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Zu An was disappointed.

“I saved you and your sect master, yet your sects people want me to agree to something else Isnt that going a bit too far”

Qiu Honglei was extremely apologetic.

“This isnt what I want either, but I do not dare tell anyone that you saved the sect master.

Once someone knows, then this secret has a high chance of leaking out.

Im worried about your safety in the palace.”

Zu An knew that he had misunderstood her.

“Youve thought things out in more detail than me.”

The less people who knew about a secret, the better.

Furthermore, there were many factions in the Devil Sect, so who knows if they would sell themselves out or not.

That was why remaining hidden was a wise choice.

Qiu Honglei continued, “I dont know if master told you yet, but she rose up to her position by purging many factions.

Now that she is seriously injured and missing, many people have begun to stir restlessly in the sect.

That is why even if she gave the orders, these people still might not listen.”

Zu An snorted.

“Your sects people sure are loyal.”

Qiu Honglei sighed when she heard the sarcasm in his voice.

“Loyalty isnt our creed.

In the end, what everyone trusts is the law of the jungle.

Whoever has more strength has the last say.

There is still some reason behind why the outside world calls us the Devil Sect.”

Zu An said, “Then what kind of justification does your sect need to work with me”

Qiu Honglei explained, “There were members from all different factions that were captured.

If you can rescue them, then they will definitely agree to help.”

Zu An frowned. Why arent those guys dead yet

Any assassinations attempted against the empress or crown prince was an offense punishable by nine generations of executions.

There were so many people watching these prisoners right now.

How could he possibly save them

Qiu Honglei continued, “I know that this is extremely difficult as well, so if you really cannot save them, its enough if you can give them an easy death and prevent them from suffering any more.”

Even though they couldnt see what was happening, they could imagine just what kind of suffering those people went through inside the imperial prison.

“Fine, thats something I can try to do.” Zu An agreed.

Yun Jianyue gave him a similar request before.

Since he could gain the favor of two people at once, then that was more than he could ask for.

“Okay, Ill discuss things with our sect now.

You should rest for a bit here.” Qiu Honglei quickly left.

Since the Devil Sects center of operations was in this government brothel, many of the sects higher level figures were here.

Zu An nodded.

It didnt make sense for him to show up in this type of situation, so he just stayed here by the window out of boredom.

Suddenly, he was shocked to see that something unexpected happened below.

Chu Youzhaos cheeks were completely red, her eyes blurred.

She was already drunk.

Look at this silly girl.

Do you have no idea how much alcohol you can tolerate You came to a brothel and got this wasted

Qin Guangyuan frowned.

“Youzhao is still too young.

He couldnt drink much, as expected.”

Cheng Gang laughed and immediately said, “Lady Shuangyue, young master Chu is drunk, so please take him inside for some rest.

You better take care of him well!”

Lady Shuangyue blushed.

She said timidly, “Being able to serve young master Chu is my fortune.”

Her eyes glanced towards Chu Youzhao from time to time, perfectly displaying her feminine charm.

“Dont… dont touch me.” Chu Youzhao subconsciously pushed her away.

However, her entire body was weak from drinking, so she didnt have the strength to push her away at all.

“Young master, I will bring you inside for some rest.” Shuangyue said with a gentle voice.


mm…” Chu Youzhao replied hazily.

Cheng Gang was stunned by these twos beauty when they were next to each other.

He even felt like the delicate and pretty Chu Youzhao was a bit more alluring than Shuangyue.

He felt a wave of heat surge within his belly. Should I sneak into the room later on and join in on the action

He was already a regular customer of Shuangyues, so she shouldnt refuse, right But this young master Chus status is a bit special… If news of this got out, then it would become extremely troublesome.

What the ** Why the hell am I going after a man!

Its all this kids fault for being too good-looking!

Qin Yongde who was busy playing with the girl in his embrace snapped out of his daze.

He said with a smile, “Shuangyue, this little brother of mine is still quite immature.

You need to be more gentle with him later.”


dont…” Chu Youzhao mumbled, refusing subconsciously.

