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The jailers all drew their blades and were about to stop them when they heard the disturbance.

Who would dare to act so domineeringly in this type of place

But when they heard the words King Qi, all of them withdrew their blades again.

King Qis prestige in the court was tremendous, and he had always maintained a decent reputation.

These jailers didnt dare to offend him.

Those golden armored guards were satisfied when they saw the fear in their eyes.

With King Qi behind them, they could walk proudly wherever they went.

They arrived in front of Zu An, their expressions so arrogant their noses were pointing at the sky.

“So youre Zu An”

Zu An sized up the other party.

Of course, it wasn\'t their appearance, but rather their auras.

The leader was at the sixth rank, while the rest were at the fifth rank.

Together with the formation combat style imperial guards were familiar with, taking down a seventh rank cultivator wasnt too big of an issue.

Furthermore, this was inside the imperial palace.

There has never been someone who refused the invitation of an imperial guard.

“I am.

May I ask what you all came here for” Zu An asked.

“King Qi invites you for an audience.” The leader with the big nostrils casually cupped his hands.

The Devil Sect assassins in the prison were all alarmed.

They finally managed to await Zu Ans arrival, yet he was now being brought away by someone

Zu An looked quite troubled.

“The crown prince and princess asked me to question these prisoners.

How about I head over once Im finished”

The one with the big nostrils sneered and said, “If King Qi wants to meet someone, all of them would be running over as fast as they could in fear and respect.

When has there ever been someone like you who uses all sorts of excuses”

Zu An said, “So the crown prince and princess orders are not orders Could it be that in your respective selves eyes, King Qi is greater than the crown prince and princess”

The jailers silently stood to the side, their eyes looking straight at the ground.

They didnt dare participate in this level of battlefield.

The breathing of the person with the big nostrils stopped momentarily.

He said with a bit of annoyance.

“You can forget about trying to instigate anything.

King Qi is the crown princes senior, as well as the crown princes teacher.

Even if the crown prince was here, he would send you to King Qi first.

If you do not believe me, you can seek out the crown prince and ask him.”

You have successfully trolled Liu Chenyu for 444 Rage points!

The jailers subconsciously took a few more steps back.

All of them were complaining inside.

Why did they have to be caught up in this type of thing

Zu An shook his head and said with a sigh, “King Qi is King Qi, you are yourself.

Even though the crown prince and crown princess do not dare do anything to King Qi, do you think that they cannot take care of a trifling guard like you Once your words reach the crown prince and princess ears, do you think that they will let that slide”

The one with the big nostrils was a bit shaken.

He was also starting to feel a bit of regret.

It was all this Zu Ans fault, or else how could he possibly misspeak like this

Hmph, whatever.

This brat wont be able to act smug for long.

Once he reaches King Qis hands, he might just immediately lose his head.

You have successfully trolled Liu Chenyu for 567 Rage points!


Zu An was waiting precisely for the moment he became distracted.

He rushed over and stabbed his forehead.

His cultivation was not at a level that could be compared to an ordinary seventh rank.

Furthermore, with his instantaneous movement skill, how could his opponent possibly dodge his attack


A blast of blood gushed out of his forehead.

Liu Chenyu was so shocked his eyes were completely wide open.

He didnt expect the other party to attack him, let alone go straight for a killing blow.

The imperial guards who followed him were all stunned.

They hurriedly tried to draw their blades and surround Zu An.

But right at this moment, they felt a tremendous suction force.

All of their ki seemed to have suddenly vanished into nothing.

Their center of gravity became unstable.

They staggered towards the center where Zu An was.

Zu Ans finger thrusted out and instantly ended their lives.

All of this happened too quickly for anyone else to react.

Those golden armored soldiers were already lying all over the ground like dirt.

Elder Sun Luzhen was shocked.

The reaction ability and cultivation he displayed were shocking.

He even wondered if he had the ability to dispatch all of these guards himself this efficiently.

Solitary Fires eyes widened.

This kids cultivation is higher than what he saw on their way to the capital! Just how much time has passed since then!

Gu Yueyi was incredibly jealous.

