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The crown princess eyes were still a bit blurry when she first saw Zu An so close to her, thinking that she was still dreaming.

She subconsciously rubbed her eyes.

This movement made her suddenly feel a chill throughout her body.

She lowered her head and saw that she was lying in his embrace without a speck of clothing on her.

Her expression instantly changed.


She immediately clutched her own mouth the moment she screamed out.

Her scream came to a screeching halt.

Even in this moment, she still didnt lose her rationality.

She knew that if she screamed, then it might draw people here.

Zu An would die for sure, and she herself would be done for as well.

Her feet didnt hesitate either.

She kicked him straight in the stomach.

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 999 999 999…

Zu An obviously wouldnt be so stupid as to let her really kick him.

He reached out and grabbed her foot.

He sighed and said, “Crown princess, we were clearly schemed against here!”

The crown princess face went entirely red. Do I need you to tell me this I obviously know that!

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 888 888 888…

“Let go!” The crown princess shouted.

Her expression was extremely ashamed.

Her kick was a subconscious reaction.

How could she have predicted that her foot would be grabbed by him

The two of them werent wearing anything right now.

This type of situation was as vulgar as vulgar could be.

Zu Ans eyes couldnt help but roam about her body.

Then, his expression went rigid.

He let go in an embarrassed manner.

“Im sorry, Im sorry! It wasnt on purpose!”

The crown princess face was incredibly gloomy.

She was screaming inside right now as well.

She quickly pulled the covers around herself.

However, she had no idea how seductive she looked right now with just her exposed collarbone.

“Did you do anything to me earlier” After her initial rage and alarm passed, the crown princess gradually calmed down.

She knew that what was most important right now was dealing with this matter.

She could settle everything else with him later.

Zu An hesitated.

“I dont know either.”

“You dont know” The crown princess immediately felt her blood pressure go up.

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 666 666 666…

Zu An said, “I didnt wake up that much earlier than you, Im just as confused as you are.

I seem to have groped and embraced you, but I dont think I did anything… Cant you tell if we really did it or not yourself!”

“You groped and embraced me Is this still nothing” The crown princess eyelids jumped.

She already checked herself while asking him under the covers.

She indeed didnt seem to have been penetrated.

But why did she want to hit him so much when she heard what he said

She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

She looked around her and said, “Where are my clothes Hurry and bring me my clothes.”

She obviously wasnt in a state to look for anything right now, or else he really will see everything.

Zu An turned around and began to look.

But because he got up, the crown princess eyes narrowed. Is this guy a freaking donkey or something!

After looking around, Zu An shook his head.

“There are no clothes.”

Since they wanted to frame the two of them, how could they allow them to wear any clothes

He figured that it might be because he woke up earlier than they planned, which was why the plan wasnt fully in action yet.

Wait, why did the crown princess also wake up ahead of time

But now wasnt the time to be worried about this.

He quickly looked around and said, “Crown princess, do you know where we are right now”

They didnt seem to be in the main hall they were in earlier, but rather a courtyard.

Did they already leave the palace

But that cant be.

If they want to frame us, then we are definitely still inside the palace.

The crown princess face became incredibly pale when she heard that there were no clothes.

When she heard what he said, she subconsciously replied, “This isnt the Hundred Flower Palace.

That disgraceful Concubine Bai wouldnt dare to frame me in her own palace.”

She lived in this palace, so she understood the buildings standards and styles well.

The designs on the furniture, windows, and other parts of the room didnt match the standard of a concubine.

A clamoring suddenly sounded from outside.

“Its right over here.

I think I heard someone suspicious come this way.”

Zu An was stunned.

This voice seemed familiar.

This is the voice of Shi Kun who harassed him this afternoon by the palace entrance! This fella actually went that far He dares to mess with even the crown princess

He suddenly connected the dots. No wonder Shi Jun dared to openly oppose him without any fear of the eastern palace behind him! So he planned to bring down the crown princess from the start!

But why is he so brave, to the point where he dares to touch the crown princess

The crown princess face turned deathly pale.

She was so worried she was about to cry.

“Im finished, Im finished…”

She was completely beside herself.

Once those people barged in and saw the two of them here without any clothes on, no explanations would do anything.

Even if she spoke, no one would believe her.

Furthermore, for the sake of hiding the scandal, the royal family would also silently eliminate her.

Even the Bi clan would be destroyed.

Zu An felt his fine hairs stand on end as well.

He knew that this was now a moment of life and death.

The emperor told him to cut off his arm when he found out that he touched the crown princess.

If he found out that his daughter-in-law ended up being this close to another man, he would definitely blast him to ashes.

Suddenly, a quiet voice sounded by his ears.

The voice was extremely anxious.

“Hurry and run! Ill help you stall them for a while!”

This was a female voice.

However, he didnt have any impression of this person.

This woman shouldnt have spoken to him before.

His first reaction was that this was part of the trap, that it was pulling him even deeper down.

But he quickly refuted this thought.

He and the crown princess already looked like this right now.

All those people outside had to do was barge inside.

They didnt need to go further at all.

But who inside this palace would help him

He knew that even though he had some friends in the palace, most of them were only acquaintances.

They might help out with some small matters, but they definitely wouldnt want anything to do with something this major.

Was this one of Yun Jianyues spies

In the end, this was the only possibility.

After all, he didnt know any other women in the palace.

He didnt hesitate at all.

While his head was moving, he immediately fished out a set of clothes from the Brilliant Glass Bead and covered himself.

He really was grateful that Mi Li previously taught him the way to refine the Brilliant Glass Bead into his body.

Without his approval, the other party wouldnt find the Brilliant Glass Bead even if they cut his stomach open.

As for the crown princess, he didnt have time to cover her up.

Zu An wrapped her up in the blankets and then jumped out of the window.

“What are you doing!” The crown princess was shocked and furious.

She struggled frantically.

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 233 233 233…

Zu An said with a trembling voice, “When you catch a thief, you need the goods and you need to catch them in the action! As long as they dont find us there, then we still have a chance.”

Bi Linglong was stunned.

She now knew that she misunderstood him.

She saw that his expression was steady, and his usually frivolous attitude was nowhere to be seen.

It was as if he became a completely different person.

“Dont show your face!” Zu An pressed her head into his chest.

Then, he smashed through the window and frantically ran towards a certain direction.

“Over there!” Shi Jun shouted by the entrance.

The group of people immediately charged towards them.

Zu An didnt use his normal instantaneous movement, nor did he use his Sunflower Phantasm.

Otherwise, he would be dead for sure once a report reached the emperor.

That damn emperor didnt care about no evidence, he made decisions based on what he believed was true.

Fortunately, his cultivation had made tremendous progress, so his basic speed alone was already quite fast.

The sounds of drums being beat sounded.

Even more people rushed over, and even the palaces Imperial Guard was alarmed.

Their enemy came prepared.

They already set up an inescapable net.

The crown princess saw silhouettes in all directions.

Her heart sunk. Im done for...

how can we possibly escape from so many people

Rather than letting everyone see her current sorry appearance, she shouldve just died inside of that room.

Even though there was a blanket covering her body, she still didnt feel any sense of security.

“Halt!” Four Imperial Palace guards charged at them from the front.

They brandished their blades.

These four individuals had undergone strict training, making their coordination seamless.

Two attacked at his vitals, one hacked at the crown princess in the blankets to get his attention, while the last one cut off his escape route.


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