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Guo Zhi was shocked.

“All of the records Thats a lot of work to go through.

May I ask what Sir Eleven is investigating I can help you narrow down the scope a bit first.”

After a bit of hesitation, Zu An said, “I wish to investigate the records of the palace maids who have entered and exited the palace.”

Guo Zhi sighed in relief.

“Thats not too difficult.

There are four palace gates in the palace.

The southern Zhuque Gate is a gate that only opens where there are important ceremonies or court gatherings.

The western Yunlong Gate is what the civil and military officials use.

The eastern Wenhua Gate is for the nine ministers men and some imperial secretaries.

The palace maids and eunuchs can normally only move through the northern Xuanwu Gate.

Thats why you only need to investigate one gates records.”

Zu An hesitated.

“What if they left through another gate” 

Guo Zhi shook his head.

“Thats absolutely impossible.

There are so many eyes around the palace gates.

Theres no way a palace maid could possibly leave through those other places.”

Zu An felt relieved.

“Then Ill have to trouble General Guo.”

“Sir Eleven is too polite.” Guo Zhi brought Zu An to the northern Xuanwu Gate.

Soon afterwards, a golden-armored general with thick eyebrows and big eyes rushed over.

“I greet General Guo and… Sir.”

Guo Zhi introduced Zu An.

“This is Golden Token Eleven, who is investigating a case on imperial orders.

You need to do everything you can to cooperate.

This is Xuanwu Gates Manager Ou Wu, and hes in charge of the Xuanwu Gates various matters.

You can ask him anything you need.”

Every single gate had a manager in charge of the gates imperial guards.

“I greet Sir Eleven.” Ou Wu didnt dare to show any negligence when he saw that this was a golden token envoy Guo Zhi had personally introduced.

“Greetings, General Ou.” Zu An cupped his hands.

“I wish to inquire about all of the maids who entered and exited through this gate recently.”

“That isnt an issue.” Ou Wu nodded.

“All who pass through the imperial palaces gates are recorded in detail.

Sirs, please follow me.”

The two of them were quickly brought into a storeroom near the palace gates.

Ou Wu had someone bring over something that looked like an account book.

“I wonder which maid Sir Eleven wishes to investigate”

Zu An said sternly, “Ill look over it myself.

Bring out all of the records within the past half month.” He wasnt willing to let others know about his investigation of Xin Rui, and he deliberately extended the time frame.

“Okay!” Ou Wu wasnt surprised at all.

These types of things happened quite often in the imperial palace, and he knew that sometimes, the less he knew, the better.

Thick registers were quickly brought to Zu An one after another.

He began to quickly flip through them.

Ou Wu tactfully stepped outside, and Guo Zhi also followed him out to chat with him.

Zu An was shocked when he flipped through the densely packed records.

There were actually this many people who came and went through the palace each day

This was a result of having been misled by the costume dramas of his past world.

The imperial palace engaged in quite a bit of exchange, as the things in it needed to be purchased outside.

There were so many esteemed people living in the palace.

If every one of them used a few servants, then the numbers would be quite high when added together.

Fortunately, after becoming a cultivator, Zu Ans mind was much more powerful than it had been in the past.

His speed of reading was also far faster.

He quickly sifted through the corresponding records.

About two hours later, he finished looking through everything.

However, he didnt find any records of Xin Rui leaving the palace.

Zu An left the room.

Guo Zhi had already left in the interim, and only Ou Wu had stayed behind.

“Did Sir Eleven obtain what you needed” Ou Wu asked.

Zu An shook his head.

He asked, “Is there a possibility that someone might have left using the identity of another I didnt find any records of that person.”

Ou Wu cried out in alarm.

“I dont think so! That would be a crime punishable by death.

Who would take such a risk”

“But youre saying there\'s a chance” Zu An continued to ask.

Ou Wu hesitated before saying, “If the other party could obtain the waist token and command tile of another servant, then there would be a chance.

However, that would be extremely difficult…”

Zu An directly interrupted him.

“Ill have my Embroidered Envoys cooperate with all of you to check the identities of every single person who entered and exited the palace.”

