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“A visitor” Zu An was confused.

What kind of person would visit him at this type of time

Can it be the crown princess

No, the crown princess is currently caught up in this huge scheme.

Theres no way she would have the leisure to do such a thing.

Maybe its Zhuxie Chixin

Did the emperor send him to make sure he knew what to say

But I think we already said everything that needs to be said, right Also, Zhuxie Chixin doesnt need to visit me like this, he can just come straight in.

While he was baffled at who this person could be, an ice blue figure in a long dress appeared nearby.

He was surprised.


“Ah Zu!” Chu Chuyan broke out into a small sprint.

Only when she saw that her man hadnt been beaten, did she sigh in relief.

“Why are you here!” Zu An was surprised and happy to see her.

He grabbed her ice-cold small hands.

Chu Chuyan harrumphed and pulled her hand back.

Her joy immediately disappeared, returning to her usual coldness.

“Who were you expecting That crown princess of yours”

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 77 77 77…

Zu An forced a chuckle.

“Its one thing if others are framing me, but even you think this way”

Chu Chuyan looked rather hurt.

“If that was how I really thought, then I wouldnt have visited you first thing in the morning.”

Zu An felt warm inside.

He grabbed her small hand again.

“Its my own wife who treasures me the most after all.”

Chu Chuyan then said, “Even though you are perverted, from my understanding of you, even if you do long for the crown princess, you would only secretly go after her when you are a hundred percent sure that itll be fine.

You would never cause such a huge scene.”

Zu An: “......”

Sis, were in the imperial prison right now! Arent you being a bit too rude here

As if she guessed at his thoughts, Chu Chuyan harrumphed and said, “What are you so scared of This is exactly what we need them to know, that you absolutely wouldnt have done anything to the crown princess.”

She gave those two jailers who were monitoring the situation based on the rules a look.

Those jailers had strange looks on their faces.

They immediately turned their heads, as if they didnt hear anything.

Those jailers exchanged looks and began to whisper among themselves:

“Chu First Miss is a legendary beauty as the rumors say! But why is her personality not as cold as the people say”

“Sir Zu really is lucky to have such a stunning wife.

Like hell he would do something crazy with other girls with this type of woman at home!”

“Thats hard to say.

Guys get tired of even the prettiest women after a while.

Furthermore, the crown princess is also pretty.”

“Fuck! I almost feel like youre talking about that hag of mine back home.”

“You dare gossip about the crown princess Do you all not want your lives anymore”

Meanwhile, Zu An asked, “Chuyan, why did you come here today”

“I waited for you all night yesterday.” Chu Chuyan looked rather wronged, “But then Youzhao told me that something bad happened to you.

That was how I learned about this matter between you and the crown princess.

But unfortunately, it was already night-time then, so I couldnt come inside the palace.

That was why I could only wait until daytime before I could ask grandfather to let me in.”

“I was even almost stopped by a eunuch surnamed Wen along the way.

With how many people were crowded around him, he is probably that general manager who serves by his majestys side.” Chu Chuyan sounded like she still had some lingering fears.

“I thought that I was done for and that Id even be punished by grandfather, but he let me go after just asking me my identity.

It really was strange.”

Zu An smiled.

He thought to himself that he didnt give Eunuch Wen all those gifts for nothing.

“Then, after I arrived at the imperial prison, I thought that I could use grandfather and second grandfathers connections to see if I can get past the Right Guard General.

However, when he heard that I came to see you, he just let me straight in.” Chu Chuyan looked at Zu An strangely.

“I almost felt like the two of them didnt show favor to my grandfather, but rather to you.

Are you really doing that well in the palace all on your own”

Zu An chuckled.

“Of course.

You know your mans charms well.

Men and women alike all fall victim…”

“Fell victim like you in this imperial prison right now” Chu Chuyan coldly interrupted.

Zu An: “......”

Ah… being brutally roasted right in the middle of my boast really feels like **…

Chu Chuyan quickly asked, “Just what happened last night”

“I was obviously framed…” Zu An repeated what he told the Imperial Director and the others.

It wasnt that he didnt trust her, but rather that this was the imperial prison, so there might be unwanted ears.

It was still best to play it safe.

“The Shi clan is just too despicable!” Chu Chuyans face turned cold.

She had personally experienced Shi Kuns shamelessness back then.

She almost died in the Ursae Dungeon because of the Shi clan.

She immediately believed him when he said that it was the Shi clan who was scheming all of this.

