

He pushed the empress straight down onto the soft seat.

Then, he pounced on her with a roar.

Even though the empress was left a mess by that powerful force, her lips instead curved upward.

Everything was within her control.

However, a while later, she soon realized that some things were far beyond her control.

Her eyes widened in horror.

This was supposed to be a scene of a dignified big sis teasing a little brat, yet in that instant, she seemed to have returned to when she was just a young girl.

She was full of shame and fear as she murmured, “You… Are you a beastman”

Zu An harrumphed.

He wasnt in the mood to reply to her at all.

Right now, the only thing he wanted to do was vent out all of his rage.

Eunuch Lu, who had been standing guard outside the entire time, was shaking all over.

He had waited for this day for a long, long time.

Ninger had finally completed her plan.

He stood guard outside while keeping all the sounds from reaching the other maids and eunuchs.

Meanwhile, he silently paid attention to the crazy things that were happening inside.

A single thought gradually appeared in his head. Who could have thought that this would happen to you today, Zhao Han!

After a long time had passed, Eunuch Lu frowned. You damn brat, havent you finished yet! He arrived outside the window they had agreed on and undid the mechanism.

When he saw the scene inside, his pupils narrowed and all of his skin turned red.

He took a deep breath to calm his pounding heart.

Next, he sent a ki transmission.

“Your highness, its about time.

Well continue according to plan.

Youre in charge of holding onto him, while this old servant will end his life!”

He had witnessed Zu An fight before.

Even though this fellows cultivation wasnt high, he had endless pesky tricks.

If he failed and ended up alarming his majesty, that would be no joke.

Both he and the empress would be dead for sure, while their respective clans would also be finished.

If the empress worked with him, then any man would be at his weakest in this sort of situation.

Eunuch Lu was confident he could finish Zu An in a single blow.

The empress dignified hair bun was already completely scattered, and her hair stuck to her face from sweat.

She bit down on her red lip and shook her head slightly in his direction.

Eunuch Lu frowned.

He began to say something, but the empress didnt give him another chance.

She grabbed the curtain nearby, and then the half transparent curtain slowly descended, hiding her and Zu Ans bodies.


Xuanzang is the monk in Journey to the West.


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