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Chapter 687: Not Very Strong, But Definitely Humiliating

He raised three fingers towards the sky and vowed, “I, Zhao Zhi, vow to fight a fair battle against Zu An today.

Regardless of what the result is, I will not use my family background to retaliate, lest I suffer the wrath of the world.”

After saying this, there was a faint golden light that landed on his body, indicating that the vow was already in effect.

Zu An thus sighed in relief.

He learned the power of vows when he had just arrived in this world.

Now, he didn’t have to worry about King Qi’s retaliation, or at the very least he didn’t have to worry about it out in the open.

This was already enough.

He would just deal with whatever underhanded tricks he used.

He was equipped with powerful cultivation now, and with his smarts, it’s not too big of a problem as long as a grandmaster like King Qi didn’t attack him himself.

Then, he also made a vow in suit.

“I, Zu An, vow to fight a fair battle against Zhao Zhi.

Regardless of what the result is, I will not use my family background to retaliate, lest I suffer the wrath of the world.”

The driver with the missing tooth snickered.

“This kid really is shameless.”

King Qi’s heir had his family behind him, what kind of family background does a brat like you have

The woman in the carriage chuckled and nodded in agreement.

“He’s just like before.”

The driver’s eyes lit up.

There really was some drama! He had to find a chance to look into this later.

Murong Qinghe tugged on Chu Youzhao’s sleeve.

“Big brother Chu, your brother-in-law is so shameless.

Your big sis is probably bullied by him all the time, right”

She met Chu Chuyan before.

She originally thought that there was no way someone like Chu First Miss would be bullied, but after seeing Zu An for herself, she was suddenly no longer so confident in her judgment.

“Yeah, she’s always being bullied.” Chu Youzhao’s face turned red.

She remembered that time she accidentally stumbled upon that scene of her big sister being pressed down beneath Zu An, how her normally proud and cold expression was completely gone.

Just the thought of it alone left her feeling dejected.

Zhao Zhi’s face twitched.

He clearly realized this hole in Zu An’s vow, but he didn’t care.

He was going to win this time either way, so he’ll use this fair fight to completely cripple this man.

That way, not even the crown prince, princess, or even the emperor could blame him for his actions.

“You can go first.

Otherwise, you might not have a chance again.” King Qi’s heir said proudly.

He had great confidence in himself.

Being in a rush to take down a piece of trash would really drag down his reputation.

Even though most of the commoners were scared off, there were still some people here after all.

The Chu clan’s heir, Murong clan’s young miss, as well as that carriage over there.

Speaking of, that carriage is quite strange.

Why did it stay here even after understanding the situation

Could it be that there really is some important figure sitting inside But it looks just like an ordinary carriage from the outside

“If you want to get beaten up that badly, then I’ll help you out.” Zu An didn’t refuse him.

Seizing this moment where the other party was underestimating him, he shot out like a bullet and rushed in front of him.

King Qi’s heir jumped in fright.

How is this guy so fast!

When he saw Zu An send a fist flying over, he quickly sent out a fist in return.

A malicious smirk appeared on his face.

With the difference in cultivation, his fist would instantly crush the other party’s hand.

When the two fists were about to meet, Zu An’s seemingly ferocious fist instead changed into a flexible force.

His arms slipped past his opponent’s fist like a snake.

Then, his five fingers spread out. 


Everyone who was watching this was stunned.

As a martial idiot, Murong Qinghe was watching this battle with her eyes widened the entire time.

She wanted to see if there was anything she could use herself.

She fought against Zu An before.

Even though she was defeated miserably, she knew that he was definitely no match for an eight ranked cultivator.

In her opinion, Zu An’s best choice was to focus on defense and drag out the fight.

Maybe those from the eastern palace would come and interfere later.

But Zu An instead seized the advantage! Attacking was one thing, but he even managed to somehow smack King Qi’s heir on the face

Why did that move look so much like the Pei clan’s Feathersilk Entangling Art

It shouldn’t be, right Why does he know the Pei clan’s technique

Even though she could tell that what it was by the time Zu An’s hand made it that far, his palm already lacked much strength, it was just too humiliating.

