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The officials lining up behind Zu An became unhappy.

They all urged him to move aside for now.

Zu An straight up ignored them.

He gave this official with the mustache a cold look.

“My clothes are not orderly as long as you say they arent Who do you think you are”

The official with the mustache cupped his hands towards the palace and said coldly, “This is the authority the court has granted me.

When it comes to the inspection of the appearance of officials, I naturally have the last say.”

“Does this mean that you have already made your decision to deliberately trouble me” Zu Ans expression was cold.

The officials nose pointed straight at the sky.

“I have always enforced the law fairly, how could I possibly deliberately trouble you Why am I not troubling others One palm cannot clap.

You should reflect on your own instead of blaming others.”

Zu An was immediately shocked.

He didnt expect to hear the classic quote of a certain someone from his past world.

The mustached officer said impatiently again, “You are wasting everyones time here.

According to the law, you should be made to stand to the side for two hours in punishment as a model for other officials!”

Even though it was early in the morning, the sun had already risen.

Standing for two hours under the sun wasnt too big of a deal, but the humiliation was great.

After all, those who passed through this palace gate were all court officials.

Once they witnessed this scene, he would become the laughingstock of the entire court.

Zu Ans eyes narrowed.

“May I ask what sirs name is”

“What, do you want to get revenge on me” The mustached official had a look of disdain on his face.

“I will never give out a fake name, I am the Assistant Minister of the Huang Gate, Shi Jun! Everything that has happened today has been done impartially.

You cannot do anything to me no matter how you complain and cry today.”

“Shi Jun” Zu An suddenly realized what was happening.

“What kind of relationship do you have with Shi Kun”

The mustached officer gave him a cold look.

After a long time had passed, he said, “Shi Kun is this ones younger brother.”

Zu An thought to himself, no wonder he found this guy familiar.

So he was that kids big brother!

Shi Jun continued and said, “I would never target you because of my younger brother.

I am just doing my job according to official business.”

The Shi clans brothers were all close.

This guy was the reason his younger brother died, so he obviously needed to get revenge.

The Shi clan was originally a bit cautious because of the crown princess, but King Qi Manor contacted them.

With their cooperation, the Shi clan had nothing else to worry about.

As for Zu An defeating King Qis heir, the Shi clan didnt pay that much attention.

According to the reports, the only thing special about this fella is his movement technique.

His real cultivation was only around the sixth or seventh rank.

The reason King Qis heir lost was mainly because he underestimated his opponent, as well as the help of a mysterious expert.

Now that they were in the imperial palace, how could any mysterious experts dare to approach The emperor would just kill him!

Furthermore, he was a seventh ranked expert himself, so he naturally dared to clash with Zu An head-on like this.

The officials who were passing by all snorted disdainfully.

Who are you trying to fool However, none of them would stand out at this type of time. 

After all, there was no proof that he was avenging a personal grudge right now, and no one wanted to offend the Shi clan.

“Ah, so youre just doing your job according to official business~” Zu An repeated and deliberately stretched out the words.

Shi Jun harrumphed.

“It doesnt matter what you think.

You have no choice but to obey me.

Get lost and stand to the side!”

He deliberately spoke this way to infuriate the other party.

Once he could no longer hold back, he could call over the Imperial Guard.

He was currently in a position of power, so he had more than enough methods to deal with Zu An.

Zu An shook his head.

“Unfortunately, you made a fatal error.”

“What” Shi Jun frowned.

He wondered to himself where he slipped up, but he understood the rules of etiquette like the back of his hand.

Not even the emperor himself would be able to criticize him in any way.

Zu An chuckled and said, “Who said one palm cannot clap”

As soon as he finished speaking, he instantly moved in front of Shi Jun.

There was a loud and clear smack noise.

A red handprint appeared on Shi Juns face.

Zu An already returned to his original location.

He stretched out his fingers.

The recoil from that slap actually stung a bit.

