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Even though judging from what Yun Jianyue said, he was only a pseudo grandmaster and hasnt really reached that level yet, this was definitely not someone he could possibly defeat right now.

There was a limit to challenging those of higher rank than yourself.

This man was just too many ranks higher than him! If it was a girl, then he could try and use something like the Heiress Ball of Delights, but like hell he could do anything against a male grandmaster!

Even so, he didnt feel despair.

He quickly thought of something.

He took out a set of female clothes from the Brilliant Glass Bead.

Regardless of whether it was Pei Mianman or Chu Chuyan, there were some of their clothes stored here.

After recalling the crown princess build, he didnt take out Pei Mianmans clothes.

They wouldnt fit too well then.

The crown princess was shocked when she saw him suddenly take out clothes.

Why did this fella always carry female clothes around with him Is he a pervert

But she reacted quickly as well.

She immediately shook her head and said, “Its useless.

There are many maids who help me dress each day.

There are recordings regarding what I wore today.

Ill be playing right into her hands if I wear these clothes without any good reason.”

Zu An threw the clothes impatiently into her arms.

“Stop blabbering.

Just put them on!”

“You!” The crown princess eyes turned red. Who dares to speak to me like this normally Ive dropped so low that even you dare to bully me

Zu An wasnt in the mood to care about her feelings right now.

He began to panic as he watched her slowly receive the clothes.

He immediately stored the blankets straight into the Brilliant Glass Bead.

The crown princess was buck naked again.

She was shocked and furious.

Her eyes were starting to become misty with tears.

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 555 555 555…

Zu An picked up the clothes and draped them over her.

“Someones coming.

Put them on already unless you want someone to see you like this!”

The crown princess was about to go crazy from anger.

However, with things how they were, she can only hold it in.

She continuously consoled herself that this man already saw everything earlier on the bed anyway.

Shes just letting him see once more right now.

She absolutely cannot let anyone else see anything.

She had all types of maids assist her with dressing normally, so she never realized that she could get dressed herself so quickly.

These clothes were already on her after just a few seconds of time.

She was biting her lip the entire time, to the point where there was a bit of red by the corners of her mouth.

Her mood right now was clearly not great.

While she was getting dressed, Zu An took out the corpses of the guards he collected earlier.

He stripped their armor and put it on himself.

The crown princess blushed when she saw him strip down and quickly averted her eyes.

At the same time, she was shocked.

This man was going to pretend to be an imperial palace guard But what is the point of this Hell be easily seen through!

Zu An already changed.

Then, he took out a thin skin mask and threw it onto her face.

The crown princess subconsciously shrunk back.

“What is this”

“Face mask.

It can turn you into another person.” Zu An quickly said.

He didnt wait for her to reply and pulled her straight over to press the mask onto her face to make it fit tightly.

The crown princess no longer resisted when she heard that it could change her appearance and instead cooperated.

Her body even shook slightly when she felt the other partys fingers massage her face.

However, she didnt say anything from start to finish.

Zu An put on a mask himself after putting it onto her.

His face quickly became a common and ordinary one.

These were masks he took from the Blackwind Stockades leader Chen Xuan back then.

He hoped they would help him through this crisis today.

He put away everything else.

Zu Ans body suddenly froze.

He pulled the crown princess petite body until it was tightly sticking to him.

At the same time, he powered his head to press his lips against hers.

The crown princess head went completely blank. He dares to take advantage of me at this type of time!

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 814 814 814…

After her initial blanking out, she instinctively began to struggle.

Zu An quickly said by her ears, “Stop moving and play along! Zhuxie Chixin is coming, so whether or not we can make it past this disaster will depend on your acting skills! You absolutely cannot reveal any cultivation!”

As long as one didnt attack or release ki fluctuations, it was hard for an ordinary person to tell what level of cultivation you had.

The crown princess entire body went rigid when she heard what he said.

She was an extremely smart woman.

Even though the other party didnt have time to tell her the details, she already had an idea.

Sure enough, she stopped resisting and instead subconsciously wrapped her arms around his waist.

It was now Zu Ans turn to be shocked.

He didnt expect the crown princess to cooperate so well.

This woman was tough inside after all!

He continued to kiss her red lips.

He could feel the stiffness of her body, but it began to quickly soften.

If it wasnt because he could sense how unfamiliar with this she was, Zu An mightve even suspected that she was used to this type of thing.

He was just going to play along at first, but as they kissed, he began to get more and more into it.

The crown princess heart was also frantically pounding.

Her status was incredibly great.

When had she ever done something so passionate with another man

So this is what a kiss feels like

She originally thought that she would loathe being violated like this, but for some reason, she didnt feel uncomfortable at all.

His movements were gentle and made her feel comfortable.

It was as if streaks of electricity were running through her body.

This was something she never experienced before!

Ah!! Why is this guy so good at this!

Does he do this to Chu Chuyan every day or something!

I guess it makes sense though… Someone perverted like him managed to land a beauty like Chu First Miss.

Why would he waste a moment of time to appreciate her…

Her thoughts were all over the place.

Suddenly, there was a thud sound.

She felt everything around her go bright.

Turns out the rock garden around them had been removed.

When she raised her head, she saw Zhuxie Chixin and a group of Embroidered Envoy looking at them with unkind expressions.

Her heart immediately shot up to her throat.

There was only a single voice repeating itself in her head.

“Were finished, were finished…”

Zhuxie Chixin is the emperors trusted aide, and his cultivation is profound.

Being seen by him is the same as being completely exposed!

Zu An wrapped his arms around her waist and patted lightly, indicating for her to not become nervous.

The crown princess then slowly exhaled. Right, we have masks on right now.

I hope its enough to fool them.

But being seen like this is similarly a capital offense.

Zu An pretended to be shocked and horrified.

He crawled backwards.

“Sir… Sir Zhuxie!”

Everyone in the palace knew who Zhuxie Chixin was, so he didnt have to worry about saying this.

The crown princess was shocked.

This kids acting is just too good! He looked just like someone who was caught in an affair.

The embarrassment and horror really were imitated to perfection.

Zhuxie Chixins eyes roamed across the two of them.

He frowned.

“The two of you are quite brazen, doing this type of thing in the palace!”

In his opinion, this was probably an Imperial Guard and a maids secret affair.

After all, even though they were maids, all women in the palace were the emperors private property.

It was entirely possible for the emperor to one day be in the mood when he saw a maid.

That was why the chastity of maids were incredibly important.

It was a huge offense for even eunuchs and maids to share food, let alone for an Imperial Guard to really do something to a maid.

Does this guard want his entire clan eradicated!

“Sir Zhuxie, please spare my life, please…” Zu Ans face turned completely pale, as if he lost all strength.

He fell weakly to the ground, as if all he could do was continue this senseless plea.

The crown princess immediately expressed her alarm.

She copied him and fell to the ground.

She was full of admiration inside. He really is sharp, doing this so that he doesnt have to kneel.

Zhuxie Chixin wasnt in the mood to bother with this matter.

He asked with a stern voice, “Have the two of you seen… the crown princess anywhere”

“The crown princess” Zu An quickly shook his head.

“We havent! We heard a bunch of noise around us earlier and we were worried that we might be seen, so we hid here… Sir Zhuxie, please spare my life! It was this woman who seduced me! It has nothing to do with me!”

The crown princess eyes immediately widened. This guy is actually shameless to this degree!


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