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Snow felt like she was being driven crazy.

She must have sinned deeply in her previous life for her to actually encounter such a fellow.

“Not only will I kill you today, but Ill also sever your tongue and feed it to the dogs!”

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Zu An was still thinking of squeezing more Rage points out of her, but Snow had already darted forward to launch her second wave of attacks.


Realizing that he was unable to dodge in time, Zu An channeled every last bit of strength in his body to protect himself.

Two fists clashed with one another.

As if he had been rammed by an oncoming lorry, Zu An was immediately jolted flying before slamming into the wall.

He felt like his hands were going to break apart from the sheer rebound.

He quickly tried to rise back to his feet, only to vomit out a puddle of blood on the floor.

How could such thin arms and legs wield so much strength

Snow was also equally surprised too.

She looked at the red imprint on her own palm and thought back about the strength exerted by him earlier on, and she couldnt help but remark in astonishment, “Hm Youve actually reached the third rank!”

Meanwhile, Zu An felt like his innards were being wrecked, but he still put on a calm smile and said, “Did you just realize that on top of my good looks, Im also an incredible cultivation prodigy, and you cant help but fall deeply in love with me”

“Fall deeply in love, your head!”

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With a darkened complexion, Snow rushed forward and kicked right into Zu Ans abdomen, sending the latter tumbling a few rounds before finally coming to a halt.

“Zu wastrel, you have really managed to provoke my ire today.

I wont let you get off the hook easily today.

Ill make sure that you suffer so much that you would wish that youre dead!”

This lass sure knows how to bear a grudge.

Zu An silently took out the Heiress Ball of Delights and prepared to activate it, only to freeze in place right after.

He belatedly realized a problem here.

Right now, he had a debt note worth a hulking 7,500,000 silver taels on him.

There were probably only a handful of people who were richer than him in Brightmoon City right now.

Even if the 7,500,000 silver taels wasnt something he could cash out in the short-run, he still had 150,000 silver taels on hand right now.

There was a condition to the Heiress Ball of Delights—the enemy must be a woman richer than him in order for its effects to be invoked.

Surely a maid like Snow cant possibly be richer than me, right

The only reason why Zu An was able to keep calm all this while was due to this trump card he had on hand.

One must know that he even managed to stand his ground against a fifth rank cultivator using the combination of the Heiress Ball of Delights and the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra.

No matter how powerful Snow was, surely she couldnt be more formidable than renowned prodigy Pei Mianman, right

He would have never imagined that his newly-found wealth would actually become his own downfall.

In the blink of an eye, he found himself in a precarious situation.

Unwilling to give up just like that, Zu An asked out loud, “Hey, can I ask you a question How much money do you have”

Snow was stunned.

She had thought of many possibilities, but she didnt think that Zu An would ask him such an abstract question.

“Thats none of your business.

You just have to know that Ill be very rich once I kill you.”

That response provoked a deep sigh from Zu An.

From the looks of it, he couldnt rely on the Heiress Ball of Delights anymore.

This item was his strongest trump card, and he couldnt bear to waste it on an uncertain use.

“Why do you want to kill me” Zu Ans mind quickly whirred to action as he tried to think of a countermeasure.

He was hoping to extract some information from Snows mouth while the latter was overwhelmed with glee.

“A despicable and shameless scum like you deserves not to live on the face of this world!” Snow spat out angrily.

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Zu An was stunned.

He didnt think that Snows grudge toward him would actually run this deep.

Is it really possible to hate someone as handsome as me so deeply

“Are you trying to stall for time Dont even dream about it!” Snow harrumphed coldly as she charged forth once more.

She felt that she should first rip off Zu Ans limbs so as to be safe.

Unexpectedly, Zu An actually managed to avoid her attack by flipping over.

After that, the two of them continued trading a few blows, and Zu An would be left spurting blood each and every time, but oddly enough, the latter seemed to be getting stronger and faster despite the increasing severity of his injuries.

In fact, Zu An was almost getting close to her level now.

Zu An knew that this was the effect of the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra.

He would be able to exert an extraordinary amount of force when he was severely injured, but without the Heiress Ball of Delights to maintain his health bar, he really didnt know when he would exceed his limit and drop dead.

Thus, he was prepared to summon and use Faith in Brother Spring as soon as he felt that he was at his limit.

“Did you learn some sort of secret art” asked Snow.

There were techniques that granted a cultivator a huge leap in strength within a short period of time, but they tended to come with overwhelming negative side effects.

“If you call mebig brother, Ill consider letting you in on the secret,” said Zu An with a chuckle.

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“Youre courting death!”

A silver needle suddenly appeared in Snows hand, and all of a sudden, Zu An found a barrage of needles flying in his direction.

“The hell! A hidden weapon”

Zu An desperately tried to dodge the attacks, but he still ended up getting pierced by quite a number of them.

Fresh blood wouldnt stop trickling down from his wounds, and he even lost grip of the dagger in his hand.

With a louddang!, it fell to the ground.

“You have strength, but you know not of combat skills.

Youre nothing more than a fat pig waiting to be slaughtered!” Snow sneered coldly.

Zu An fell into silence.

Was the barrage of needles a combat skill I havent learned anything of that sort yet, but if I could grasp some of them, I might be able to exert far greater prowess with the same physical limitations.

