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“Ive shown Chu First Miss a poor side of me, haha.” Murong Xiu was quite embarrassed and finally stopped his chattering.

He gestured for a maid to support Murong Qinghe.

Chu Chuyan nodded slightly, then turned around to leave with Chu Youzhao.

Murong Xiu was momentarily dazed as he watched that sweet, fair, and graceful figure walk away.

Murong Qinghe couldnt help but say, “Stop looking already; shes already gone.”

Murong Xiu harrumphed.

“What does a kid like you know about true love”

“Chu First Miss is already married!” Murong Qinghe rolled her eyes.

Did this guy have a fetish for other peoples wives

“Miss Chu has already divorced that guy surnamed Zu or whatever.” Murong Xiu quickly justified himself, as if her words were slandering his goddess.

“Furthermore, with Chu First Miss beauty, character, and ability, I dont mind at all even if she has married once.

The one I like is her; no matter what choice she makes, Ill still like her.”

Murong Qinghe stared at him for a long time.

In the end, she couldnt help but say, “You really take your simping to a whole different level.” This was a term she had learned from Zu An.

It really was quite fitting here.

Murong Xiu frowned.

He had a feeling the term didnt mean anything good.

“With a strong will, one can achieve anything.

What does a brat like you understand”

Murong Qinghe opened her delicate mouth and gave her brother a sympathetic look. You have no idea what your goddess has just gone though, and yet youre still blabbering about will or whatever...

Murong Qinghe had actually woken up in the middle of the night.

Her cultivation was higher than Chu Youzhaos, and her bloodline made her sober up faster than normal people.

She had felt a bit parched when she woke up, so shed looked for water to drink.

As she passed by Chu Youzhaos room, she noticed that the door wasnt completely closed, and that her big brother Chu was sleeping inside.

Something seemed to possess her when she saw his ridiculously handsome face.

She snuck in and began to look at her big brother Chus fair cheeks and his red lips.

Her heart beat crazily. How can this world have a man this beautiful!

After some hesitation, she finally couldnt resist the temptation and secretly lowered her head to kiss his little mouth.

Even though she was normally rough and straightforward, she was still a girl in the end.

She was worried that the other party might wake up when she did such a daring thing, and she felt extremely guilty doing so.

Suddenly, she heard a noise from off to the side that frightened her.

However, the sound was very strange and disturbing.

She couldnt resist her curiosity and moved over to the window to take a peek.

Just like that, her entire worldview was shattered.

Was that still the cold big sister Chu she remembered! After all, she had seen her fair share of Chu Chuyans cold exterior because of Murong Xiu.

Was this totally submissive and charming woman really the same person

When she recalled all of this, her eyes became filled with more and more sympathy when she looked at her older brother.

She felt she should once more warn him that his goddess already belonged to another man.

Suddenly, Murong Xiu said, “Why are you even talking like that anyway Shouldnt you be helping me If I can obtain Chu first miss and become that big brother Chus brother-in-law, then I can help you more! Wouldnt it be easy enough for the two of you to get together then”

Murong Qinghes eyes lit up. That makes sense! Then I wont tell him about what happened for now.


Zu An obviously didnt know what they were talking about.

After a beautiful night, he felt refreshed and energized.

He changed into the uniform of the crown princes secretary, then entered the palace for morning roll call.

When he arrived at the eastern palace, he greeted Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun with a smile.

“How was last night”

But the two of them didnt respond to him, and instead continuously gestured toward him.

Zu An was surprised.

Had something happened

A flustered and exasperated voice emerged from inside.

“That Zu An guy came Arrest him for this crown prince immediately!”

Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun were helpless and could only arrest Zu An.

Still, they warned him quietly, “You have to hold back no matter what.

You cant go against the crown prince! Otherwise, its hard to predict what might happen.” Over the years, the crown prince had had too many people beaten to death.

That was why they immediately warned Zu An.

Zu An frowned.

It was actually the stupid fatty this time.

When had he offended this fellow

They quickly entered the palace.

The crown prince sat high up on a chair while two lesser eunuchs fed him grapes.

