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Snow was not a drinker, but the overflowing joy from learning that Zu An was a goner still made her subconsciously accept Mei Chaofengs offered wine.

“Im grateful for your help all this while.

Once Im back at the young masters side, Ill make sure to speak to him on your behalf.”

Mei Chaofeng laughed heartily.

“Yes, may we have a pleasant partnership!”

Watching as the duo before him was clinking their glasses together in celebration, the sect member finally understood that his words had been misunderstood.

With an almost tearful voice, he clarified nervously, “Sect master, its not Zu An who lost 7,500,000 silver taels.

We are the ones who owe him 7,500,000 silver taels!”

Mei Chaofeng was in the midst of celebrating his victory when he heard those words.

Those hands that had never trembled while taking the lives of others jolted sharply, causing a wine cup to fall to the ground and shatter into pieces.

Snow also found his mind blanking out too.

Even with her wildest imaginations, she couldnt begin to fathom how things had come to this point.

“Repeat that again.” Mei Chaofengs complexion looked incredibly awful.

Given his high cultivation, it was almost impossible for him to mishear anything.

Never once had he asked his subordinate to report a single matter twice, but what he was hearing was simply too inconceivable that he had to verify it once more.

“Zu An has won 7,500,000 silver taels in the Silverhook Casino.

Master Seven has already fainted, and the brothers in the casino are in a complete fluster.

Sect master, please hurry to the casino to hold the fort!” the sect member cried out anxiously.

Mei Chaofeng found himself petrified in place.

7,500,000 silver taels.

Just how much money was that

Putting aside the Plum Blossom Sect, even the nearby municipalities combined didnt earn that much money in their annual taxes!

Over! Its all over!

Mei Chaofeng found his legs trembling so hard that even remaining standing was difficult.

With a slight sway, he stumbled back onto the chair behind him.

Snow, on the other hand, was still a little calmer.

She anxiously asked the sect member, “Whats going on How could Zu An earn so much money”

The sect member was a little surprised to see that there was such a ravishing young woman in the sect masters room.

Even though her face was concealed by a veil, her shapely figure and eyes were more than enough to hint at her beauty.

However, this was no time for him to be appreciating the looks of another person.

“He first staked all of his money on 17 points, which has a payout ratio of 1:50, earning him 50,000 silver taels.

After that, he betted all of his money on triple 1, and with its payout ratio of 1:150, he won 7,500,000 silver taels right away.”

Mei Chaofeng finally recovered from his daze.

As if a ferocious lion, he leaped out of the chair, bolted forward, and grabbed the sect member by his collar.

“How could that wastrel possibly get it right The possibility of it happening is so small… Did he cheat”

“He didnt!” The sect member found his entire body turning numb in fear.

He was afraid that the sect master would snap his neck in a fit of rage.

“No one would possibly be able to cheat before us in the Silverhook Casino.

Thats why all of our brothers are spooked by this matter.”

It was then that Snow spoke up, “Could it be that First Miss Chu has sensed the revolutions in the dices and secretly whispered the answer to him”

To be honest, Snow didnt really believe that to be the case either.

She couldnt imagine Chu Chuyan participating in a gamble, let alone helping that wastrel.

Mei Chaofeng shook his head adamantly.


Our dice shakers have formations inscribed by a renowned runemaster in the capital.

Its able to isolate ki, preventing anyone from peeking into the dice shakers.

Even a Grandmaster wouldnt be able to read the results of the dice shakers, let alone a fifth rank cultivator! Otherwise, casinos in this world would have long gone bankrupt by now!”

Snow sighed deeply and said, “Theres no point speculating here.

We should hurry to the scene and take a look ourselves.”

“Youre right…” Mei Chaofeng was still a little panicked a moment ago, but Snows words allowed him to regain his composure a little.

“Relay my orders.

All of our brothers are to follow me to the Silverhook Casino right now!”

He had already made up his mind.

Pay up Thats a sum of money that Ill never be able to fork out even if I work my entire life!

Thats 7,500,000 silver taels! I wont be able to raise that much money even if I sell everything in the Plum Blossom Sect!

Mei Chaofeng had already made up his mind to shirk off this debt even if he had to fall out with the Chu clan.

The Plum Blossom Sects headquarters wasnt too far away from the Silverhook Casino.

The anxious Mei Chaofeng flitted all the way there, so it didnt take him long to arrive at the casino.

A huge crowd of people had already gathered outside by now.

Upon hearing that someone had managed to earn 7,500,000 silver taels, the curious passers-by began gathering around the area to watch the commotion.

It took quite a bit of effort for Mei Chaofeng to squeeze his way through.

A pandemonium had already broke out in the casino by now, and the onlookers were chanting loudly, “Pay up, pay up, pay up~”

Hoh, they have a good sense of rhythm.

Zu An was currently sitting leisurely on a chair that someone had moved here for him, and his legs were resting arrogantly on the gambling table.

The surrounding crowd had delivered a cup of tea to him, and some of them were massaging his back and legs.

What was even more exaggerated was that there were maids around plucking grapes out one by one to feed him.

Mei Chaofeng was rendered utterly speechless at that sight.

He could tell that those servants and maids serving Zu An at the moment were reserved specially for guests in the VIP room, and yet, they were all waiting on that wastrel

Are you trying to start a mutiny here At least poison the goddamned grapes hes eating!

You have successfully trolled Mei Chaofeng for 400 Rage!

Upon seeing the inflow of Rage points, Zu An waved his hands and said, “Shoo shoo, open up a way.”

He pushed the people before him aside and found himself looking face-to-face with a livid Mei Chaofeng.

