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This was already Yun Jianyues second time saying something like this to Zu An.

This kid was always testing her patience!

It really was strange though.

Anyone else wouldve died many times over by now if they said something like that, yet she just couldnt do anything to this guy.

Zu An immediately smiled in apology.

“I was saying if, haha, just if.

If big sis sect master has no such plans, then we obviously dont need to talk about it.”

Yun Jianyue yawned.

Her red lips looked especially soft and enchanting.

“Is there anything else If not, get lost!”

She had been tormented by this stupid episode of heat all night and was already extremely tired.

Even though she didnt mind chatting with a handsome and strong young man right now in her current state, her rationality still won out in the end.

She really shouldnt be with him in her current state.

“I have one last question!” Zu An quickly said, “Who is your inside man in the palace You can tell me this now, right That way, we can help each other.

Otherwise, itll be really bad if we end up harming each other without knowing our identities.”

Yun Jianyue shook her head.

“You will know when it is time.”

Zu An frowned.

“You still dont trust me”

Yun Jianyue explained, “This isnt a matter of trust, but rather that this persons identity is special.

I promised this person that I will not tell a third person, so I hope you can understand.

As for what you are worried about, that wont happen.

That person wont harm you and might even help you.”

“This person is that mysterious” Zu An saw that she really didnt plan to tell him.

He could only sigh.

“I hope things are as you say.”

He no longer let this bother him and instead said, “Then where is Honglei Im going to tell her goodbye.”

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“Wait a bit.

Ill let you two meet when the sun rises.”

Are you kidding me Its still dark outside.

What if you cannot hold yourselves back because youre about to separate

Zu An: “......”

Who the hell are you being so wary against Am I someone like that

Zu An was quickly chased out of Yun Jianyues room.

He could only return to his room and go back to sleep.

However, his head was filled with Yun Jianyues seductive figure.

There were several times where he almost couldnt hold himself back, but he still managed somehow in the end.

He had just enjoyed Hongleis soft, little hands.

He was even starting to look down on himself a bit.

After toiling an entire night, even though his thoughts were all over the place, he still gradually fell asleep.

The next morning, Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun both left their rooms at the same time by chance.

Then, they exchanged a smile.

“How was last night” A refreshed Jiao Sigun loosened his brows and quietly asked.

“It was a great battle of course.

That girl continued to beg for forgiveness.” Piao Duandiao said while sticking out his chest.

However, he secretly rubbed his lower back. Im so sore… Isnt this kind of bad

“Really” Jiao Sigun was suspicious.

Piao Duandiao coughed guiltily.

The one who was begging for forgiveness last night was him.

But how could he say that He immediately changed the topic to escape his embarrassment.

“What about you”

Jiao Sigun replied with anoh.

“I asked that girl how much they normally charge.”

“Oh” Piao Duandiao was curious.

He would never have a chance to be with a girl like this normally either.

He wasnt clear on the prices.

Jiao Sigun said, “That girl told me that it was twenty taels on the ground and a hundred taels in bed.

Do you know which one I chose”

“The bed” Piao Duandiao asked.

Zu An was paying anyway, so they might as well enjoy themselves, right

Jiao Sigun shook his head.

“The floor of course.”

Piao Duandiao: “”

Jiao Sigun said as if it was to be expected, “Even though Sir Zu is the one paying, we should try to help him save money as much as possible, right With the same amount of money, I could do it five times on the ground instead of once on the bed.

Isnt this more valuable”

Piao Duandiao was completely stupefied.

He was first shocked at how this mans head worked, and then he was shocked at his endurance.

Five times… five times…

This number continued to ring in his head.

He was just too jealous!

“Sirs, there is no need for you two to wait.

Young master Zu is resting inside.” A maid quickly came to contact them.

“Its already morning, why does he still need rest Can it be that big bro Zu is the one with some trouble down there” Piao Duandiao cried out in delight.

He finally regained some confidence.

Jiao Sigun quickly corrected, “How many girls did he have with him last night Forget about five times, he mightve even done it fifteen times.

Sir Zu really is amazing.

Im left with nothing but admiration.”

“Fifteen times…” Piao Duandiaos smile immediately froze.

Jiao Sigun said “Sir Zu worked for an entire night, so he should sleep a bit longer.

Lets leave first and not disturb him.”

“Oh…” Piao Duandiao shuffled his feet numbly.

He thought to himself that he really needed to get some proper rest so he could get some respect from the others next time.

When the two of them left, the government brothel became quiet again.

 A while later, Yun Jianyue was roused awake from the knocking on the door.

“Master, master!”

Yun Jianyue suddenly sat up.

She subconsciously rubbed her legs.

Her face was extremely red. Why did I dream about him Ah!!! I shouldnt have treated that scoundrel.

The knocking on the door became more and more urgent.

It was now more like a pounding. 

Yun Jianyue put on some clothes, covering her stunning figure.

She then undid the seal on the door.

“What is making you all nervous like that Youre not acting like a saintess at all.”

Qiu Honglei walked inside unhappily.

“Master, why are we leaving so urgently”

“Something happened back at the sect, so we need to return as soon as possible.” Yun Jianyue replied with a cold voice.

She thought to herself that shell explain it to her once they get back so that she didnt make a scene here.

She twisted her waist unnaturally while talking.

The clamminess down there wasnt very comfortable.

Qiu Hongleis expression changed when she heard that something happened back at the sect.

She wasnt the narrow-minded type, so she no longer refused to go back.

“I only have one request.

Let me meet with Ah Zu once before we go back.”

Yun Jianyue was really annoyed when she heard this for some reason.

She harrumphed.

“Being obsessed with a man will only hinder your cultivation.”

Qiu Honglei didnt back down at all.

“Thats only because master doesnt know anything about love…”

But when she saw her masters brows stand up, she changed her tone.

“Ahem, master isnt someone any man in this world is worthy of.

This disciple hasnt reached that level yet.

Once I head back, I will focus on cultivation.”

Yun Jianyues brows finally eased.


Have Leng Shuangyue accompany you so that you dont disappoint our clan morals.”

Qiu Hongleis face turned red. Everyone else calls us the Devil Sect! What kind of clan morals are there

But she didnt dare speak these thoughts and quickly left.

When she reached the entrance, she suddenly turned around and gave Yun Jianyue a look.

“Master, youre okay, right”

“What could have possibly happened to me” Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

She dragged the comforter over her legs in an awkward manner. I need to take a bath after this.

Qiu Honglei was puzzled.

She felt like her master was a bit off today for some reason.

Normally, she was aloof and cold like the moon.

She gave a natural feeling of alienation.

Yet today, she seemed full of worldliness, and even she, as another woman, was starting to become stirred…

She quickly shook her head. Im definitely overthinking things.

How can anything happen to someone like my master

She quickly rushed over to Zu Ans room.

Her maid Leng Shuangyue watched the two of them from the entrance.

“The sect master has given me orders.

I hope the saintess does not force me to do anything.”

“All of you are so annoying.” Qiu Honglei waved her hand and impatiently entered.

Meanwhile, in another extravagant guest room on the only road between the imperial palace and the government brothel.

A noble young master stood in front of a slightly open, second floor window sill.

He gazed upon the street outside and said with a frown, “It has already been so long, why hasnt Zu An come out yet Its already been a long time since those two eastern palace imperial guards left.”

His subordinate next to him replied, “Weve already sent someone to investigate.

It is rumored that Zu An ordered a dozen courtesan queens and is currently sleeping.”

“Hmph, that kid has some talent I guess.” The noble young master harrumphed.

“Unfortunately, I fear that this might be the last time he gets to act so carefree.”


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