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And you said you werent after my body! This was the first thought that appeared in his mind.

Hoever, he knew that his vital part was at the mercy of the other party, should he utter these words, she might just snap it off out of rage.

Yun Jianyues breathing also became hurried.

Her brain went completely blank in this instant.

She had no idea how to deal with this type of situation.

All types of thoughts flooded her mind.

Even though her heart was pounding, she still had to maintain the appearance of a grandmaster.

She forcefully maintained a cold expression and said, “Would you believe me if I said that it was an accident”

“Of course I would!” Zu An continued off of her words, “But can you please let go first Im about to burst from the grip…”

His veins were bulging, his expression a bit pained.

He warned her carefully.

Compared to Qiu Hongleis fine, small hand, this womans hand was like an iron clamp.

If it wasnt because his body was much tougher than that of a normal persons, the hand of a grandmasters could crush rock like tofu, and little Zu An wouldnt have stood a chance either.

Yun Jianyue snapped out of her daze at this time.

Her small hand shrank back at lightning speed, and then she turned around.

Her usually confident and carefree face was covered in a layer of unnatural blush.

She took a deep breath and calmed down her raging emotions.

Then, she said with a feigned calmness, “Ive already taken care of most of the seal in your body.

The remaining bit was sucked away by a mysterious power in your body.

Hmph, youve also sucked away some of my energy I infused into your body as well.

If it wasnt because of Honglei, I wouldve already smacked you to death.”

“Thank you, big sis sect master.” Zu An said with sincere gratitude.

He didnt completely faint, so he had a vague recollection of how dangerous the process was.

During a moment of crisis, the Heaven Devouring Sutra within his body acted out on its own, swallowing up some of her energy.

He felt a bit apologetic about this.

“The energies of an Earth Immortal and grandmaster will bring you tremendous benefits once you completely digest them.” Yun Jianyue paused for a moment, and then she added, “But remember not to completely refine away the emperors aura.

You should at least leave an empty shell there, or else the emperor will be able to tell that youve already removed the seal.

Ill teach you a way to prevent that, do it like this…”

Zu An was shocked.

“Big sis really is old and wise! Otherwise, I wouldve celebrated too soon.”

With his understanding of the emperor, if the other party found out that his seal was already removed, then he would definitely used an even more vicious method to deal with him.

“Old” Yun Jianyues brows were raised.

She was extremely sensitive to this word.

She harrumphed in annoyance, “Also, I dont know where you learned that sinister absorption technique.

Remember, either dont use it, or silence all who witness you using it.

Once news of this gets out, youll become the public enemy of the world.”

“Thank you big sis for the reminder.” Zu An obviously understood what she meant.

What was the most important part of cultivation It was obviously your cultivation level! If someone could suck out another persons cultivation to strengthen themselves, then everyone would be frightened.

Theyll all join hands to get rid of him.

Yun Jianyue nodded when she saw his serious appearance.

Looks like she didnt have to warn him too much.

She thought of another matter.

“Do you have any connections with the Holy Sect”

Zu An was confused.

He didnt know why she would suddenly ask something like this.

“Uh… does my relationship with Honglei count”

He originally wanted to say that the two of them had a special relationship, but he didnt say it out of consideration for little Zu Ans safety.

Yun Jianyue: “......”

“I am asking you if youve cultivated the Holy Sects Heavenly Devil Temptation before, or if one of your elders used to be a part of the Holy Sect.”

She recalled that familiar source of power when she faced the emperors seal.

The power was of high quality, leaving even her shocked.

She really was curious what that was.

Zu An shook his head.

“I havent.

Im already so handsome and suave, panties will drop wherever I go.

Why do I have to cultivate your temptation technique”

Yun Jianyue: “......”

This kid really needs a beating as usual…

She thought to herself for a bit.

It wasnt too likely for this fella to have cultivated the Heavenly Devil Temptation.

After all, all those who have cultivated this were women, and the Holy Sect had always passed it directly down to an inheritor.

There was no way they wouldve leaked it out to outsiders.

