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“What!” Everyones expressions changed.

Who was Zu An He was a criminal who was involved in a scandal with the crown princess right now.

There were countless pairs of eyes on him right now, yet someone wanted to kill him Who would dare to do such a thing

Jiang Boyang subconsciously looked in the direction Zu An was pointing at.

When he saw the overturned food, the grains of rice scattered everywhere across the dried grass, he immediately revealed a suffering expression.

Zhen Xueyi and Murong Tong both turned around and gave Guo Zhi another look.

In that instant, they could feel the power of the aura that erupted from him.

Huh Why was this fellow so angry Was he angry that someone had tried to silence this matter, or was it because of Zu An Could it be that he had some friendship with Zu An that they didnt know about

Murong Tong quickly said, “Hurry and examine the poison inside.”

There was no way they would believe that it was poisonous just because Zu An said that it was.

They wouldnt allow themselves to be led by the nose like this.

The imperial prison locked up extremely important prisoners, so there were naturally specialized personnel who checked for poison.

The one assigned to that duty quickly came with a silver needle.

Then, he brought the food up to his nose to give it a sniff.

He even licked it with the tip of his tongue.

Zu Ans eyebrows rose when he saw this. Isnt this just too much dedication If it were a pile of ** that was poisoned, would he give it a lick too

That jailer quickly spat out the things in his mouth.

He got up and said, “The food has Zombie Poison mixed in.

Even though this poison isnt fatal, it can make one lose their mind and become a living corpse.”

Everyones expression became serious when they heard the report.

The poison wasnt intended to kill Zu An.

Were they worried that killing him would be going too far, risking too much But turning him into a living corpse was another form of silencing him.

The messy-haired Imperial Director Zhen Xueyi finally spoke up.

He gave Guo Zhi a cold look.

“Who was the one who delivered Zu Ans food today”

Guo Zhi quickly called for someone to look into it.

The result made his expression change several times.

“There was a new person who was transferred over.

Hes already nowhere to be seen.”

“Absolutely disgraceful! You actually allowed someone to barge into the imperial prison and do whatever they want Do you even want your position as the Right Guard General anymore!” Jiang Boyang was already furious.

When he saw Zhen Xueyis messy hair, he felt as if he could no longer hold himself back.

Guo Zhi became the target for venting his anger.

Guo Zhi began to sweat buckets.

His expression was full of shame.

“Ill immediately investigate this person.”

He wasnt scared of Jiang Boyang.

Even though the other partys official rank was higher than his, they belonged to different departments, and as such, the latter couldnt tell him to do anything.

However, something major had happened in his own domain.

If the emperor criticized him, he wouldnt be able to bear that guilt.

Furthermore, he and Zu An had even called each other brothers, yet something had almost happened to Zu An in his own domain.

This was just too humiliating.

Jiang Boyangs expression thus eased a bit.

However, he couldnt remain in such a messy prison.

He immediately got up to leave and gestured for the jailer to bring Zu An to the interrogation room.

When the others arrived, Jiang Boyang was already sitting upright in front of the table, with everything on top of it arranged neatly.

Even the surface was spotlessly clean.

Zhen Xueyi and Murong Tong exchanged a look.

How had this guy done it They didnt see him bring a rag or anything.

Jiang Boyang cleared his throat and said, “Zu An, how is the poison Should we call over a physician to check your condition”

Zhen Xueyi and Murong Tong became even more certain now.

This fellow really did have some type of relationship with Zu An.

Zu An replied, “Thank you, Sir Jiang.

This matter involves the crown princess innocence, so even if Im poisoned, Iill still do my best to cooperate with sirs.”

The three officials had strange expressions.

This kid really was shameless! All of them could clearly see that he was fine right now.

Jiang Boyang was also caught off guard.

“Alright then.

Do you know who could have done this to you”

Zu An sighed.

“I could go on and on.

I can tell you, but will you write it all down”

Murong Tong harrumphed coldly.

“Stop using excuses.

Just start talking.

Dont tell me you think the three of us arent sufficient as witnesses”

Zu An smiled, “Then Ill start.

The first one who might do something to me is Sir Murong.

Everyone knows that Sir Murong lost his position of Security Officer because of my involvement.”

Murong Tong was furious.

“You rascal! Who do you think you are That was a normal court transfer; why would it be because of you”

You have successfully trolled Murong Tong for 388 388 388…

Zu An shrugged.