When he saw Zu An, he immediately picked up the plate next to him and threw it at Zu Ans head.

Unfortunately, his accuracy was too poor and he couldn\'t hit the target.

It instead landed on Piao Duandiaos face.

Piao Duandiao was stunned, but he didnt dare show any dissatisfaction and instead maintained a smile.

When the scattered grapes and juice splattered onto him, Zu Ans expression sank. What kind of tantrum is this damn fatty throwing now

“You actually dare to take advantage of Linglong!” the crown prince exclaimed, enraged.

“Men, beat this man viciously until he dies!”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Ruizhi for 888 888 888…

Zu An hadnt expected this idiot to be able to provide so many Rage points.

Although his intelligence was poor, even children knew how to protect their toys, it seemed.

After all, the crown princess was obviously the most precious and important toy to him.

He could only try to explain, “The crown prince has misunderstood.

Nothing happened between me and the crown princess.

This is something your majestys father and even King Qi have already investigated.

Even Sir Libationer personally set out to prove my innocence.

If the crown prince doesnt believe me, you can ask them.”

Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun quickly parroted, “Indeed, crown prince.

There are villains who are trying to trick you! Sir Zu is innocent.” These colleagues, whom Zu An had a good relationship with, both spoke out for his sake.

The crown prince roared out, “I dont care! Regardless of who it is, anyone who offends Linglong shall die!”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Ruizhi for 444 444 444…

Zu An only now remembered his first encounter, when he had seen the fattys sinister expression.

Back then, he had heard that there were many eunuchs and maids who had been killed by this guy.

He had almost been fooled by the crown princes simple exterior these past few days, and forgotten how ruthless he was.

“What Why arent you all doing anything Are you all colluding with him” The crown prince roared furiously at the other people in the room, “If you still dont obey me, then all of you will be punished the same way!”

The attendants of the eastern palace looked at each other in dismay.

They quietly said to Zu An, “Sir Zu, sorry about this.

Please endure for a bit.” This was because Zu An had a good relationship with these people.

If it were anyone else, they would already have been beaten until they lost a layer of skin.

Zu An was tied to a seat and a group of guards walked over with thick sticks.

His expression was gloomy.

He could increase his strength through getting beaten up, but wasnt this too humiliating He wasnt a masochist.

He could tolerate being beaten up by a high level cultivator, but he definitely wouldnt accept something like this.

Just as he was beginning to consider how he might get out of this situation, an icy voice shouted, “Halt!”

The attendants sighed in relief.

Thank goodness the crown princess had come.

She was the only one who could keep the crown prince in check.

Otherwise, if the crown prince really went crazy, then they might also go down with Zu An.

The crown prince was excited when he saw the crown princess.

“Linglong, you came at the perfect time! Watch how Im going to discipline this guy who bullied you.”

The crown princess scanned the area for a moment before her eyes fell on Zu An.

She had a rough idea of what was happening.

Her brows rose sharply as she asked, “What is the crown prince doing”

The crown prince replied, “Im beating up the one who bullied you!”

“His majesty and Sir Libationer already said that we were framed, and yet youre beating him up here.

What would others think of me if news of this got out” The crown princess began to cry from frustration.

“People would only think that something had really happened between the two of us.

How would I even live  in the future! Crown prince, is this because you really want to make Concubine Bai your official wife That isnt necessary; Ill just retire on my own! Whats the point of being a crown princess anymore”

The crown prince immediately panicked.

He had no idea where to put his chubby hands.

“Linglong, please dont get mad.

Thats not what I meant! I just wanted to help you…”

“If the crown prince really wants to help me feel better, then look for the ones who framed me, and dont act against Zu An.” The crown princess tears poured out like pearls.

“Not only are you not helping me, youre instead condemning me to eternal damnation…”

The crown prince became flustered.

“Wont it be okay if I just don\'t hit him”

The crown princess immediately cut him off.

“Not only can you not hit him, you must put him in an important position.

Only then can we show that we have a clear conscience! Only then will everyone be convinced.”

Zu An was stupefied.

This woman really had the crown prince in the palm of her hand.


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