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Zu An had a weird expression as he stared at the skill description.

I Have a Friend Skill Description: In this world, there is an extremely mysterious and loyal friend.

It doesnt matter whether you want to prove your words are real, or theres something you dont want to talk about because it is too embarrassing; he will immediately bail you out.

No one has really seen him before, yet he really does exist in the lives of everyone.

Skill Effects: When you start withI have a friend, everyone will know that youre making that statement up.

That friend of yours is actually yourself.

Zu An was stunned. What the hell Isnt this skill just trash Even if I didnt have this skill, if I said thatI have a friend, everyone would know that I was talking about myself, right Why the heck do I need this skill What a freaking scam!

Zu An finally snapped.

Most of these skills were scams.

His mood wasnt all that great after pulling a skill that wasnt all that useful.

He could only pray to Buddha to see if he could get a skill that could help him out of his current predicament.

Thank you for playing… Thank you for playing… Thank you for playing…

His eyes twitched when he saw those words.

In the end, he didnt pull any other new skills or tools.

He could only sigh in disappointment.

Looks like suddenly asking Buddha for help when he rarely ever lit incense didnt work.

The total came out to 331 Ki Fruits.

Compared to the usual ten percent hit rate, his luck today really was garbage.

Zu An looked around.

Although he saw that no one was paying attention to him, he still didnt feel at ease.

He went to the corner and used his body to block their line of sight.

Then, he secretly summoned Daji and fed her the Ki Fruits.

Dajis aura rose sharply and she broke straight into the sixth rank.

Zu Ans mood finally improved a bit.

He thought to himself, If I earned a few more waves of Rage points and managed to raise Daji to the master rank, or even grandmaster rank, then wouldnt I be practically invincible

Even though his current strength wasnt bad, the seventh rank wasnt anything special at all in the capital.

There were eighth ranked experts everywhere.

He wanted to cry when he thought of that.

He cultivated frantically, yet in the end, Dajis rise in cultivation was already about to catch up to him.

What the hell…

Suddenly, his mind stirred and he quickly recalled Daji.

A second later, Guo Zhi appeared outside of his prison and asked, “Brother Zu, are you alright”

“Im fine, I was just taking a piss here.” Zu An shook his body a bit and then pulled up his pants.

“Thats good, thats good.

You can just call for someone if you need anything.” Guo Zhi looked him over.

When he saw that Zu An was fine, he left, muttering to himself, “How strange… I think I sensed some type of aura just now.

Was that a misperception”

Zu An immediately went on alert.

It seemed it would be better to be a bit more careful.

If word of Dajis appearance reached Zhuxie Chixins ears, then things would become a bit tricky.

Then, he lay down on the bed and began to slowly recollect the details of the whole affair…

Time passed just like that.

Zu An wasnt interrogated for several days.

He was so bored in his cell that he felt like a hen about to lay some eggs.

Fortunately, Chu Chuyan visited him from time to time, bringing him the newest information from the court.

“The court has been in quite a commotion recently.

Because there hasnt been any conclusive proof, the crown princes faction launched a full force retaliation, saying that someone tried to frame them.

Theyre insisting on an investigation to find the one who planned this behind the scenes.

“King Qis faction isnt willing to just back down either.

They made a huge fuss over the witnesses and your clothes that were left on the scene.

Now that were on the topic, do you really have nothing going on with the crown princess Why were your clothes found together”

Zu An smiled in embarrassment and said, “Were clearly being framed here.

Wouldnt it be easy enough if they wanted to steal my clothes”

“But stealing the crown princess clothes isnt that easy, right” Chu Chuyan frowned.

However, she didnt really suspect Zu An.

She continued, “After fighting back and forth, someone suggested to call for Sir Libationer to find out the truth.

“Many subjects didnt agree to this at first, as they all had their own misgivings.

But theres nothing else they can do.

They went back and forth for a few days.

I believe theyll reach an agreement soon, and Sir Libationer will come to settle this matter.”

Chu Chuyans clear and cold eyes revealed her worries.

“Sir Libationers strength is unfathomable.

He isnt any weaker than King Qi.

There are some who suspect that he might even be someone comparable to his majesty.