Sure enough, King Qi roared with rage when he felt the fiery sensation on his face.

“How dare you slap me How dare you!”

You have successfully trolled Zhao Zhi for 999 999 999…

All of his hair began to fly upwards.

A fist smashed towards his opponent’s chest.

He wasn’t in the mood to spare his opponent at all.

The only thought in his head was that he was going to pulverize Zu An into a bloody paste.

Only then could he get rid of this shame.

The driver with the missing tooth frowned.

“That kid’s decision wasn’t too wise.

That slap doesn’t have any power and instead provoked his opponent.

Now, King Qi’s heir is attacking to kill.

Madam, should I interfere to save his life later”

He could tell that his madam cared about this kid, which was why he asked this.

The woman in the carriage said indifferently, “Let’s see what happens first.”

With her understanding of Zu An, he wasn’t the impetuous type.

Furthermore, how could anyone who can remain alive after facing the emperor not have any tricks up his sleeves

Chu Youzhao cried out in alarm.

The fight already changed again.

King Qi’s heir Zhao Zhi landed his blow right in the center of Zu An’s chest, and then his body exploded.

Zhao Zhi frowned.

The feeling coming from his fist told him that he missed.

He only hit a mirage.

Sure enough, Zu An was already several zhang out.

King Qi’s heir was baffled.

Why was this guy so fast However, he couldn’t be bothered to think about this right now and chased right after Zu An.

No matter how fast you are, can your speed surpass an eighth ranked cultivator 

He was even a lightning element cultivator who excelled in speed!

Zu An quickly raised his palms to face his opponent.

The two of them instantly exchanged a dozen blows.

The ki that rippled outwards made those horseman sculptures rock side by side.

Even Chu Youzhao and Murong Qinghe couldn’t help but back up.

Both of them widened their eyes in alarm.

They never expected Zu An to go even with an eighth ranked expert in a head-on fight!

Chu Youzhao clenched her fist.

The scene of her brother-in-law easily dealing with the assassins reappeared in her mind.

She thought to herself, maybe he really had a chance of winning!

Murong Qinghe seemed to have read her thoughts.

She shook her head and said, “Even though your brother-in-law’s strength is quite admirable, there is still a gap compared to King Qi’s heir after all.

The higher level the cultivation, the more difficult it is to win as the underdog.

He might not even be able to break through his opponent’s defenses.”

As if to prove her words, Zu An thrusted out with his fingers, using the Snowflake Sword to stab at his opponent’s ribs.

However, a layer of purple radiance flickered across the surface of Zhao Zhi’s body, completely neutralizing this attack.

There was even a numbing sensation coming back along Zu An’s fingers caused by an electrical retaliation.

Zu An realized something.

He immediately used the Sunflower Phantasm to withdraw three zhang away.

The spot he was standing in a split second ago exploded under the power of a lightning shrouded fist.

Electricity flickered about, blasting open a massive crater into the ground.

Even the rubble was scorched black from the powerful lightning.

King Qi’s heir frowned as he looked at his opponent.

This movement technique was quite strange, but it didn’t matter.

He said coldly, “Your movement technique is probably what gave you the confidence to face me, I presume.

Unfortunately, your attack can’t even pierce through my elemental barrier, so how will you possibly win against this young master!”

He was in an invincible position right now.

All he needed to do was to exhaust his opponent’s ki.

As the battle continued, the ki of lower rank cultivators would quickly dry up.

Once Zu An became tired, that strange movement technique wouldn’t be a big deal anymore.

Zhao Zhi could then easily smash Zu An to bits.

Zu An sighed.

“Why do you villains love to talk so much If you feel like I can’t break through your defenses, then do you have the guts to stand there and take three hits from me”

He silently brought out the Tai’e Sword while speaking.

This sword specialized in piercing through the elemental barriers of cultivators.

Fighting against someone of higher cultivation rank might be impossible for others, but for him, that was not the case at all.


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