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Xin Rui placed the Hundred Flower Tea in front of the two of them.

Then, she left with a sweet smile.

The crown princess frowned, but she didnt say anything else.

Since this was related to the crown princes test, they couldnt allow more people to hear about their discussion. 

As for Zu An, he was still an eastern palace member in the end, so he wasnt a complete outsider.

It should be fine for him to stay here for a short while.

The most crucial part of this was that Concubine Bai invited her for this meeting.

Even though the two of them didnt really get along, she was still the crown princes concubine after all, and she even gave birth to his son.

The crown princes prospects were also her own.

Now that there was danger, there was no reason for her to do anything strange.

A powerful and refreshing fragrance swirled about her lips when she lifted the cup.

When she swallowed the tea, the warm tea gradually spread through her body, and her anxious mood gradually calmed a bit.

Zu An was also drinking the tea.

At the same time, he was secretly observing her.

Her eyes were bright and her skin was fair.

Her lips were an enticing red.

There was a faint hint of melancholy lingering between her brows, adding a bit of tenderness to her usually domineering bearing.

What was even a rarer sight was that even in this type of situation, her posture was still upright and elegant.

He had to admit that the crown princess was an incredible beauty.

He finally experienced what was the so-called feast for the eyes.

The swirling steam coming from the Hundred Flower Tea almost seemed like a sweet fragrance that came from her body.

The crown princess cheeks gradually flushed red.

She could feel his gaze. How can this guy be behaving like this

You have successfully trolled Bi Linglong for 22 22 22…

However, saying anything in this type of situation would only make everyone embarrassed.

It would make it hard for them to interact with each other in the future.

She was just wondering how she was going to rope him in.

Now, it was clear.

She had been pretty ever since she was little, so she fully understood the uses of her own beauty.

It was just that there had never been any situations where she had to make sure of her beauty yet.

Of course, she wasnt going to use a honey trap on Zu An.

She was a glorious crown princess, she didnt have to lower herself to that extent.

However, she could still use her beauty to speak some gentle words to him and rope him in that way.

Her red lips parted slightly when she thought of this.

“Sir Zu, how did you meet the Chu clans first miss”

Zu An was stunned.

He didnt expect her to suddenly ask him this.

“It was actually quite the coincidence.

I was washing myself in a pond in the wilderness, and then a girl suddenly dropped from the sky and landed in my arms.”

“Huh” The crown princess originally only planned to have a casual chat to get closer to him, but she immediately became interested when she heard this.

“Was that Chu Chuyan Why would she drop from the sky”

When he saw her sparkling eyes, Zu An thought to himself, you really believed that But he also became amused, so he continued to blabber, “Oh, back then, there was a cliff nearby.

She jumped off of it.”

Chuyan, my dear, Im sorry for using you like this.

“What Was she committing suicide” The crown princess clutched her mouth.

She really couldnt picture Chu Chuyan doing this.

After all, she had already heard rumors about her before.

Chu First Miss was an extraordinary beauty.

During the short period she resided in the capital, she already left countless noble heirs in yearning day and night.

The most important part was that she was also a cultivation genius.

There was practically no one at her level among her peers.

Why would such a stunning woman commit suicide

“Ah, I think it was because she was told she had to marry a certain someone.

With every hope turning to dust, she decided to just end it all.” Zu An said nonchalantly.

The crown princess was shocked.

She wondered just which clan it was that the Chu clan was going to join in marriage, but she rejected them one after another after thinking about it.

A while later, she suddenly became a bit sad, because she sympathized with Chu Chuyans situation.

After all, she was also left with no choice but to marry an idiot because of her clan.

But she wasnt as confident as Chu Chuyan, choosing to just end it all with death.

“Then” Her mood became dejected.

“Then, I just happened to have saved her…” Zu An randomly weaved in the plot of Titanic, changing certain details along the way.

The crown princess was only asking casually, but she didnt expect such a complicated and bizarre story.

She was completely sucked in.

“No wonder she ended up choosing you as her husband against everyone elses opinions! Everyone else thought that a flower like her fell into… Ahem, but now, I understand her choice.”

Wasnt this type of love story precisely the fantasies she indulged in during her youth It was just a pity that the feelings of youth had long been buried deep within her heart, never to see the light again.

But now that she heard his story, she seemed to have returned to her teenage years when she still knew how to dream.

Zu An was stunned when he saw her dumbstruck appearance. Hello Youre the crown princess, dont forget! Shouldnt you be experienced and knowledgeable Just a random Titanic parody already made you like this

Now that I think about it, didnt Chuyan also like to read that Domineering Sword Immortal stuff

He suddenly felt that he could become an incredibly famous writer in this age! He could just randomly plagiarize any random love story and get tons of young ladies as his fans!

Wait, I might even be able to visit brothels without paying like Liu Yong, that Song poet… Ahem! This isnt whats important right now!

He gave that stunning beauty a look.

“Crown princess, how did you and the crown prince meet”

The crown princess would never answer this type of question normally.

However, perhaps because she was moved by the story she had just heard, she was still quite emotional.

After a bit of hesitation, she still replied, “Our meeting wasnt as dramatic as yours.

It was just a simple marriage between clans.

His majesty approved of the Bi clans power and wished to bring us against King Qi with the marriage.

My father wanted to stabilize the Bi clan as well, so he agreed to this marriage…”

The way she told this story made it sound as if this was something completely unrelated to her.

He could sense the loneliness from this story and couldnt help but ask, “Do you like the crown prince”

“He is the crown prince, I am the crown princess, I have no choice but to like him.

I dont have a choice…” Her expression suddenly changed, as if she noticed that she forgot herself.

“Youve crossed the line.

I dont want to hear anything like this again.”

Zu An lost all interest when he saw that she returned to her normal proud self.

He began to sip on his tea again.

“Why is Concubine Bai still not here!” The crown princess was starting to get annoyed.

She couldnt help but loosen her collar.

“Dont you feel like its a bit hot today”

“It is indeed a bit hot.” Zu An also felt a bit warm.

“But that shouldnt be, it is already dusk…”

Their expressions both changed the moment he said this.

They were about to get up and leave, but they felt dizzy as soon as they stood up.

Then, they both fell back into their chairs, losing consciousness.

Fuck, I fell into a trap! Zu An bit his tongue to try and stay awake, and he even transferred his ki to force out the poison.

Unfortunately, the medicines effects were extremely powerful, so his efforts werent effective.

He could vaguely make out a woman walking over.

Then, she lifted his collar and walked towards the crown princess. 

After that, everything went dark.

A while later, Zu An felt that he already dreamt that he was embracing Chu Chuyan. Chuyans body really is smooth… Huh But isnt her body normally cold

Her size also seems a bit off…

Is it Manman But Manman already went home, so how could she be here

Is it Dandan But she wont be back for a while either, right

Huh Why does this woman look a bit like the crown princess… Im dreaming about her

Wait! Crown princess!

A flash of realization passed by his brain.

He remembered what happened before he fainted and immediately woke up out of fright.

His entire body went rigid when he saw the scene before him.

A completely naked girl was lying in his arms.

Her skin was fine like satin, her body more fragrant than even the Hundred Flower Tea.

Her face was exquisite and flawless, especially the slight blush on her cheeks which only served to make her even more enchanting.

If this was any other time, he might even celebrate his luck with women.

But right now, his greatest emotion was horror, a scalp numbing horror.

After all, the one who was lying there in her birthday suit, was the crown princess.

As if sensing his movements, the crown princess also slowly opened her eyes.


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