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The main culprit was naturally Concubine Bai.

What happened to them had taken place in the Hundred Flower Palace, and the one who had poisoned them was her personal maid.

There was no way that woman was uninvolved.

Zu An was a bit hesitant.

“How about we investigate them secretly first We might startle them and scare them away if we go without any proof.”

The crown princess harrumphed.

“An investigation requires proof.

Im not going there for an investigation, but rather to vent my anger!” She stormed out immediately after, and her personal maid Rong Mo quickly followed behind her.

She also summoned some maids and servants to accompany them.

Zu An quickly followed along.

“Big bro Zu, congratulations on your promotion,” Jiao Sigun and Piao Duandiao moved over and said happily.

“How about we celebrate this tonight at the government brothel” Piao Duandiao suggested excitedly.

Zu An gave the black circles under Piao Duandiaos eyes a look and couldnt help but say, “Didnt you guys just go yesterday Wont your waist be sore if you go today too”

“Of course n...” Piao Duandiao subconsciously straightened out his chest, but pain surged through his body.

He subconsciously rubbed his waist.

“I guess I am still a bit sore.”

“You should just get some proper rest.

Dont let those government brothel girls suck you dry day after day.” Zu An patted his shoulder with a chuckle.

After he had parted ways with Yun Jianyue and Qiu Honglei, he had already lost most of his interest in the government brothel.

Piao Duandiao sighed quietly as he watched Zu Ans departing figure.

“Big bro Zu has changed.”

Jiao Sigun rolled his eyes.

“If you had the Chu clans first miss as your wife, you wouldnt be all that interested in those powdered prostitutes either.”

“But wont you get tired of even the prettiest girl eventually The government brothel has all sorts of different girls, so they can give you fresh feelings,” Piao Duandiao retorted.

“Heh,” Jiao Sigun sneered.

“Did you forget all those beauties we saw at the palace gates yesterday Who says big bro only has Chu First Miss alone He might sleep with Chu First Miss today, and then he might have the young Murong lady tomorrow.

It could be Miss Jiang the day after, and then Lady Xie… There would be a new flavor every day.

Once it became Chu First Miss turn again, then wouldnt it be fresh again Why would he feel any boredom”

“This is the first time youve made sense.” Piao Duandiao was stupefied.

His eyes were full of jealousy.

“I thought I understood what made big bro Zu happy before, but now that youve opened my eyes, I realize I cant bring him any happiness at all.”

The crown princess group quickly arrived at the Hundred Flower Palace, but Concubine Bai was already ready to meet them.

“I greet the crown princess!” Piao Duandiao, Jiao Sigun and the other servants thought to themselves that Concubine Bai was beautiful, and even her words were gentle.

They really enjoyed listening to her speak.

Zu An really found it hard to associate this charming and graceful exterior with the vicious person who had schemed so viciously against them.

He couldnt help but be on alert.

The prettier the girl, the better they were at lying. Zu An, how could you be fooled by the oldest trick in the book

Comparatively speaking, the crown princess wasnt fooled by her exterior at all.

She replied coldly, “Concubine Bai, why did you come out so quickly today”

Concubine Bai looked troubled and said, “This one doesnt understand what the crown princess is saying.”

Even Piao Duandiao and the other eastern palace subordinates felt the crown princess was crossing the line when they saw Concubine Bais pitiful appearance, that she was bullying someone as gentle as that.

Of course, they only dared to think these thoughts; they wouldnt dare to speak them out.

Zu An was the only one who knew that the crown princess was talking about the last time they had gone to the Hundred Flower Palace, how Concubine Bai had never shown herself.

The crown princess harrumphed and didnt say anything else.

After all, this wasnt a matter she could easily talk about.

She walked straight into the Hundred Flower Palace, and sat at the most important seat as soon as she went in.

She looked around and said, “Why dont I see that maid of yours”

“Is the crown princess talking about Xin Rui” Concubine Bai replied, “She requested a leave of absence a few days ago, so she isnt here.

She hasnt returned yet.”

“She requested a leave Are you sure she wasnt just silenced” the crown princess sneered.

Concubine Bai remained unfazed.

“The crown princess must be joking.”

The crown princess slammed her chair.

