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“Thank you brother Guo for your reminder!” Zu An also secretly replied.

His past friendship was now paying some dividends.

At the very least, the other party would help him out a bit to the best of his ability.

Guo Zhi gave him a deep look, and then he silently left.

Zu An was escorted into a special cell.

His body was sealed up by experts, and there were Soul Reaping Chains tied around him.

Not only did this prevent him from escaping, it prevented him from killing himself as well.

All of this was expected.

Zu Ans expression didnt change.

Either way, he could use many of his skills even without ki.

These measures didnt affect him too much.

What he was worried about was instead the incoming joint hearing.

He felt a bit of a headache when he thought of this.

He was just a trifling crown prince secretary right now.

Was there a need for these three big shots to hold a joint hearing

This world was a bit different from ancient china.

The joint hearings were normally carried out by the Commandant of Justice, Imperial Censor, and Security Officer.

However, because this matter involved the crown princess, that was why the Imperial Director and Supervisor of Attendants replaced the Imperial Censor and Security Officer to prevent a public commotion.

The Imperial Director is one of the nine ministers.

He is in charge of controlling the royal family, as well as their relatives and nobilitys affairs.

Since this involved the crown princess, he was the most suitable candidate for presiding over this matter.

He remembered Chu Chuyan telling him that the Imperial Director Zhen Xueyis wife is actually the emperors older sister Princess Chang Chuan.

The people the emperor used for this interrogation were probably men he trusted himself.

The Commandant of Justice and Supervisor of Attendants were also part of the nine ministers.

The Commandant of Justice Jiang Boyang was in charge of the prison to begin with and an expert at judging cases.

A case on this level would naturally need him present.

This wasnt the first time Zu An interacted with him.

During the Cheng Xiong case, he strongly advocated for Cheng Xiongs innocence, but in the end, he was forced to state the crimes.

Tsk tsk tsk, this is going to be a fierce clash.

Im probably done for if I fall into his hands.

The lyrics ofBracing the Chills played in Zu Ans mind.

However, he quickly realized something.

He did all of that with his identity as Golden Token Eleven.

What did this have to do with the crown prince secretary identity

Jiang Boyang probably wont hate me.


I hope this is the case.

However, the Supervisor of Attendants was troublesome.

The Supervisor of Attendants Murong Tong used to be the Security Officer, a man with great authority, yet it was because of Zu An that he was transferred to this useless position.

This man probably really hated Zu An.

Honestly, is there something wrong with the emperors head Why the hell would two out of the three members sent for this interrogation be from King Qis faction And they both have enmity against me Do you want me to freaking die!

If I die, then your daughter-in-laws reputation will be finished too!

But mockery was mockery in the end.

Judging from his time in the capital, he already knew that King Qis influence was deeply rooted.

How could they let go of such a great opportunity this time

The key was that regardless of whether it was Jiang Boyang or Murong Tong, one was an expert at investigating cases, while one used to be a Security Officer, so he was also a specialist in this matter.

It was probably hard for even the emperor himself to refuse their additions.

Time unknowingly passed by just like that.

Soon afterwards, there was a jailer who came to escort him out.

“Sir Zu, please follow us.

Sir Imperial Director and the others have things to ask you.”

These individuals still owed him a favor from the assassins breakout from last time, so that was why all of them spoke politely.

They didnt humiliate him like an ordinary criminal.

Zu An was brought into a private room.

The jailers there said, “Sir Zu, we need to restrain you due to conventions.

Please forgive us.”

“Its fine.”  Zu Ans expression remained calm.

The jailers clamped his arms and legs to the wooden benches while saying in praise, “Sir Zu really is extraordinary.

Weve met many members of the court here, but they were all either weeping bitter tears or already beside themselves.

It is rare to see someone with Sir Zus composure.”

Zu An smiled.

“Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble.

I am innocent in this matter, so there is naturally no need to fear an interrogation like the others.”

Those jailers all voiced their praise.

The door opened at this time, and several robed officials slowly walked in.

The one in the lead was an elder with a face that seemed to harbor great bitterness and hatred.

His white hair was casually bound with a wooden hairpin, and there were quite a few messy strands falling out.

He gave off a dispirited feeling.

When Zu An saw him, he though he saw an old version of Ji Dengtu.

But their appearances werent similar at all, so he quickly removed the thought that this was Ji Dengtus dad.

According to his uniform and how he walked at the very front, this was most likely the Imperial Director Zhen Xueyi.

If he married the emperors older sister, then he should be someone of the same generation as the emperor, right Why was it that the emperor looked like he was in the prime of his life, while this guy looked like he was already aged and dying

The second official was a graceful middle-aged man with a fine complexion.