“Look, didnt one palm make a clapping sound just now”

Everyone was stupefied.

No one expected to see this! His speed was way too fast, and he actually dared to attack Shi Jun!

Shi Jun clutched his face.

His head was ringing.

His head went completely blank in that instant and he only reacted after the event.

I was hit

This mother**er hit me

In front of so many peoples faces

He erupted into rage.

“You bastard, youre courting death!”

You have successfully trolled Shi Jun for 999 999 999…

But even so, he didnt attack.

Instead, he calmed himself down and said, “You dare to publicly attack an Etiquette Inspection Officer This is a huge crime! Guards, arrest this man and punish him with a hundred strikes with the rod! Then, throw him into the imperial prison until further orders from his majesty!”

He thought to himself that not even King Qis heir could take down this guy.

Furthermore, the other party moved too quickly just now, to the point where he couldnt even see too clearly.

He didnt think he could win against Zu An himself.

But he was currently in charge of inspecting the appearance of officials.

In this type of situation, he could command the Imperial Guard.

The surrounding Imperial Guards were stunned.

They had never encountered this type of thing before.

In the past, those officials who failed the inspection were all panicking in fear and obediently suffered their punishment by standing off to the side.

When did they ever lash out against the inspector

Ever since the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty, no, since even further back, has anything like this ever happened before

That was why they didnt immediately react when they heard Shi Juns exasperated roaring.

How were they supposed to deal with this type of event

Zu An used this chance to speak to Shi Jun.

“ Again and again, you are saying how you are in charge of supervising the etiquette of all officials.

Then let me ask you, what if there is an official whose clothes are so disorderly that they didnt even wear their pants properly”

Shi Jun subconsciously replied, “They are looking down on the courts laws and discipline of course.

Their crime of disrespect will remove them from office, and those whose crimes are more serious are to be banished.”

He was stunned as soon as he finished this sentence. Why am I replying to him I should be arresting this man right now.

He was just about to urge the guards again when Zu An said with a voice of ridicule.

“Oh I was just about to remind you that your pants dropped.”

“Nonsense! Dont think that you…” Shi Jun sneered.

Unfortunately, he felt a chill between his legs as soon as he reached halfway through his sentence.

When he lowered his head, he saw that his pants already fell between his legs.

He immediately froze up.

Zu An said to the guards, “This persons bearing is not in order.

Why are you not arresting him already He should be sent out to the front lines, right”

Those imperial guards subconsciously nodded.

But there was something wrong here, right They didnt know what was right here.

Everyone was shocked.

The disturbance here became even greater than before.

The officials who were passing by were merely acting as detached bystanders, but now, they all surrounded this place for gossip.

There were many people who even commented:

“The Shi clans people groom themselves pretty well.

Its white and clean.”

“But theres no hair down there at all! They dont look all that masculine.”

“Wow, his underwear is so fancy…”

Shi Jun raised his head to the sky and screamed in agony when he heard the surrounding discussions.


He vomited a mouthful of blood.

Then, he collapsed.

Throwing up a mouthful of blood looked terrifying, but with his cultivation, it wasnt a big deal at all.

However, the shame he suffered was too much.

Pretending to faint in this type of situation was better than to go through this pain.

Its all this damn Zu Ans fault!

You have successfully trolled Shi Jun for 1024 1024 1024…

Zu An used this chance to sneak into the imperial palace.

He was full of disdain inside. You want to use the rules against me Ill flip the damn table!

He arrived at the eastern palace and idly played a few games of five-in-a-row with the crown prince.

There were several times when the crown prince was screaming in panic.

Little Xu and Little He broke out into cold sweat from watching.

Sir Zu really was brave, he actually didnt let the crown prince win!

Time passed just like that.

Soon afterwards, the morning court session ended.

The crown princess returned with a sullen expression.

“Gather all of the eastern palaces important members.

There is a huge matter to discuss!”


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