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Based on what she knew of Zu An, it was completely possible for this despicable and shameless scum to really do something like that.

Just the thought of the sheer humiliation she would be put through left her in a fluster.

She opened her mouth to say something, but a new wave of labor pains set in and reduced all of her words into pained moans.

“You think I dare not do so” Zu An harrumphed coldly.

He ripped off her outer garment and threatened imposingly, “Lets try it out then!”

He had tried searching her room before, but all he found was melon seeds and tidbits.

After having spent some time in the Chu Estate, he was certain that it wasnt Chu Zhongtian, Qin Wanru, or Chu Chuyan who were out for his life.

That suggested that there was someone else behind Snow.

Being eyed by an enemy he knew not of was simply too dangerous—he didnt even know who he should put up his guard against! So, he was determined to figure out who the mastermind was today, or else he wouldnt be able to sleep in peace anymore.

Ripping off Snows garment revealed her fair and slender arms.

Even Zu An had to admit that her name was quite apt for her appearance.

Her skin was really as fair as snow,

“Ill definitely kill… Aiyooo~”

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for 998 Rage!

“Are you still not going to speak I should duly inform you that there isnt that much to take off from you anymore… Wait a minute, are you doing this on purpose to seduce me”

Seduce, your head!

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for 1024 Rage!

Snow was really on the verge of going insane.

As if the inhuman pain coming from her abdomen wasnt enough, she still had to be tortured by his words too.

Just wait till I recover! Ill surely rip your mouth off!

“If you still refuse to talk, Im going to rip open your clothes.” Zu An grabbed her collars, but he didnt make a move for real.

His intent here was just to force her to reveal the mastermind who tried to kill him.

“Youre the one who forced my hand!” It was then that a green glimmer shone from Snows eyes, and her words also became chillingly cold.

Zu Ans goosebumps immediately rose up.

Without any hesitation, he summoned Grandgale and to move tens of meters away.

At the same time, Snows hair suddenly began growing along with the wind, as if its seal had finally been removed.

Like vines, they darted forth in Zu Ans direction.

“The hell! What in the world is this” Zu An was horrified.

It was as if the woman before him had suddenly turned into Medusa, exerting a terrifying pressure on him.

Even the walls were ripped apart before the force of her hair, filling the room with holes.

Had he not summoned Grandgale to teleport away earlier, he might have just been utterly decimated there and then.

Snow also didnt expect that Zu An would back away so quickly, so she swiftly rushed out to chase after him.

“Zu wastrel, Ill tear you into shreds… Aiyo~” Snow collapsed by the door side as she clutched her stomach in pain.

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for 500 Rage!

Zu An gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

Isnt this woman too scary Shes actually able to withstand the pain of childbirth to attack me! If she comes after me once more, Id really be in danger!

It was then that a commotion sounded not too far away.

Someone on the estate had finally heard the commotion and rushed over.

Dilemma flickered across Snows face, but in the end, she decided to stagger her way out of the estate.

Right before she was able to leap onto the wall, she turned around and glared at Zu An hatefully.

“Ill be back!”

Then, she leaped upward and disappeared under the cover of the night.

Not too long after she left, a silhouette suddenly flew over, descending with her fluttery white skirt like a fairy—Chu Chuyan.

She swiftly noticed the bloodied Zu An and recoiled in horror.

“What happened Whats wrong with you”

Zu An finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He flashed her what he thought to be his suave smile before fainting in her embrace.

He was already severely injured, but he was still forced to deplete all of his ki in order to summon Grandgale so as to avoid Snows ultimate attack.

He had been hanging on by sheer tenacity thus far, but Chu Chuyans presence took away the tension in his body, resulting in him passing out on the spot.

Chu Chuyans first reaction toward Zu An falling into her embrace was to push him away, but looking at the injuries he was covered in, she ended up hesitating, which bought enough time for Zu An to fall into her arms.

She thought about how the man had tried similar tricks to take advantage of her in the past, and a frown formed between her brows.

If youre tricking me this time too…

However, those thoughts were swiftly vanquished once she checked his condition with her ki.

To her shock, Zu Ans life was really hanging on a thread.

When Zu An finally regained his consciousness, he found that he was lying atop a bed, and there were many people gathered in the room.

Other than Chu Chuyan, there was also Chu Zhongtian, Qin Wanru, and those from the second branch and third branch.

Most of them were examining the marks on the wall caused by Snows lashing hair as they clicked their tongues in amazement.

Its fortunate that I kept Poison Prick back into the keyboards space, or else it would be troublesome if one of them finds it and picks it up.

Zu An realized that he was bandaged from head to toe, and he couldnt help but notice how he was constantly getting severely injured.

This was definitely not the first time he was being bandaged like this.

All of a sudden, he felt a warm handkerchief gently dabbing his face, wiping off his sweat.

Taking a closer look, he realized that Chu Huanzhao was sitting by the bedside, taking care of him with a serious but worried look on her face.

Zu An felt touched but conflicted at the same time.

He noticed how Chu Chuyan was standing not too far away with a nonchalant look on her face, as if she had nothing to do with all of this.

Her attitude made it seem as if he was someone elses husband.

In the end, the one who cared the most for him was still his sister-in-law.

Chu Huanzhao noticed that Zu An had opened his eyes and exclaimed in delight, “Father, mother, big sister, hes awake!”

