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Zu An gasped in amazement.

“I thought that I was already shameless enough, but compared to you, it looks like I still have much to learn! Youre actually using the law to get revenge on me.”

King Qis heir struggled to a seated position.

He wanted to recover his usual proud demeanor.

But after being hacked by lightning, his expression was still incredibly sinister no matter how he tried to hide it.

“Do not misunderstand.

I am not getting revenge on you.

Just now, I established a vow to the world, so how could I possibly get revenge”

The power of oaths wasnt something he dared to look down on.

That was why he wanted to do his best to avoid the consequences.

Zu An sneered.

“Have you heard this phrase before You shouldnt deceive the heavens.”

King Qis heir roared with laughter.

“That is merely something the weak use to console themselves.

The world is heartless and views all things like dogs.

There is no evil and good in the eyes of heavenly law.

As long as you follow its rules, then there is nothing else to worry about.”

“This guy is twisting logic!” Chu Youzhao became unhappy.

She felt like they already made an oath, yet he was still getting revenge.

This was just too shameless!

Murong Qinghe also frowned.

As a martial idiot, she believed that a loss was a loss.

This heirs behavior was a bit too shameless.

However, as the Murong clans daughter, she also admired his decision.

As King Qis heir, it would be more worrisome if he really was someone naive.

“The weak” Zu An laughed in mockery.

“Who was it that was being stepped on like a dead dog just now Who was the weak”

The young heirs breathing stopped momentarily.

His chest rose and fell intensely.

What happened just now was utterly humiliating.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 999 999 999…

Han Fengqiu said with a frown, “Heir, there is no need for you to lower yourself to that nobodys level.”

King Qis heir took a deep breath.

He wasnt a completely useless and foolish son.

He quickly reacted and said, “Indeed, ones strength is not only reflected in their cultivation, it also depends on the resources at his disposal.

Between me and you, calling you the weak is already speaking highly of you.”

Zu An laughed out loud.

“Who was it that was boasting earlier that you didnt rely on anyone but yourself”

King Qis heir: “......”

Did this guy not know how to have a proper conversation

He was ashamed and furious.

He knew that he couldnt win against this person in talking.

He roared out, “Uncle Han, cripple him!”


Young heir, please stay here and rest.

Watch how I deal with this ant.” Han Fengqiu turned around and looked at Zu An.

“Brat, you should be honored that this old one is personally getting involved.

In that regard, this life you lived is already worth it.”

Zu An spat on the ground and said with mockery.

“Just you A trifling ninth rank Could it be that you dont know that Im always hanging around Earth Immortals and Grandmasters There were even quite a few master rank cultivators who died under my hands.

Youre only a trifling ninth rank.

I really dont know where you get your confidence from.”

Mosquito Daoist, Old Mi, these individuals really did die under his hands.

Furthermore, regardless of whether it was Mi Li or Qin Shihuang, their souls, or if it was the final Shang king Wu Geng, all of these were existences not inferior to the current emperor.

In terms of the truly powerful cultivators, there really werent many who could compare to Zu An.

He obviously didnt attach much importance to someone at the peak of the ninth rank.

But there was no way other people would know about these things.

They would only think that he was spouting nonsense.

Murong Qinghe scoffed.

“Big brother Chu, your brother-in-laws cultivation isnt bad, but he really goes too far with his boasting.”

Chu Youzhaos pretty face heated up.

Even though she knew that her brother-in-law was formidable, comparing himself to Earth Immortals and Grandmasters was too much.

Even she was feeling embarrassed in his place.

The driver in the distance chuckled.

“He killed a few masters Madam, this friend of yours really is quite bold.”

He didnt receive a reply.

Han Fengqiu obviously didnt believe him either.

“You are so young, yet you are full of nonsense.

Today, this old one will properly discipline you in place of your family.

You will learn that you can use your mouth to eat at will, but you cannot speak randomly…”

Before he even finished speaking, Zu An interrupted him.

“Your pants fell.”