What was even more important was that those who practiced this had to maintain their purity, yet the one in front of her… Hmph, who knows how many times he has done it already.

While she was thinking to herself, there was suddenly a mysterious pounding from her soul.

Then a warm stream flowed through her entire body.

She subconsciously clamped her legs together.

“Whats wrong” Zu An noticed that something was off and quickly asked with concern.

“Nothing!” Yun Jianyue was like a startled rabbit.

She jumped back and widened the gap, as if she was scared that he would get closer.

Zu An was bewildered. Why are you looking at me like Im some wolf I should be the one who is embarrassed, right Also, what can I even do to you with our gap in cultivation Im the one whos helpless if you try anything!

Sigh… If it really gets to that point, then I only have one request… please be gentle…

Yun Jianyues expression flickered several times, as if she was experiencing great internal turmoil.

A while later, she finally straightened her trembling body.

“You should work on refining the energies.

Im leaving first.”

Then, her figure vanished from the room.

However, a second later, she reappeared by the entrance.

“Dont tell anyone else about what happened today.

If I hear even a tiny rumor, youre dead.”

After saying this, she left without even waiting for Zu Ans response.

Zu An looked in the direction she left in confusion.

Why does her voice sound so strange She doesnt sound as cold and arrogant as usual Her voice was even trembling a little bit like a little kitten… She was clearly threatening him, yet he didnt feel threatened at all…

Ahem, how is that possible That unmarried old womans cultivation is so high, and her willpower so firm, how can it possibly be what Im thinking She was probably injured while helping me with my seal, so she wants to return and get some rest.

He thus collected his thoughts and began to refine the powerful energies within him.

Meanwhile, on the other side, it hadnt been long since Yun Jianyue left Zu Ans room.

Her legs buckled.

She grabbed the nearby railing to support herself.

A moan came out of her mouth.

An expression of horror flashed past Yun Jianyues eyes.

“How can this be Ive already successfully cultivated the Heavenly Devil Temptation! How can I still be overwhelmed by lust”

This technique was powerful, but it had all types of side effects as well.

Apart from not being allowed to lose her virginity before the technique is fully cultivated, there was one other shameful thing that she didnt tell Zu An.

This was that when it was cultivated to the late-mid stage, she would become overwhelmed by lust.

There were a few days every month where she would be overwhelmed by desire, tempting her to find a man to help her.

If she could make it past that period, then her cultivation would become a bit purer.

If she could not, then her many years of hard work would be wasted.

The side effects of this technique seemed like it was made to prevent people from succeeding.

Even though the Holy Sect was full of outstanding disciples, the ones who ended up succeeding in the end were pitifully few.

This was also the reason why she insisted on separating Zu An and Qiu Honglei.

Perhaps her obedient disciple could still control herself now, but that was because her cultivation hadnt reached that level yet.

Once she entered the later stages and was overwhelmed by lust, if two harmonious lovers were near each other, then the difficulty of those days every month would become exponentially higher.

Yun Jianyue relied on her shocking talent and willpower to cultivate this technique to its peak.

She finally broke free from the lust that would entangle her.

So why did this reappear

Even her incredibly firm will began to waver.

It wasnt only because of the fear of being dominated by this technique in the past, it was also because of the fear towards the unknown.

If she still cannot break free of this state at her level, then what meaning was there left in cultivating this technique

But she already couldnt be bothered to think about all of this.

She hurriedly returned to the rear courtyard.

That was where her private room was.

Furthermore, this place was connected to a natural spring, so an indoor bath was set up.

This was where she used to wash herself.

She rushed back to that room.

A wave of energy flew out, locking down the door and windows.

Then, she removed her clothes, exposing her sparkling white body, her long hair scattered down across her back.

The black and white color formed a stark contrast.

Her entire figure was giving off an intangible aura of seduction that would make any man in this world turn into an aps.

She knew that this was the result of her failing to control this technique.

She quickly jumped into the ice-cold pool and soaked herself inside.

Soon afterwards, the originally ice-cold pool began to boil.


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