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A teasing voice sounded at this time.

“Your mouth might start blistering if you talk behind other peoples back all the time.”

Zu An was also quite underwhelmed.

He thought that some powerful assassin came in, so he was always on 120% vigilance.

Yet in the end, it was just Chu Chuyan and her little sister.

He gave her a set of keys before, so it was no wonder that the seal of the rear courtyard was still intact.

“Ah!” Chu Youzhaos face turned red.

She didnt expect to be caught by Zu An.

She shrunk behind her big sister in embarrassment.

Chu Chuyans pretty face also became red.

She didnt think her conversation with her little sister would be overheard either.

She said awkwardly, “So youre back…”

Zu An voiced his reply.

“Yeah, Im back.”

Even though these seemed like meaningless words to others, the two of them used to be husband and wife.

They instead felt extremely warm when they heard these words.

Chu Chuyan got up and arrived at his side.

She looked him up and down.

“I heard that there was some conflict between you and King Qis heir this morning.

Were you injured at all”

She was dressed in a dark blue dress.

She looked absolutely stunning.

However, what was different from usual was that there wasnt any of her usual coldness, but instead a bit of warmth.

Zu An sighed when he looked at the beauty before him.

“Its still my wife who worries about me the most.”

Chu Chuyan avoided his incoming arms.

“Theres a child here.

Watch yourself.”

Chu Youzhao became upset.

“Big sis! Im not a child anymore!”

This was what she cared about the most.

Zu An laughed.

“Youzhao is indeed not young anymore.”

Regardless of whether its her age or her body… Ahem, I was wrong, I was wrong!

He quickly added, “Youzhao shielded me several times today.

The fact that she could stand up for me during those times needs a lot of courage.”

Chu Youzhao was now instead the one who became a bit embarrassed.

She became bashful.

“Im not as good as youre making it sound.”

Chu Chuyan stroked her little sisters head in appreciation as well.

“Youzhao really has grown up.”

“I didnt really help that much.

It was brother-in-law who was really strong.

Big sis, you werent there, but brother-in-law was really incredible…” Chu Youzhaos eyes were radiating with delight as she explained about what happened.

Even though this wasnt the first time she was hearing about this, she still sighed in amazement.

“Ah Zu, Zhao Zhi has eight ranks of cultivation! Are you really okay”

Zu An chuckled and said, “Dont worry, your husband is quite amazing, you know How could just a trifling Zhao Zhi hurt me”

Chu Chuyans expression became complicated.

“I didnt expect you to grow so quickly.

You didnt even have any cultivation a few months ago, but now, even Im looking up to you.”

She knew that she wouldve lost to Zhao Zhi  unless she used her forbidden arts.

But even if she used her forbidden arts, she would still be crippled.

She really didnt want to go through the events of the secret dungeon again.

On the contrary, Zu An could easily win against Zhao Zhi.

She couldnt compare to him anymore.

She had always been a proud person, as well as a well-known cultivation genius.

However, she was defeated in her proudest field by Zu Ans ridiculous rise.

In this moment, she even felt a bit disappointed and frustrated.

Chu Youzhao also couldnt help but say, “Exactly! Brother-in-law is so amazing.

What were dad and mom thinking back then They thought that big sis was wrong in marrying him and even cut off their relationship with him.

Is everyone in Brightmoon City blind I almost thought that brother-in-law really was trash from all the rumors in the capital…”

Chu Chuyan: “......”

No wonder mom and dad wanted a son! Girls are born to leave the family!

Zu An took her straight into his embrace.

“If the husband is strong, then doesnt it mean that you are strong too What difference is there between us”

Chu Chuyan couldnt help but smile when she felt his warm embrace.

What was she arguing with her husband about here

Chu Youzhao said with jealousy, “Hey! Theres someone else here, you know”

Zu An spread open his arms.

“If you want, brother-in-law can hug you too.”

Chu Youzhao hid behind Chu Chuyan in alarm.

She stomped her feet and pouted.

“Big sis!”

Chu Chuyan gave Zu An a look.

