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The crown princess expression changed and she exclaimed, “What is the meaning of this!”

Zu An said, “She isnt lying.

Everything happened too suddenly that day.

There was one thing I didnt have time to tell you about.

“When I was in the room, and the two of us were… in that situation, when both of us were at a loss for what to do, I heard a woman warning us to run away as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, she helped us stall some of the ones trying to catch us in this scam… Ahem, stall them for a bit.

Otherwise, we wouldve already been ruined by the mastermind.

“The situation was too dire back then, so I wasnt sure who that woman was.

Just now, I heard that womans voice again.” He looked toward Concubine Bai and finished, “So it was Concubine Bai.”

The crown princess eyes narrowed.

She suddenly looked toward Concubine Bai, asking, “Your cultivation was actually that high Do you have ulterior motives for approaching the crown prince”

Concubine Bai said indifferently, “Crown princess, don forget that I was assigned to the crown prince by his majesty.

The reason I got closer to the crown prince was first to serve him, and second was of course to protect him.”

Zu An sighed regretfully.

How was that damn fatty worthy of the service of a woman as wonderful as this However, something clicked inside of him at that instant. Wait, this woman was sent by the emperor.

Doesnt that mean the emperor knows about what happened between me and the crown princess

The crown princess face instantly paled.

She had clearly realized that fact as well.

Concubine Bai noticed their changes in expression.

She giggled and said, “The two of you really are kindred spirits; even your thoughts head in the same direction.

Dont worry, I didnt report what happened to his majesty.

Otherwise, how could you two have arrived here safely”

The crown princess expression turned cold.

“Are you threatening me”

Concubine Bai shook her head.

“Im not threatening you, but rather informing you that were all in the same boat.

King Qis schemes against the crown prince are only growing more and more troublesome.

The crown princes great test is approaching soon.

What meaning is there in us sisters fighting right now What is most important is helping the crown prince out of his current predicament.”

The crown princess stared at Concubine Bai.

But right when Zu An thought that she was on the verge of going crazy, her serious expression suddenly became extremely amiable.

“I didnt expect little sister Concubine Bai to have done so much for me.

I was a bit too strong-minded, and I might have offended you, little sister.

Please dont take it to heart.

In the future, well serve and assist the crown prince on the imperial throne together.”

Concubine Bai also regained her usual lovable yet bashful smile as she said, “I fear I might have to trouble big sister for more pointers in the future.

I will follow big sister faithfully.”

Even though strictly speaking, Concubine Bai was a bit older than the crown princess, the crown princess was the main wife after all, so it wasnt wrong for her to use the termbig sister.

Zu An was completely stupefied.

The two of them had been at each others throats a moment ago, yet now, they were as close as siblings Wasnt this difference a bit too drastic In that instant, he began to question life. Looks like I cant trust those pretty girls no matter how close they seem to be on the surface!

Zu An finally couldnt tolerate the two anymore.

He coughed lightly to interrupt their act.

“Concubine Bai, I believe Xin Rui didnt really take a leave of absence, right”

Concubine Bai put away her formal smile.


After that day, Xin Rui disappeared without a trace.

I suspect that not only has she left, she might also have been silenced by the true mastermind.”

The crown princess opened her mouth, but there was a hint of hesitation on her face.

In the end, she held herself back and didnt say anything.

Zu An guessed her thoughts and helped her by asking, “Xin Rui is your personal maid, after all.

Why would she be bought out by another”

The crown princess gave him a look of admiration. This fellow understands me pretty well.

For some reason, she recalled the scene of them kissing each other again, which made her suddenly blush.

She quickly calmed herself down and banished those nonsensical thoughts from her head.

Concubine Bai sighed and said, “I cant understand that either.

From what I know, Xin Rui should be extremely good-natured.

Even now, its hard for me to believe that she did such a thing.

“In the end, I believe that its because I lived in seclusion for so long that I neglected the thoughts of my subordinates.

Thats why she ended up being tempted by others.”