Han Fengqiu was stunned.

Then, he felt his legs go cold.

When he lowered his head, he saw that his pants already fell to his ankles.

That shriveled penis was shaking in the cold wind.

It looked extremely pitiful.

He was speaking domineeringly a moment ago, yet now, all of that grandeur vanished in an instant.


Chu Youzhao and Murong Qinghe both covered their eyes and turned around.

Their faces all became bright red.

What the heck is going on We never saw anything after living for so many years, why are we seeing that dirty thing so many times today

Chu Youzhao couldnt help but remember her brother-in-law back then again.

She thought to herself, why were other men so much smaller than him

This was true for King Qis heir, and now even for this ninth ranked expert.

Even so, this wasnt what King Qis heir thought.

Even though Han Fengqiu was on his side, he still couldnt help but want to laugh.

He gave it another look, and then a big smile appeared on his face.

He finally regained his confidence.

In the future, he could tell others that he was better than a ninth ranked expert… No, I cant.

Uncle Han might kill me for that.

Unlike King Qis heir who was holding back his laughter with great difficulty, the driver with the missing tooth roared with laughter.

“So this fella likes to walk around with his balls dangling! How old are you already, yet you still have this type of hobby Hahaha, youre killing me here.”

The madam inside the carriage.


She completely shut the curtains in front of her.

This type of scene was just too offensive to the eyes.

Han Fengqius head went completely blank.

He was already an elder and reached the peak of the ninth rank.

What kind of situations hasnt he experienced before

But he really never experienced this type of situation before!

He finally snapped out of his daze when he heard the laughter all around him.

He pulled up his pants while charging at Zu An: “Die!”

You have successfully trolled Han Fengqiu for 1024 1024 1024…

He was now utterly enraged.

His eye sockets were splitting, and he was burning with a frenzy of rage.

There wasnt a trace of a high class elder anymore.

He didnt think that his pants falling had something to do with Zu An, he only felt like this kids mouth was too vicious.

He was going to rip apart his face and feed his tongue to dogs to vent his anger.

As for the driver with the missing tooth, hell make sure he wouldnt be able to laugh anymore either.

The speed of a ninth rank expert was extremely fast.

His figure shot out like a streak of lightning.

Murong Qinghe and Chu Youzhao couldn\'t react at all.

However, Zu An was already prepared.

He used the Sunflower Phantasm to dodge to the side.

Heck, he even experienced Mi Lis strict training before, and he was even able to evade her attacks sometimes.

What could a trifling ninth rank who only reached his rank because of his seniority do to him

“Huh” The driver with the missing tooth was thoroughly enjoying himself.

But when he saw this scene, he was shocked.

It was because he saw that Zu Ans grasp of timing was perfect.

Dodging the attacks of the young heir wasnt anything special, but evading the strikes of someone at the peak of ninth rank was completely different.

They could lock onto their targets auras, so normal movement skills became completely meaningless.

However, Zu An still dodged!

Is this really a coincidence, or…

However, Han Fengqiu didnt notice this.

There was only one thought in his mind right now: He was going to catch Zu An, and then kill him.

Zu An was feeling the pressure too.

The current Han Fengqiu was probably using 120% of his usual strength, so his speed was far greater than Zhao Zhis.Iif it wasnt because of his mastery of his Sunflower Phantasm, he mightve already been caught.

But even so, this was a dangerous battle.

He was tempted to sayyour pants fell again, but he didnt do it.

Even though the skill Keybaord Come was strong, it didnt come without a price.

The rebound of making his pants fall once shouldnt be too bad, but if he did it repeatedly, then it might be hard for him to handle.

Han Fengqiu was also starting to get a bit worried.

He was a powerful cultivator at the peak of the ninth rank, yet he couldnt take out his opponent after going all out.

This fella was as slippery as a loach!

It was all because of the capital citys blasted air restriction.

Otherwise, with his ability to fly, it would be useless no matter how fast Zu An was if he attacked from above.


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