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Zu An suddenly realized something.

Suspects passed over his mind one after another.

Zhuxie Chixin No, he was the emperors trusted aide for many years.

Even if the emperor suspected him, he wouldnt do it so directly

His own eunuchs That didnt seem right either.

If he really suspected them, then he could just have them tortured for a confession.

There is no need to put a golden token envoy like me in charge.

That means there are only the imperial guard generals left…

If he was still confused at first, once he learned that Cheng Xiong was part of King Qis faction, many of his doubts disappeared.

“It is Cheng Xiong!” Zu An blurted out.

Yun Jianyue nodded, looking like she was proud of him.


Because of successive generations of inheritance, King Qis strength in the military is extremely great, not only in the local armies but even in the imperial palace.

If you were the emperor, would you feel relieved leaving a vital position like the Left Guard General to someone under King Qis faction”

“Of course not.” Zu An became excited as well.

He continued off of her analysis, “Weve found out that the assassins are related to King Qi… Actually even if the assassins were unrelated to King Qi, the emperor would never let such a good chance go.

He will use this chance to shift the blame onto King Qi and use this as an excuse to purge King Qis faction.”

No wonder Yun Jianyue was so confident.

It didnt matter at all if she was exposed, because she was sure that the emperor would still act according to their plans.

They could use this good chance to cut off King Qis wings.

This wasnt a conspiracy, but rather an overt plot! That was why she didnt care about being exposed at all.

He gave Yun Jianyue a complicated look.

“Big sis sect master, you really are treacherous.”

“Your praise is too kind.” Yun Jianyue was full of delight.

“Kid, youre not too bad either.”

“Then what should I do now” Zu An asked.

With a two-faced queen like this on his side, he didnt have to waste his own brainpower.

Yun Jianyue thought for a bit.

Her beautiful face became rather serious while deep in thought.

A while later, she said, “You should pay Zhuxie Chixin a visit first.

As the leader of the Embroidered Envoy, he naturally has a duty to act when his subordinates are being bullied.

Furthermore, he is the emperors trusted aide, so he will help the emperor get rid of Cheng Xiong, so he will naturally be a huge help.

However, there is a problem.

That man has always been mistrustful, so you should be ready for his questioning before you meet him.

Once you got him on your side, you should…”

Zu An was feeling hard-pressed, but after hearing her meticulous analysis, everything became much clearer.

He sighed in admiration.

“Whoever marries you in the future will have a wife as awesome as Zhuge Liang!”

“Who is Zhuge Liang” Yun Jianyue frowned, but she then said with a snort, “Why do I need to marry anyone Even if I need men, Ill just take in some male pets.

Are there any men worthy of marrying me in this world”

Zu An had a weird look on his face.

A while later, he said with a sigh, “Big sis sect master is tough after all!”

Yun Jianyues eyelids jumped.

Then, she turned around arrogantly and began to fix her hammock.

She clearly didnt intend to sleep on the same bed as this man again.

Zu An left to seek out Zhuxie Chixin.

After his conflict with Cheng Xiong, as an Embroidered Envoy, he obviously had to complain to his boss about it.

However, he was suddenly carried away by an impulse.

It seems like its been a while since he pulled his keyboard systems lottery… There was so much going around in the palace and there was danger lurking at every corner.

Having some more life-saving measures was always a good thing. 

As such, he found a secluded place to bring out the Rage System.

After not checking for a while, he unwittingly already gathered 285,132 Rage points.

He started pulling right away.

He did stuff like wash his face and pray before, but he already grew accustomed to this process.

He didnt feel like bothering with these tricks anymore.

Thank you for playing… Thank you for playing… ki fruit… Thank you for playing…

Huh Where did the tiger talismans go

Zu An became a bit disappointed.

He pulled Daji with the tiger talismans last time.

Even though Dajis current strength was only at the peak of the fourth rank, the greatest benefit was that he was able to use her flame element through resonance! This allowed him to cultivate flame system arts!

If he could pull a valkyrie from a different element, then that would grant him an ability from a different element!

Zu Ans eyes suddenly lit up while feeling disappointment.