No one can lie in front of him.”

Zu An said with a smile, “I didnt expect to receive such an honor.

Even someone this important is getting involved.”

He remembered Yun Jianyue mentioning that there were two and a half people she had some misgivings against.

He knew about the emperor and King Qi.

Was this Libationer the half

“Youre still in the mood to laugh” Chu Chuyan began to panic.

“If you really did anything, then theres no way you would be able to hide it from Sir Libationer.”

Zu An had a weird expression.

“Im talking about what-ifs, okay What if.

What if there were something between me and the crown princess What would you do”

Chu Chuyans beautiful brows raised sharply.

“Then you would deserve it even if you die!”

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 22 22 22…

Look at this jealous girl! Zu An laughed and said, “Dont worry, both the crown princess and I are innocent.” Though… Our interpretation of the word innocent might be different. Either way, there was no way he would claim to be guilty unless they went all the way to third base.

Chu Chuyan sighed in relief.

“Thats good.

Once Sir Libationer comes, you should be able to get out soon afterwards.”

Zu An noticed the weariness in her expression and his heart softened.

He grabbed her hands and said, “Chuyan, Ive really troubled you these past few days by making you run all over the place.”

Chu Chuyan sighed and said, “I actually know that everything Ive done these past few days has been useless.

What happened this time is already on too large of a scale.

Neither the Chu nor the Qin clan can do too much for you.”

Zu An smiled warmly.

“You did help me a lot.

Otherwise, it wouldnt have been the Libationer who came, and I wouldve been secretly silenced instead.”

Chu Chuyan smiled.

“Youre always so good at comforting me.”

After Chu Chuyan left, Zhen Xueyi, Jiang Boyang, and Murong Tong entered together.

Zhuxie Chixin was present as well.

When he saw the lineup, Zu An shivered inside.

It seemed some things truly were inevitable.

The jailer brought Zu An to an interrogation room.

Zhen Xueyi and the others didnt sit down the way they had before, but instead waited quietly by the entrance.

Even Zhuxie Chixin didnt have his usual arrogant expression.

Soon afterwards, an invisible aura pushed open the entrance, and an elder in a green robe slowly walked in.

His steps looked extremely slow, but he entered the interrogation room almost instantly.

That feeling of spatial distortion was painful to watch.

Zu An sized up this legendary figure, but he could only be described as ordinary looking, to the point where no one would even bother giving him a second look if they saw him outside.

Comparatively, Jiang Boyang and the others appeared to have much more character.

However, those elegant uncles could only serve as supporting characters next to this elder.

His eyes were incredibly deep, as if they carried the weight of countless experiences.

In that instant, Zu An almost forgot what he looked like.

The only things left were those deep eyes.

“You are that Zu An” The libationer didnt greet Jiang Boyang and the others, to the extent where he didnt even nod toward them.

It was impossible to tell if that was because of disdain, or merely because he didnt need to do such a thing due to his status.

Jiang Boyang and the others didnt become upset, as if they had expected that.

They instructed, “Zu An, hurry and pay your respects to Sir Libationer.”

Zu An greeted the elder.

“This junior greets Sir Libationer.” Being stubborn and arrogant in front of someone like this would be very stupid.

Furthermore, this man was in charge of his fate.

The libationer smiled and said, “There is no need to be nervous.

You only need to reply to one question.

Please answer naturally and do not resist.”

In that instant, Zu An felt as if he had been bathed in autumn wind.

He focused a hundred and twenty percent of his attention and replied, “Sir Libationer, please ask away!”

This elder was ridiculously strong.

If he forced himself to Keyboard Come, that would most likely result in his death.

The only thing he could try out at this point would be his new skill.

He had already thought through just how to use that seemingly trash skill.

However, he still didnt have a hundred percent confidence in making it past this libationers trial.

The libationers eyes shone with radiance as he asked, “Are you and the crown princess innocent”

“I have a friend…” Zu An was just about to start his skill, but he was stunned. This question… He immediately replied, “Yes!”

The libationer nodded.

“It is the truth.

Very well, my interrogation is complete.” After saying so, he turned around to leave.


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