He looked as if he didnt feel like arguing with this fellow, that everyone who knew the truth knew it.

Murong Tong became even more angry when he saw this.

Zhen Xueyi quickly grabbed him.

“Ahem, this old one can vouch for brother Murong; hes an upright person.

Even if hes a bit unhappy over that matter, he wouldnt do something like this.”

Zu An used that chance to say, “I also feel that Sir Murong is the outspoken and forthright type of person.

He wouldnt use this type of treacherous scheme.”

Murong Tong stuck out his chest.

He thought to himself that these were the best words that had come out of this brats mouth since hed met him.

Huh Wait, if you knew that, then why would you say what you said Werent you just messing with me

You have successfully trolled Murong Tong for 666 666 666…

But how could he know that Zu An was only doing this to earn some Rage points

Zu An then continued, “Apart from Sir Murong, the one who wants me dead the most is probably King Qi.

After all, I made him look bad not too long ago, and then I crushed his heirs knees.

If I were King Qi, I would be itching to finish me off.”

Everyones expressions became strange. It looks like you at least know yourself well.

Jiang Boyang coughed and asked, “Do you know that slandering a court king is a huge offense” At the same time, he gestured towards the scribe to not record that statement yet.

Zu An said, “Im not framing him, Im only bringing up points of suspicion.

As for the rest, you all need to investigate that on your own.”

Zhen Xueyi and the others exchanged a look.

They saw the seriousness in each others expressions.

This case was already full of points of suspicion from the very start.

Even Murong Tong, who was a strong supporter of King Qi, was starting to suspect his leader.

Zu An laughed coldly when he saw their suspicious expressions.

“I already said that Id be willing to talk, but I wasnt sure if you could write it all down.

And look where we are now.”

Zhen Xueyi, who had been casually sitting in his seat, said, “We obviously need to treat this matter seriously if it involves the king.

Just keep talking for now.

Are there any other suspicious people”

Zu An chuckled.

“Are you sure you want me to keep talking”

All of them became unhappy.

“Just keep going!” Who the heck are you kidding You already even said King Qis name; is there anyone else more tricky to deal with

But their expressions immediately changed the next second, because Zu An said, “The next one who might want me dead is his majesty!”

After a moment of petrification, all of them snapped out of their daze.

Now, even Jiang Boyang became upset.

“Brazen! Do you understand what kind of crime youve just committed!”

You have successfully trolled Jiang Boyang for 22 22 22…

Is this kid stupid If we really start an investigation, then these words alone are enough to condemn him for a great crime!

Zu An sighed.

“I warned you, but you all forced me to say it.

Even if there is disrespect, I guess well all be disrespectful together.”

The three officials were speechless.

But in the end, it was Zhen Xueyi who spoke up.

“Tell us why you think his majesty would wish to kill you first.” He thought, Why does this kid deserve a beating so badly I even want to teach him a lesson.

Zu An said, “This matter involves the crown princess purity, and if the crown prince were cuc… Ahem, and I might be innocent, I might not be.

For his majesty, wouldnt the simplest manner be to just get rid of me As the ruler, one would rather accidentally kill a thousand innocents than let a single crook go.

Isnt that but a common practice”

Everyones expression immediately became shocked when they looked at Zu An.

This kid was just a brat off the streets, yet he actually understood the art of ruling so well! Was he self-taught, or had someone taught him…

Jiang Boyang said, “Your analysis is reasonable, but there is one point youre wrong on.

His majesty doesnt care if you are innocent or not; what he cares the most about is if the crown princess is innocent.

He can kill you at will, but the crown princess is different.

She isnt someone who can just be swapped out.

Thats why before we investigate all of this, his majesty wouldnt act against you first.”

Zu An was surprised.

He had really wondered if the one who wanted to silence him was the emperor.

However, after listening to that explanation, only then did he realize that he still couldnt see as far as these real old foxes.

Murong Tong became annoyed.

“Enough, enough, this kid is rambling on just to mess with us.

Theres no need to ask him so much anymore.

I have something I want to ask you.

We investigated some other eyewitnesses.

Not only did they provide an oral confession, they also have proof.”

“What kind of proof” Zu An was stunned.

He began to think to himself.

He didnt think there was anything that could give away his identity!

Murong Tong said with a cold laugh, “There were people in the palace who found your clothes and the crown princess...

dress at the scene of the crime.

How are you going to explain this”

Everyones eyes bore daggers into Zu An when these words were spoken.


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