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You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 444 444 444…

Zu An felt a huge headache.

He quickly said, “Were an affectionate couple! These were things that happened naturally because of our love for each other, how can you call that lowly”

“Happened naturally” Yun Jianyue sneered.

“Then why did you push down on Hongleis head just now”

Zu Ans face heated up.

“I didnt use that much strength.

If Honglei didnt want to do it, then why would I force her to”

“Alright, whatever, I dont want to hear your random explanation.” For some reason, Yun JIanyue felt really really annoyed.

“In short, youre not allowed to meet with Honglei in the future.”

“Why!” Zu An immediately sat up and cried out.

Yun Jianyue said with a sullen expression, “You know that Hongleis cultivation technique is special.

She cannot lose her virginity before she reaches a certain level.”

Zu An mumbled, “I know, thats why the two of us knew not to really go that far.”

Yun Jianyues eyebrows were raised.

She looked like she was about to flip out, but she remembered how much Zu An helped them during this period and forced herself to hold back her rage.

“Hmph, this is called nothing You were able to let it all out, but what about Honglei Men arent the only ones with lust, women do too! If you keep seducing her like this, itll eventually accumulate to the point where he cannot hold herself back anymore.

Its very likely that shell become overwhelmed by lust then!”

Zu An: “......”

He spat out, “Your technique is **ing trash!”

“Trash” Yun Jianyues expression became dangerous.

“It was thistrash technique that allowed me to reach the grandmaster level.

I can crush you like an ant.

Do you want to give it a try”

“Not at all, not at all.” Zu An waved his hands in embarrassment.

This unmarried lady really had quite the temper.

Yun Jianyue then continued and said, “Since you said that you are Hongleis lover, then you should consider things from her perspective.

If the two of you continue like this, she will only be tormented by her emotions and there will be many obstructions in her path of cultivation.

She might never reach that realm of perfection and might even die along the way.”

Zu An jumped in fright.

“Its that dangerous”

“Of course! Do you think Im saying this just to scare you” Yun Jianyues expression was serious.

“There were many who tried to cultivate this technique in the Holy Sect before, but many of them either could not control themselves and lost their cultivation, or they went crazy and lost everything.

Up until now, I am the only person who has successfully cultivated this technique.”

Zu An immediately blurted out, “Why did you make Honglei cultivate it then if its so dangerous!”

Yun Jianyue harrumphed in annoyance, “Ive always raised her like my successor.

Whose technique would she cultivate if not mine With her foresight and temperament, no man in the world would faze her, yet she ended up encountering a playboy like you!”

Zu An stuck out his chest.

“Im handsome and rich, so is it so wrong for a girl to like me”

Yun Jianyue: “......”

She wanted to smack this guy on the head, and then stomp on his face a few times.

This kid really needed a good beating.

Zu An said at this time, “Fine, Im not a sex fiend… Wait, hold on, what kind of look is that If you keep that up, Im actually going to get upset.

Ahem, I dont want to harm Honglei either, so I promise that I wont make her do these types of things anymore.”

“Thats not enough.

The two of you are not allowed to meet each other anymore.” Yun Jianyue persisted.

“From these past few days, I have seen that even her foundations have started to become unstable.

She might be beyond saving if she continues to stay with you.

That is why I will bring her back to the sect to have her earnestly cultivate in seclusion.”

Zu An immediately asked, “Then how long does she need to cultivate for”

“Until I think she has reached a suitable level.” Yun Jianyue leaned back leisurely into her chair.

She felt satisfied inside. Kid, youre still far too young to argue against me.

Zu An was furious.

“Arent you clearly being shameless here Screw that!”

This stupid old unmarried woman was probably jealous seeing how close he was with Honglei.

He might have to wait until the end of time before he would obtain her acknowledgement.

“You are always free to fight against me if you arent convinced.

If you win, then well follow your rules.” Yun Jianyues bright eyes swept over him indifferently.

Zu Ans breathing stopped.

He understood himself well.