He noticed that the keyboards indicator stopped over the J key.

Unfortunately, it was a multi-pull, so the words flew past the screen quickly.

He couldnt see what exactly it was.

When the pulls finally finished, he saw that he obtained a new skill and 280 ki fruits.

He impatiently scrolled towards the description for the new ability.

Keyboard, come![1]

Skill description: As a keyboard warrior, Keyboard Come is your most important skill.

When you experience injustice, shoutKeyboard, Come! loud and proud! Make sure your voice is full of spirit, let the people know what it means to speak things into existence!

Once the skill is activated, all words you speak will become reality.

Special note: The use of this ability consumes soul force, so please refrain from excessive trolling.

The greater your trolling, the greater the rebound that takes place an hour later.

Your soul will suffer an intense shock.

Only after reaching the master level will the soul stabilize, thus allowing more liberal use of this skill.

Please remember that if you troll too hard, even a grandmasters soul wont be able to handle the rebound.

You will perish before your words fully come into effect.

As a keyboard warrior, you could troll as hard as you could behind a computer screen, but in front of real people, it is best if you act cautiously!

Zu An was completely stupefied after he read the description.

Keyboard come Speak things into existence What kind of ridiculous skill is this So this was a keyboard warriors final form!

As for the limitations, it was something completely understandable.

If he boasted that he created this very world, he might just explode as soon as this thought appears in his head!

He might not even have to go that far.

Saying that he was stronger than the emperor might be enough to end his existence.

What was the limit to this skill

Zu An felt like it was a bit of a pain.

He wanted to give it a try, but he was worried that he might burn himself so badly hell be too embarrassed to speak up about how he died in the afterlife.

He died from boasting too much Thats way too embarrassing!

As such, he could only put this skill aside for now.

He fed the 280 ki fruits to Daji.

Daji was at the peak of the fourth rank before, but after ingesting these ki fruits, she jumped to mid-stage fifth rank.

The fifth rank needed 600 ki fruits in total.

Zu An really was incredibly envious whenever he saw how little fruits she needed to raise her cultivation.

For himself, the ki fruits were reasonable when he first started cultivation, but later on, he couldnt rely on these ki fruits for his cultivation at all.

After completing all of this, he headed to the Embroidered Envoys government office.

The Embroidered Envoy had their own place to work in the imperial palace.

This was a remote palace called the Embroidery House.

He almost choked when he first saw this name. This name is way too feminine, right It doesnt match the Embroidered Envoys badass style at all!

Zhuxie Chixin already rushed over when he heard the news.

He listened to his subordinates complain about Cheng Xiong with a sullen face.

It was always the Embroidered Envoy who investigated others, yet they were the ones who were being investigated today.

They felt incredibly wronged.

He waved his hand towards Zu An when he saw Zu An arrive.

“Eleven, come with me.

The others, return to your posts.

I will personally deal with todays matters.”

Zu An followed him upstairs.

This was where he dealt with administrative work.

Zhuxie Chixin slowly sat down on his chair and gestured for Zu An to sit down as well.

Then, he said, “You and Cheng Xiong have a grudge between you”

Zu An shook his head.

“I only met him these past few days.

How can there be a grudge”

“Then why is he so determined to scheme against you” Zhuxie Chixin was confused.

With his ability to discern judgments, he could obviously tell that Zu An was Cheng Xiongs objective.

Zu An pretended to hesitate for a moment, and then he said, “I suspect that he has already guessed at what I am investigating.

That is why he wanted to make the first move.”

“You are saying that he was the one who leaked out information regarding his majestys absence” Zhuxie Chixin calmly looked at him.

There was nothing visible from his expression.

Zu An shook his head.

“I have no proof, but this seems to be the only possibility.”

Zhuxie Chixin shook his head.

“No, there is one other possibility.

That Cheng Xiongs suspicions arent wrong and that you did collude with the assassins.”

His expression became incredibly sharp the moment he finished speaking.

His aura immediately enveloped Zu Ans entire body.


The character for keyboard sounds like sword.

This is a parody on how cultivators tend to love calling for their sword this way


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