“You must be Sect Master Mei.

Since youre here, Id have to ask you to hurry up and pay me my earnings.

Its 7,500,000 silver taels in total~” Zu An stretched his hand forth and demanded.

Chu Chuyan was still standing by one side with a look of disdain subconsciously walked a little closer to Zu An.

Mei Chaofeng was known to be a vicious figure who had ruled over Brightmoon Citys underworld in the recent years.

Many innocent lives had been lost in his hands.

Zu Ans words made Mei Chaofengs cheeks twitch.

How in the world can I raise 7,500,000 silver taels for you

Seeing how Mei Chaofeng wasnt saying a word at all, Zu An sighed softly and continued, “Sect Master Mei, you can be considered a distinguished individual in Brightmoon City.

Surely you aren\'t thinking of shirking off your debt, are you You should know that there are a lot of eyewitnesses here.”

“Indeed! Pay up, pay up~”

The surrounding crowd cheered loudly.

There were so many of them around right now, and First Miss Chu was here to back them up too.

There was no need for them to fear the Plum Blossom Sect here!

Their only regret was not betting together with Zu An, or else they would have made a huge killing too.

If they could do it all over again… well, it was still unlikely that any of them would have the guts to bet on triple 1, which had an extremely low chance of rolling out.

Mei Chaofeng first took in a deep breath to calm himself down before saying, “There are too many people here to talk things out.

Why dont we proceed inward to discuss the matter thoroughly”

Yet, who could have thought that Zu An would turn down his request.

“I think its perfectly fine to discuss things here.

Everyone is so warm-hearted here, and they say pleasant words.

I love it here.

As the saying goes, a gentleman has nothing to hide from others.

Sect Master Mei, feel free to speak here.”

You must be joking with me! How am I supposed to earn Rage points from everyone else if I discuss things with you in private

On the other hand, Mei Chaofeng didnt expect Zu An to snub his request.

This bastard!

You have successfully trolled Mei Chaofeng for 631 Rage!

“Very well.

Since young master Zu wishes to talk things out here, lets do it then.” Mei Chaofengs years of ruling the underworld werent just for show.

It didnt take him long for him to adjust his state of mind.

“Since young master Zus luck is so good here, why dont you have another gamble”

He wasnt sure what was going on here.

Regardless of whether Plum Blossom Seven and the others had betrayed him or that Zu An was really that lucky, it all would unravel now that he was going to make a move personally.

He was confident that no one could pull any tricks before him.

Just like how Zu An had won 7,500,000 silver taels from him, he was confident that he could win it back.

Everyone thought that Plum Blossom Seven was the number one gambler in the Plum Blossom Sect, but they forgot the fact that it was Mei Chaofeng who had imparted the knowledge to him.

On top of that, if one were to consider the difference in cultivation as well, there was no way Plum Blossom Seven would stand a chance against Mei Chaofeng in a gambling match.

It was just that Mei Chaofeng had risen to a position where he didnt have to manage the casino personally anymore.

What if Mei Chaofeng lost the bet

For one, Mei Chaofeng didnt think that he would lose.

Also, it was not as if anything would change if he were to lose the bet.

What was the difference between owing 7,500,000 silver taels and 10,000,000 silver taels He couldnt pay up anyway.

Desperate times call for desperate measures indeed.

Upon hearing Mei Chaofengs invitation, Chu Chuyan grew a little anxious.

She could ensure that Plum Blossom Seven wasnt able to pull anything before her, but the same didnt apply for Mei Chaofeng.

Just like her, Mei Chaofeng was a rank five cultivator, and he was clearly much more experienced than her.

It was likely that she wouldnt be able to see through him if he were to resort to dirty tricks.

So, she immediately walked over to Zu An to remind him not to accept the bet.

After all, the latter was a really hot-headed person.

He even fell for Plum Blossom Sevens provocation so easily; it would really be the end if he were to accept Mei Chaofengs invitation in a spur of recklessness.

Surprisingly, before she could say a word, Zu An had already waved his hand to turn down the invitation.

“Why would I gamble with you I have already won 7,500,000 silver taels! Besides, I reckon that youd have difficulties trying to fork out the 7,500,000 silver taels in the first place; you wouldnt be able to pay me even if I won anything else from you.

Do you really take me for an idiot Cut the crap and pay up! Im still waiting to return home to embrace my honey in bed!”

Even if Mei Chaofeng had the money, he wouldnt continue gambling anymore.

Quite a while had passed since he ate the Fortune Pill, so it was almost time for its effects to run out.

Zu Ans words brought a relieved smile to Chu Chuyan.

This fellow looks reckless, but he isnt a fool after all.

However, she soon heard the latter half of Zu Ans sentence and her smile immediately froze on the spot.

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 199 Rage!

Meanwhile, the gamblers gathered around were starting to feel deeply envious too.

It was just half a month ago that Zu An was still a wastrel that they looked down on.

Yet, in the blink of an eye, he suddenly won 7,500,000 silver taels, a wealth that they dared not even imagine! Not to mention, he even married such a beautiful wife.

This was the literal definition ofwinner in life!

I know that you are gleeful about it, but do you need to keep flaunting it before us

Just the thought of Zu An having his way with the ravishing Chu First Miss sent their blood gushing into their heads.

They were just here to watch the commotion, but all of a sudden, they felt that it wouldnt be too bad of an idea for Mei Chaofeng to strangle the neck of that darned scoundrel.

You have successfully trolled Gambler A for 77 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Gambler B for 77 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Gambler C for 77 Rage!


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