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“What is going on” Chu Youzhaos eyes widened.

King Qis heir was about to use his ultimate move, and it looked like her brother-in-law was on the brink of defeat.

Then, at the last second, it was instead the young heir who was hacked by lightning instead

Murong Qinghe was also stupefied.

Everything that happened left her utterly shocked.

She subconsciously looked around her.

“Was there anyone that secretly helped him”

She saw that the ball of water fly out from the side.

Was there a water element expert hiding nearby

The driver with the missing tooth also looked around with his shocked eyes.

His expression was a bit confused.

Zu An walked up to the young heir and looked at his twitching body.

He sighed.

It was worth learning physics and chemistry after all.

When he saw his opponent surge with electricity all around him earlier, he already gathered a pool of water from the nearby family ponds, vats and other vessels.

He was waiting for a chance to use this giant ball of water.

He didnt awaken a water element, so he couldnt make water element out of thin air and do tricks with it.

All he could do was use Blue Mallard to move the water.

Zu An completely shut down his opponent during his most confident moment.

He was going to make this young and arrogant heir understand that even the world of cultivation had to follow the laws of physics.

“Werent you about to punish me with lightning Why arent you coming at me anymore” Zu An asked in ridicule when he saw the scorched black, steaming body.

King Qis heir moved his fingers, as if he was trying to summon lightning, but only a bit of blue electricity flew about.

Then, his body trembled from paralysis.

“Oh Were you trying to shock me” Zu An laughed when he saw this.

He put one foot on his chest and said, “Just now, who was the one that said that everything is meaningless before absolute strength”

When had King Qis heir ever had his chest stepped on He struggled frantically, but his entire body was numb from electricity.

What was to be intense struggling ended up being some meaningless twitching.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 999 999 999…

If it wasnt because he was a lightning element cultivator, his entire body wouldve already been cooked through from the lightning.

The fact that he was still alive was already quite the miracle in itself.

However, the price was that he might have to rest up for several months before he can make a full recovery.

Zu An lowered his head and took a look.

He couldnt hold back a chuckle.

This young heirs hair that was originally straight and elegant was now standing up, and all of his extravagant clothes had been blasted to ashes.

It was still barely holding together a moment ago, but all of the scorched clothes exploded when he moved just a little bit, revealing his lightning charred body underneath.


Murong Qinghe and Chu Youzhao jumped in fright.

They both quickly turned around, their hearts pounding.

Murong Qinghe gave the lover next to her a look of surprise. Im embarrassed because Im a girl, but what are you so startled for

Chu Youzhaos face was completely red.

She was actually a bit confused.

The question she was wondering was, why did Zhao Zhi and her brother-in-laws look so different

Its so small…

Who is the weird one

Zu An lowered his head and looked at the young heirs groin.

A look of disdain flashed past his face.

“Thats it”

But with so many young ladies nearby, he couldnt just pull out his right now.

He moved the tip of his sword over and circled around it.

“Its already so burnt.

Should I help you get rid of it”

King Qis heir was so scared he felt his soul leave his body.

He could still slowly recover from his current injuries, but if this thing was cut off, then it really would be hard to reconnect!

There really would be no going back at that point.

He was quite the arrogant person, but his tone immediately softened considerably.

“It is a bit burnt right now.

But please save the energy, it can still be used.”

Zu An laughed.

“It already looks like this, but you still want to use it Itll be amazing if you can still pee out of it.”

King Qis heir forced out an apologetic smile, but rage was surging endlessly within him. I will definitely chop your corpse to ten thousand pieces in the future!

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 1024 1024 1024…

Zu Ans expression grew cold when he saw the incoming Rage points.

“Could it be that youre cursing me inside right now”

“No… Im not…” The young heirs expression changed.

He wanted to say some nice words to ease the mood.

However, with his status, he was always the one being praised ever since he was little, when had he ever done it to anyone else He couldnt even do it properly.

“Oh, I suddenly remembered something.” Zu An looked like he suddenly realized something.

“You told me before that I should break my own arms and legs and bow down in apology, right”

“You heard wrong, thats not what I meant.” King Qis heir frantically explained.

He thought to himself that right now, he had to make it through this trial no matter what.

Once King Qi manors men received the news and rushed over to save him, then he would make sure to repay this guy a hundred times over!

“Then are you saying that Im deaf” Zu An said coldly.

King Qis heir: “......”

He really couldnt get used to how this guys mind worked.

But he also realized by now that he was doing this on purpose.

He was going to be ridiculed no matter how he replied.

As such, he took a deep breath.

After his momentary alarm passed, he calmed down.

“Theres no point in being pretentious here.

Do you really dare to hurt me I am King Qis oldest son, as well as the courts Reserve Diary Officer.

If I am injured in the slightest, then you will suffer ten times, no, hundred times the revenge.”

Zu An frowned.

“Your identity is indeed special.

Your father in particular is a problem.”

A look of mockery and disdain appeared on the young heirs face.


Looks like you still have a clear understanding of the situation.

I can overlook todays matter and just let it pass.”

But inside, he sneered.

Overlook No way!

Once he returned to King Qis manor, he would make sure this fella understood what it meant to wish he was dead rather than alive.

Zu An sighed.

“That dad of yours is indeed a problem, but Ive never been someone who listened to threats.

I dont have that great of a temper, you know Why did you just have to provoke me”

As soon as he finished speaking, he stomped down on his knees.

A large crack noise immediately sounded.

Chu Youzhao and Murong Qinghe were stupefied.

This fella actually dared to do this to King Qis heir Do you know what the consequences of doing this are

Chu Youzhao snapped out of her initial happiness regarding her brother-in-laws comeback.

Her heart was filled with worry.

The driver with the missing tooth frowned.

He couldnt help but say, “This kid is too reckless.

He has now completely offended King Qi.

I fear that no one can save him now.”

The carriage became silent.

No one knew what the madam inside was thinking.

“Ahh!!!!” Zhao Zhis bitter screams filled this entire street.

He experienced tremendous pain and anger.

“You actually dare to hurt me! You dare!!”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 1024 1024 1024…

Other than when the other party circled his crotch, he didnt actually feel much panic.

After all, he knew that the other party wouldnt actually dare.

However, the intense pain from his knees made him begin to doubt life. Is this guy really not scared of my father at all Is he **ing stupid!

Zu Ans lips twitched.

“Did your brain get fried from the lightning too Didnt I already hurt you You are still asking if I dare or not Since you seem quite confused, then let me help make it a bit more clear for you.”

His foot stomped down on his other knee.

“Stop!” Murong Qinghe was alarmed when she saw this.

She quickly ran over to stop Zu An.

Zu An shot her a cold look.

“Did you not get beaten enough yet last time”

Murong Qinghe took a few steps back out of guilt.

When she remembered how this man grabbed her spear, that strange warm feeling that mysteriously filled her body, she froze up.

She did not want to experience something so embarrassing again.

However, when she remembered King Qis relationship to the Murong clan, she still mustered the courage to say, “You cannot hurt him.”

“Why not” Zu An said indifferently.

Murong Qinghe bit her soft lips and said, “Because he is King Qis heir.

His status is special.

Once something happens to him, the entire capital will become chaotic.

Isnt this reason enough”

“Thats not enough!” Zu An was expressionless.

He was about to stomp down again, but he suddenly had a bad feeling.

He turned towards the street.

He saw an elder appear from the end of the street, his entire head covered in silver strands of hair, yet there were no wrinkles on his face.

As he slowly walked over, he looked like he was one with the world.

He clearly didnt take many steps, yet he already reappeared several zhang from the two of them.

“I advise you to move that filthy foot of yours.”


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