This woman was a grandmaster, and she already recovered quite a bit of her strength.

Beating him up was like playing with a toy.

As such, he decisively changed his strategy.

“Big sis sect master, isnt this going a bit too far When you were seriously injured, I took the risk to get you soul healing medicine.

I drew Cheng Xiongs suspicion because of this as well and almost died.

Later on, I even saved your sect members who were doomed to die.

Its one thing if you dont thank me for doing all of this, but if you abandon your benefactor after getting what you want, isnt that going a bit too far”

Yun Jianyue sighed.

“I know… We owe you too much.

That is why I will try to think of another way to compensate you.”

Zu An shook his head.

“I dont want anything else.

I only want Honglei.”

Yun Jianyues brows stood up.

“Brat, dont go too far! I already explained everything to you earlier.

Choose something else.”

Zu An shook his head.

“Honglei isnt a bargaining chip I can just switch for something else.”

Yun Jianyue looked him in the eyes.

Even though this fella was a playboy, he still treated Honglei quite well.

Her expression eased a bit.

“Our Holy Sect will forever remember your gratitude.

We will definitely repay you generously afterwards.”

Zu An waved his hand, clearly not in the mood to talk about this stuff.

“Have Sun Luzhen and the others returned safely”

Yun Jianyue nodded.

“When they left the palace, Honglei arranged for some men to receive them.

They were already brought out of the capital.

They have said repeatedly that they wish to express their thanks to you in person.”

“Its good that they were able to leave.” Zu An sighed in relief.

If something happened to Sun Luzhen and the others, then it was easy for him to get in trouble.

“By the way, what about the one who was secretly following you”

“I was just about to talk to you about that.” Yun Jianyue said with a grave expression.

“I originally wanted to find a chance to kill him, but that persons hiding technique was too outstanding, so I failed.”

“Even you couldnt do anything” Zu An was shocked.

Yun Jianyue voiced her confirmation.

“Forget about the fact that I am wounded right now, even if I was in my prime, I wouldnt even have a hundred percent certainty in detaining him.

His stealth technique has already almost reached the level of natural dao.

I couldnt even see his appearance.”

“Someone like this cant be unknown, right Do you know anyone who matches the description” Zu An quickly asked.

Having someone this powerful stalking him from the shadows really was quite the frightening thing.

Yun Jianyue shook her head.

“This world is so large, there are still many capable individuals.

How can I possibly know someone like that Since he excels in stealth, then he definitely made sure to hide his own name as well.

Thus, it is even harder for outsiders to know who he is.”

Zu An nodded.

He understood this reasoning.

Looks like he had to find a chance to ask the emperor about this and have him investigate.

But what if this person is Eunuch Wen

He thought to himself for a second.

Yun Jianyue suddenly voiced her surprise.

She stared at his chest.

“Hm Your ki flow seems to be different from normal.

Were you injured”

After staying together for so long, as a grandmaster, she was already extremely familiar with his aura.

Zu An said with a bitter smile.

“I had to put my life on the line to help you this time.”

Then, he gave her a rough summary of the emperors seal placed on him.

Yun Jianyues expression changed.

Without waiting for his agreement, she reached out a hand and grabbed his arm to sense his inner ki flow.

Her hands were cold and uncomfortable to the touch.

However, Zu An wasnt in the mood to pay attention to these things.

Instead, he stared nervously at her, because her brows were deeply furrowed, as if he was suffering from an incurable disease.

“You dont have to be like that.

The emperor said that he can get rid of it.

Would he lie to me” Zu An said nervously.

In the end, Yun Jianyue said, “Remove your clothes.”

“Huh” Zu An was stunned.

Yun Jianyue said, “I will try to help you get rid of this seal.

However, your qi will surge during this process.

The heat must be released promptly.

That is why you need to take off your clothes.”

“Oh.” Zu An was happy to do this.

If the other party could help him undo this ticking time bomb, then he wouldnt have to live in fear evey day.

When he took off his top, Yun Jianyue said coldly, “Your pants too.”

Zu An: “”


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