After all, Zu An was but a drafted son-in-law who everyone looked down on.

Even though he displayed his talents during the clan competition, Zu An was still not someone he treated with any importance.

However, in such a short amount of time, Zu An already climbed to this level, far surpassing himself! No wonder his junior sister liked him.

Pah! Junior sister will be mine one day!

Those surrounding jailers all drew their blades and faced Zu An like he was a great enemy.

They stammered, “Sir… Sir Zu, what is the meaning of this”

They were scared badly by this scene.

Zu An chuckled and said, “Dont worry, this is my grudge with King Qi, it has nothing to do with you guys.”

Those jailers looked at each other in dismay, and then they sighed in relief.

However, they all cursed silently. Is this guy an idiot He is willing to publicly go against King Qi like this

The instant they relaxed, Zu An summoned Hundredwarble.

An invisible sound wave rippled outwards.

He had Guo Zhi transfer away the experts here, so these jailers were just ordinary people.

How could they withstand this type of power All of them fainted.

It wasnt just the enemies that were knocked out, everyone from the Devil Sect also fainted.

Sun Luzhen and the others had high cultivations, but their strength was sealed by the Embroidered Envoys seals.

After the torture they suffered, they already became far weaker than before.

Zu An moved over to strike the jailers acupoints.

Suddenly, he sensed an incredibly powerful divine will sweep over him.

Zu Ans expression changed.

This might was extremely familiar, and he had already experienced it several times.

Only the emperor alone had this type of power.

Meanwhile, King Qi, who was enjoying tea in his gazebo, felt his body go rigid.

He looked towards the prison with curiosity and muttered, “What happened in that place for even brother emperor to be startled”

But this divine will arrived and left quickly.

He figured that it was probably because the emperor noticed it was just Zu An, and then he didnt pay that place any more attention.

Zu An sat down on a stool to the side, gasping for air.

His entire body was soaked with sweat.

No wonder everyone said that the emperors will stretched across the entire palace.

So this was what they meant!

The emperor obviously didnt care about the conversations of ordinary people, but if there were any strange auras that erupted in the palace, then he would immediately detect it.

No wonder Yun Jianyue chose to come when the emperor wasnt here.

Otherwise, the emperor would immediately pacify the situation as soon as they tried anything.

Zu An looked at those jailers again.

He called all of the remaining people here beforehand, so no one shouldve figured out what happened yet.

However there was one more thing that he had to take care of.

He took out a bottle from his Brilliant Glass Bead and poured a few drops into a teapot.

Then, he fed the tea to those jailers.

Ever since he received the emperors mission, he had always been wondering how to deal with this situation.

Breaking them out of the imperial prison wasnt hard, what was annoying was the aftermath.

He couldnt draw suspicion from the Devil Sect, nor could he draw suspicion from the palace.

That was why he needed a scapegoat.

In the end, the only one who had the ability and motive to break out the prisoners was King Qi.

Furthermore, by using King Qi as an excuse, once everything was dealt with, the emperor could easily sort this entire thing out.

Since it was related to King Qi, they wont publicly fall out unless there was absolutely no choice.

This way, Guo Zhi and the others wouldnt suspect that anything was strange.

That was why he deliberately infuriated King Qi just now, precisely so that he would send his people to act against himself.

He just didnt expect him to respond so well and send his men so quickly.

Of course, there was another issue.

He couldnt let these jailers confessions sell him out.

Killing them was the easiest way, but he didnt want to kill the innocent for no reason.

Furthermore, he had just asked Guo Zhi to transfer away his cultivators.

If these people were killed afterwards, then even an idiot would be able to guess that it was him.

That was why he needed these jailers alive, to serve as witnesses to the arrival of King Qis men.

As for the things he did, he needed these jailers to forget about them.

TheWorries Be Gone he added to the tea was something he got during the Chu clans rebellion, something that was originally to be used on Qin Wanru.

This medicine would make one forget the things that happened within a set period of time.

“I really am a genius.” Zu An was a bit amazed at his own work.

However, he was hurting inside, because he used one of the worlds strongest aphrodisiacs on a group of ugly men.


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