“Its one thing if youre teasing other girls, but how can you tease your little sister-in-law”

Zu An immediately said, “Im being wronged here! Im only trying to comfort her here! Moreover, when did I tease other girls outside”

This is the code of **boy cultivation.

Even if there is irrefutable evidence, I cannot admit it no matter what, let alone the fact that there isnt any!

“Is that so” Chu Chuyan harrumphed.

“Then who was the woman inside that carriage who saved you today”

Chu Youzhao immediately pricked her ears.

The love for gossip is something encoded in the genes of every human.

“Oh, her I think her name was Yu Yanluo.” Zu An didnt hide this.

After all, even the emperor and King Qis heir knew this, so rumors would start circulating soon.

“Who” Chu Chuyan was a bit stunned.

“What” Chu Youzhao cried out in disbelief.

“Yu Yanluo.” Zu An repeated.

He acted like he didnt really care.

But he still felt great when he saw the two girls shocked expressions.

Sigh, bragging is also human nature!

“The capitals past number one beauty” Chu Youzhao lost her cool and quickly asked.

“Was there another Yu Yanluo I havent heard about.” Zu An asked in curiosity.

“Heavens!” Chu Youzhao clutched her mouth.

She didnt know what to say for a moment.

Chu Chuyan wasnt as calm as usual either.

She pretended to ask carelessly, “The two of you… dont know each other.

Why would she save you”

She was praised as Brightmoon Citys number one beauty ever since she was little.

She spent some time in the capital as well, so there were some busybodies who called her the capitals new generation number one beauty.

But this wasnt something that received public recognition.

There were still many girls in the capital whose face and physique werent beneath hers.

But Yu Yanluo was the undisputed number one beauty back then.

She had dominated her generation! Legends of her beauty were still circulating even to this day.

Even though there was something that happened between Pei Mianman and Zu An and she got a bit upset over it, she didnt lose her head.

She still had enough confidence in her own charm.

But this was Yu Yanluo we were talking about now! She really found it hard to remain calm.

This was the publicly acknowledged number one beauty! This was a woman even the emperor and King Qi admired in the past.

Even her father… Her mother still brought this matter up often.

How could thislove rival not make her alarmed

“I saved her once before.

Shes just returning the favor.” Zu An explained.

Chu Chuyan and his little sister-in-laws changes in expression didnt escape his eyes.

This type of feeling really was refreshing!

Even the smelliest ** would become fragrant right now… A pah pah pah! Youre the one who is **!

“When did you save her” Chu Chuyan was no longer as calm and unperturbed.

She wasnt willing to let any detail between the two of them go.

“Oh, back then in Brightmoon Citys outskirts…” Zu An gave her a rough recount of what happened.

“I told you guys that I met Yu Yanluo before, but you all didnt believe me.”

Sigh, life is truly full of vexations.

All of them love to believe my lies, yet no one believes the truth.

Chu Chuyans expression froze.

No one wouldve believed what he said back then, right

“Is she really as pretty as the rumors say” She couldnt help but ask.

Zu An immediately said with an upright expression, “No matter how pretty she is, how can she be prettier than my wife Youre younger than her too.”

Are you kidding me As a king of the fishes, how can I make such a rudimentary mistake!

Chu Chuyans furrowed brows slowly relaxed.

Even though she knew that he was saying this on purpose, she was still happy.

Didnt this mean that he cares about her

Chu Youzhao suddenly said, “I heard that because of Yu Yanluos beauty, she always maintains some distance with other men.

But she actually invited you inside her carriage today!”

“Huh” Chu Chuyans expression immediately became more dangerous.

Zu Ans reaction was fast.

“Um, its only because she didnt want to show herself.

She only treats me as a junior in her eyes!”

Chu Chuyan felt relieved.

Indeed, Yu Yanluo is someone from her fathers generation.

Why was she getting so worked up

Zu An wiped at his cold sweat.

Chu Youzhao suddenly smacked her head.

“Ah, I remember! Brother-in-law said that Yu Yanluo fell in love with him and gave him a token of love.

None of us believed him back then, but now that I think about it, he really did have Yu Yanluos personal pendant.”

Zu An was about to cry.

Who the hell said that all little sister-in-laws were kind


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