“Whos joking around with you! Men, arrest this lowly woman and strike her across the face!”

Piao Duandiao and the other guards frowned inside.

They didnt understand what  the crown princess was trying to do.

Of course, this type of thing required physical contact with a concubine, so it wasnt for the men to do.

Instead, Rong Mo walked forward in a threatening manner alongside some maids.

The maids of the Hundred Flower Palace were all alarmed.

They subconsciously thought of protecting their master.

However, how could they be a match for Rong Mo They were blown back by her strength, and Concubine Bai was detained soon afterward.

Rong Mo raised her hand high, but just when she was just about to bring it down, Concubine Bai spoke.

“Crown princess, even if you wish to strike me, you must at least give me a reason.”

The crown princess said indifferently, “You treated me with disrespect.

According to the palace laws, I naturally have the right to strike you.”

“This one has always treated the crown princess with respect.

I have never dared to show any negligence in this matter.

I wonder what this disrespect you are speaking of is.” Concubine Bai gained the sympathy of the onlookers with her pitiful appearance.

There were tears in her eyes as she looked around.

“There are so many people watching.

All of them can serve as witnesses.”

“Is that so Then do you all feel that Im making things difficult for Concubine Bai for no reason” The crown princess scanned the place with her sharp gaze.

Those maids and eunuchs all shook their heads.

“We dont!”

Zu An couldnt help but laugh.

These people were all scared of the crown princesstyrannical abuse.

To be honest, even though the crown princess wasnt that old, the awe she inspired was much greater than that of others her age.

Just then, Concubine Bai looked at Zu An.

“Sir Zu, can you speak a few words for the sake of justice”

The crown princess frowned.

This lowly woman loved to seduce men with her pitiful appearance.

She didnt say anything this time and gave Zu An a curious look, wanting to see how he would reply.

Zu An said with an embarrassed smile, “We arent actually that close…”

Even though Concubine Bai had met with him alone before, given him some gifts, and even offered him her Hundred Flower Tea, meaning their relationship shouldnt have been that bad, he had almost been done in by her this time.

As such, he couldnt afford to be soft-hearted here.

“Men all forget favors and justice after all.

I helped you before, but youre so quick to turn your back,” came a voice next to Zu Ans ears, accompanied by a sigh.

His eyes widened, because Concubine Bai was only staring at him with her large, misty eyes, but she hadnt opened her mouth.

But these words had clearly been spoken by her! Concubine Bai was actually a hidden expert! Furthermore, what was even more important was the voice she spoke with…

Rong Mo finally became impatient and her palm flew downward, but Zu An quickly walked forward to stop her.


Rong Mo frowned.

She gave him a cold look.

The others broke out in cold sweat because of Zu An. You cant go against the crown princess just because she favors you!

Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun exchanged a look. Lust can lead to bad consequences! 

The crown princess became unhappy and asked, “What the heck are you doing”

Zu An said quietly, “Concubine Bai has things she wishes to say to the crown princess.

Would it be possible to have everyone else leave for now”

The crown princess raised her eyebrows.

She wouldnt have batted an eyelid if Concubine Bai had said so, but if it was Zu An saying those words, then she knew there was definitely a reason for it.

After a bit of hesitation, she waved her hands, gesturing for Rong Mo and the others to leave.

“Crown princess…” Rong Mo was worried that something might happen to the crown princess if she were left here alone.

The crown princess said indifferently, “Its fine.

All of you are to guard the entrance.

No one is permitted inside without my orders.”

Rong Mo had no choice but to leave.

She gave Zu An a hateful look when she walked past. The crown princess always discussed everything with me before, and would never hide things from me.

Now, this kid comes out of nowhere and I suddenly feel estranged from the crown princess! There are many things I cant even listen to anymore.

Everyone likes to call women vixens, but in my opinion, this is probably the king of male vixens!

You have successfully trolled Rong Mo for 233 233 233…

When everyone withdrew, the crown princess gave Concubine Bai a cold look.


What do you have to say to me”

Concubine Bai stood up from the ground.

She no longer carried her usual lovable air, and her entire demeanor became incredibly calm instead.

“I know why you came today.

However, I can tell you clearly that the one who framed you that day isnt me.

On the contrary, I even saved you two.”


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