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The crown princess explained, “There are some maids inside, so I need you to help me knock them out.”

She definitely couldnt accomplish this with her cultivation.

“Why do you have to knock out your own maids” Zu An was confused.

The crown princess said, “How can we let anyone else know after this type of thing happened I dont want to entrust my own safety in the hands of more people than necessary.

Furthermore, I cannot guarantee that these servants arent spies planted by other people, so its best if we make them unconscious for now.”

Zu An nodded inside.

This woman was naturally suited to a high position.

She considered things from a different angle compared to ordinary people.

However, he had to admit that her plan was more dependable.

The crown princess looked through a hidden hole.

“There are two maids chatting by the southeastern corner.

There is a maid sorting out things to the west.

There are two by the entrance.”

Zu An curled his lips.

Shes not even inside the room, yet there are still so many maids standing guard.

The crown princess really was the crown princess after all.

Zu An moved over to take a look.

He remembered where each of them were.

The crown princess backed up a bit.

Her face was a bit red, but fortunately, it was too dark to tell.

When this fella moved over just now, he touched her face by accident.

However, she quickly remembered that when Zhuxie Chixin found them, it wasnt just her face that was touched.

The two of them even kissed…

Her face immediately became even more red.

Her expression became conflicted too.

“Alright, I already have an idea.

How do you open the mechanism” Zu An asked.

The crown princess came over.

“When I count to three, you should charge in and restrain them.

Do not give them any chance to alarm the guards outside.”

“Okay.” Zu An focused his attention.

He listened to the crown princess count.

Once it reached three, light suddenly appeared above him.

He immediately rushed in.

Those maids turned around in confusion when they heard the noise.

Unfortunately, there was a blur before their eyes, and then they fainted.

The two by the entrance wanted to run.

Zu An decisively used Grandgale to immediately move behind them and knock them out.

Their bodies fell back inside the room.

The crown princess had crawled out from the secret passage at this time.

Zu An noticed that the secret passage was actually above the bed.

But after thinking about it, this made sense.

This would allow her to immediately escape during an assassination attempt while she was sleeping.

“Thank goodness that maid Rong Mo of yours wasnt here.

Or else it wouldnt have been so easy.” Zu An sighed in relief.

The crown princess replied, “She went with me to the Hundred Flower Palace.

She was waiting outside back then and is probably looking for me right now.

That is why she isnt here.”

Zu An nodded.

Something so big happened to the crown princess.

It would be more strange if Rong Mo didnt look for her.

He gave the unconscious maids a look.

He couldnt help but say, “Youre not going to kill them too, are you”

The crown princess frowned.

“Did they see your face just now”

Zu An shook his head.


“Then theres no need.

Why would I kill them” The crown princess harrumphed “Am I really an indiscriminate murderer in your eyes”

Zu An chuckled awkwardly and remained silent.

The crown princess removed the mask covering her face.

Then, she took out a set of clothes from a chest to the side.

She said with a serious tone, “Come here.”

“Why” Zu An was confused, but he still walked over.

“Help me get dressed.” The crown princess said indifferently, as if she was talking about something insignificant.

Zu An was stupefied.

“You want me to help you get dressed”

He even felt like he was looking at a child in that instant. Why do you need help putting on your clothes You really are a match for that stupid crown prince.

As if seeing through his intentions, the crown princess said, “My clothes are always complex.

I have several maids who help me get dressed normally.

I cannot put them on alone.”

Zu An voiced his reply.

He knew that he over thought things.

He moved over to her side and said, “What do I do”

The crown princess gave him a look.

Then, she undid her waist band, allowing the dress to slide down her fine skin, exposing her shining white body.

Zu Ans breathing immediately became hurried.

In that instant, he was a bit stunned.

What kind of situation is this

“You already saw everything you werent supposed to see anyway.

What is that look on your face” The crown princess voice was surprisingly calm, but her rising and falling chest exposed that she wasnt as calm as she looked to be on the surface.

Zu An said with a bitter smile, “That was a situation I couldnt control.”

The crown princess spread her arms.

“Bring over the clothes over there and help me put them on.”

Zu An felt like he was being harassed right now, but what else could he even say in this type of situation He could only obediently bring them over.

He had to admit that these clothes were pretty, and they were quite complicated.

It was impossible for someone to get dressed alone.

Zu An silently helped her get dressed.

The crown princess face was completely red during this entire process.

A while later, the crown princess red lips opened again.

“I dont want anyone to know about what happened today.”

Zu An voiced his agreement.

“Alright, I wont tell anyone about this.”

“I hope you can forget about it too.” The crown princess took a deep breath.

“Fine.” Zu An wasnt frivolous like usual.

He knew that the other party cared a lot about this, so now wasnt the time to joke around.

“I will do my best to raise you up in the future and give you more resources to repay you for your help today.

As for anything else, you should not think about it.

I am still the crown princess in the end, our statuses…” The crown princess eyelashes trembled.

Her emotions were clearly all over the place right now.

“Understood!” Zu An nodded continuously.

The crown princess hesitated.

A while later, she suddenly said, “Me and the crown prince have never done it.”

Zu An was stunned.

“Why are you telling me that”

The crown princess turned her head away, as if she was upset.

“Its nothing.”

Waves were surging within Zu An right now.

Even though he had some guesses before, those were just guesses.

Now that he heard her admit it herself, this was an entirely different feeling.

What was even more shocking was, why did she tell him this

Dont tell me that she developed some positive feelings for me after seeing how dashing I was today

But that makes sense too….

With how upright and handsome I am, Im better than that fatty in every single way.

Its not surprising at all that she likes me.

But why do I feel like something isnt right…

The bashful crown princess, who was currently sorting out her hair, looked at Zu An, who was helping her put on her girdle.

The back of his head was exposed.

A cold glint suddenly flashed past the crown princess eyes.

She removed a golden hairpin and stabbed it viciously towards the back of his head.

The golden hairpin flickered with a faint blue radiance, clearly something that had been soaked in poison for a long time.

Once pricked, the target would undoubtedly die.

However, this golden hairpin didnt stab into Zu Ans head.

Instead, it stopped an inch before it touched him.

It wasnt that she showed mercy, but rather that it was clasped between two fingers.

The crown princess expression changed.

“How did you know I was going to kill you!”

They were so close that it was almost impossible to guard against unless the other party was wary the entire time.

Zu An flicked his wrist.

A wave of force spread out and the golden hairpin was seized from her hands.

Then, he slowly stood up.

“To be honest, I was fooled at first.” Zu An threw away her golden hairpin.

He sighed.

“The beautiful and noble crown princess removed her clothes in front of me without holding back at all.

Which man in this world could resist such temptation”

“Even the most inflexible man might feel that the crown princess felt something for him.

Only then would she strip in front of him.

Their minds might even start roaming and they might feel that they had a chance with the crown princess.”

“You even emphasized how you didnt do anything with the crown prince.

This would make a mans thoughts go even crazier, that this was the perfect opportunity for them to take the crown princes place and become your man.”

“Then why did you suspect me!” This was what the crown princess just could not figure out.

After all, this fella seemed like the model example of a pervert.

She sacrificed herself and set up this huge honey trap, yet he managed to see through it!


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