“A trash will forever remain a trash.

Ive no idea how you managed to cultivate, but it all comes to an end here.” A cold sneer sat on Snows lips.

“Any last words”

Zu An spat a mouthful of bloodied saliva before chuckling.

“You stabbed me with your needles today.

Ill make sure to return the favor and stab you back hard one day.”

“Its not like you can use needles…” The smile on Snows face suddenly vanished halfway through her words as the innuendo finally sunk in, and her face turned wintry cold.

“I really dont know whether I should be impressed with you or not.

Even on your dying breath, you still want to take advantage of me.”

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Zu An wiped off the bloodied trail on his lips before looking at her with a bizarre gaze.

“How do you know Ill die”

“Do you have any other trump cards then Take them out and impress me then!” scoffed Snow.

“Im just afraid that you wont be able to bear it.” Zu An had hardly any strength left in his body.

He had to lean against the wall just to maintain his posture.

“Have you ever been pregnant before”

Snow widened her eyes in bewilderment for a moment before her rage flurried furiously.

“What nonsense are you spouting”

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How could a man ask a maiden like her whether she had been pregnant before Snow made up her mind to tear off Zu Ans tendons so as to vent her anger.

On the other hand, a sinister smile emerged on Zu Ans lips as he said, “I can make you pregnant.”

Snow was already numb to Zu Ans taunts by this point.

She couldnt even be bothered to get angry anymore, especially not at someone who was going to die very soon.

She walked right up to him and gazed down at him from above.

“Hand the debt note over, and maybe Ill…”

Halfway through her words, she suddenly froze up.

Then, she subconsciously touched her tummy.

Whats going on Why does my stomach suddenly feel so bloated

She quickly looked down at her stomach, but it was still completely flat.

Then, her body suddenly arched backward as an aching pain seeped into her back.

“What did you do to me”

Snow began to panic.

She had never experienced these sensations before, and it had already transcended the realms of her understanding.

Zu An responded with light laughter.

“Didnt I tell you that I can make you pregnant Did you take my words as a joke”

It was indeed impossible for him to turn the tables around with his own strength, so he could only resort to the Knock-You-Up Eyes.

However, to his astonishment, the skill didnt produce intense labor pains right away.

Instead, it started off with the sensations of pregnancy first.

This subtle difference could spell a huge difference in a battle, so he would have to take note of it in the future.

Needless to say, there was no way Snow would believe that she was really pregnant.

In a moment of rage, she wanted to end Zu Ans life there and then, but an excruciating pain suddenly burst forth in her abdomen.


She tried her best to stifle her voice, but the pain had already transcended the level of being bearable.

She was forced to immediately squat down, and she even felt an urge to roll on the spot.

Seeing how Snow was clutching her abdomen in pain, her face pale and sweaty, Zu An immediately took advantage of this opening to leap on her.

He had suffered quite a bit in the earlier part of the fight, so he dared not to give her a chance to make a comeback and hurriedly brawled her down, hoping to curb her in close-quarter.

Shocked, Snow hurriedly raised her hand to push him away, but yet another wave of excruciating pain broke out in her abdomen, causing her movements to jerk to a halt.

As a result, she ended up getting rammed to the ground.

Snow was shocked to see herself pinned under Zu Ans body.

She quickly tried to retaliate by attacking his head, but the intense pain breaking loose in her abdomen left her unable to exert her strength properly.

As soon as she raised her hand, Zu An had already pinned her wrist back down onto the ground.

She tried to struggle, but for some reason, Zu Ans strength didnt lose out to her at all, not to mention that she wasnt in the condition to exert the full extent of her prowess at all.

On top of that, her awkward position made it hard for her to maneuver around.

Due to all of these factors, her struggling did nothing but give Zu An more chances to take advantage of her body.

Zu An had to admit that despite Snows ferocious temper, she did have a good figure.

It wasnt as exaggerated as Pei Mianmans, but her slim and soft body was refreshingly youthful.

He actually couldnt bear to kill her in a moments time.

“What did you do to me” asked Snow with a reddened face.

She had already realized that her struggling did nothing but pleasure Zu An, so she stopped moving altogether.

“As Ive told you, Im giving you a taste of what pregnancy feels like.

Why dont you believe me” Looking at how the sheer pain had managed to incapacitate Snow, Zu An couldnt help but wonder how a man would react in response to it.

“Shameless!” Snow felt both humiliated and angered.

Unaware of the existence of the Knock-You-Up Eyes, she thought that Zu An was just mocking her.

After all, she only knew of one way to get pregnant in this world.

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for 798 Rage!

“So, its alright for you to kill me, but Im shameless for trying to retaliate” Zu An sneered coldly.

“Speak, whos the one who sent you here”

Snow turned her face sideward.

She was silently gathering her ki to turn the tables around with a single blow, but whatever ki she tried to gather would dissipate whenever a new wave of labor pain set in.

Whats going on This pain keeps coming back, and its even growing stronger!

As a young maiden, Snow couldnt have possibly imagined that this was a unique sensation experienced by mothers in childbirth.

“You refuse to speak I guess Ill take off your clothes and put you on exhibition before everyone in Brightmoon City then!” said Zu An.

“You dare!” Snow was alarmed.

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for 444 Rage!


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