Chu Zhongtian quickly rushed over and asked, “How are you feeling”

Zu An took a look around before murmuring, “It hurts~”

Chu Zhongtian nodded understandingly before adding, “Chuyan protected your pulse earlier with her ki, buying enough time for our physician to treat and bandage you.

You were really in grave danger for a moment there.”

Zu An was a little surprised to hear that.

He took another look at Chu Chuyan, but her face still remained as impassive as ever.

It was impossible to tell that she was the one who had saved her life.

But still, it looks like Ive misunderstood her.

Qin Wanru walked over and asked, “What happened How did you land yourself in such a state”

“Snow tried to kill me earlier,” replied Zu An.

It was a pity that he didnt manage to force Snow to reveal who her master was, but based on his interactions with Chu Chuyan and her parents, he felt that it was very unlikely to be them.

Thus, he wasnt afraid to reveal the truth out loud.

He made sure to pay careful heed to the reactions of the crowd around, hoping to see if he could discern anything.

Unfortunately, there was no one who looked exceptionally suspicious to him.

“Snow” Zu Ans words shocked everyone, and they subconsciously turned their gazes to Chu Chuyan.

Even Chu Huanzhao also panicked at that revelation.

“Brother-in-law, how could my big sister possibly make an attempt at your life”

Zu An rolled his eyes in response.

“Im quite certain I said Snow instead of your big sister.”

Chu Huanzhao was full of retorts toward that remark.

But Snow is my big sisters personal maidservant.

Isnt it normal for everyone to doubt her if you say it in such a manner

Faced with everyones gazes, Chu Chuyan frowned a little too.

“I havent seen Snow around since a while ago.”

“Men, get Snow over!” ordered Chu Zhongtian authoritatively.

He wasnt going to indict Snow just because of what Zu An said.

After all, Snow was his daughters personal maidservant, so there was still a need to investigate this matter properly.

However, the servants soon returned and reported, “Snow is not in the estate at the moment.

We arent able to find her anywhere.”

Chu Zhongtians face darkened.

From the looks of it, it would seem that Snow had escaped from the estate knowing that she had been exposed.

“What happened earlier on Fill us in on the details.” Qin Wanru sat down by the bedside, allowing her silk dress to flow gently along the curves of her waist and bum.

Her figure provoked glances from the second branchs Chu Tiesheng.

Zu An briefly explained what he had experienced earlier, though he wisely chose to conceal his abilities.

The frown on Qin Wanrus forehead tightened upon hearing the story.

Chu Tiesheng couldnt help but remark, “Sounds like a load of nonsense.

If Snow really intends to kill you, how could a trash… I mean, how could you have possibly been able to fend against her”

Zu An shot him a glance as he wondered if Chu Tiesheng was actually the mastermind behind Snow.

However, if that was really the case, it would be rather foolish of him to speak up for Snow at a time like this.

Chu Huanzhao stood forward and spoke on Zu Ans behalf, “My brother-in-law is more formidable than you have imagined.

He suffered several strikes from my Wailing Whip without even letting out a cry, and he even rendered a group of third rank and fifth rank cultivators helpless before him in the academy earlier today.”

There was no one present who believed in her words.

It was simply too ridiculous.

It was one thing for Zu An to be able to stand his ground against third rank cultivators, but she actually spoke of fifth rank cultivators here too!

The third branchs Chu Yuepo burst out laughing.

“Lil Zhao, youre simply too kind! How could he possibly have the strength to deal with a fifth rank cultivator Would anyone even believe that”

Chu Tiesheng also nodded in agreement.


I realized that you have been speaking up for Zu An all this while.

I think that you should maintain an appropriate distance from him, or else it might spur rumors.

This is especially important given how the two of you shared a bed during the nuptial night…”

Qin Wanru immediately glared at Chu Tiesheng and bellowed, “Watch your mouth! Are those words something that should be coming out from the mouth of an elder Shes still young, and shes only speaking up for Zu An as a fellow family member.

You better not try to twist her words with that dirty mind of yours!”

The embarrassed Chu Tiesheng turned his head away with a harrumph.

“I was just worried about the Chu clans reputation.”

As much as Qin Wanru disliked Chu Tieshengs words, she had to admit that there was some sense in what he had said.

Her second daughter had indeed been too close to Zu An in recent days.

She couldnt possibly have fallen in love with him, right

As soon as this thought surfaced in Qin Wanrus mind, she quickly refuted it.

How could that be possible Zu An doesnt have a single quality that could win a womans heart, so how could Huanzhao possibly fall for him

Qin Wanru knew that her second daughter was a rowdy one, so Zu Ans antics probably just looked interesting to her.

After all, Chu Huanzhao didnt have anyone to play with in the Chu Estate over the years.

While Qin Wanru felt that it was impossible for the two of them to become a thing, she felt that she should find some time to talk to her second daughter about this and have them keep some distance away from one another.

“Based on what Zu Ans earlier description, Snow should be a fifth rank wood element cultivator.” Chu Zhongtian examined the marks on the walls before remarking deeply.

Wood element

Zu An recalled how Snows hair had wreaked havoc around the room, and for a moment there, he thought that she could be Medusas incarnation.

“Fifth rank” A huge commotion broke out in the room.

None of them could have imagined that obediently little lass who was often caught snacking on melon seeds would actually be a fifth rank cultivator.


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