“Do you think that it might be Shi Jun” Zu An asked.

The one who had come to catch him and the crown princess was Shi Jun.

The other party was an official of the Huang gate, so he could enter and exit the palace at will.

It was entirely possible for him to have colluded with Xin Rui.

Concubine Bai shook his head.

“I dont know.”

Zu An and the crown princess exchanged a look.

It seemed like they had to investigate this matter from this angle.

The crown princess finally spoke up.

“That day… Why did you arrive later I… I…” She was too embarrassed to continue.

Concubine Bai gave her an understanding smile.

“Big sister, dont worry.

This matter is a crime punishable by clan eradication.

Xin Rui didnt dare to use other people, so she personally carried out everything.

I noticed that she was acting strange and followed her here.

When I arrived, I was able to stop Shi Juns people.

Thats why no one else saw what big sister looked like back then…”

She suddenly paused.

Her eyes stopped on Zu Ans body, her expression ambiguous.

Her intended meaning was clear. Apart from him, no other man saw you. However, this matter was too sensitive, so she didnt want to start any further conflict.

A trace of shyness flashed across the crown princess face.

Soon afterward, she recovered her usual coldness.

“By the way, Sir Zu was almost silenced that day in the imperial palace.

Does Concubine Bai have any clues regarding this”

Concubine Bai shook her head.

“I normally dont get involved in these kinds of matters.

How could I know anything”

The crown princess could only ask, “Then does your maid have any family” She was clearly planning to start investigating from that angle.

Concubine Bai thought for a bit, and then replied with uncertainty, “Her father has already passed away, so she grew up with her mother.

Oh, right, she seems to have a younger brother.

As for anything else, I dont know.

Youll have to check with internal affairs for the exact details.”

The crown princess asked a few more questions, but Concubine Bai didnt know the answers to most of them.

She really did seem to be a sweet and naive woman who always stayed in her residence.

However, after experiencing such matters, no one would think of her as that sort of person.

When they left the Hundred Flower Palace, the crown princess gestured for her subordinates to stay a bit further away.

She had something to say to Zu An alone.

Rong Mo had a bitter expression.

This male vixen was winning more and more favor.

Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun exchanged a look.

They both saw worry in the others eyes.

Their big bro Zu and the crown princess were a bit too close! Were these two really not going to avoid each other after such a huge thing had happened

They both pricked up their ears.

They wanted to hear what the two had to say to each other.

They were two imperial guards from the eastern palace, so they had to shoulder the responsibility of monitoring the situation.

If an outer subject really ended up fooling around with the eastern palaces women, they would also be blamed.

They thought to themselves that if they sensed anything strange between the two, they would have to immediately warn Zu An and tell him that he absolutely couldnt make such a mistake.

Even though the crown princess was pretty, she wasnt someone he could handle!

However, they sighed in relief soon afterward, because the two talked about completely normal topics.

She chatted with Zu An the same way she would talk to any other important figure.

Although the two of them seemed to be chatting about all sorts of high-minded subjects, they were actually conversing with ki transmission.

Zu An said, “Crown princess, lets start from Xin Ruis family.

Lets see if we can find out anything.”

The crown princess replied, “That side has probably already been cleaned up by the other party, so we wont find much, but we can give it a try.

Youre pretty sharp, so take a look and see if you notice anything.”

Zu An nodded.

“By the way, what do you think about Concubine Bai”

“Concubine Bai” The crown princess sneered.

“Find a chance to secretly deal with her.”

Zu An was speechless. Werent you chatting all nicely with her a moment ago Why do you have so much killing intent now

He couldnt help but ask, “Shouldnt we focus on our real enemies first right now The other party has expressed her sincerity.

That wouldnt be too good, would it”

“Looks like youve been confused by that vixen after all.” The crown princess shot him a look and said, “These are nothing more than stalling tactics.

She has us by the throat right now.

Shell act as soon as this exam matter is over and take my place to become the new crown princess.

How can I let her do as she wishes!”


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