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The subordinate next to him said with some hesitation, “Young master, Zu An is someone who the emperor has granted the title of baron after all, and he is also a member of the eastern palace.

Wont there be a huge uproar if you assassinate him in public”

The noble young master said indifferently, “Who said I was going to kill him Dont worry, Ive already completed all the necessary arrangements.

I will teach him an unforgettable lesson.

Its his fault for daring to go against my father My father might not lower himself to his level, but Ive always been one to take proper revenge.”

“Young master is wise.” The subordinate next to him immediately praised.

The young noble wasnt fazed at all.

“Have you all completed those preparations Check everything again.

I wont tolerate any carelessness.”

“Understood!” His subordinates quickly withdrew to check up on this.

Meanwhile, in the government brothel, Zu An was already completely dressed and waiting.

When he saw a gorgeous young lady in a long dress enter, he couldnt help but sigh with praise.

“Honglei, I am still just as dazzled whenever I see you again.”

“That mouth of yours has fooled too many girls already.” Qiu Honglei rolled her eyes.

However, there wasnt any joy from being praised visible on her face.

“Ah Zu, I have to go back to the Holy Sect.”

“I know.” Zu An also looked discouraged.

“Your master already told me.”

Damn it, why are there so many goodbyes recently First, its Manman, then Zheng Dan, after that Snow.

Now, even Qiu Honglei is going to leave! 

The capital city was where things were happening, yet he instead felt strangely lonely.

“Meetings are difficult, and goodbyes are also unbearable.” Qiu Honglei sighed.

She spent two years as a courtesan queen in Immortal Abode.

During that time, she had met so many scholars and poets, so some of it couldnt help but rub off on her.

“We have to separate right after confirming our relationship…”

Zu An pulled her into his arms and said with a serious voice, “If you fail at cultivating that stupid technique, then just throw it away.

I dont need you to be an incredible expert.

If youre weaker, then Ill have more chances to protect you.”

Leng Shuangyue was completely speechless when she heard these words. This guy really is a master pervert! He took their saintess right into his arms! Moreover, saintess, can you at least look the part a bit Didnt you have many tricks to deal with those other men back then You would have them dancing around your fingertips, yet they would never get anything.

How did you end up catching feelings yourself

Sigh, if all of those guys knew that the saintess of their dreams was bashfully lying in the arms of another man, they might vomit blood out of anger.

Leng Shuangyue thought all types of thoughts.

However, if the sect master didnt say anything about it, then she wouldnt jump out and be the bad guy right now.

A hug wasnt a big deal either as long as they didnt go any further.

Qiu Honglei harrumphed.

“Hmph, my master wouldve killed you if she heard you talking about the Heavenly Devil Temptation like this.”

But she knew that she couldnt continue this type of relationship forever.

How was she supposed to contend against all of Zu Ans other girls if she gave up on Heavenly Devil Temptation now

She was definitely pretty, but were Chu First Miss and the others not If she ended up butting heads with one who was stronger than her, then she would become completely helpless!

Furthermore, she was the Holy Sects saintess.

She had her own ambitions too.

She wanted to pursue the dao and become powerful like her master.

No, it would be great if she could become even stronger.

Hmph, her master loved to spank her when she was a child.

She wanted to give her a taste of that one day too! She immediately felt extremely guilty when this type of blasphemous thought emerged, but she was still eager to give it a try.

She was from the Devil Sect after all, and they rebelled against orthodoxy.

“Im being serious here! Your cultivation technique is really dangerous, even your master…” Zu An hesitated.

In the end, he didnt tell her about Yun Jianyues relapse out of fear of adding more pressure.

She might end up experiencing unnecessary fear during her future cultivation.

She was different from Yun Jianyue anyway.

As long as she reached the consummate level, even if she experienced a relapse episode, Zu An could just help her deal with it.

He really didnt mind.

Qiu Honglei suddenly looked motivated.

“Ah Zu, dont worry.

My master said that I have the best aptitude out of all of the Holy Sects inheritors.

I will cultivate the technique to its peak, and then look for you then.

But you better not forget about me.”

Her voice carried a bit of bitterness when she reached the end.