His hair was only graying around the temples, but this only gave him an even more distinguished and elegant feel.

It was easy to imagine how many girls he attracted when he was younger.

Compared to the Imperial Director, he seemed much more upright, and his hair was meticulously combed.

His clothes were well-ironed without any creases.

Judging from the white tiger diagram on the uniform, this was probably the Commandant of Justice Jiang Boyang.

Zu An gave him a few more glances.

He fought against this man before during the Cheng Xiong case, but this was their first real meeting.

He saw that Jiang Boyang wasnt looking at him.

Instead, he was staring at the Imperial Directors messy hair with a somewhat warped expression, as if he was a bit constipated.

In the end, he finally couldnt endure it anymore and said, “Sir Zhen, as one of the nine ministers, we officials are model examples for others.

We need to pay attention to our appearances.”

Zhen Xueyi chuckled.

“Nine ministers Weve already lost our former glory, how are we still model officials Itll be more fitting if you told these things to the Chancellery, Imperial  Secretariat, and Central Secretariat.”

Jiang Boyangs eyelids twitched.

He took a deep breath and said, “But dont you feel uncomfortable with your hair like that How about I help you sort it out”

Zhen Xueyi quickly evaded to the side.

“Mens heads and women\'s waists are parts those who are not lovers should not touch! Furthermore, I feel like this is more natural, that it can further exhibit my unruly and free nature.”

Murong Tong sneered from the back.

“You already have one foot in the grave, yet youre still talking about lovers, about being unruly and free Are you not scared that Princess Chang Chuan will make you kneel on a washboard”

Murong Tong was a familiar person.

Zu An already met him several times.

Zhen Xueyi became upset.

“Hey, charcoal face, dont cross the line! Dont think that I wont expose you for peeping on Madam Yus inner room back then!”

Murong Tong erupted in rage.

“You old thing, werent you there too back then! Also, how many time have I already told you My skin tone is a healthy and beautiful bronze and not black!”

Zu An was surprised.

These individuals should be a part of different camps and be like water and fire.

Why did they instead look like old friends

But he quickly realized that all of these officials in the capital knew each other somewhat.

They all grew up and strived for ambition together.

Only later on did they end up choosing the different factions they wanted to serve.

Even so, their former friendship still existed.

Their clans were probably even connected through marriage in various ways, and their relationships complicated.

As such, it wasnt to the point where neither side could not coexist with the other in this world.

Jiang Boyang felt a huge headache when he heard them fight.

He disregarded them and looked at Zu An.

He suddenly frowned.

“Who restrained you”

His fingers gently brushed out while walking over, and then a chain snapped on its own.

It was easy to see how profound his cultivation was.

Zu An was stunned. This guy seems to be pretty nice

But Jiang Boyang didnt continue to remove his shackles and instead began to sort out his collar that became a bit crooked.

Then, he took a step back to look at Zu An.

After that, he sat back down in satisfaction.

Zu An was stunned. Bro, what the ** Why are you stopping at just a single chain! 

He lowered his head and noticed that the chains on his body were now symmetrical.

When he remembered the irritation of the other party when he looked at the Imperial Director, Zu An didnt know whether to laugh or cry. So I just ran into someone with freaking OCD! I almost thought that he had some goodwill.

“Enough, enough, we need to take care of the main matter at hand first.” Jiang Boyang stopped the two arguing individuals.

The messy haired Zhen Xueyi sat down casually at the highest position.

“You can start then.

Youre the expert at judging cases.”

Jiang Boyangs breathing became rushed again when he saw him sit carelessly on his seat.

He quickly shifted his eyes so he didnt have to look at this man anymore.

He slammed the table, making a loud noise.

“Zu An, I examined the records of the palace gate and discovered that you did not leave at dusk.

What kind of shady business were you doing in the palace”

This wasnt an easy question for Zu An to answer.

Zhuxie Chixin told him to not reveal his identity as an Embroidered Envoy, which made it much harder for him to explain why he remained in the palace.

It was a huge offense for a subject to not leave the palace at dusk.

They will definitely be accused of disturbing the harem chambers.

But Zu An was prepared for this.

He calmly replied, “His majesty assigned me a secret mission.

That was why I didnt leave the palace.”

The three individuals exchanged a look.

They couldnt help but ask, “What kind of secret mission”

Zu An chuckled.

“I already said it was a secret mission, so how can I possibly randomly tell others”

Murong Tong became furious.

“Brat, you better get rid of that smile right now.

We are the ones interrogating you right now, so you should understand your position!”

The fact that this brat made him drop from the powerful Security Officer position down to his current useless position made him absolutely furious.

You have successfully trolled Murong Tong for 491 491 491…


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