However, her weak voice was completely ignored.

Shuangyue responded with a lovable smile.

“Im always gentle, okay How about I give young master Chu a little bonus later”

Speaking in this type of manner in a government brothel was completely acceptable.

Sure enough, the others were amused as expected.

They all roared in laughter.

Shuangyue carried Chu Youzhao inside.

Cheng Gangs eyes moved around.

He picked up his girl and walked towards the entrance as well.

“Young masters, please carry on.

Im going to have some fun first, hahaha.”

Vulgar… Qin Guangyuan and Qin Yongde both said at the same time.

But they both suddenly found the girls in their arms much more enchanting.

Qin Yongde couldnt hold himself back any longer either.

He got up with his hands around two girls waists.

“Bro, Im heading inside too, haha.”

Qin Guangyuans face darkened. This fella has no willpower at all! With their status, what kind of beauties hadnt they met before Was there a need to be in such a rush

“Young master Qin truly is a steady minded gentleman…” The girl next to him reached out her hand and moved her finger around his chest.

Qin Guangyuans entire body stiffened up. Ahem… these girls from the government brothel are quite different.

Loosening up once in a while isnt so bad either.

Then, he was brought into a small, secluded room by this girl.

Sounds of the bed shaking quickly ensued.

Zu An, who was quietly watching all of this, was stunned.

These Devil Sects girls are really good at what they do! Even these experienced young masters ended up unknowingly falling into their trap.

Light and gentle footsteps sounded at this time.

Shuangyue arrived behind him.

“Young master, Ive already put young master Chu to sleep.

Should I arrange for someone to service him”

Chu Youzhao was Zu Ans younger brother-in-law, so she wanted to ask him to make sure.

Of course, there was no way she would do it herself.

She had more than enough girls under her to finish the deed.

“Theres no need.

Ill pay him a visit myself.” Service her with another girl Wont her crossdressing matter be completely exposed then He couldnt help but ask, “Did you notice anything… peculiar about his body”

He wondered if anything happened when Shuangyue carried her inside.

After all, it was because he accidentally touched her that he found out something was off.

“Peculiar” Shuangyue was confused.

“What is the young master talking about”

Zu An sighed in relief when he saw that she didnt notice anything.

“Its nothing.

You should do what you need to do.

Ill take care of him.”

“Okay.” Shuangyue had a weird look on her face.

This man came all the way to a brothel, yet he didnt care about the beauties at all and instead went to visit his little brother-in-law.

Dont tell me that he likes men

But young master Chu was indeed handsome. I might have been moved too if I was a man.

She brought Zu An down the stairs.

Suddenly, he noticed a dark figure rush into Chu Youzhaos room.

Zu Ans expression changed and he quickly rushed over.

Cheng Gang had just sneaked into this room.

“Huh Why is Shuangyue not here”

His attention immediately shifted to Chu Youzhao.

His face was prettier than even this places courtesan queens.

His small mouth was opened slightly, his red lips making his heart pound.

“Screw it, Ill just have a taste of what another man feels like then!” Cheng Gang had a feeling that something wasnt quite right.

He seemed to be much more stimulated than normal.

Normally speaking, he would definitely feel reservations towards his status, yet the alcohol made him throw all of that away.

Young master Chu was drunk anyway, and hell just feel a bit of pain in the bottom tomorrow. He wont suspect me at all.

He gulped.

He took off his clothes, and then he pounced onto the bed.

Then, his figure suddenly froze.

He felt a hand grip his neck.

A biting cold voice sounded.

“Youre courting death!”

Cheng Gang was horrified.

He quickly swung his arm backwards.

However, his neck was in pain as soon as he swung it halfway.

Then, he blacked out.

Zu An tossed the limp Cheng Gang onto the ground.

He felt disgusted when he saw how high his crotch was.

He stomped his foot down on it.

“Ugh…” Even while unconscious, Cheng Gang still curled up in pain like a shrimp.

Shuangyue gulped.

This man really was decisive! How were they going to deal with the consequences of this afterwards


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