“How could I forget about you I will think about you every day, dream about you…” Zu An whispered by her ears and spoke all types of words of endearment to her.

Then, he raised her fair and beautiful chin up to kiss her.

Qiu Honglei moaned.

She fell weak in his embrace.

She received him gently and tenderly.

Leng Shuangyues eyes widened.

She looked at Qiu Honglei in disbelief.

Sis, those are things playboys say! Havent you heard your fair share of them back at Immortal Abode Didnt you mock those silly girls for being fooled Why did you suddenly become one of those naive girls too

Also, can the two of you not kiss that passionately Theres someone else right here!

Mister Zu, where the hell is your hand going

Maam, where is your past aloofness Did you forget that the sects saintness must remain chaste

She was extremely conflicted.

She hesitated over whether she should stop them or not.

However, the two of them didnt cross that final line, so she was worried that she might instead incur their hatred if she went over.

But with how passionate the two of them were, she really was worried that something might happen.

Fortunately, Qiu Honglei snapped out of it and pushed Zu An away.

She sorted out her messy clothes and said gloomily, “You were only good to me because you wanted my body after all…”

Two streaks of tears slid down her cheeks.

She looked extremely heartbroken.

Zu An immediately panicked.

“Of course not! If I longed for your body, I wouldnt have stopped each time, and I wouldnt let you go back with your master! Even though your master is a grandmaster, she is wounded, and this is the capital, so I can still make you stay if I wanted to.

Its only because I care about your prospects that I agreed to your masters condition…”

Qiu Honglei smiled brightly again when she saw how he was losing his head while trying to explain himself.

“Ah Zu, youre really the best to me…”

Leng Shuangyue sighed when she saw that the two hugged again, but they werent touching each other passionately like before and only hugging each other warmly. The saintess is still the saintess after all… I was worried that she might have turned into an idiot.

Her green tea methods are still just as outstanding as before.

Hmph, us Holy Sect women naturally need to be tough like this!

She finally relaxed now.

She knew that she worried about the saintess for nothing.

After all, there were many outstanding candidates in the sect back then, yet she rose to the top to become the only saintess.

How could she become an idiot because of a stinky man

Zu An and Qiu Honglei finally bid each other farewell.

When he left the government brothel, he felt a bit listless.

Theyve all left, all of them have left me…

Even though this separation wasnt forever, Zu An still felt a sense of loneliness.

Everything before him looked dismal and depressing.

He continued to walk just like this.

Suddenly, cries of alarm sounded from nearby.

When Zu An turned around, he saw that a powerful steed was charging at him, its momentum like that of a tanks.

Even the horses of the world of cultivation are that powerful

Zu An was stunned.

He evaded to the side to dodge.

With his current cultivation, how could a horse ram into him

That horse bashed left and right.

This street immediately became chaotic, with everyone losing their heads out of fear.

A carriage slowly appeared at this time.

The driver at the front was a sloppy looking elder.

He was scared silly when he saw the scene before him and froze in place.

The carriage he was driving was already a bit shabby.

It looked like it belonged to an ordinary family.

With this horses momentum, the carriage would definitely explode to pieces and the people inside would die for sure.

Zu An frowned.

He was someone who transmigrated from another world.

He had witnessed many famous instances of cars that lost control and hit innocent pedestrians on the news.

As a keyboard warrior back then, he could only type with righteous indignation back then.

Now, he had the ability to do something, so there was no way he would let this type of tragedy play out before his eyes.

With a shout, he charged over.

He was fast enough to overtake the horse and grab that horses reins.

His feet dragged out two long grooves in the ground.

In the end, he managed to completely stop this startled horse.

The horse continued to stomp its legs in restlessness.

“Uncle Fu, did something happen” A sweet and pleasant sounding voice sounded from inside the carriage at this time.

It sounded like the droplets of a clear spring, and also like the chirping of birds.

Zu An was stunned.

Didnt he hear this voice before from somewhere Yet he couldnt remember where exactly.

“Madam, there was a startled horse that charged over, but someone stopped it for us.” The old driver replied.

The gentle voice sounded again.

“Lets just leave then since nothing happened.”


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