He was worried that it wouldnt be enough if he left this matter to the palace gate guards alone.

After all, if a mistake really were found, then they would be the ones held responsible.

That was why he specially transferred over some Embroidered Envoys to supervise the process.

He had to admit that having people under him made things much easier.

Ou Wu shivered inside.


Zu An went to the Embroidery House and transferred some Embroidered Envoys over.

He had already had such authority as a golden token envoy, never mind the fact that he was now acting directly under the emperors orders.

Then, he sent another group to investigate all of the imperial palaces wells, ponds, lakes, and other hiding places to see if they could find a maids corpse.

He really did suspect that after those events, Xin Rui had most likely been silenced.

But if she was still alive, then they needed to find her.

If she was dead, then they needed her corpse.


After arranging all those things, he went to the Internal Affairs Manor to investigate Xin Ruis background.

He quickly found what he wanted.

Sure enough, it was as Concubine Bai had said.

Xin Ruis father had passed away a long time ago, leaving only her mother and her young brother back at home.

Because Xin Rui had become the Hundred Flower Palaces head maid, their lives had gradually improved.

She had managed to purchase a residence with her salary and rewards, so her family had moved there.

Her familys address was also written down.

Zu An sighed.

He hadnt expected houses in the capital to still be so expensive! For better or for worse, Xin Rui had had a decent job, yet she had only been able to purchase a house on the outskirts.

He didnt want to waste any time and immediately called over a group of Embroidered Envoys to leave with him.

He didnt know if they would make it in time, or if it would already be too late.

Meanwhile, in the eastern palace, the crown princess and some trusted officials were discussing the crown princes impending exam.

Rong Mo quietly moved over to whisper something to the crown princess.

“The Embroidered Envoys are investigating a palace maid” The crown princess brows furrowed.

Due to the way the crown prince was, most of the eastern palaces matters were under her management.

As such, she naturally had eyes in the palace.

Zu Ans enthusiastic investigation didnt escape the notice of those who were paying attention, so she quickly received the news.

“Do you know why” The crown princess looked worried.

Why was a maid being investigated right now Was it because of the matter involving her

“He seems to be investigating the records of those who came and left through the palace.

At the same time, there are many Embroidered Envoys searching through wells and other hiding spots to see if they can find any corpses.” Rong Mo voiced her own suspicions.

“I really dont know which unfortunate maid was beaten to death by her master, and then ended up drawing his majestys attention.

Once that master is found, I fear hell have quite the price to pay.”

The crown princess face paled.

How could the death of an ordinary palace maid draw the attention of so many Embroidered Envoys This was clearly someone going straight after her! Why had these Embroidered Envoys learned that there was something wrong with the maid so quickly

“Where is Sir Zu Have him meet me right now.” The crown princess was extremely confused and flustered right now.

She couldnt discuss this matter with anyone else, so she instinctively thought of Zu An.

That fellow had even been able to survive that type of ordeal, so he should have a way out of this matter too.

For some reason, her anxious heart seemed to calm a bit whenever she thought of him.

Rong Mo harrumphed.

“That fellow didnt return after he was summoned by his majesty.”

“Hes still in the imperial study” The crown princess expression changed.

Had something happened to him

“I heard that he came out, but he didnt come back to greet the crown princess! He really has no respect for your highness.” Rong Mo chattered continuously, using this chance to get some revenge on that annoying male vixen. Its all his fault for stealing my spot under the crown princess!

The crown princess sighed in relief when she heard that Zu An was fine.

Her personal maids thoughts didnt escape her notice, but she didnt plan to expose her.

After all, it wasnt a good thing to view Zu An too favorably in front of others.

“Right, which Embroidered Envoy is in charge of the investigation this time” The crown princess picked up her teacup.

At the same time, she wondered if she could use her connections to get in touch with him.

Even though the Embroidered Envoys worked directly under his majesty, after years of managing the eastern palace, she had friendly relations with the sirs there.

“The one who is in charge seems to be a golden token; I believe its Sir Eleven.” Rong Mo replied.

“Sir Eleven” The crown princess tea almost spilled.

Her expression immediately became somewhat confused and bashful.

“So its him…”


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