Zu An sighed.

“It would be great if it was only the Shi clan.

What I am worried about is that the one behind all of this is actually King Qi.”

Chu Chuyans expression changed.

“It cant be, right King Qis reputation has always been good.

This time, this matter has involved even the royal family, so this would be too risky for him.

Once exposed, everything would be over.”

Under the Qin clans influence, her impression of King Qi wasnt bad.

“I hope it isnt him.” Zu Ans expression was grime.

“But even if it isnt him, he will still use this chance to involve me and the crown princess in a scandal, thus weakening the crown princes sides power.”

“It wouldve been great if you just agreed to follow me back to Brightmoon City.” Chu Chuyan naturally deduced that this was an inevitable choice for King Qi.

However, after just a momentary dejection, she quickly asked, “Is there anything I can help you with I cant just let you continue to be framed by other people like this, right”

Zu An sighed in praise inside.

His wife really wasnt a pretty decoration after all.

It was no wonder she could manage the Chu clans affairs all these years.

“There is something.

Can you help me investigate some people Help me find out which eunuchs and guards are declaring that they saw me and the crown princess together and investigate their background.

See if they have any connection to King Qi or the Shi clan.”

“Also, help me investigate the Hundred Flower Palaces maid Xin Rui, see what is going on with her.”

“Xin Rui” Chu Chuyan was stunned.

“What kind of relationship does she have with this case”

This left her puzzled.

He didnt know the names of the others he wanted her to investigate, but he named this person.

“You dont need to worry about that.

Help me check to see if she is still in the Hundred Flower Palace, if she is still alive.

It would be even better if you could help me look into her background.” Zu An didnt explain in detail.

He couldnt tell her about what happened between him and the crown princess in the Hundred Flower Palace, but he could investigate them in secret.

Furthermore, the key to all of this was Xin Rui.

“Alright.” Chu Chuyan didnt make things difficult for him.

“But even if I can investigate all of this, all of this is inside the imperial palace, so the investigation will be quite slow.

Im worried that this might affect things on your side.”

Zu An said, “Its not a problem.

Seek out the empress and ask her for help.

Of course, you need to investigate Xin Rui on your own.

You cannot entrust this to anyone else.”

“The empress” Chu Chuyan was shocked.

“We have no friendship with the empress.

She might not be willing to help!”

Zu An thought to himself, you have nothing with her, but me and her definitely do.

“When you seek her out, help me tell herIts better to shatter as precious jade than to remain safe as lowly pottery, she will understand and help you.”

Chu Chuyan was mystified.

However, she knew that he wouldnt joke around at this type of critical moment.

As such, she chose to trust him.

“Okay, I will seek her out.”

The Chu and Qin clan were top level clans in the court.

She obviously had a way to meet with the empress.

After saying this, she was in a hurry to leave, but Zu An stopped her.

“Come here, give me a kiss.

Please comfort your frightened husband.”

“Do you want me to die from shame!” Chu Chuyan immediately blushed when she looked at those jailers.

Zu An sighed.

“I really might die here… We might not be able to kiss again.”

“Youre not allowed to say that!” Chu Chuyan began to panic.

She immediately clutched his mouth.

“Then just give me a kiss.” Zu An moved over to the edge of the bars.

He had a huge smile on his face.

Chu Chuyan bit her lip.

In the end, worry still overcame her bashfulness.

She moved over to kiss him.

Then, under the whistling and heckling of those guards, she ran away with a red face.

“Im going to talk to the empress!”

Those jailers all rushed over excitedly when she left.

“Sir Zu is really formidable! You managed to tame an ice queen so well!”

“You have to teach us!”

Zu An laughed when he saw their pleading expressions.

“Thats easy enough, you just need the five essential truths.”

“The five essential truths” All of the jailers looked at each other in dismay and asked.

“The first is Pan An, uh, this is a legendary handsome man.

The second is donkey, you need to be just like me down there…”

Then, he explained the other three truths.

He chatted with them while asking about what was happening in the palace right now.


After a few hours passed, Chu Chuyan rushed back with new information.

“Ah Zu, Ive already contacted the empress.

She didnt say whether she agreed or not, she only said I understand.”

Zu An nodded.

“Thats good enough.

You dont need to worry about the rest.”

Chu Chuyan immediately added, “By the way, you told me to look into that Hundred Flower Palaces Xin Rui.

I looked into it, and she seems to have disappeared yesterday.”


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